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Complaints Policy

It is in the best interests of pupils, parents and school to work together and maintain good relations.  However, there may be an occasion when parents/carers may want to raise a complaint with school.


Informal Stage

Parents/carers should address concerns to the class teacher on an informal basis.  This can be in person, by phone or in writing.  Details of the meeting will be recorded and any further actions noted.  If appropriate the concerns will be shared with a member of the Senior Leadership Team or Headteacher.


Stage 1

If the matter is not resolved, or the complaint is about a matter of school policy or it is felt more appropriate, parents/carers should put their complaint in writing to the headteacher.  Complaints should be lodged as soon as possible, but in any case no later that three months after an incident.


Parents/carers will receive an acknowledgement of a complaint within three school days.  The headteacher will ensure a full investigation is carried out and a full response will be sent within 15 school days.


If the complaint is about the headteacher, the complaint should be sent to the Chair of Governors who will follow the same timescales for Stage 1.


Stage 2

If parents/carers are still not satisfied after Stage 1, complaints should be addressed to the governing body.  This must be done within ten school days of getting the response from the headteacher or chair of governors.


A panel, made up of at least three governors with no previous knowledge of or involvement in the case, will be convened with 20 school days.  The panel will not hear the case again.  Instead, they will carry out a review of the investigation to make sure it has been carried out fairly and the correct procedure has been followed.


The panel will tell the parent/carer and the school what they have decided within three school days.


LEA Review

If parents/carers believe that the matter has not been dealt with fairly, they should ask Children’s Services to examine the process that has been followed.  Children’s Services will appoint an investigating officer who will check that:


  • reasonable procedures have been followed;
  • that the person making the complaint has been treated fairly; and
  • that there has been no breach of statutory regulations


Children’s Services does not have the power to set aside the decision of the governors’ panel.  It can only comment on the fairness of the process.


Local Government Ombudsman

If parents/carers feel that Children’s Services have not followed the process correctly, complaints should be taken to the local government ombudsman.


Finally, a further stage of appeal can be taken to the Secretary of State for Education and Skills, but only on the grounds that the governing body or Children’s Services are acting or proposing to act unreasonably or illegally.


JULY 2011

Westroyd Primary School and Nursery Complaints Policy