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Please read our termly newsletter below to find out what will be happening in Nursery.

Each week we will post an overview of what has happened in Nursery!



Nursery's Termly Newsletters

Week 3


This week we have started to look at birthdays as part of our 'Celebrations' topic. We have shared experiences of our own birthdays and listened carefully to how other children have celebrated their special day. Children have enjoyed singing 'Happy Birthday' and we have had a go at learning the Westroyd birthday song too!

This week each child has been given a 'social target'. We have talked about what each target means and together we have thought of lots of ideas of how we can achieve them. Some children already have a tick on their target! The targets are displayed on the target boards under the interactive white board, come and have a look! 


We have an exciting new role play area! The children have been working very hard with the adults in Nursery to create our new  celebration photo booth in the outdoor classroom! We have had lots of fun dressing up and using the ipads to take pictures of each other! Take a look at our fabulous pictures! 


On Friday everyone made a fantastic effort to dress up and raise lots of money for 'Children in Need'. We had fun in Nursery decorating biscuits and buns to sell at the cake sale which was a big success!  

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Week 2

This week we have celebrated Bonfire Night. The children have enjoyed learning about Guy Fawkes and finding out why we set off fireworks and have bonfires on the 5th November. We have been very creative outside, using a variety of materials to create our very own firework pictures! We have squirted paint from bottles, flicked paint from brushes and fired it through special painting syringes! The results were amazing and very effective! The children also enjoyed building rockets using flat shapes, construction blocks and 3D shapes. 

Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete and return their 'Family Talk Time' sheets. The children loved sharing them with each other and finding out how everybody celebrated Bonfire Night! 

We are already excited about the next part of our topic as we will be learning all about birthday celebrations! The children have started to come up with lots of ideas and suggestions for what they would like to do and what they would like to find out. Friday was particularly exciting as we started to create our outside role play together... Find out what it is next week! 

We will also be starting our new story 'Postman Bear'. 


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Autumn 2

Week 1


Welcome back! We hope you have all had a fun-filled half term holiday. We have enjoyed hearing what the children have been getting up to last week. 


As part of 'Black History Week', we have been finding out about Stevie Wonder. We have found out where he was born, where he lives and why he is famous. We have talked about what being blind means and watched videos of him preforming live. Children were inspired to create their own instruments and some children had a go at playing their instruments with their eyes closed. They decided that Stevie Wonder is 'amazing'!


As well as being busy dancing and creating music, children have enjoyed playing outside with our new water equipment. They have enjoyed collecting water from the water tank, filling buckets and experimenting with drainpipes and a variety of containers. 


Next week a part of our new topic of 'Celebrations', we will be thinking about Bonfire Night and beginning our new book 'Postman Bear'. 

Week 7


 Our topic of 'People Who Help Us' has come to an end this week and we have been sharing everything we have found out about different occupations and how different people help us. Children have also been  taking on different roles in their play and pretending to be doctors, firefighters, police officers and builders. At the beginning of the topic the children wanted to find out what else police officers do other than 'catch robbers'.This week the children have told us that police officers 'help to keep us safe'. They have also explained how they arrest people who have done something wrong, take people to the police station and help people who are lost. 


We have been listening to environmental sounds in phonics this week and talking about sounds we like and dislike. In maths we are beginning to explore Numicon and recognising plates 1-3. We have also been counting forwards and backwards! 


Next half term we will be exploring 'celebrations' and thinking about birthdays, bonfire night and Christmas. We're already excited! 


Have a fantastic half term break! 

Week 6


We've had another fun and busy week in Nursery! The children have been doing lots of mark-making, including writing their names and drawing pictures of themselves for our new display. We have been mark-making in special sand, chalking outside and painting. 


We have also been learning about how stories are structured and we are beginning to understand that most stories have a beginning, a middle and an ending. Children have enjoyed ordering the story of 'Dear Zoo' and some children created books of their own! We have placed them in our reading area for the children to read and share. 


Some children chose to retell the story of 'Dear Zoo' using the animal puppets. They then went on to create their own puppet shows and took it in turns to be the 'audience'. 



We had lots of fun mark-making outside using chunky chalks! 

As part of our topic, we have been learning about Firefighters and how they help us. Some children decided to dress up as Firefighters and create a fire engine outside! We have been very impressed by how much the children can now tell us about different occupations and not just who  helps us but how they help us. 

Week 5

This week we have continued learning about people who help us. We have been finding out about different occupations such as; doctors, firefighters and police officers and the different ways in which they help us. The children have enjoyed acting out different professions using the small world figures in the role play area. 

We have done lots of mark-making this week! The children have been busy drawing, painting and chalking outside and some have even had a go at writing their name!

All children have impressed us with their amazing counting skills this week. We have been singing lots of number songs and we counted 0-20 forwards and backwards! 

In phonics we have been tuning in to the different sounds in and around the environment. Children also enjoyed sharing some sounds they hear at home. We had lots of interesting sounds from the kettle to frogs in the garden pond! 

We are already excited about next week when we will be continuing to learn about people who help us as we have a couple of special visitors coming to see us! We have lots of questions prepared! smiley 

Week 4


We've had a super busy week in Nursery! We have been enjoying our book 'Dear Zoo' and talking about how to handle books carefully, turn the pages correctly and talking about the beginning of the story. We have talked about what we can see on each page and discussed the animals. The children also went on to describe the animals and some children even managed to select the correct animal from hearing a description! 

It was 'National Poetry Day' on Thursday and the children wanted to learn a poem about animals. We also added actions to the poem and we had lots of fun stomping, chomping and jumping outside! 


This week we introduced new toys (our 2nd shelves) and learnt how to play with the, and how to tidy the, away. We are getting really good and remembering where things go, including hanging our coats and bags up! 


Some children have shown an interest in numicon plates, so we have been playing lots of different games  and teaching them the value of each plate and how to find this out. 


Finally, the children who attended the 'welly walk' had lots of fun on Friday! We are looking forward to finding out more about people who help us in our community next week. 


Autumn 1 

Weeks 1 -3 


We’ve had a wonderful start to the new year meeting all of the children who have joined us in Nursery and welcomed back some familiar faces too!  All of the children (and staff!) have settled well into our new room and the children have enjoyed exploring all of the areas in nursery. They have all come into Nursery with fantastic attitudes, happy faces and are excited to play and learn. 


We have already started to talk about our new topic ‘People Who Help Us’ and the children have had lots of fun dressing up, telling us what they already know, finding out new information through sharing books and asking lots of questions!