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Please read our termly newsletter below to find out what will be happening in Nursery.

Each week we will post an overview of what has happened in Nursery!




Nursery's Termly Newsletters

 Week 2


Another fun week of learning in Nursery! This week we explored colour and pattern when talking about Diwali, the Hindu festival of light.  We practised subitizing numbers to 5  when looking at a dice. We also used our careful counting fingers to count out food items for the  bears picnic.


We had a surprise letter from our friend Postman Bear! This led us to write letters back to him, and even make our own post box. The children are really developing their listening and attention skills in small groups. Ask them, 'show me 5!' Can they tell you what this means?





Week 1

Welcome back everybody! We hope you had a lovely half term. The children have really impressed us all with the way they have settled and are learning the rules and routines in nursery. 


This week we started to read a new story; Postman Bear. We have been talking about the main character in the story and have been attempting to retell the story in our own words. We have started to think about all the different celebrations we have and what we celebrate at home. You will have now received the 'home learning' sheet which explains a few ways to help your child develop in Communication and Language for our new topic.




Week 8


This week it is Black History Week. We are focusing on the story of 'Handa's Surprise'. Children have learnt about where Handa lived, the weather and what animals live in hot countries. We have added Masks to the reading area so that children can retell the story with their friends. Children have enjoyed tasting the fruit in the story especially the passion fruit! We have also been listening to lively African music and having a go at using instruments to create their own African music. 

Our Rhyme of the week is 'Humpty Dumpty'. Every week our aim is to learn a new Nursery rhyme as it helps with children's speech and language development.

Week 7


This week we have got the third shelf out in all areas as children were accessing these areas well and using the equipment successfully. The children have particulary enjoyed the third shelf in the water and maths areas. We have been sharing the story of 'The Three Little Pigs' and had a go at drawing some pictures to represent different elements of the story. Children enjoyed the repeating language in this story, for example 'I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house down!" and "Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin!"

Week 6-


This week we looked at the Reading and Paint area in more detail. We enjoyed learning about how to colour mix effectively using the three power paint colours. Children are becoming very independent selecting their own apron and ensuring they get their own water for their paint pot. It is amazing what colours we can make! We have had several circle time sessions in which children sit in a circle and when its their turn they talk about who is in their family. Children have really enjoyed this activity.

Week 5


This week we have been learning about our bodies. Nursery children had a go at naming different body parts. We also played 'Simon Says' to see if children had remembered certain body parts for example, wrist and shoulder. The book of the week was 'The Hungry Caterpillar' and we used this to talk about healthy and unhealthy food. Children sorted the food into different hoops and talked particular items being unhealthy but children can still eat them in moderation. 

Week 4


Children have enjoyed finding out about our topic. They have started taking home treasure boxes and finding out about what everyone likes and dislikes. They had a great try at drawing their faces and thinking about how they can hold their pencil correctly with a pincer grip. While children were drawing they were looking at their faces in the mirror to ensure they used the correct colours for their hair, eyes and lips. The portraits are on display in the Nursery cloakroom. 


Week 3


This week the children have enjoyed doing their full sessions. They have all come in so beautifully and engaged in lots of different activities. We have been ensuring children know what they can they can do in our areas of provision and how they can get the best out of the resources on offer. Children have also enjoyed playing in our new cafe outside. We have been continuing to take part in circle time activities to build childrens confidence when speaking in a small group. 


Week 2


The children have been enjoying little visits this week. They have all settled in very well and all managed to stay a session on their own. They have been exploring all the areas in the classroom and outside. We celebrated 'Dot day' on Friday in which children talked about what they 'can do' and what they 'can't do..yet!'. Children loved singing the song and copying the actions. We will be focusing on particular areas next week to ensure children know how to use the equipment to its full potential.


Week 1


The adults in Nursery have been busy doing home visits this week and have really enjoyed getting to meet everybody.