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Please read our termly newsletter below to find out what will be happening in Nursery.

Each week we will post an overview of what has happened in Nursery!



Week 7


We cannot quite believe it is our final week in Nursery! We have been as busy as ever this week with our parties and trips to Jackaboos! The children were absolutely amazing during our visits to the play gym. They walked to and from the play gym sensibly, played wonderfully together and had a fantastic time. We also enjoyed playing party games, eating party food and showing off our best dance moves! 




We are so proud of how far the children have come this year. Good luck to the children who are moving onto their next adventure in Reception, we will miss you all very much!


Enjoy the holidays and we look forward to seeing some familiar faces in September! 


The Nursery Team 

Week 6

This week we have enjoyed participating in sports day and playing team games. The children worked together brilliantly, cheered each other on and joined in with every activity. Some children remembered what we had talked about last week and explained how exercising helps to keep our bodies fit and healthy! We were extremely impressed by the efforts of all the children.  






Week 5


This week we have been talking about new adventures. We shared our thoughts and feelings about moving on to Reception and changing rooms. We talked about how exciting change can be and making new friends. Most children participated in 'transition day' and enjoyed spending time with their new teachers and meeting new children. 

In maths we have been looking at adding one more and adding two groups together using 'mini-beasts'. We have also been working on number recognition and counting forwards and backwards. 

In phonics we have been on a sound walk in and around Nursery. Some children have also started to look at 'tricky words'. 

Week 4


We have really enjoyed 'Be Healthy Week!' We have talked about the different ways in which we can keep healthy including healthy food, exercise, sleep and being happy. Children have also enjoyed making their own healthy sandwiches. 


We washed our hands before making our sandwiches and talked about why it is important to make sure we have clean hands before preparing food. 


We said goodbye to our butterflies this week! We set them free outside so they can go and lay their eggs. Some of them took a bit of persuading to leave us! 

Children have been creating their own 'superheroes' and talking about the different super powers they would have. Children then decided how they were going to design and create their 'superheroes'. We had a wonderful selection of 'superheroes' designed and created from a wide range of materials. One child said they would be 'Super Moon Flower' and their super power would be to fly up into the sky and stop the stars from falling.


Week 3


What an exciting week! We have beautiful butterflies in Nursery! The children have been very excited to see the butterflies emerging from their chrysalis. We will be setting them free next week so they can lay their eggs. We have shared the story of 'Superworm' this week which has got the children talking about habitats. Children have enjoyed going on their own 'mini-beast' hunts and discovering where different 'mini-beasts' live. The story of 'Superworm' has also got us talking about what it means to be a good friend and the children shared stories of a time they have been kind, helpful and caring. We also have worms in our maths area! They are very bright and colourful worms of all different lengths. We have been using them to order by length, sort by colour and compare! 

We have also started to think about next year as lots of our children will be moving up to Reception. We have had small group talking sessions, discussing feelings and answering any questions/worries the children may have. We were very happy to see that most children are very excited to start their new adventure in Reception!




Some children have been busy creating story maps of 'The Hungry Caterpillar'! We have been amazed by how well the children can retell the story. 











Week 2 

We have cocoons! Everyone has been so excited to see the little caterpillars go into their cocoons one by one. Children have been eagerly observing the cocoons waiting for the butterflies to appear. Some children thought it might happen over the weekend but others thought it may be 'more than 2 weeks' like in the story. We're sure when it does happen, the eagle-eyed children in Nursery will see it! 

We have also been busy creating special gifts for Father's Day and writing lovely messages. Children had lots of nice things to say about their daddies and mummies too.

We have also been using or speaking and listening skills to talk about our likes and dislikes. 

Some children have impressed us this week by writing CVC words! 


Summer 2

Week 1


Welcome back! It has been a very exciting week in Nursery as we've had a special delivery! Children had lots of ideas and guesses about what was in the box but nobody guessed it would be caterpillars! They arrived in a special container along with a set of instructions on how to take care of them. We have read 'The Hungry Caterpillar' and talked about how caterpillars turn into beautiful butterflies. Everyone has been very gentle and careful around them and observed them closely this week. Hopefully they will be in their cocoons by next week! 

We have also been talking about other 'mini-beasts' and sharing what we already know and what we would like to find out. We have displayed our fantastic ideas on our learning journey board.

Children have been looking at rhyming words and working on sounds 'ck' and 'e'.


Weeks 5 and 6


Over the past two weeks we have continued our topic of 'Farms'. We have been busy observing our cress and writing and drawing what has happened. We were very excited to see how much it had gown! We have also continued with talk for writing using the story of 'The Three Little Pigs'. We have retold the story through actions. From the story, children have been building houses with a range of materials. Some children built houses outside with the bricks, some children used dough and other children tried sticks and hay! We found the bricks the easiest to build with!


We had a washing station for the mucky animals in our water area. Children used a variety of tools to wash and clean the animals, it got a little messy but we enjoyed it!


Children were very excited to have their mummies, daddies and family members in to see their special books! We saw lots of happy faces as grown-ups found out what the children have been getting up to.


Have a wonderful half term and we look forward to starting our new topic of 'Minibeasts'.  


Week 4


This week we have been looking at where animals live and creating pens and huts in the construction area. We have started to read the 'Three Little Pigs' and some children have even built houses from sticks and play dough for the pigs!

In maths we have been working on representing numbers in different ways. We have been amazed by how well the children have grasped the concept of representing numbers using marks and pictures! We have also looked again at 2D and 3D shapes. 

Our cress is growing nicely! We have continued to do observations and talk about what is happening and what we need in order to grow. Most children knew 'seeds' and 'leaves' and lots of children now understand what roots are and how plants grow. 

We looked at our social targets this week and talked about how we can achieve them. Some children have moved onto their next target today! 


Week 3


We've had a busy week this week! The children have been acting out their own puppet shows and retelling the story of 'Farmer Duck' in the role play. We have also been learning how to ask questions! Some children came up with wonderful questions such as; 'How old are you?' 'What is your favourite Dinosaur?' and 'What is your favourite animal?'




Outside we have been playing skittles and recording our scores! Children were counting, ordering and subitising. We also explored a special 'feely bag' and discovered 2D and 3D shapes. We talked about their properties and introduced language eg. sides, corners and faces.   

Week 2


This week we have enjoyed reading 'The Three Little Pigs' as part of our topic. We talked about the structure and became familiar with the story, ready to begin talk for writing next week. 

In phonics we have been learning sounds 'p' and 't' and listening to sounds in the environment. During outside play we have been forming letters on the boards using chalk and water. We have also been creating obstacle courses and speaking in the 'past tense' about what we had done. 

In number this week we have been playing lots of number recognition and counting games. 

Summer 1

Week 1


Welcome back! 


We hope you have had a lovely Easter break. We have enjoyed sharing what we have been up to over the past couple of weeks during circle time using our super speaking and listening skills! 

We have also started our new topic of 'Farms'. We have talked about what we already know and what we would like to find out about farms. Children have been having fun playing in our new farm shop, making signs, bunting and buying and selling fruit and veg. 

This week we have been reading 'The Little Red Hen' and 'Farmer Duck'. In our role play area children have acted out scenes from 'Farmer Duck' and made up their own shows too. Some children made special tickets, show times and signs for the puppet show! 

In maths we have been playing games in the dough using numbered and spotted dice and activity mats. Children have been recognising numerals, counting and subitising!

We have also looked at 's' and 'a' sounds in phonics, body percussion and animal sounds. Lots of children have been thinking about these sounds at home too and brought back their homework for us to see! 


Week 6


This has been the final week of our Pirates topic. When we arrived at Nursery we discovered three treasure maps hanging from the ceiling! We searched around the classroom and followed the clues to find the hidden treasure! 

The hidden treasure was Easter eggs! We were all very excited! 

This week we shared the Easter story and talked about new life in Spring. We also did lots of Easter activities including painting chicks and designing eggs. 

We also learnt about Judaism and children were able to tell us about their special place of worship, the Menorah and some children remembered the special teacher of the Torah is called a Rabbi.

We are very much looking forward to our new topic 'Farms' and children have already started to create a farm shop in the classroom!


Have a wonderful break!  

Week 5


We have had a very creative week in Nursery. With Mother's Day coming up we have made special cards using our hand and finger prints! During circle time we took it in turns to talk about what makes our mummies special. We have been very impressed with the children's speaking and listening skills. 

We have also decorated and iced buns to sell for Red Nose Day! It was a very exciting day! In phonics we have been working hard on sounding out and blending CVC words and matching rhyming picture cards. 



Week 4


This week has been very exciting as we have conducted scientific experiments! We made predictions, tested our ideas, observed and used scientific language. We discovered that adding water to cornflour changes it from a powder to a 'gloopy' liquid! We had lots of fun feeling and playing in the gloop! We also found out that a flat piece of tin foil floats but a folded, denser piece of tin foil sinks! 

We found a special message this week from a pirate! The message was in a bottle floating in the water! The pirate was stuck on an island without his ship and we wrote him lots of messages in reply to help him! We put our messages in a bottle ready to put them back into the water. 

We also continued with our topic and used the internet to find answers to some of our questions about pirates! 


Week 3

We have enjoyed learning more about pirates this week! Children have been getting creative in the workshop making eye patches and sharing their ideas as to why they were worn! We have also enjoyed the nice weather by building pirate ships outside and playing the cannon ball game. Children have also been following maps to find special numicon treasure in and around Nursery! We have also continued with talk for writing using 'Dear Zoo' and shared stories on feelings and emotions. 

Week 2

We have had lots of fun this week dressing up for World Book Day! We shared our favorite stories and talked about the characters we had dressed up as. Everyone participated and made a wonderful effort, you all looked fantastic! 




We have also been very busy exploring our new topic! The children have been making flags in the workshop, building ships and reading stories all about pirates.

We have been working on fine motor skills and using scissors correctly. In maths we have been working on problem solving and counting forwards and backwards.

We have been very impressed by the children's efforts this week during phonics. They have worked very hard to sound out cvc words! Keep it up! 

After an extremely busy week, children have still found the time to enjoy team games outside and learn how to play bench-ball!  


Finally we would like to take the opportunity to welcome Mrs Chadwick and Miss Croft who have recently joined our Nursery team! 



Spring 2

Week 1


Ahoy shipmates! Welcome back! We hope you have all enjoyed the half term break. This week we have started our new pirates topic. We have been busy making treasure maps and building ships in the role play. We have thought of lots of things we would like to find out over then next few weeks about pirates and we are very excited! We have been thinking about initial sounds of words using special pirate objects. 

We have also been learning about capacity and exploring new vocabulary such as; full, half full, half empty and empty. 

We have started to talk about feelings in Nursery and expressing how we are feeling throughout the day. Children have enjoyed finding their picture and placing it onto our lovely new feelings board. 


This week one of our children explained that we need more milk in Nursery and suggested we get a cow! We watched a video on milking and then we wrote a letter to Mrs Ponton to ask if we could have a cow in Nursery! Mrs Ponton said she would look into it so we were all very excited by this response!

Week 6


This week we have come to the end of our Dinosaur topic and we celebrated our learning by enjoying a 'Dinosaur Day'. We have been blown away by the children's efforts in designing, creating and building their very own Dinosaurs! They were all absolutely amazing and it was almost impossible to choose winners! 


After much deliberation, the two winners were Isabelle and Jude! Well done!


Here is just a small selection of our wonderful creations...


We have also been enjoying lots of singing this week and filling in missing rhyming words to our favourite nursery rhymes. In the listening area and in learning time, children have experimented with different instruments and thought carefully about the beat and rhythm. 


We have been talking about our new Topic of 'Pirates', ready for next half term and we are all very excited! Children have told us what they already know about Pirates and some children even went on to build a Pirate ship outside! We can't wait to get started. Enjoy your week and will see you ready to play and learn in Spring 2! 


Week 5


What a busy week we've had indeed! We were all very excited to see the special ice eggs arrive in Nursery. We talked about how ice forms, what ice feels like and made predictions about what will happen to the ice eggs throughout the day. 



As the ice melted we discovered something very exciting! Inside the eggs there were tiny Dinosaurs! We talked about how the ice had turned into water and by the end of the session lots of children could explain the melting/freezing process!


This week we continued our celebrations of the Chinese New Year by tasting Chinese food! We had vegetable spring rolls and prawn crackers. Some children loved dipping their crackers into chilli sauce! 


Children have been very enthusiastic about maths this week. We have been busy counting forwards and backwards in play including counting claps, hops, jumps and even relays! Children playing outside decided to build a bridge and count the number of blocks as they walked across. In the maths area some children enjoyed making their own game of matching numerals and making patterns! We were extremely impressed!



We are all still having fun with our Dinosaur topic and we are looking forward to seeing all of the Dinosaurs that children have made at home during our 'Dino Day' next week! 

Week 4


We have continued to learn about Dinosaurs this week, including talking about Pterodactyls and what Earth was like when Dinosaurs were alive! Children have enjoyed finding out that humans did not exist at the same time of Dinosaurs. After some thought, some children told us that Nursery and Morrisons did not exist either! 

This week we have also talked about the Chinese New Year and what this means. Children have played with chopsticks and china plates in the home-corner and we have been busy making lanterns in the workshop. 

As well as Dinosaurs, children have expressed an interest in racing cars. In the construction area some children have created their own race tracks and lots of children have created their very own medals! 


Week 3

We have had another busy and fun packed week in Nursery! Children have enjoyed learning about fossils and we have even made our own fossils from salt dough. Children have been very excited to learn about life before humans and how we know so much about Dinosaurs from their bones and remains. We have talked about Carnivores and Herbivores and some children have even remembered how to say these very long words!

We have also been busy mark making and writing our names with gel pens and chalk in the outside area. We have introduced 'pen pals' this week and children have practiced their gross motor skills using the interactive board and coloured scarves. 

Children have been counting forwards and backwards to 10 and 20, as well as looking at numbers 3 and 4 numicon plates and magnetic numbers. We have also been finding different ways of making 3 and 4. 




Week 2


We've had another busy week learning about Dinosaurs! We have been digging for bones in the sand, spotting Dinosaurs from our lookout and even dancing to Dinosaur music! We have used different parts of our bodies to make 'stomping', 'munching' and 'crunching' noises.

Lots of children have enjoyed Dinosaur role play outside, pretending to be different Dinosaurs in the swamp and creating caves and dens.  As well as sharing stories about Harry and his bucket full of Dinosaurs, we have been reading 'Each Peach Pear Plum' and talking about the rhyming words. 

It seems to have been a musical week as children have been singing, dancing and making musical instruments in the workshop such as shakers and drums! We are looking forward to continuing our topic next week by looking at the T-rex, Triceratops and fossils!

Spring 1 Week 1


Welcome back! We hope you have all had a nice break over Christmas! 


We came back to find that we have had a very special visitor in Nursery! All they left were HUGE footprints! We had a few guesses at who or what could have made the footprints, some children thought it might have been the Giant, one said a monster but in the end we all thought it was a Dinosaur! 


We have had lots of fun starting our new Dinosaur topic this week. We have enjoyed being explorers in our new explorer's lookout and writing down which Dinosaurs we had discovered! We have started to read stories about Harry and his bucket full of Dinosaurs, build Dinosaurs and we have even made Dinosaur bones using salt dough! We are all very excited to continue learning about Dinosaurs next week. 

Week 7


We can't quite believe we have come to the end of our first term in Nursery! This week we have had lots of fun making Christmas crafts, enjoying our Christmas party and we even had a special visit from Santa himself! On Friday we all wore our special Christmas jumpers to raise money for the 'Save the Children' charity. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and we look forward to seeing you all in the new year! 

Week 6

What a super busy week we have had! This week we had our nativity with Reception. It was wonderful, all of the children did themselves (and their families) proud! We had lots of lovely feedback from everybody who came to watch.

Children have been getting very excited about Christmas this week! We have been reading Christmas stories, creating cards and calendars in the workshop and writing lists to Santa. Some children have even enjoyed dressing up as Santa in our role play area! 

Children have been getting busy outside too, working together to build a bridge with the building blocks and using their imaginations to stay safe from the crocodiles! They developed their moving and handling skills by balancing on the 'bridge'.

We are looking forward to our last week and continuing our Christmas activities, sharing the story of 'The Stick Man' to mark the end of our Julia Donaldson topic and of course our party day! 

Week 5

We have continued with our Julia Donaldson theme this week and lots of children have been busy writing letters to the Giant and put them in our large envelope ready to post back to him! We have also been looking at size this week and comparing the Giant to the other animals in the story such as the tiny mice. Children have been measuring objects in the number area and using size vocabulary. We have enjoyed stomping loudly around Nursery and using our deepest voices to sound like the Giant too! 

We enjoyed seeing lots of children at Farsley Lights on Wednesday, the lanterns looked wonderful! We have been busy making and decorating Christmas decorations this week in time for the Christmas Fair in school. This week was our nativity dress rehearsal! It was very exciting to try on our costumes and we are looking forward to Wednesday! 

Week 4


We have been extremely busy this week in Nursery! We have really enjoyed reading 'The Smartest Giant in Town' by Julia Donaldson. We have talked about how the Giant is kind to the characters in the story and thought about how we can be kind to each other. Some children have enjoyed dressing up as the Giant in our role play area and even thought of alternative endings to the story! We are looking forward to doing more exciting things around 'The Smartest Giant in Town' next week.


Christmas is coming! We have been getting prepared for our nativity by rehearsing the songs and lines with children in Reception. It's very exciting! We have also been busy decorating lanterns for the Farsley lights parade. 


Week 3


We have had lots of fun this week continuing with our theme around Julia Donaldson stories. This week we received a very exciting letter from the Witch! She asked us to think of another animal to go on her broom, and we started to write letters back to her in the mark making area! We have also been making the Witch in our workshop and thinking about how the characters in the story feel and what makes us feel happy. 


Today we talked about Children in Need and had a very spotty day indeed! We painted spots, dressed up in spots and best of all we iced buns and biscuits to sell and raise money! We've had a wonderful week, topped off by playing in the snow!


Next week we are sharing the story of 'The Smartest Giant in Town'. 


Week 2

This week we have been continuing with our theme of Julia Donaldson and looking at 'Room on the Broom'. We have talked about and sequenced the beginning,middle and end, as well as talking about our favourite characters from the story. Children have been very creative this week and made their very own wands in the workshop! We have also watched an animated version of 'Room on the Broom' and most children remembered the structure of the story and what happened next! 

We have also had lots of fun outside this week, collecting autumn leaves and playing with numicon plates in glittery water. Of course we have also been singing lots of Christmas songs for our play, we are getting better at remembering the words! 




Autumn Term 2

Week 1


Welcome back! We hope you have all enjoyed your half term holiday. This week we have been celebrating 'Black History Week' in Nursery. We have been learning all about Stevie Wonder and even listening to some of his music! One child remembered that he was very good at playing the piano, and even explained the meaning of the word 'blind'. We have also looked at Venus and Serena Williams and talked about why they are special and talented and what they have achieved. 


Children have been very excited about both Halloween and Bonfire night this week! We have been talking about being safe as well as being creative by drawing fireworks in the outside area, painting and creating bonfires in the dough. 


Next week we are starting our new topic based around Julia Donaldson stories. We will begin with 'Room on the Broom'. 

Week 7


We can't believe it's the end of our first half term in Nursery! This week has been a very musical week! Mrs Cass kindly brought in a cornet for the children to play! One clever little boy even remembered that the keys are in fact called valves! We were also talking about loud and quiet sounds and making some sounds of our own using different instruments. Some children decided to sing 'Jingle Bells' when playing the triangle!

We were all very excited when some children playing outside discovered a very unusual Ladybird! It was brown with cream spots and brown legs! We had never seen one like this before, so we looked it up on the computer and found that it is a very rare Ladybird! We keep going back to the spot where we found him but he has not come back to see us yet!

We have also been thinking about the importance of breakfast this week and learning about where some fruit and vegetables come from before they reach the supermarket. Children have also been interested in finding 2D shapes in the environment and told us what different shapes they could see. After making dough balls in the play dough area, some children remembered that the name of the shape was a Sphere! We have had a fantastic first half term and we are looking forward to seeing all of your smiley faces again after the holiday. Have a super half term break! 

Week 6


We have been very busy this week! The children have been exploring and playing with the new resources in Nursery including lots of gluing and sticking in the workshop, dressing up in the home corner and they have particularly enjoyed measuring how tall they are and comparing heights. We are really enjoying our number songs, including 1,2,3,4,5 once i caught a fish alive! Children have been counting forwards and backwards up to at least 10 and using mathematical language. We have continued to enjoy 'Elmer' and 'The large family' stories as well as reading 'Titch'. Next week we will be focusing on 'Five minutes peace'

Week 5


​We have had a busy week in Nursery! We have been thinking about ourselves and looking at hair colour in particular. Children have been talking about their hair, painting themselves and looking at their friend's hair styles and colours. We have added some of their artwork to the display board! We have also been singing number songs to 10 and counting back from 10 too! Children and staff have also had their photographs taken this week which was very exciting! Children have again been listening out for sounds in the environment. We have heard music from cars, grass cutters, children playing and the wind blowing the leaves!


Week 4


We have had a busy week in Nursery! We have continued talking about ourselves and looking at how we are all different. This week we have looked at eye colour, and used mirrors to study our features! Some children have drawn and painted lovely self portraits and other children have been busy playing 'guess who' on our lovely new display, just from looking at their eyes! We have also spent some time listening to the sounds in the environment and talking about all the different sounds we can hear both inside and outside. 


Weeks  2 and 3

What a super first week we've had! Last week the children spent their first week settling in with short morning and afternoon sessions and getting to know their new teachers and friends. We have had lots of smiles and happy children playing together nicely and forming friendships. This week is the start of our full week and lots of children have stayed for lunch! We have also started our new topic 'Ourselves' through Elmer by sharing stories and creating a giant Elmer for our lovely reading area.


Week 1


This week in nursery we have spent the week visiting our wonderful new children at home and at other nurseries. We have lots of excited children ready to start playing, learning and making new friends at Westroyd! We are looking forward to the settling in sessions next week!


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