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This section of the website is to give parents and carers the opportunity to keep updated with any new ideas and/or enquiries. Any comments that are received from the comments slips on the School and Nursery newsletters or received via the enquiry form on the website will be displayed here.  We  welcome any comments and suggestions from parents and are always open to new ideas. 




 There were lots of positive comments received from Early Years Parents after the Christmas Performance 'A miracle in town' here are just a few of them...


" I can't believe how the children remembered all their lines, they are only 3 and 4 years old!"


" I have older children and have never seen one as good as this, especially at such a young age."


" They were all fantastic, the solo was amazing!!! a budding star in the making...."


" A credit to the staff, what a fantastic job they did"



Comments received from Nursery Parents May 2016


" The Nursery building is looking great and handling alterations really well. My child is always really happy to come into School"



"All staff are welcoming, easy to talk to and good at helping children settle in"



" I really enjoy taking my child to Westroyd and he loves it"


"My son is always happy and enjoys playing at Nursery. The staff are lovely and helpful. Always welcomed with a big smile, very friendly." 

Comments received from Parents June 15 ....


"I think Westroyd is a friendly and supporting School where my child comes home full of enthusiasm and interest in all topics. My child has progressed both socially and academically".


" The small size of the School offers a warm and caring environment for my children. Westroyd offers fantastic provision in all areas of the curriculum. My children learn to a very high standard but freedom to play, explore and enjoy Nursery results in two very happy children who love to go to School".




"I am wondering how fair the 100% attendance competition is for the children. I appreciate that you want to encourage children to come to School (this is the law of course) and I am absolutely in agreement that children should attend School. Children do get genuinely sick and cannot attend for medical reasons, just as staff (and every other human) sometimes have to take time off for health reasons. This time of year can be particularly challenging for children with asthma for instance with cold weather triggering their symptoms and making them too unwell to attend School in some cases.

Is it fair for those children who have missed some days for genuinely unavoidable reasons due to their health? Could they still be included in the competition? My belief is that it is the unauthorised absences that should be discouraged." ...



The 'Give it 100%' campaign is a city wide competition that is run by the Pudsey Cluster on behalf of all 18 Schools and Nurseries in the area. We believe good attendance is essential for a child's learning. We also appreciate that children do sometimes miss School and Nursery because of illness or long term medical issues.

During the past year Leeds attendance figures have improved and this is due to a number of actions, including the successful 100% Attendance Campaign. The dates of the campaign are set by the Cluster.



"KS1 Curriculum Evening - Really useful evening, especially enjoyed the sessions on 'Talk 4 Writing' and Maths.  Learnt lots of ideas to use at home and talk to the children about their school learning."




Thank you, I am glad that you found it useful.  We appreciate any comments and ideas for future sessions.


"Children seem to be going into School later in September 2014 - Although teachers are coming out at 8:45am, children are sometimes not going in until 8:50am and this can be a push for getting to work on time."



Staff come out at 8:45am to collect the children and we aim to get children into School as quickly as possible in order to register and begin learning time.  Last year we started to bring Year One in from the KS1 entrance in response to parents comments about congestion and we feel that this is working better, although it does take a little longer to get all classes inside.  On a morning sometimes parents or carers might have an important query or message to speak to a member of staff about and this can hold things up a little.  Once the children are lined up and a member of staff is with them you are free to leave and do not have to wait with them until their class is inside.  We do have a member of staff on the door and the gate to ensure that children are safe.  We appreciate that it can be a rush for parents who are on the way to work and next half term we aim to have our own Breakfast Club up and running which will hopefully support families with this issue.



" I would like to congratulate you and all the staff for the fabulous job you have done in transitioning and welcoming the children into reception this year. My daughter has settled very well and looks forward to going to school each day".



Thank you for your comments about the children settling in well- staff have been working really hard this summer getting things ready and setting up systems to support the settling in period and it definately seems to be paying off. We appreciate the positive feedback.



" Has the school made a decision on whether a breakfast club will start at Westroyd?"



We have just had a meeting with the authority regarding the setting up of our own breakfast club which went really well and Yes we do aim to do this. Letters will be going out to parents but our plans are to start first week after half term (Nov 2014).


"The uniform that parents can buy through the School with the School badge on is very expensive compared to the standard shirts and sweatshirts available at supermarkets. I was wondering whether the school would be able to source and sell just the embroidered badges? This way parents could buy those and sew them onto the less expensive clothes that they buy elsewhere, allowing more children to have shirts/sweatshirts with the emblem on".



Regarding uniforms, no we don't provide badges for additional jumpers but we do not mind children coming to School in plain jumpers or cardigans as long as they are red.