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Parent Curriculum Sessions


Maths Curriculum Morning Tuesday 17 January 17


This term Spring 1 we will be holding a Mathematics open session on Tuesday 17th January at 8:45 am. The session will last approximately 1 hour 15 minutes.

During this session we will provide you with a clear insight into our approach of the teaching and learning of Mathematics by holding mini workshop sessions.

We will also use this opportunity to deliver key messages and updates to the EYFS and National Curriculum including important information relating to the statutory Maths tests at the end of Key Stage One.

There will be time allocated for you to visit your child’s classroom. You will be able to observe and take part in a Mathematical problem solving lesson in which the Maths curriculum aims of fluency, reasoning and problem solving will be demonstrated.


Mathematics Curriculum Afternoon

This term our Curriculum session for parents is on Maths.  This is an area of the curriculum that we are focussing on as a School and we hope to share with parents and carers how we teach maths across the Early Years and Key Stage One.  We have just started working from the Numicon Scheme of Work, which supports the multi-sensory approach to maths that we have already adopted over the years.

During the sessions parents and carers will have the opportunity to see the maths in the classroom as well as taking part in workshops themselves.  We hope that you will pick up ideas to do at home with your child.

Maths Session Feedback


Thank you to all of you that attended the session it was definatley one of the most well attended sessions we have run this year!  We very much value your feedback and take on board your comments for future sessions.

It was good because;

"Thank you for the market stall style... It was really accessable and helpful"

"Really well organised!  The workshops were thought out and gave me lots of ideas of things to do at home with my reception child.  Thank you!"

"Really enjoyed visiting the classroom and seeing how they were taught in School.  The workshops were brilliant...."

"Really helpful afternoon and lovely to see how the chilren are learning new things."

"Brilliantly presented by teachers.  Lots of useful information.  I was pleased that I could take notes otherwise I would of forgotten a lot."


Even Better If;

"More time in the classroom please."

"....Classroom activities would have been more helpful if we could see what the children were told what to do, rather than see them do it..."

"It would be helpful to know what number bond your child is working on."

"..... Take away packs to use at home like we did a few years a go...."



The Importance of Play


On 25th September we held an Early Year's Curriculum evening. We held a short presentation about the importance of play and how play is our approach to learning in the Early Year's. We have upload the presentation for you to look at. In reception and nursery there is a balance between adult - directed activities and things they do independently (child-initiated). We talked about our classrooms and how we have been working hard on creating effective learning environment.


We had lots of positive feedback. If you came we would love for you to post your feedback on the parents blog.



ICT Evening


On the 17th of May we held our first ICT Evening for parents.  The aim of the evening was to share our policy and practice on e-safety and to give parents and carers an overview of the teaching and learning that goes on in School and Nursery.  


We had great feedback from the evening ....



Many people have asked for the 'e-safety at home' presentation, please find this below.