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School Expansion

After a year of consultation it has been decided that Westroyd Infant School and Nursery will become a one form Primary School and Springbank Junior School will become a two form Primary from September 2015. 

We have set this page up on our website to keep parents, carers and members of the community updated with any School Expansion news.  We will be holding consultation sessions throughout the year so that we can involve stakeholders in the transition period and any questions or comments from these discussions from these meetings along with any other 'news' will be added onto this page.

Westroyd Primary School & Nursery Project Update Session


You are invited to a project update session to provide you with the latest information for the ongoing construction project at Westroyd on Wednesday 18 November 2015 3:15pm - 7:00pm.


The session will provide you with an opportunity to:

* Find out about the works undertaken and the future developments for the School.

* Meet key representatives from the project team and the main contractor.

* View plans showing the proposals for the buildings, landscaping,access, footpaths and parking arrangements.

* Receive a progress update on the timescale for the developments.


Building Update October 2015

Westroyd Building Update September 2015

With less than a week to go it is very busy at Westroyd. The classrooms are really taking shape now with extra paint being put on the walls, sink units installed and doors being fitted.  The hall is looking much brighter and the new ceiling is starting to take shape.  There is still lots of work to be done, but builders are working until very late and over weekends.

ICT networks are due to be installed next Monday / Tuesday and furniture and packed resources will be delivered.  Works will still be going on in main school during the autumn term but it will all be with minimum disruption.  The kitchen is scheduled to be finished for Monday 14th September so we have arranged for lunches to be delivered to school. These will consist of a selection of sandwiches, salad and fruit and usual hot lunches should be available in week 2.

The new KS1 entrance is due to be built over the next couple of days, so the children will be able to come in via the playground as usual.  There will be an area fenced off where the new ICT suite / Resource Library will be built and this work will continue during the autumn term.  Year One and Year Two playtimes will still be able to take place in the usual playground as works will be safely isolated.

Building Works September 2015

Westroyd Expansion Update August 2015

Main School has been a busy place over the summer holidays.  The building work is going well and although at times it looked a little scary, it is easy to see that the end results will look great.  The first few weeks involved lots of striping back and now the rooms are starting to take shape.  The classrooms have had the (very) old heating pipes removed and new electrics put in.  Walls have been skimmed and are now the paint is starting to appear!  The old Reception unit has been restructured into two separate classrooms, with a corridor being constructed in between.  The old ICT suite has been divided into three new areas; my office, an intervention room (that will also be used for cooking activities) and a cloakroom.

The main hall has also benefited from new electrics and heating system.  New walls have been skimmed and it is already looking smarter.  The KS1 toilets have been stripped out and are awaiting their refurbishment taking into account ideas from the School Council (higher doors for the toilets).

There is still lots of work to do and not all works in the main building will be completed for the beginning of September, however I feel confident that the teaching areas will be ready to set up for the children returning on Wednesday 9th September.

Building Works 26th August

Building Mid-August

Building Works 2 weeks in

Westroyd's Expansion Update June 2015


You will have noticed that building work is yet to start and this is due to a revision in the planning and phasing process. Leeds Children's Services have terminated the contract with Keirs due to not being able to agree commercial terms and contract clauses which would expose both Schools to too much operational risk. New contractors have been appointed and Willmott Dicksons will now be starting at the beginning of the summer holidays.


Willmott Dicksons are working on a phasing plan that includes working outside usual working hours in order to ensure that essential teaching and learning and operational spaces will be ready for September. There will be building work still going on during term time but we are working closely with the authority and the contractors to ensure that this continues with minimum disruption to School and Nursery.


Regular meetings will be made with the contractors over the summer holidays to ensure that we are prepared at the beginning of the new School academic year.

Parent Drop In Session - Monday 18 May 2015

  The next drop in session will be at main school on Monday 18 May at 2pm, Parents and Carers are welcome.  If you are unable to make this meeting but would like some further information please make an appointment with the school office.

Many Thanks 

Jo Todd