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Year 2


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Week 1

Welcome back! What a brilliant week we have had! Monday morning started with our new topic WOW! To celebrate different art, as a class, we created a huge pastel image of Van Gogh's painting, 'Starry Night'.

We have been inspired by this painting and used it in our English this week! We used adjectives, expanded noun phrases, alliteration and similes to describe the image. 

"The curling clouds swirling in the wind." - Imogen

"Wolves howling under the moonlight." - Noah

"A tall church, silent inside." - Jarvis

We used this description to create a spine poem and setting description. 

In Maths we have been using positional language to give a friend directions to move from one place to another. We have also been practising telling the time to quarter to, quarter past and five minute intervals. 

On Friday we celebrated Science Day! We carried out a forensic science experiment. We had to work out clues to find out who had stolen a dog from the dog show! We looked at footprints, finger prints, pen ink and much more to help us. We also carried out an experiment called, 'Escape the ice!' We had to work out how to free the person from the ice block! 

Week 6

This week it has been Faith Week! On Monday we had a lovely visit from Seema. During the afternoon we took part in different workshops such as dressing up in traditional clothes, dancing, designing Mehndi patterns and listening the Rama and Sita story. Later in the week we acted the story out using masks and then wrote our own versions using pictures to help remember. 

This week animation club went to the Golden Owl Film Awards and we won! Our film Little Red Riding Hood won the best adaptation film! 

This week we got to share our amazing Easter spine poem in church. When we got back, we found out we had been visited by the Easter bunny! 

Week 5

This week we have had a lot to celebrate! We have taken part in two different sporting events. On Tuesday we showed off our athletic skills in a competition at Priesthorpe High School. We took part in races, showed our javelin skills and how far we could jump! Today we went to the skipping festival. We loved showing the different skills we have been practising and showed great resilience during the event! 


Picture 1
Picture 2

Week 4

What a busy week we have had! In Maths we have been learning about fractions. We have found fractions of shapes and numbers. We found out they had to be split into equal parts. We applied our learning of division and bar models to help find 1/2, 1/4, 1/3, 2/4 and 3/4. We investigated equivalent fractions and had to prove our answers using concrete or pictorial methods! 

During English, we have applied T4W learning to create our own journey stories. First we planned our story, thinking carefully about the characters in the story and how we would describe them. 

During our PE sessions with Mr Lawson, we have been continuing to improve our athletics skills ready for next week's competition on Tuesday. 12 children were chosen from a hat to take part in a competition. Fingers crossed! 

On Thursday we finally got to share our class assembly that had been postponed due to snow. Thank you to everyone for coming!

Week 3

This week we have been inspired by Andy Warhol. We created repeated images of Queen Elizabeth I. We knew we had to use bright colours! 

On Monday we continued our learning about division. We solved division problems and some children challenged themselves to learn about remainders. Additionally, we recapped our learning about 2D and 3D shapes. 

In English we continued to write the parts of our stories! We can't wait to finish them. 

In Science we tested different materials. We found out if they could bend, twist, squash or stretch!


Week 2

This week in Maths we have been focusing on statistics. We made tally charts, pictograms and block graphs. We loved drawing and answering questions about them. 

In English we wrote our spine poems! First we worked with a partner and then individually!

In topic less we compared Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria. We used a timeline to compare events in their lives.

On Wednesday we enjoyed going out into the snow and having a snowball fight! 

On Friday we enjoyed a belated World Book Day. We read with year 4/5, had a book swap, created a spine poem about Matilda and created a graph to show our favourite authors! 


Spring 2

Week 1

This week started with a delivery from Charlie. He brought us a loaf of bread, a slice of cheese and a square of chocolate to help retell his story. We retold the story using actions and a story map. We practised the story using the game babble gabble and the story map race. After, we imagined we were Charlie.We used freeze frames and hot seating to infer what the characters might be thinking.

Then we used other journey stories to magpie other characters, settings and descriptions. Finally we wrote spine poems using alliteration and similes. 

Charlie also brought us a special story telling cloak that we have loved using!

In Maths we have started our unit on division. We have been sharing and grouping using concrete and pictorial methods! We have investigated the link between division and multiplication. 

Our famous people topic has kick started with learning about Queen Elizabeth II. We created mirror images and used clay to create shields!

Week 6 

This week we continued our learning on Traction Man. We planned and created a comic strip story about his next adventure! We made sure we wrote in the same style as Mini Grey by using contractions, commas and the present tense. 

In Math we have applied our learning of multiplication using a Blockbuster game! Some children choose to use arrays, groups of and applied their knowledge of the times table to work out answers. 

On Thursday we celebrated the end our of topic with a Royal Banquet day! During the afternoon groups of children were given a variety of resources. They investigated how they could make a working drawbridge! 

Creating a working drawbridge!

Still image for this video

Week 5

This week we have applied all our learning about castles to design our own castle in groups. We used the facts we have found out to deign and explain each room! 

This week we started reading Traction Man. We used commas in a list to describe Traction Man's outfit and then applied this knowledge into a character description. 

In Maths we have been using arrays to help solve multiplication problems. We had to reason our answers using a method! 

We finished the week on Maths Day! We loved learning about Paul Kee and how he uses shapes in his art work. Then we completed different challenges as a class outside. 

Week 4

This week we found out all about people who worked in a castle. We used this information to help write an independent non-chronological report! In SPaG lesson we have been learning about and applying out knowledge of exclamation sentences! 

In Maths we started to think about multiplication. We started by using equal groups and then moved onto repeated addition. 

Week 3

This week we have been writing non-chronological reports! We have used our information from Skipton Castle and facts we have researched to produce a report about castles! We had to include a title, introduction, subheadings, topic words and facts. Our SpaG learning this week was about subordinating conjunctions so we tried to apply them in our report. 

In Maths we continued our learning about money. We have been investigating giving change and what calculation we would need. In Science we thought about different materials and what objects are made from different materials! 


Week 2

On Monday we received a letter from the giant from Jack and the Bean Stalk. We investigated the letter and the features of the letter. We used what we found to to write a reply back! 

On Tuesday we went to Skipton Castle! We really enjoyed our trip, especially our magical tour guide, Peter! When we got back, we wrote a recount about our day and applied our letter knowledge in an independent letter to Peter.  

In Maths we have moved onto learning about pound coins and notes. We have used < and > to compare amounts.


Week 1

Happy New Year!

Welcome back! This week has been short but very busy! We started the week by learning the story Jack and the Bean Stalk using T4W. Afterwards, we went to see the panto version. We discussed the differences in both versions. Then we thought about questions we could ask the character. 

In Maths we have been learning about money. We have been recognising, ordering and describing different coins. Then we thought about how we could make different amounts. 


Week 7

This week we have celebrated all things Christmassy! On Tuesday morning we performed, 'Children of the World' in the hall to all our adults. We were really happy to hear how much you all enjoyed it! We continued to make Hama bead coasters to sell  at the Christmas fair on Thursday. Nearly all were sold! During the week we visited the church to practise singing for our carol concert at St John's church and we also sang at Live at Home! We hope you like the Christmas cards we made. 

Have a lovely Christmas! 


Please read our termly newsletter below, to find out what will be happening in Year 2 this term.

Week 6

This week we have continued our Christmas celebrations. On Monday we had our special Christmas tree assembly. We have also been practising our performance and making more Hama beads. 

We have continued our topic, 'The World'. We split into group to research the different countries in the UK. We joined our research together to create a huge floor map!

Week 5

This week we have started our Christmas celebrations. We have continued to practise our Christmas performance, 'Children of the World' and we have started our Hama bead craft to sell at the school fair. We created lanterns with beads, glitter and sequins to take to Farsley lights.  During the week we were surprised to find magic pebbles in our playground. We wrote a story to find out where they came from! The next day the stone disappeared! In Maths we have continued our learning adding two 2 digit numbers. We applied this learning into problems. 


Week 4

This week we have been practising our Christmas performance. We have been on stage thinking about where we will stand and how we should enter and go off stage. Our SpaG lesson have been focused on homophones. We have enjoyed using homophones in different ways. In Maths we have been adding tens and ones. We have used base ten and Numicon to support our learning. In Science we have been thinking about hygiene. We discussed the importance of washing hands and created instructions using adverbs! 

Week 3

This week we continued to read, 'Little Evie in the Wild Wood'. We started to discuss the author's choice of words in more detail. We discussed how the setting had been described and the image it had built in our heads. During Maths we have been working on adding a two digit numbers and a one digit number. As well as subtracting a one digit number from a two digit number. We used the chilli challenges to ensure our learning was right for us! We were very exciting to take part in a skipping workshop on Wednesday. We practised a speed bounce, face to face skip and a class game with a large rope. We found it very challenging! 

Our costume slips for our Christmas performance have gone out today. Please bring in costumes as soon as possible! smiley

Week 2

This week we started our new book, 'Little Evie in the Wild Wood'. We read the first two pages and thought about new words we didn't know. We discussed and found the meaning of stile, mama and disturbed. We compared the story so far to Little Red Riding Hood. During Maths lessons we have been thinking abut fact families. We have used our addition and subtraction facts to help apply the inverse to think of all the calculation we needed. Then we applied our learning by comparing calculations using < , >  and =. We continued our Rhinos PE lesson and practised our side passes like a real rugby player! On an afternoon we created observational drawings of the nature we brought in from home. Then we used leaves to create symmetrical artwork! 


Autumn 2

Week 1

This week has been Black History Week. We have been learning all about Nelson Mandela! At the start of the week we didn't know much about Nelson Mandela's life so we used books and the internet to help us research about him and why he is so important. To help us write a biography, we created a time line of the main events in his life. During Computing, we used Paint to help us draw an image of Nelson Mandela. We experimented with the different tools and text types. In Art we sketched portraits thinking carefully about position and scale. 

In Maths we have been using and applying our number bonds to 10 to help us with our number bonds to 100. We used this knowledge to solve problems. 

The Leeds Rhinos came in on Tuesday morning to help teach our PE lessons. We focused on building our throwing and catching skills. 

 Week 7

This week in year 2 we have been seeing what we have learnt over the term. In maths we have recapped number sequences and we have been practising counting in 2's, 5's and 10's. We applied this learning in our 2x table test. 

In PE we have been learning how to work as a team. We used lots of different games such a hungry hippos to help us. In Science we worked as a team to find and photograph things that are living, once lived and never been alive. We used a splat word mat to help us discuss our findings using scientific vocabulary. We have used a map to label the countries in the UK.  


Week 6 

During English lesson this week we started the beginning section of our stories. We looked at different beginnings and tried to magpie other people's ideas. We then used our purple polish to make the beginning of our stories more engaging for the reader. During SPaG lessons we have been learning about commands. We used this learning and our question learning from last week to write a riddle. In Maths we have been learning about 2D shapes. We used games and the areas to help describe their properties. We then used our riddles knowledge to help gave our partner clues about a particular shape. During Science we thought about everything we have learnt so far in Living Things and their Habitats. We created a thought shower for our post assessment. In PE lessons we have been learning how to skip. We are starting to practise now ready for a competition later in the year! 




During Playtime, some of us decided to create a mini-beast habitat!


Week 5

In English this week we started to think about planning our own stories! We discussed and thought about the features of a story mountain. Then we used this structure to plot the different parts of our class book, 'Lost and Found'. During SPaG lessons we thought about different questions we could ask the boy and the penguin. We talked about what makes a question a question and then moved onto open and closed questions. Additionally, we responded to our 'even better if...' feedback in our independent writing books. We have been very excited this week to practise our number bond challenge! Some of us have already moved up to the next challenge. We can't wait for next week. 

During Science we discussed food chains and used new scientific vocabulary such as producer, consumer, predator and prey! 

During our Harvest Festival we performed 'Oliver's Vegetables' using




Week 4

We started practising for our harvest assembly this week. We imitated the story, 'Oliver's vegetables' using T4W actions. We thought about how we could change our voice and perform to entertain an audience. This helped during National poetry day! We learnt, practised, performed and wrote our own poems! Our 'WOW' this week was a visit from a space dome.We imagined what it was like to be in space and tried to become a character. We used this inspiration for our story pre-assessment. Our Maths lessons this week focused on comparing the length of objects. We used our knowledge of more than and less than signs to help us. 

This week we loved sharing our learning during our class assembly! Thank you for coming to watch smiley




Week 3

This week we have been using our story Lost and Found to help write similes. We have created similes to describe different scenes from the story! In Maths we have been comparing numbers by using the more than and less than signs. We have found it tricky to reason our answers! During Science we sorted and describe things that are living, non living and dead as part of our Living Things and their Habitats unit. 

This week we have started 'I Wonder...' books. We used these books in the areas to plan, do and review our independent learning. We love having the ownership of the book! Additionally, we have loved our new writing board in class!

include conjunctions we have used in our SPaG lesson. In Maths we have been counting in 1's, 2's and 10's. We used our counting to help us find missing numbers in sequences. 

During daily handwriting we have been practising our diagonal joins to letter with no

Week 2

This week was extra exciting because we had a special visitor. When we came into our room we saw icy footprints leading to our Antarctica reading area. There we found a penguin! We became investigators, looking all around school for clues to see if we could find out where the penguin had come from. We thought he might have come from our class book 'Lost and Found'. We didn't find any clues so we created a found poster! We had to

ascenders. We have been making sure we apply these skills in all our writing! 




Autumn 1 

Week 1

Welcome back!

We have had a very exciting start to year 2! This week we have been learning about animals and their habitats. We found out what we knew already by creating a thought shower of pictures and words. We have been helping to personalise our room by creating self portraits with pastels. We sketched and then blended the pastels using our fingers. We used the school library to choose one of our books to send home next week! We have already read part of our books in school. In Maths we have been thinking about place value. We have used Numicon and Base 10 to make and describe two digit numbers. We focused on getting the right amount of tens and ones. To help with our fluency in Maths we have learnt a new game to support us with our number bonds to 20. In English we have been writing a recount about what we did in the holidays. We have been thinking about our new year writing targets! 


We love our new classroom, especially our Antarctica reading area! 




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