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Please read our termly newsletter below, to find out what will be happening in Year 2 this term.

Year 2 Termly Newsletters

Week 2

This week to celebrate our new topic we recreated Concentric Circle by Kandinsky! We could choose any medium to recreate one part of the famous art work!

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During our English lessons we have been focusing on the story Little Red Riding Hood. We created actions to help us with the main events. Then we retold the story using extra description. We listed all the nouns we could to describe Little Red Riding Hood. This will help be the base of our spine poems. 

This week we have helped to write the script for our class assembly next week. The scripts have been sent home so we can learn our lines ready to perform! 


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Autumn 2

Week 1

This week we have been celebrating WW1 centenary by basing our learning on the story Where the poppies now grow by Hilary Robinson and Martin Impey. We read the story and discussed the role of a solider. We investigated different word classes such as nouns, verbs and adjectives. Then we used this to create an image of a poppy. We were so inspired by the story we created a repeating poem. This week we started our whole class reading lessons. We have started by focusing on retrieval questions .


Week 8

This week we have been celebrating Black History Week. We have been learning all about Nelson Mandela! To help us with our learning we found out about past tense spelling rules. We then applied this learning to a biography all about Nelson Mandela's life. We created a human timeline to help us learn about the main events in his life. On Tuesday, Moving Words came in to help us with a black history workshop. We created performance poetry which we displayed in assembly. See our photos below!

In Maths we have continued our learning about addition. We are confidently, making, drawing and solving problems when adding tens and ones. Soon we will move onto applying this learning to subtract. 

We had our last PE lesson with Mr Lawson. To celebrate our last lesson, we played a variety of games applying all the skills we have learnt this half term. Good luck to Mr Lawson in his new job!

Happy half term!  



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Week 7

This week we have been investigating animals that live in cold environments. We carried out a Science experiment where we used wax crayons to colour in a penguin. Then we sprayed the penguins with water to find out how their bodies reacted in the arctic conditions! We found out their feathers are tight together to insulate their bodies. They are also waterproof. In partners we researched either penguins, polar bears or seals. We created posters with the facts that we found and shared these with the class. 

We had a different PE teacher this week. Ellis helped us to develop our throwing and catching skills. We had to throw the ball, let it bounce and then catch it. To make it trickier we used our less dominant hand. 

In Maths we have been adding 2 digit numbers. We have moved through the chilies so much that most people are now crossing the ten boundary! 

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Week 5

This week we have been boxing up the story lost and found. We have thought about what goes into each part of the story and planned it out into sections! 

On Thursday we celebrated Poetry day and we were inspired by Roald Dahl's poems, Dirty Beasts. We created our own rhyming dirty beast poems using sentence starters to help us. 

In Math we have been using our number bond to 10 and 20 to help us solve problems. We used bar models to help us. 

Some of our adults attended our McMillian coffee morning. Thank you to all those that came! 

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Week 4

In English this week we have been describing. We have learnt all about adjectives and similes. We have had to describe the ocean setting from our story Lost and Found. 

In Art we have been investigating hot and cold colours. We have been creating shades using white. 

We have started our spelling 250 Challenge. We loved that it was just like Number Bond Challenge! Most of us are now on Bronze 2. Next week we will have a spelling test on Wednesday and Friday so we can start to move up the challenges quicker! 

We loved our PE lesson with Mr Lawson. We tried to get faster by using our arms. We discussed different gears of running. 

We loved taking part in our welly walk to raise money for school! 

Week 3

This week a penguin turned up in our Arctic role play! We wanted to know where it had come from so we created a found poster! We thought about the different found posters we had seen before. Lots of people discussed lost pet posters. We thought about the features we needed to include. We wrote our own making sure we included capital letters and full stops! 

In Maths we have been partitioning numbers in different ways. We used apparatus to partition into tens and ones. We used our knowledge of number to see how many ways we could partition two digit numbers. 

In Science we continued to find out about hygiene! We investigated sneezing. We found out how far germs can travel and discussed how we can prevent this. 

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Week 2

This week we started our class text, Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers. We thought about the two main characters and how they were feeling. We acted out  freeze frames and then created a role on the wall. Afterwards some of us dressed up as the penguin to carry out a hot seating activity. In Maths we have been working on place value. We have created 2 digit numbers using apparatus and found them on number lines. We applied this knowledge to problems. On Friday it was Dot Day. We celebrated our perseverance skills. We created butterflies and gave each other feedback about how we can improve. We also created a human pit and talked about how we feel at each stage in the pit. 

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Week 1

Welcome back! We hope you have had a lovely Summer smiley

We have had an amazing start to year 2! One of our favourite things was choosing and earning Dojos! We have been learning about our ASPIRE poster and how we can earn Dojos. So far we have found out about being ambitious, successful, positive and independent! We have loved exploring our new classroom and creating a large painted polar bear and penguin to go into our writing and reading area. We have used our challenge cards to carry out independent activities! We created our class contract and created rules for our cloakroom. On Thursday we had PE with Mr Lawson from Leeds Rhinos. WE loved playing the alphabet game and practising our jumping skills! 


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