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 Please read our termly newsletter below, to find out what will be happening in Year 2 this term.

Summer 2

Week 5

This week we have we have been working hard to prepare for our school performance. We have been busy creating props, dances and developing our stage presence. 

On Wednesday two children from year 2 took part in the Great Pudsey Spell Off! We are happy to announce that we won in four out of the five rounds and won the year 2 overall award! 

On Thursday we had an exciting day visiting our new classrooms and our new teachers! We already can't wait for next year!  

As part of our new topic we researched different extreme weathers! We used non-fiction books and websites to help us. 

Summer 2

Week 4

This week it has been 'Be Healthy Week' in school. On Monday we took part in three different workshops, these were based on road safety, healthy diet and personal hygiene. We also planned our Wake and Shake dance for the competition. On Tuesday we had a very active day where we practiced our rugby skills with the Leeds Rhinos and we also learnt a street dance routine that we showed in assembly at the end of the day. On Wednesday we made our healthy snacks ready for our picnic, which we had to have inside because of the rain. We played Cricket in the afternoon with Junior Jam and we had a hula-hooping session. Thursday was another busy day. We took part in a gymnastics lesson and wrote a persuasive letter telling the council about the unsafe roads around Westroyd. We finished the week with a drama lesson and our Wake and Shake competition. Well done 2M for coming first and well done everyone for trying their best. 


Week 3

In Maths this week we have been using the inverse to try and solve missing number problems using addition and subtraction. In English we have been using all of the skills that we have learnt this year to create an amazing piece of writing. We had to create a wizard's potion showing that we can use: commas, noun phrases, contractions, different conjunctions, apostrophes for possession and different types of sentences. In Computing this week we have continued to learn about Coding. We are enjoying this very much. We have also started learning our performance of 'Eddie the Penguin Saves the World'. We have learning our lines and practicing the songs. 


Week 1

Welcome back! This week we have been thinking about wonders for our new topic, 'Our World'. We wondered about how we can make the world a better place and we also started to think about different weather conditions. 

During Maths lessons we have been identifying lines of symmetry in shape. We then moved onto creating symmetrical patterns. Some of us applied this learning in the areas to create symmetrical models. During English lessons we have been creating performance poetry. We were inspired by Spike Milligan's poem, 'On the Ning Nang Nong.' We loved performing this poem and 'magpieing' ideas for our own poems!


Week 4

We started this week with a visit to Farsley art gallery. It was great to see the different styles of art on display. We used our observational skills to complete a quiz based on the different pieces of art. In Science this week we have learnt about the difference types of seeds and nuts that are produced. We then went on to sketch these. We have continued to practise our fluency and problem solving skills in Maths. The Number Bond Challenge is now up and running in Year 2 and children will practise their quick recall of number facts each week in class. In PE we have been developing our boxing skills with Junior Jam. During RE this week we discussed how we welcome new babies into the world in different faiths. 


Week 3

Hope you all had a great Bank Holiday! This week in Maths we have been revising multiplication and division. We have been counting in twos, fives and tens, creating arrays and sharing amounts. We have also refreshed our knowledge of fractions. In Phonics we have been looking again at the spelling rules when adding different suffixes. Then we applied this knowledge when practicing to write different sentence types including questions and exclamations. 


Week 2

This week we have been concentrating on our Reading and Mathematical skills. In Maths we have been revising addition and subtracting. We have been developing the quickest, most efficient methods to add two 2 digits numbers and subtract a 2 digit number from a 2 digit number. Then we applied our learning in one step and two step word problems. 

In Reading we have been practising answering different styles of questions e.g find and copy one word, matching up, etc. We have also been practising using page number to help find specific quotes. During RE this week we looked at how we can welcome new people into different groups and how we cane make them feel welcome. 



Summer 1

Week 1

Welcome back! We hope you have had a lovely Easter!

This week we have been very busy doing lots of maths! We have been concentrating on fractions. We have compared and order different fractions and found that some are equivalent. We used this information to help us answer problems involving fractions! During Reading this week, we have been concentrating on building on fluency when reading known texts. We are developing our pace and reading most words on sight!

In Science we have started learning about plants. We drew and labelled a flowering plant. Afterwards, we described the purpose of each part of the plant. In PE we have been taking part in Boxercize! We have loved trying something new!

Week 5 

We had a great day on Tuesday learning all about the process of wool making and looking at the machinery that was used in the past to make the process more productive.  

This week in English we have been writing non-fiction texts. We wrote a recount of our trip to Armley Mills and we also wrote a set of instructions on how to weave. We have been recapping split diagraphs and alternative pronunciations of the ch and 'ea' graphemes in our phonics lessons. In Maths this week we have learning about capacity and also recapped adding two digit numbers.


Week 4

We have had a really exciting time this week. Friday was Science Day! The theme of our Science day was 'Changes' so we carried out lots of experiments and observed the changes that we saw. 

Each class visited 5 different Science experiences throughout the day, developing their scientific vocabulary and investigative skills. We predicted outcomes, created methods, recorded results, ensured a fair test and evaluated the data collected. We even had the opportunity to enter the 'Space Planetarium'. We looked at constellations of stars, the solar system, space travel and things we have sent to space.  It was a great day!



Week 3

This week we have been continuing our Space topic by writing the middle and endings of our Space stories. We have used our purple pens to edit and improve our writing before finishing off with a final draft. In Maths this week we have been learning how to tell the time using analogue and digital clocks. We used o clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past to describe the time, some of us even challenged ourselves by telling the time to the nearest 5 minutes. In our R.E work we having been learning about the importance of prayer and how people from different religions pray. In PSHE we have been learning how to keep ourselves safe around medicines and why different medicines are used.  


Week 2

In Maths we have been name and describing 2D and 3D shapes. We used objects and things around the rooms to help us describe sides, faces, edges and vertices. In English we have started to write space stories. We have used the story, 'The Man on the Moon' to help us write our story beginning. During PE we performed street dance! We performed our dances to each other as well as showing our own moves!

We have also celebrated World book Day! We wrote riddles and character descriptions. We made sure we included extended noun phrases and challenged ourselves to include an exclamation sentence.


Week 1

Welcome back! We started this week with an introduction to our space topic. We compared and described different examples of poetry and used these features to create our own space poems. We used repetition, onomatopoeia and rhythm in each stanza. In Maths we have continued our learning on fractions. We compared equivalent factions in shape and number. We then used this knowledge to help order fractions! During topic lessons we have independently researched different planets and presented our learning to help other children in our class learn about other planets. 

We have been very excited to share our learning logs about our up coming topic week on wool. We have shared some of our techniques with children in our class. 

Week 6


This week in English, we have been recapping work on punctuation. Ensuring our writing includes capital letters, full stops, question marks and exclamation sentences.

In Maths we have really enjoyed learning about fractions. We found fractions of shapes and numbers.

We have used scientific vocabulary whilst writing 'Who am I' animal riddles. We loved sharing them with the class and guessing the animals being described!

We finished our topic of castles with a very special banquet day! We came to school dressed as different characters from this time period. We enjoyed having a special lunch with music and entertainment!

Week 5

This week in Maths we have continued looking at division. We have used the sharing method to work out division problems and looked at multiplication as the inverse to division. In English we used drama to learn about the day of the life in a Soldier before writing a diary entry. We used hot seating, role on the wall and freeze frames to thought track about how a Soldier might think and feel. This inspired our topic lesson as we started to look at the Wars of the Roses and recalled facts about what happened in the battle and the House of Lancaster and the House of York. In Science we started to look at animal adaptation and what animals need to survive in their habitat. We were given our own bookmarks this week with our individual spellings on to use in our writing. We have loved using them in our English lessons to work independently. What an exciting week!



Week 4

We have finished off our work on non-chronological reports this week. We have created reports on the roles and responsibilities of people in the castle, as well as the different features and rooms in a castle. In Science we split up into research groups and found out lots of facts about different animals. We then used these facts to create our final non-chronological report. In Maths we have been applying our knowledge of multiplication to solve problems and explain our answers. We have continued to learn about suffixes in our SPaG lessons, practicing spelling and using 'ment' words this week. We have also been writing exclamation sentences beginning with 'what' and 'how'. What a busy week!


Week 3

In Maths this week we have continued working with multiplication. We have been using arrays, repeated addition and even mental methods. The children now need to learn the 10 and 2 times tables. In SPaG lessons we have been learning how to add the suffix 'ful' to root words to create adjectives. As part of our topic work we have been learning about the roles and responsibilities of different people in the castle. We have been busy learning about the different features of a non-chronological report and have planned our own report based on the facts we learnt during our trip to Skipton Castle. In Science we have been classifying animals into groups including reptiles, mammals, fish and amphibians. What a busy week!  


Week 2: 

During lessons this week we have been learning to retell the story Cinderella. We used noun phrases to think about the different characters. We innovated the story and began to think about how we could use the same story structure to invent our own story. In SpaG lessons we have been consolidating our learning on verbs and adverbs. We have thought about the different rules when adding the suffix -ly. In Maths we have continued our learning about multiplication. This week we have started to think about equal groups and using arrays. During an investigation we found out multiplication has a commutative property, the numbers can be used in a different order but still equal the same product! During topic lessons we found out about the different features of a castle. This was in preparation for our trip to Skipton Castle!

Skipton Castle



Week 1:

Happy New Year!


This week we have been learning about our new topic: castles! We researched Cardiff and Edinburgh Castle. We found out some facts such as Edinburgh castle is located on a huge rock, it used to be a prison and the Normans built Cardiff castle. 

In Maths we have been using repeated addition and doubling to work our multiplication.We used multiplication stories and Numicon to help us.

In SPaG lessons we have been learning subordinating clauses. We had to identify the main clause and the subordinating clause in a sentence. We then used subordinating conjunctions to write our own sentences. 

On Thursday afternoon we were visited by the pantomime, 'Cinderella'. Some of our favourite parts were when the dog came out, when Cinderella met the prince and the amazing singing! 

2M Shadow Puppet Video - The Tunnel

Still image for this video

2G - Shadow Puppet Show - Group 1

Still image for this video
Ella F, Henry, Woody, George, Billy, Mia, Aneeqa

2G - Shadow Puppet Show - Group 2

Still image for this video
Sophie, Jack L, Neve, Finn, Zacharie, Jack L, Daisy

2G - Shadow Puppet Show - Group 3

Still image for this video
Ella H, Aiden, Oliver W, Jessica, Heath, Claudia, Jenna, Stanley, Alice


Week 5

This week we have started 'Magic Maths'. Each day we have a ten minute session where we practice our fluency of number facts. We play interactive games, beat the buzzer rounds and quick fire competitions. Everyone is really excited by this and is enjoying challenging themselves to become more fluent each day.  We have continued to practice our Christmas performance. We are looking forwards to putting on our costumes next week and getting on stage to show you all how fabulous we are. 

We have finished off our Anthony Browne topic by planning and writing our own versions of 'The Tunnel', basing our own stories on two children who encounter an unfortunate event while out exploring one day.  We are also continuing to improve our shadow puppet shows so they are ready for you to watch during the final week.


Week 4

In English this week we have continued our work on 'The Tunnel'. We have been writing setting descriptions and we have used Talk 4 Writing to innovate our own adventure stories.  We have continued to develop our fluency of subtraction facts and have started learning different methods to solve longer subtractions. As part of our Science unit on Light we have created shadow puppets that we are going to use to create our own puppet shows. In Gymnastics this week we have been perfecting our sequences that include balances, rolls and flight. We have also been busy learning our lines and practicing our songs for the Christmas production.


​Week 3

During our learning this week we have been describing the tunnel using commas. We used the memory game 'At the shops I bought...' to help introduce using commas in a list. We came up with amazing adjective  to describe what we could see, feel and hear. During phonics and spelling lessons we have been revising silent letters such as wr, gn and kn. We have also been revising different rules for past tense regular and irregular verbs.

In Maths we have been working on our fluency when subtracting. We thought of different vocabulary we could use for the word subtraction. We then thought about subtraction when we reduce and find the different between two numbers.
We have started practicing our Christmas performance, 'Lights, Camel, Action!' Everyone now has their part and costume slip!
We ended the week celebrating Children In Need. We raised money by getting dressed up and decorating buns and biscuits for a bun sale.















Week 2

This week we had a very exciting start to the week. As we entered school on Monday we found our classroom door had been turned into a tunnel!

Before we entered the tunnel we had to predict what we thought might be in our classroom. Some people thought we would be transported!

We then read the story, 'The Tunnel' by Anthony Browne. We used drama activities such as hot seating and conscience alley to describe the characters thoughts and feelings. We had to become the character and start thinking as they would! Using our challenge cards in our areas we had to retell the story using puppets.

Later in the week we used noun phrases to describe the character Rose.

In Maths we have been concentrating on subtraction. We have been working on our fluency for our subtraction facts up to  ten. We used Numicon and games to help us.

Week 1

This week we have thoroughly enjoyed celebrating Black History. In Year Two we have focussed on Nelson Mandela. We started the week by researching about Nelson Mandela by using information texts and the internet. We then created a timeline to order significant times in his life. In order to share what we had learnt we created biographies ensuring we included the correct punctuation and our very best handwriting. In order to write a diary extract in the day of the life of Nelson Mandela we went into role and imagined how life would be like for him whilst he was in prison.

We have created art work by sketching Nelson Mandela and we used a paint programme on the computers. Throughout the week we have been discussing similarities and differences between ourselves and others. We all felt that the world would be a boring place is we all looked and acted the same!

Week 7

Our first half term has gone by so quickly and what a great week we have had learning about the history of Westroyd. Year 2 have focused on the school building and we have explored how it has changed and developed since it was first built. We have created art work, time lines, reports and diary entries to record what we have found out. In Maths this week we have been creating our own number lines to help us solve additions. 

It was really nice to see so many parents during our open session on Thursday. The children enjoyed sharing their learning on this terms Houses and Homes topic.  On Friday we had an exciting day taking part in a dance workshop with Flex Dance. We then got to share our routines with the rest of the school during a special assembly in the afternoon.

What a great end to the first half term.  



Week 4

This week we have been continuing our instructional writing. We applied our skills in an independent write to help a friend get changed for PE. We then used checklists to help improve our writing. We identified the features we had used and what needed to be added. During maths we used our knowledge of place value  to help with addition. Using different apparatus we added tens and ones to find an answer. We then moved on to showing our pictorial evidence in our books. In Science we carried out an investigation to test the properties or materials and if they can change. Using a range of objects we tested if they could be stretched, twisted, bent and squashed. We discussed why some materials were easier to change than others.


Week 3 

In English this week we have been looking at instructions. We have identified the key features and had a go at writing our own set of instructions and then making improvements. We have also been practicing our handwriting and learning how to join.  In Maths we have continued with place value. We have been partitioning 2 digit numbers and recording this in lots of different ways. We have also been practicing our computing skills in the new computer room, particularly our mouse and keyboard control. 

We have continued our 'House and Homes' topic by discussing homelessness and sketching homes. What a busy week! 


Week 2:

This week we innovated our writing. We changed our characters and materials in the story of, 'The Three Little Pigs'. In Maths we have made, described and ordered two digit numbers using a range of equipment. To help us count we have started to group objects and form them into the Numicon plates. We have also visited St. John's church for a treasure hunt. We found out different parts of a church!​We have also celebrated Dot Day. We made pointillism paintings and created book reviews of Growth Mindset books.



Week 1:

Welcome back! We have had a lovely start to our first week in Year 2. This week we introduced our new topic, 'Houses and Homes'. In line with out topic, we used Talk 4 Writing to learn the story, 'The Three Little Pigs'. As a class we created a story map and performed the traditional tale using actions. We then completed our first piece of extended writing by retelling the story independently.  During Science we created a house for the Three Little Pigs using a variety of materials. We had to choose different materials in order to make our house stronger. We used scientific vocabulary to describe our houses. In Art we used our sketching skills to draw images of houses in our new sketch books! During music we listened to and responded to different music. We thought about the emotions it made us feel and how we could represent that in pictures. During PE this week we practiced our passing, stopping, control and dribbling the ball.








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