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Please read our termly newsletter below, to find out what will be happening in Year 4 and 5 this term.

Termly Newsletters

Autumn Term 1


Week 3

This week has been a very busy week here in Year 4/5. We have had our heads buried in our class read all week as well diving into some tricky maths work; comparing numbers with 7 digits can be incredibly tricky but we did it!

During our Science work this week we looked at the planets. We had spherical objects of various sizes and had to decide which one represented each planet. It really showed just how big the gas giant of Jupiter is compared to Earth. 

In History, we have been looking at the history of space travel. We were amazed to see how much space travel has developed since 1940 to the present day. We were stunned by the 1969 moon landing and how much of an achievement it was! Swimming was excellent and we are now in our groups so can focus on achieving our goal (25m swimming in a range of strokes). We also followed the Body Coach in one of his very successful fitness videos in PE. A great way to end the week!


Week 2

It's been another busy week in Year 4/5! There were lots of firsts for us this week. We began our French lessons and quickly picked up enough new words to have a very short conversation in French with our partners. We also had our first swimming lesson. Although it didn't quite go as planned, we really enjoyed the experience of going out on the coach, being in a new environment and showing the teachers what we could do! Our brass lessons started again this week with Mr. Roberts and, after we put our instruments back together, we were soon practicing our notes again. In English, we began reading Invaders in the Vegetable Patch. We used the text as a starting point to write a newspaper report about a mystery object flying over the village. We found it quite tricky to write but persevered to achieve our goal. 


Week 1

Welcome Back!

Our first week in Year 4/5 has been brilliant! We have done lots of learning and fun activities already and we are really excited about getting our teeth into more work.

On Wednesday, we had WOW day. During the day we completed an astronaut training camp. This involved building space accessories with Lego and other construction equipment and using soft pastels to draw views from a spaceship window. We also put jigsaws together whilst wearing thick gloves to understand what it would be like fixing things in space wearing a space suit. All of us thoroughly enjoyed it.
On Thursday, we had an assembly on water safety to help us when we go swimming and make sure we stay safe. We are really keen to start swimming this term as we have never been.
We have also been working on having a growth mindset. We learned that the brain is like a muscle and it needs to be challenged to make new pathways of learning. One new activity we have started is called the Ultimate Alphabet and it has certainly been challenging our brains!