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Please read our half termly newsletter below to find out what will be happening in Year 4.

Year 4 Termly Newsletters

Autumn 2

Week 2


This week we started our new topic of artists. We looked at some of the art by Pablo Picasso and created some of our own work in his style. We began by learning how to draw faces with the key features in the correct positions and proportions. We drew two self portraits and coloured them using oil or soft pastels. We then cut up the pictures and re-arranged them to make a very abstract self portrait.


In Maths, we have been learning about perimeter. We have been carrying out investigations with different equipment to find the perimeter of different shapes and working hard on our reasoning and problem solving skills.


We have started our new Science topic on sound this week. We learned that sound is made by vibrations. We felt our throats whilst we talked and could feel the vibrations. We also put rice on drums and watched what happened when we banged them. When we did it gently, the rice didn't move much and the noise was quiet. When we did it harder, the rice moved a lot and the noise was louder.


Finally, we started our gymnastics lessons with Mr Tiffany. We learned how to get out and put away the apparatus safely and challenged ourselves to jump from some high blocks! 

Week 1


This week has been centenary week in school. In Year 4, we have been learning about the lives of men and women during WWI.


On Tuesday we went down to the war memorial in Farsley. Mr Tiffany told us about the lives of some of the men who fought and died and even showed us the streets they lived on. We all chose a name and then researched them using the Commonwealth Graves website. It really brought it home to us that people from the village we live in fought and died for us.


We have also done research about what life was like in the trenches. We learned about the Christmas truce and wrote letters home from the trenches detailing this remarkable event.


During the week we made poppies to add to our whole school 'waterfall of poppies' and produced artwork by creating a sunset background and making silhouettes of soldiers to place onto the background.


We have loved learning about WWI.

Picture 1

Autumn 1

Week 8


This week we celebrated Black History Month by learning about Ruby Bridges. We found out about her eventful first day at school and were all very shocked and horrified by the experiences she endured just to go to school.


On Tuesday, we took part in a workshop delivered by Moving Words. We learned songs and performed poems about Ruby Bridges, Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King. We learned more about the Civil Rights Movement in America and what segregation meant.


In Maths, we moved onto column subtraction. We worked on exchanging and, after some work with equipment, we finally got the hang of it.


In Science, we learned about the states of water. We carried out investigations looking at how water can be changed into a solid, liquid and gas and recorded what we found out. We then made our own 'water cycles in a bag' and put them on the window. We will continue to observe what happens over the coming weeks.


After the holiday, we will have a focus week on the centenary of the end of the First World War before we move onto our new topic of artists. We will be studying Pablo Picasso and Georges Seurat. Enjoy your holiday!

Week 7


A busy but very fun week was had in Year 4 this week. 


On Thursday, we had our class assembly. We had been working hard in the run up to the assembly to decide what we wanted to show, who was showing what and how we could make it entertaining. The assembly itself was a great success with our writing, art, computing, Maths, PE and music skills all being shown. 


Thursday carried on being a great day as it was chocolate day! We had been planning our chocolate bars and packaging for a few weeks and the day to make them had finally come! We used our Science knowledge to melt the chocolate at a high temperature to turn it into a liquid and then put our melted chocolate and fillings into the moulds. We also created our packaging using a range of materials. The best part was evaluating our product to see if it was effective - we all thought they were!



Week 6


In Maths this week, we have moved onto addition and subtraction. We have been learning about adding 4 digit numbers using column addition. We started by using place value counters before moving onto using numbers. We began to exchange numbers and have been really confident using this method.


In English, we have been thinking about ideas for our diary entry. We went into the hall and used a roll of paper to add ideas to different questions. We loved reading all the ideas and then adding even more! Our hot task next week will be amazing!


In Science, we looked at melting chocolate. We used three different temperatures of water to see which one melted the chocolate the quickest. We concluded that the higher the temperature, the quicker the chocolate melted.


We have continued working on our quizzes in Scratch and this week learned how to add sounds and backgrounds. Our final quizzes will be really snazzy!

Week 5


In Maths this week we have been learning about negative numbers. We learned that numbers can go below zero and we had a go at making our own number lines outside to show this. Next week, we are moving on to addition and subtraction.


In English, we have been learning about diary writing. We have been looking at the features and having a go at writing sentences using a range of good starters. Next week, we will continue to prepare sentences and paragraphs ready for our hot writing.


This week in Computing we were learning about all the changes we can make to the sprites. We created algorithms that made the sprites flash, change colour and size. This will help to make our final quizzes even better!


On Thursday it was Poetry Day. In Year 4 we looked at the poem Daffodils by William Wordsworth. We went on to create our own group poems about Autumn. We also did some leaf artwork using sketching pencils and painted the other half of a leaf. Have a look at the video below of us working happily on our writing and art whilst singing along to The Greatest Showman!


Still image for this video

Week 4


It's been another busy week in Year 4.


In English we have continued to read our book 'The Great Chocoplot'. This week, we came across a very strange disease - 'Lotta-chocolitis'! We decided to write our own descriptions of the disease including how it is caught, what the symptoms are and how to cure it. We certainly used a lot of imagination and it's definitely a disease you wouldn't want to catch!


In DT we began to design our chocolate product. We thought about the ingredients we wanted to use and then began to think about our target consumers and the name we should give our product. Watch this space for more information about how our designs are coming along.


It was experiment time in Science this week and we had a lot of fun finding out if gases have weight. We carried out an investigation using fizzy drinks. First, we weighed the drink before shaking them up until they went flat. We then weighed them again to see if there was a difference. We discovered that the cloudy lemonade was the fizziest as it lost 10g between the first measurement and the last.


Finally, it was the Welly Walk on Friday afternoon and the sun was shining for us. We had a lot of fun and managed quite a few laps. 

Week 3


This week in English, we have been learning about newspaper reports. We have looked at the key features and revised speech punctuation so we can include a quote when we write our own report. We planned out our report on the chocopocalypse and will be writing it next week.


In maths, we have continued our work on place value. We have been working on 4 digit numbers and understanding the value of each digit. We looked at how numbers can be represented in different ways and how they can be partitioned.


In computing, we have been working on Scratch and we love it! This week we have been debugging files and have begun to create our own quizzes.


Brass was great fun as we were able to play our instruments for most of the session. Take a look at the photographs below to see us in action.


Our new spelling program - Challenge 250, has been introduced this week and the children have brought home the first 50 words for the Bronze Award. We will begin the tests next week and are hopeful that we will quickly whizz through the Bronze words.

Week 2


In English this week we have been working on editing and improving our writing. Earlier in the week, we wrote about an event from our new class book ‘The Great Chocoplot’. We then used editing stations to help us focus on different parts of our writing we could improve. During Dot Day on Friday, we started working on peer assessing each other’s writing. We used a feedback sandwich to give a positive comment, improvement and then a final positive comment.


Wednesday was a particularly exciting day as we began our brass lessons. We looked at the three instruments we could play - baritone, cornet or French horn and tried each one before we made our final decision. It was a great experience playing the instruments but it made our lips feel very strange afterwards! 


We selected our our school council representatives this week. We began by reading our manifestos out and then choosing the candidates we thought would do the best job by placing a cross on the ballot paper. Finally, we posted the papers in the ballot box before the votes were counted. Our representatives are really excited about the first meeting!

Week 1


What a busy first week we have had.


On Wednesday, we had a Wow day to start our topic of chocolate. We looked at the nutritional values of our favourite chocolate bars and how long it would take to burn off the energy doing various activities. Obviously, we had to eat some chocolate, so we did a taste test! We tasted four different types of chocolate: white, milk, dark and very dark. Take a look at the photographs below to see what we thought of the different tastes.


In Maths, we began to learn about Roman numerals. We discovered that there are seven symbols which are used to make up all Roman numerals. We then created Roman numerals using lollipop sticks to show different numbers.


We began to think about who our next school council representatives will be. We learned about the UK parliament and how our democracy works. We then moved onto creating our own manifestos which we will share next week before casting our votes.