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Welcome to the Year 4/5 class page


Please read our half termly newsletter below to find out what will be happening in Year 4/5.

Spring Term 2

Week 4


In Maths, we have been learning about mixed numbers and improper fractions. We used our multiplication and division skills to convert them. On Friday, we created a number line on our desks to show both sets of numbers.


In English, we wrote a story about a message in a bottle. Some of the ideas we had were: a mermaid sending out a message in a bottle to get help; a child stuck on a desert island; a boat race where one of the competitors became stranded and another involving Peter Pan.


In Science, we started our topic about teeth. We learnt about the structure of a tooth before we set up an investigation where we put eggs in different liquids and we will observe what the effects are. 


In History, we learnt about our timeline, we were amazed to find out how little time humanity has been around. We then put together a timeline of Ancient Egypt and discovered more about that period of time.




Week 3


We have had another fun week in 4/5 and learnt a lot too! In English, we completed our non-chronological reports on Ancient Egypt. We worked hard to research information and present them with the key features. We had to remember a title, introduction, captions, pictures, paragraphs of facts and sub-headings. 


In maths, we made rainbow fractions. We used our times tables to help us find equivalent fractions. We will continue with fractions next week.


We had another great PE session with Mr Lawson where we learnt how to hold a cricket bat correctly and hit the ball. We then played quick cricket. We have some very talented batters and bowlers!


In art this week we finally decorated and completed our Ancient Egyptian death masks. Take a look at the amazing work we did below.

Week 2


What a week! We have had terrible (or maybe excellent) weather for most of the week. On Wednesday, we went out in the snow and had a massive snowball fight! We also made snowmen and snow angels. 


On Monday, we carried on learning about the Ancient Egyptians and designed our death masks ready for decorating next week. In PE, we were learning cricket skills with Mr Lawson. 


In English, we were learning about non-chronological reports and began to collect information for our own reports that we will be writing next week. 


Unfortunately, the school was closed on Thursday which meant World Book Day took place on Friday instead. We had great fun dressing up as our favourite book characters (see the pictures below) and playing a guess the book by emoji game - it was quite hard. We also did a book scavenger hunt where we had to look for different words contained in books. 


Week 1


It’s been a fun start back to this half term. This week it was our class assembly. We decided to do a news report with lots of presenters telling us about work last half term. We shared information about Fairtrade and our science work on materials. We also showed our designs for chocolate bars and our own plays.


In Science this week, we learned about reversible and irreversible changes. This was the last week on materials before we move onto teeth and digestion.


On Friday we had our WOW day to introduce our new topic on the Ancient Egyptians. We learned about hieroglyphics and wrote our names using them. We also learned about the death rituals and made canopic jars which held the organs after mummification. Finally, we used mod roc to create masks which we will be decorating to be like Egyptian death masks. See our photos below!

Spring Term 1

Week 6


What a busy half term we have had! We hope you enjoyed seeing all the hard work the children have done over the half term during our open session on Thursday.


This week, we carried on with our Science work on materials. We planned and carried out an investigation to see which material would be best to line the inside of a lunch bag. We learnt about thermal insulators and conductors and found that plastic was the best material to keep our lunch cool. We then moved onto separating mixtures. We used filtering, sieving, evaporation and magnets to successfully separate solids and liquids.


In English, we were working on editing and improving our writing. We worked with our learning partners to spot mistakes and give feedback on parts that were good and parts that could be made better. We found it tricky but all managed to make improvements to our work.


In Geography, we learnt about Fairtrade. We looked at a village in Ghana where cocoa beans are grown and found out how Fairtrade had improved their lives. In DT, we finished our chocolate packaging and evaluated their effectiveness. 

Week 5


In Science this week, we have been learning about dissolving. We carried out an investigation to find out if all solids dissolve in a liquid. We made predictions before carrying out the investigation and observing the results. Take a look at the pictures below to see our work.


In DT, we began designing and creating a packaging for an invented chocolate bar. We thought carefully about how to make the product appealing to consumers and planned our colours, fonts and information carefully. We will be showing our work at next week's open session on Thursday afternoon.


In English, we have carried on reading The Great Chocoplot. We have also been working on using good sentence openers in our writing. 


Finally, we have all been involved in our video for The Golden Owls. We worked as a team to come up with the idea and have all taken part in the video. Hopefully, we will be as successful as we have been in previous years.


Week 4


It's been another busy week in 4/5. We have been working hard on our division skills this week in maths and have learnt a formal method of dividing 2, 3 and 4 digit numbers by a single digit. 


In English, we have been working on adding subordinate clauses to our writing to give more detail. Although we are finding it a bit tricky, we are trying hard and improving. 


In PE, we carried on our work in gymnastics. We were working on counter balances this week which involved communicating well with our partner. In swimming, we worked on rolls in the water.

Week 3


This week in English we have written a newspaper report about an explosion on Easter Egg Island (a made up island from our book The Great Chocoplot.) We had to remember to use the 5 w's (Who, What, Why, Where and When) and good detail to explain what had happened. 


In maths, we have been learning formal methods of multiplication. We have learnt how to do short multiplication with up to 4 numbers and also the area model to multiply 2 digit by 2 digit numbers. Some of us had some very tricky missing number problems to solve. 


In DT, we looked at different chocolate wrappers to see what was good about them and whether they were attractive to us or not. 


Finally, in PE we have been doing gymnastic work. This week we were learning how to put out and away the apparatus safely.

Week 2


We have started our new topic of chocolate this week and what better way to start than with chocolate tasting! We tried various types of chocolate and decided which we preferred - milk chocolate was the overall winner. We then looked into the history of chocolate and discovered it was first discovered by the Aztecs over 3000 years ago!


We also began reading our new class book - The Great Chocoplot. It started with a shocking sentence - there would be no more chocolate left in the world in 6 days! That certainly grabbed our attention and we are very keen to find out how and why this is happening.


In maths, we have begun to look at formal methods of multiplication and have been working really hard on learning our times tables facts as these are so important in helping us become quicker and more efficient in our work.

Week 1


We have had a fantastic start back to the term with a visit to the Carriage Works to see the Jack and the Beanstalk Pantomime. We had plenty of laughs and enjoyed a truly amazing performance. Some lucky children were even picked to go up on stage at the end and play a game.


The Pantomime has fed into our English work for the rest of the week with the children planning out an alternate version of Jack and the Beanstalk. They are busy writing it out as a play script and are excited about performing it to the other classes in school next week. 


We will be starting our new Topic of Chocolate next week so watch this space!



Week 5

We have had a fantastic week in Y4/5! We have learned about rationing during World War 2 and how people turned their gardens into allotments to 'Dig for Victory!'. We have been designing our own miniature Victory Gardens and plan to start making them next week. The gardens have to include an Anderson Shelter, and at least one part of the garden must be made from clay. We will be showing our Victory Gardens during our Topic Celebration which is on Thursday 7th December at 2:30pm. We hope many parents will be able to come and look at our work, as well as take part in some activities such as drawing a Henry Moore style WW2 chalk drawing of the Blitz. Here are some the children have done. Aren't they brilliant?

Picture 1

Autumn Term 1


Week 7

Our topic on Space has come to an end. We have learned so much and are sad that is has ended! Here is a quick taste of what we did in Year 4/5 this half term.

We built moon buggies, created artwork in the style of Peter Thorpe, experienced the astrodome and much more! We also learned that another word for the moon is lunar. The four planets before Jupiter are made out of rock and Jupiter, and the other planets after it, are called gas giants.

In swimming, we ended this half term with a fun session. We used the large floats to work as a team to help each other stay on them. It provided us a chance to play other games and improve our confidence in the water.

On Thursday 19th October it was Diwali which is the festival of light. It celebrates good over evil and light over dark. In the story of Rama and Sita, we discovered that they were banished to the forest and Sita was captured by the demon. Rama did rescue her in the end! To celebrate this story, we learned the meaning of Diva lamps and importance of fireworks in Diwali celebrations.


Week 6

This week in DT, we researched lunar rovers to find out what key features they had. We then used this to help us design a lunar rover for the future. We thought carefully about features it would have and how we would create them when we make our model. We are really looking forward to making them next week. 

In maths, we moved onto addition and subtraction and in English, we have continued to read Invaders in the Vegetable Patch and have now reached an exciting cliffhanger!


Week 5

This week, we have continued our work on Invaders in the Vegetable Patch in English. It's beginning to get really interesting and we have been predicting what might happen next based upon what we have read so far. We have also started Reading Eggs. All the children have been placed on the appropriate level and are keen to start reading, earn eggs and decorate their virtual apartments!

In History, we have been writing biographies about Tim Peak. We were astounded by how successful he has been. We found out about where he went to school, how he trained to be an astronaut and how he was the first British astronaut to live on the International Space Station.

It was also the Harvest Festival service at church this week. We really enjoyed going to the church because it is a beautiful building and we always enjoy the service the Vicar provides. Our performance went well. We used clear voices to explain the role food banks play in helping those most in need.  

We had our first active maths lesson. It was interesting to see that we can still learn maths but in an active way, not just sitting at our desks. It was a really fun activity and we are excited to do it again!


Week 4

It has been an amazing week and we have thoroughly enjoyed it.  We would be here for hours if we went into detail about everything we did!

On Wednesday, the Astrodome came into school to teach us about space; especially the stars and Mars. A lovely lady called Erin from Leeds University delivered the workshop. She was very interesting and seemed to really enjoy what she does!

On Thursday, it was National Poetry Day. We studied a range of poetry including the Beowulf poem, an acrostic poem about Space, the When I was One poem and we performed a Space poem. 

In swimming, we were split up into groups. One group will work in the deep end, one group will work near the deep end and one group will work in the shallow end. We were really excited to start and are extremely keen to keep on improving.

On Friday afternoon, we raised money for a trip to the Pantomime. We went to Hainsworth Park and did some laps around the field wearing wellies. We really enjoyed it, some of us walked 9 laps!


Week 3

This week has been a very busy week here in Year 4/5. We have had our heads buried in our class read all week as well diving into some tricky maths work; comparing numbers with 7 digits can be incredibly tricky but we did it!

During our Science work this week we looked at the planets. We had spherical objects of various sizes and had to decide which one represented each planet. It really showed just how big the gas giant of Jupiter is compared to Earth. 

In History, we have been looking at the history of space travel. We were amazed to see how much space travel has developed since 1940 to the present day. We were stunned by the 1969 moon landing and how much of an achievement it was! Swimming was excellent and we are now in our groups so can focus on achieving our goal (25m swimming in a range of strokes). We also followed the Body Coach in one of his very successful fitness videos in PE. A great way to end the week!


Week 2

It's been another busy week in Year 4/5! There were lots of firsts for us this week. We began our French lessons and quickly picked up enough new words to have a very short conversation in French with our partners. We also had our first swimming lesson. Although it didn't quite go as planned, we really enjoyed the experience of going out on the coach, being in a new environment and showing the teachers what we could do! Our brass lessons started again this week with Mr. Roberts and, after we put our instruments back together, we were soon practicing our notes again. In English, we began reading Invaders in the Vegetable Patch. We used the text as a starting point to write a newspaper report about a mystery object flying over the village. We found it quite tricky to write but persevered to achieve our goal. 


Week 1

Welcome Back!

Our first week in Year 4/5 has been brilliant! We have done lots of learning and fun activities already and we are really excited about getting our teeth into more work.

On Wednesday, we had WOW day. During the day we completed an astronaut training camp. This involved building space accessories with Lego and other construction equipment and using soft pastels to draw views from a spaceship window. We also put jigsaws together whilst wearing thick gloves to understand what it would be like fixing things in space wearing a space suit. All of us thoroughly enjoyed it.
On Thursday, we had an assembly on water safety to help us when we go swimming and make sure we stay safe. We are really keen to start swimming this term as we have never been.
We have also been working on having a growth mindset. We learned that the brain is like a muscle and it needs to be challenged to make new pathways of learning. One new activity we have started is called the Ultimate Alphabet and it has certainly been challenging our brains!