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Christmas Fundraising by Class


Each class is making an item to sell to raise money as part of their Enterprise week. The class who raises the most money for the least cost will win a prize.


If you are wanting to place an order for one item, then please make payment via schoolcomms. The order will then be sent home with your child.


If you are wanting to buy more than one item, then please email the office inbox at to let us know how many items you require.

We will add a separate charge to your schoolcomms account for the additional orders.

Thank you!


In addition to this, Friends of Westroyd are selling re-usable shopping bags. All bags have a portrait of your child by class. The bags are £5 each and are available to purchase now via school comms. Please see below for a photograph of the item.





Nursery have been busy creating bread decorations to add a bit of festive cheer to your tree! Made using some impressive fine motor skills and lots of messy enthusiasm! Cost £1.50.


All items will be available to view on Tapestry on Monday.


Reception Enterprises

Reception have been making plant pots

Large pots £3

Small pots £2

Year 1 Enterprises Wrapping Paper 50p per roll

Year 1 are making a choice of wrapping paper rolls. These are 1m wide and there is a choice of two available prints at a cost of 50p per roll. The choice is snowmen or Christmas trees.

Year 2 Enterprises Gift Tags 5 for £1

Year 3 Enterprises - Chocolate cones - £1.50 each

Year 4 Enterprises - Bath bombs - £1 per bag

Year 5 Enterprises- xmas decorations £1

Year 6 Enterprise - Christmas Tree Decorations