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The curriculum at Westroyd is driven by an approach through which all children can achieve high standards and make good progress building on their prior learning. Embedding key skills is at the heart of a well-balanced, engaging curriculum which allows children to become motivated, successful and lifelong learners. We believe that children need to have fun, engage in exciting first-hand experiences and have a love of learning. Our curriculum provides opportunities for children to learn about our diverse, local and global community in order for them to develop understanding and respect to be a good citizen.


At the heart of the school's curriculum ASPIRE learning poster, which promotes all the characteristics of a positive learner:








We are working on developing a curriculum that meets the needs of our pupils.  We want to ensure that we provide a curriculum that:

  • motivates pupils
  • is delivered through a cross-curricular approach
  • develops key life skills
  • encourages pupils to respect others and become a good citizen

The document below outlines Westroyd's Curriculum Intent.  We have identified the pupils' needs which helps us identify how we shape our curriculum Implementation. The curriculum implementation outlines the content and approaches we are developing in order to meet the needs of our pupils. We measure the Impact of our curriculum approach through a range of methods.  We want to ensure that our pupils are not only progressing academically but also as well-rounded citizens. 

Westroyd Curriculum Intent Statement



If you have any questions regarding the curriculum we teach, please contact the school directly.

Westroyd Learning Ethos


National Curriculum