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Westroyd Curriculum Vision


The curriculum at Westroyd is driven by a child led approach through which all children can achieve. In order to become motivated, successful, and life long learners, we believe that children need to have fun, engage in exciting first - hand experiences and have a love for learning. Our curriculum provides opportunities for children to learn about our diverse local and global community in order for them to develop and understanding and respect to be a good citizen.



Learning at Westroyd is fun, exciting, active and memorable. We achieve this by providing first hand experiences such as trips, visitors 'wow' moments which are built upon children's own interests. Through this approach, our children develop a love for learning. Our learning environment celebrates children's achievements as well as stimulating their imagination.


Cross Curricular

The National Curriculum and Early Years Curriculum are taught through a mixture of topics, themes and discrete subjects. The planning of topics is child led which then provides meaningful and purposeful learning experiences. Children are given opportunities to apply key skills and knowledge in order to embed and deepen learning.


Life Skills

The Westroyd curriculum is more than the National Curriculum. It is about providing children with the life skills to be successful in whatever they choose to do in the future. At Westroyd, we believe successful learning is achieved through developing a growth mindset. This includes resilience, independence, and a belief that anything can be achieved through perseverance and dedication. In our technological world, where everything is constantly developing, we equip children with the skills to cope positively with change.



We provide an inclusive learning environment where we teach children to understand, accept, respect and celebrate diversity. Children are given the opportunities and skills to make positive choices bour their own lives which in turn will allow them to actively participate in their local community and the wider world. Children will learn how to look after themselves and others.



If you have any questions regarding the curriculum we teach, please contact the school directly.

Westroyd Learning Ethos

Westroyd Medium Term Planning Autumn 2 Term 2018

Westroyd Medium Term Planning Autumn 1 Term 2018


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