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Online Safety

Online Safety has a pivotal role to play in modern day society and it is vital that we have a whole-school community approach to keeping children safe online. This is something we need to discuss both in school and through our home learning.


Parents' involvement with keeping children safe online is key as most Internet access at home does not involve the filters and other safeguarding measures that we have at school through our school's provider.


Please find below further guidance relating to various hardware and software linked to children and being safe online:

Online Safety - Social Media & Gaming

TIK TOK Online Safety

Getting Screen Time Balance


Screen time can offer children opportunities to learn and develop new skills at a touch of a button but like anything, too much of it can have a negative effect on their well-being.

As children get older and become more independent, finding the right balance for children can be challenging but the key is to think about it early on and set some clear boundaries around online use.


Please see the guidelines below from '' for further information on the advice that they have for parents and children alike.