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Hello and welcome to our Reception blog page!

Please read our newsletter below to find out what will be happening in reception this term.

Each week we will be writing about the exciting things we are learning in Reception.


Reception Termly Newsletters

Autumn 2

Week 1


We have had a busy week in Reception this week! In Literacy we have talked about bonfire night and all the fabulous things we have seen. We also created lots of colourful firework pictures, using paint and chalk. The children enjoyed finding out about the different colours they can make by mixing other colours together.


On Wednesday we had some special visitors into school. We had lots of fun taking part in the Moving Words workshop and learning all about our similarities/differences with a wonderful poem. In class we have discussed all of the things that make us the same/different and enjoyed celebrating these.


In Maths we have been focusing on the number 4 and finding different numbers that can be added together to total 4. We have found lots of things that we can do four of and had fun counting our hops, jumps and skips!


Next week we will be learning all about Autumn!

Autumn 1

Week 8


We have had a great week in Reception! In Maths, we looked at ordinal numbers 1st, 2nd, 3rd. We enjoyed racing each other for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and played lots of games using ordinal numbers to choose which object in which order.


In Literacy, we have been learning about rhyming words and have had lots of fun creating rhyming potions for the witch's cauldron. We have also created our own monster pictures by solving the rhyming riddles and played rhyming action games.


This week we have also been focusing on all the fabulous talents that we have. We really enjoyed our talent show and the children were fantastic performers! From knot tying to leaping, from singing to guitar playing, it was wonderful to celebrate each other's talents. What a great way to end the first half term!


Hope you all have a wonderful half term break!

​​​​​​Autumn 1

Week 7


This week we have enjoyed sharing with our friends all the things that we are good at and can do well. We have continued to learn about our bodies too. This week we learned how to measure using unifix cubes and had fun using the cubes to measure our feet.  We have also been exploring the number 3 and all the different ways it can be represented. We had great fun making our own number 3 number blocks!

Autumn 1

Week 6

This week we have been learning all about our bodies and exercise. We have talked about why exercise is important to keep us healthy and explored the effects it has on our body. The children enjoyed taking part in different exercises and we even had a yoga disco!


In Maths, we have been continuing to explore our focus number 2, looking at doubles and finding half. We have practiced making doubles with ladybird spots and enjoyed learning a doubles rhyme. In the dough area, we have practiced cutting our 'cakes' in half to share them equally between two people.


In Literacy, we have been talking about our families and who lives in our house. We have also looked at the different types of homes people live in and discussed our own homes. 


Finally, our junk modelling box is running very low, if you have any small empty cardboard boxes that you could bring in we would be very grateful.

Autumn 1

Week 5

This week we have enjoyed learning all about our senses and using them to explore. We have been talking about foods that we enjoy and even did some taste testing to see if we would discover a new favorite! The lemon proved a popular choice, even though it was really sour! We have also been sorting healthy and unhealthy foods and talking about why it is important to eat a healthy balanced diet.


Thank you to everyone that was able to come along and support the sponsored Welly Walk event on Friday. The children all did a super job, walking and raising money for a valuable cause.


Next week we will be learning more about our bodies and exploring exercise!

Autumn 1

Week 4

We have had another wonderful week in Reception continuing our 'marvellous me' topic, focusing on growth mindset. We have talked about the learning pit and what we can do when we feel like we are finding something tricky. We have learned about being a good friend and how we can help each other when we feel this way. We have enjoyed learning 'The Dot' song and actions too! This week we also introduced our first independent phonics challenge. The children were keen to give it a try and produced some fabulous work.


Next week, we will be learning all about our senses!

Autumn 1

Week 3


This week we have been celebrating international 'Dot Day' and talking about things that we find tricky. We have made our own special dots and talked about not giving up and keeping on trying!


We have started to learn Phase 2 Phonics and have enjoyed practicing our sounds by mixing lots of silly soup! It was wonderful to see some of you at the curriculum evening, where we covered how we teach Phonics in more detail. If you weren't able to make it, details from the evening are now available on the Reception class page.


In Maths we have been looking at repeating patterns, spotting them and creating our own. We have used different objects from around our classroom and we even did a repeating pattern dance.


Next Friday morning we will be taking part in a Welly Walk. Please bring in a pair of wellington boots for your child to wear. If you are able to help out for this event and can join us for the walk please let us know. 

Autumn 1

Week 2


We have had a super week in Reception making new friends. It was wonderful to have all of our class in school together and we are enjoying getting to know each other better. We have been talking about all the things that are special to us. Some of us brought in a favourite toy/photo to share with the class. We have also enjoyed looking at all the fabulous 'all about me' stars that you have created at home! 


We have been very busy in our workshop creating all kinds of wonderful things. So much so that we are running low on 'junk' for modelling! We would be very grateful if you have any small empty cardboard boxes i.e. crackers, cereal boxes etc that you could donate.


On Friday we had our first P.E. lesson. The children did a super job at getting changed independently and we enjoyed playing lots of games, practicing moving in different ways. Please ensure your child's P.E. kit is left in school on their peg.


Next week, we will be celebrating Dot day! 

Autumn 1 

Week 1 


Welcome to Reception! What a wonderful first week. The children have done so well at settling in over the past few days. We have enjoyed getting to know all the children really well and we have spent lots of time playing and interacting with the children. We have also done a few activities like drawing pictures of ourselves. The adults in Reception have been supporting the children with making new friends, co-operating and using all the resources.


The children also did really well at having a dinner at school. All the school dinner menus are on the school website if you want to have a look. This week and next week we will be gathering as much information about your child as possible to help us know your child's starting points. 


Next week when you bring your child into Reception you will see baskets set out with picture choices for them to select their dinner for that day. Please help them to choose as they get used to this routine. 


Next week we will also be sending home a 'learning log' and a reading book. Letters will be coming home to give you more information.


We are looking forward to having all the children together next week!