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Hello and welcome to our Reception blog page!

Please read our newsletter below to find out what will be happening in reception this term.

Each week we will be writing about the exciting things we are learning in Reception.

Summer 2 -Week 4

This week we have been looking at and using non-fiction books to help us find out more information about sea creatures. Some of us did some brilliant research at home too around our favourite sea creatures. In small groups we made our own information books about some of our favourite ones. We used the non-fiction books and the internet to help us find out information. We drew pictures too. We learnt about what a fact is and how it is different to telling stories! We have loved making different sea creatures in the workshop area. 

This week has also been exciting because we have been to year 1 as part of our transition. We have had some story times with our new teacher and oved spending the morning in the year 1 classroom. We have been talking about what we are looking forward too and having the opportunity to ask any questions or worries we might have. We are mostly very very excited! 

In maths we are consolidating key skills by solving problems that involve adding and subtracting. We have been reading the book 'How many legs?' We have been drawing pictures of different animals and working out how many legs altogether. 

Summer 2 -Week 3

After reading 'Sunk!' we decide to see what was under the sea. On Monday we had a sensory experience where we used our senses to describe what we could see, hear and feel. On Tuesday we started reading 'Commotion in the Ocean'. We enjoyed the mini poems about different sea creatures. We used these poems to play a game. we had to listen to the description and guess which animal it could be. We then played this game ourselves in pairs. We then wrote some of our own descriptions of a sea creatures and our friends guessed which one it was! In maths we have been learning about odd and even numbers and seeing which amounts we an share equally and which we can not. 

Summer 2 -Week 2

We are really enjoying our pirate theme in reception. This week we wrote questions for the parrot from the book we have been reading. Then the parrot came for a visit! We love role playing and hot seating so some of us had a go at being a parrot too. On Tuesday a message in a bottle washed up from Pirate Pete. We got to work writing our own messages an decorating our bottles. Once done we headed outside where we did some great team building to create our own pirate ships. We then had to get our messages from one ship to the other. We have also been reading 'Sunk!' We decided to explore what else might sink and what might float. We used this information to help us build pirate ships in the workshop that would float. In maths we have been reading 'Sharing a shell'. We have been using this to help us think about sharing out amounts fairly and in every day situations. 

Summer 2 -Week 1

It has been lovely to hear all the wonderful things the children have been doing during the school break and to celebrate the Jubilee. The children did some fantastic writing telling us all about what they had been up to. In maths this week we have been exploring doubles using mirrors, dice and domino games. 

We started reading a book called 'Pirate Pete and his Parrot.' Then on Wednesday we received something from Pirate Pete. We said it must be map because it had arrows, labels and an X marks the spot. We took it in turns to follow the map around the Early Years to find treasure. We then were very excited to do our own treasure maps and even write letters to Pirate Pete! 

Summer 1 -Week 6

This week we have had so much fun preparing for our Jubilee celebrations. We have learnt more about what a Jubilee is and what we are going to do to celebrate. We have been reading the story 'The Queen's Knickers'. We designed some very fancy pairs that we thought would be special for the Jubilee. We then wrote about our designs. We have followed on with some learning about the story from last week 'The Queen's hat'. We were surprised to find that the Queens hat had blown all the way to our outdoor area. We had to think of ways to get the hat down and we were quick to get writing letters to the Queens and the Queen's guards to tell them! We have been doing lots of craft making crowns, bunting, flags and other decorations for our picnic on Friday. Friday was such a lovely time to celebrate with our picnic with Nursery. We also loved singing some of the songs we have been learning during the celebrations. We hope you have a lovely half term break and will see you all soon! 

Summer 1 -Week 5

This week we have started to the about the Queen in anticipation of the Jubilee. We have learnt about her and where she lives. We have enjoyed reading the story 'The Queen's Hat'. In the story the Queen's hat blows all over London. We have been looking at landmarks in London and writing about our favourite ones. We have been building some of them in the construction area. We have also had a go at drawing a map of some of the landmarks to show where the hat went. We have loved creating crowns and role playing 'kings and queens'. In maths we have been learning subtractions using a range of different resources. We are excited to continue with our Jubilee celebrations next week! 

Summer 1 -Week 3

Well what a short week this week! However we still did lots of fantastic learning. In maths we have been exploring shapes, colours and models. We have been looking at how to match colours shapes and models and making our own. We challenged ourselves by using wooden bricks. This meant we had to look really carefully at the shapes of the bricks used to make models. 

We learnt about the artist Henri Matisse. He used cut out shapes to make artwork. We had a go at this ourselves. We looked at his artwork 'snail'. We then cut out regular and irregular shapes to make our own pictures.  

Summer 1 -Week 2

We were surprised to find that one of the eggs had hatched and the dragon had flown away. All we could see was green dragon slime in the egg! The dragon left us a letter which said he couldn't stay but had left something for us. We found a book that looked just like the dragon one but it had a superhero on the front. It was called 'There's a superhero in your book'. We loved this story and we loved making some superhero accessories in the workshop area. This week we have been learning how to use colourful semantics to help us create our own story beginning. We used some characters from stories we have already read to help us and then we practiced making up our own. 

In maths we have been continuing our learning around teen numbers and we have been ordering numbers to 20 as well as playing games taking away and adding with numbers to 20. 

Summer 1 -Week 1

Welcome back! We were delighted to see all the children after the Easter break. We loved hearing about all the fantastic things they had been busy doing. The children enjoyed sharing their holiday news with their friends, looking at the pictures parents had added to Tapestry. We all wrote some fab sentences about our holidays. Then Mrs Hollingshead told us her holiday news ...she found some mysterious eggs! We discussed and predicted what they could be and what might be inside. We got busy with different ways of finding out. Frankie built an x-ray machine to try see inside the eggs. Scarlett wrote a wish to the fairy tinkerbell to please help us open the egg. While Zoe was hunting for clues. Later we read a book by our focus author 'Tom Fletcher' called 'There's a dragon in your book'. We suddenly noticed that the dragon eggs in the book looked just like ours. We were keen to draw what the dragons inside might look like. We have enjoyed reading this book and making up our own dragon stories in the small world area. In maths we have been exploring teen numbers. We loved making 'teen queen' hats. 

Spring 2 -Week 5

This week we have been learning all about Easter and it's been very egg-citing! 

We have looked at the different ways people might celebrate Easter and talked about what we might do to celebrate. We have also looked at the Easter story and enjoyed making Easter gardens. We have taken part in lots of fun Easter activities such as making cards and chocolate Easter buns! 

We loved making our eggs for the competition too and sharing all out lovely artwork. We have also taken part in an egg hunt outside after we heard the Easter bunny hopping outside!! In maths we have been learning about patterns using shape and colour and we have loved making lovely patterns to decorate Easter eggs. We hope you all have a wonderful Easter break and we will see you all on Tuesday 19th April.

Spring 2 -Week 4

This week we have used the books 'Peepo' and 'What did the tree see?' to help us develop our understanding of the past. We have compared pictures in the books to what we see now in the present day. We noticed somethings in the pictures such as old fashioned wooden ships, toilets outside. We discussed how things change over time and that even though some thing are in the past we still see them today. For example we looked at the picture of the church that was built in the past but we know we still see church's like that today. We also loved looking at all the different modes of transport, the children were really interested in the old style penny farthing bike. We have collated all our learning to create a display which is part of the whole school westroyd history museum. In maths we have been learning about 3D shapes. We loved hunting for shapes in the outdoor area. 

Spring 2 -Week 3

This week we had another surprise delivery! We had some caterpillars! On Monday we loved learning all about caterpillars and we enjoyed making caterpillar cafes for our nature area. On Tuesday Chicken Licken came to visit. She had a very big problem! She still hadn't told the King that the sky was falling down and now she had even more acorns falling on her head! We decided to help by writing some very important letters to the kings to ask for help! On Wednesday we revisited the story of Chicken Licken and using our talk 4 writing strategies we thought about different main characters. We had some great ideas! For our class version we decided to have a troll instead of a chicken and we called her 'Trolly Polly'. We then re-told the story with the new character. Some of us had other ideas so we made our own story maps. On Thursday we used all Chicken Lickens acorns to consolidate last weeks learning on bonds to 10. We then looked at more and less and compared the different amounts of acorns. On Friday we joined in with whole school celebrations for Comic Relief. We told jokes, had a silly photo booth and designed silly red noses. We talked about the importance of helping others and making others smile. What a great week! 

Spring 2 -Week 2

Well we have loved watching our chicks grow and change over this week. They certainly grow fast. We have been thinking about the needs of animals and making sure we are caring for them well. We have also been outside hunting for any signs of Spring! In Literacy we have been learning the story of 'Chicken Licken' using talk 4 writing techniques. We have been making story maps and we have been re-telling the story in different areas. We have also been describing the characters in the story and comparing them. For example the chick is soft and fluffy. We also practised asking questions to Chicken Licken during our hot seating activity. 

In maths we have been focusing on number 10. We have been counting objects to 10 and finding ways to make 10 using numicon and objects. 

Spring 2 -Week 1

What an 'egg-citing' week we have had this week in Reception! On Monday we had some new classmates and in the last few days they have hatched into 6 lovely, fluffy chicks. It has been amazing to see them hatch out and hold them whilst learning all about the chick life cycle. We were even able to visit their farm and meet the farmer on a virtual farm tour! We saw their Mummy and Daddy and got to see where they lived, learning about all of the chickens that live on the farm. We also asked questions so we could learn more about our new arrivals. 


On Thursday It was World Book Day and we loved coming to school as our favourite book characters. We swapped books with our friends, enjoyed sharing our favourite stories and made our own book character book marks and stick puppets. We made some brilliant potato book characters and celebrated our author of the week: Jez Alborough. Our favourite book written by Jez Alborough was 6 Little Chicks! 



Spring 1 - Week 7 (14/02/21)

This week is 'love and appreciation week' in Reception. Our focus has been to celebrate ourselves and talk about all the things we love about each other as well as those special to us. We have also thought about how we can look after each other within the theme of friendship and kindness. The children have created a friendship tree, special cards friendship bracelets and have thought about those special to them. We have talked about what a good friend is and how we can use kind words and actions to make each other feel appreciated and special every day. We listened to The Rainbow Fish story and thought about how we can be kinder both at school and at home to make our world a better place.


Spring 1 - Week 6 Wk: 7/2/22

This week we have been focusing on our Personal, Social and Emotional Development. We have been talking a lot about our feelings and how we can process, regulate and express our big feelings and emotions in different ways. We have made our own calm jars and have explored how we can use our feelings spoons to help us to identify and express how we are feeling. We have read the story ‘The Worrysaurus’ to help us to develop different ways of dealing with our emotions at times when we are unsure.

In Book talk time we have been exploring the story: 'The Tiger That Came to Tea' and in Literacy we have been focusing how we can use our phonic knowledge to build and write an independent sentence using a capital letter, finger space and full stop.

In Maths we have explored height and length, developing mathematical language to talk about and compare a variety of objects according their height and length.

Spring 1 - Week 5 Wk: 31/01/22

This week we have been having a great time learning all about the celebration of Chinese New Year as well as the lantern festival. Exploring a different culture, we have tried Chinese food, made lanterns, dragons, special lucky red envelopes and have even tried some dragon dancing. In Maths we have been learning about pairs and combining 2 and 3 groups to find out how many altogether for numbers 1-10. In Literacy we have learnt about the story of the zodiac and 'The Great Race'. We have explored the digraphs 'th' and 'sh' in phonics and have been doing lots of independent writing both in English and Mandarin. What a busy week!

Spring 1 

Week 4 (W/C: 24/01/22)

This week we have been learning about the story: 'What the Ladybird Heard'. The children have been talking about their favourite part of the story and taking on a special farm animal literacy challenge to see how many farm animal names they can write independently. We have been creating our own farm maps and story maps to help us retell the story and have also tried some more hot seating to explore how the characters felt in the story. In Maths the children have been finding lots of ways to represent and compose the numbers 6,7 and 8 in lots of different contexts. In phonics we have been learning the digraphs 'qu' and 'ch' and have been learning how we can build our own words and a simple sentence.

Spring 1

Week 3 (W/C: 17.01.22)

This week we have continued out Talk for Writing strategies to explore the story of The Gingerbread Man. We have made our own fantastic gingerbread people whilst learning how to write and order our own  instructions so we can show others how to make them too! To help us to develop our speech and language skills we thought of lots of interesting volcabulary talk about how our gingerbread men tasted. We also created 'WANTED' posters after discovering a letter from the little old woman in the story, asking for our help to find the gingerbread man. After a long search we finally found him in our Reception classroom. Then we tried some 'hot seating' where we asked all the characters in the story questions about what had happened to them and how they were feeling.

In Maths we have been learning all about capacity and have been using mathematical language such as 'full', 'half full', and 'empty' to describe. We have also been using our careful counting skills and measuring skills as well as our number recognition skills to measure out the right quantities to make our tasty gingerbread people. 





Spring 1

Week 2 (W/C 10/01/22)


This week we have started using Talk 4 Writing to help us learn the story of ‘The Gingerbread Man’. We have learnt actions and words to help us re-tell the story. We have created story maps to help us to re-tell the story too. We had to think carefully about the beginning, middle and end and make sure the events were in the right order. We have enjoyed making gingerbread men in the dough area and re-telling the story in the reading using puppets and props.

In Phonics we have now started phase 3 and have learnt the sounds 'w' and 'x'.

In maths we have been delving deeper into numbers to 5. We will be looking at how different amounts can be combined to give the same total. We have been thinking about 'how many altogether?' We enjoyed lots of challenges in the areas to show how we can combine 2 groups of objects to find the total. 

Spring 1 

Week 1 (W/C 04.01.22)


Welcome back everyone we hope you had a lovely Christmas break.

The children have done really well coming back and settling back into the rules and routines of school. This week we have welcomed Mrs Gair to the Reception team. Please see the welcome video on Tapestry from her. 

This week we have taken part in a whole school 'Interfaith week'. Where we have taken a look at a few different faiths. This week is about the children understanding similarities and differences and developing respect for others. We used two books to support our learning. 'Hats of faith' is a book that shares how people from different faith, religions and cultures use head coverings. We also read 'Not like the others' which uses animals to show how even though we might all look similar we aren't all the same, we are all unique! 


In maths we have introduced the concept of '0' using the book 'None the number'. We have also looked at sharing amounts into 'equal' and 'unequal' groups. 

Autumn 2 

Week 7 (W/C 13.12.21)


What a lovely last week in the countdown to Christmas. We have had a fun week this week filled with lots of fun crafts and activities. We enjoyed our party day on Wednesday, we played games, made party hats and even Santa came to join the fun! We hope you all have a lovely Christmas break and we will see you in 2022!

Autumn 2 Term

Week 6 (w/c 6.12.21)

This week we did our Early Years Nativity. Both Nursery and Reception joined together for our show. The children did an amazing job and we are so proud of them. We have been busy writing lists and letters to Santa. We have been enjoying the story of 'The Jolly Christmas Postman'. We have made our own Christmas postbox so we can post our letters. In maths we have been reading '10 little elves'. We have used this text to help us practise finding 1 more and 1 less. 

Don't forget Early Years party day on Wednesday 15th December - Children can come in non-uniform but remember sensible footwear. 

Autumn 2 Term 

Week 5 (W/C 29.11)

This week we learnt about the artist Paul Klee. We saw how he used shapes to create artwork. We used this to inspire some of our own winter artwork. This was great as we have been learning about shapes in maths! So we carefully chose shapes and colours to create our art work. This artwork will be displayed at the Westroyd art gallery and you will able to purchase your child's framed artwork. 

We have been learning more about the Christmas story and learning about why it is important for Christians. We have also learnt about advent. We know advent means 'coming' and we are all very excited that Christmas is coming. We used this to introduce our own advent countdown. 

We are feeling very festive and the children all helped to decorate our tree and classroom. 

Autumn 2 Term 

Week 4 (W/C 22.11)

This week we have been practising key skills for our writing. We are learning to; say the sentence, write on the line and to use our phonic knowledge to help us write the sounds we hear. We all practised these whilst doing our weekend news writing.  We have joined in with many celebrations this half term. On Thursday we looked at the celebration of ‘Thanksgiving’. We learnt what the celebration is all about and discussed that some people celebrate and others don’t. We learnt this celebration was all about saying ‘thank you’ and being ‘thankful’ for all the wonderful things we have and do. We had circle time to say what we are ‘thankful’ for. We created a ‘thankful tree’. We each added a leaf with what we are thankful for. We are also very busy behind the scenes getting ready for out Nativity. 

Autumn 2 Term 

Week 3 (W/C 15.11)

This week we have continued our learning of the story ‘The Little Red Hen’. We have looked at how the story is structured using the words ‘beginning, middle and end’. Lots of us added videos of us re-telling the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’ to Tapestry. We thought…’what if it wasn’t a little red hen?’

We explored other possibilities for the main character. We made our own story maps changing the main character. This is called innovating. 

We then practised our speaking and listening skills by following instructions to bake bread just like little red hen.

In maths we have been reading 'Rosie's Walk' another book about a hen! We used this book to inspire us to use mathmatical language to create an obstacle course. First we designed it then we created it outside. We then had to carefully explain where to go so our friends could use it.


On Friday we joined in raising money for ‘Children in Need’. We talked about the importance of helping others and ways we can help.

Autumn Term 2

Week 2 w/c 8th November

 This week we have been learning the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’. We have been using Talk 4 Writing actions to help us learn and re-tell the story. We have been practising re-telling this story to our friends in the reading corner. We have made a whole class story map to help us re-tell the story too. Some of us have even done our own.

Lots of us have been practising our names in the writing area using our names cards as we know how important this skill is!

On Thursday we joined in with ‘Remembrance day’. We enjoyed making a class wreath of poppies to join in with the whole school display.

In maths we have been looking at the shapes circles and triangles. We have been inspired by the art work of Kandinsky to make pictures using these shapes. 



Autumn Term 2

Week 1 w/c 1st November

What a magnificent week of learning this week! We have really enjoyed exploring the celebrations of Bonfire Night and Diwali and have taken part in lots of creative activities to bring these celebrations to life. We learnt about the Hindu festival of light and enjoyed looking at some wonderful photographs from one of our classmates. We made our own rangoli patterns and talked about the famous story of Rama and Sita. On Friday We learnt all about Guy Fawkes and why we celebrate on the 5th of November. We built our own bonfires and made some sparkly firework pictures. We learnt about the important job of the fire service and how to stay safe around fires. Have a lovely weekend all. Wrap up warm if you are going out tonight and be safe!

Week 7 ( w/c 18th October)

Some of the super activities Reception have enjoyed this week include potion making, witch races and spell writing! Anyone would think it was Halloween next week! We have certainly captured their imagination and they have been so enthusiastic about their learning. It has been good to see the children putting into practise their knowledge of phonics and using some initial sounds in writing. Anyone for a slime and rat tail soup? 

  Children have also enjoyed weighing the pumpkins and investigating size with them.

  The quality of home learning this week was amazing with the majority of the class sharing what good choices they were able to make. It was also wonderful to see the children enjoying some of the phonics games we sent home too!


week 6 ( W/C 11th October)


Following on from the children's interests last week we had a baby to visit in Reception! All the children were very excited as they had the opportunity to ask questions about how to care for the baby and keep it safe. We were very impressed with the quality of the questions:

'What does the baby eat?'  asked Carver. 

Daniel said 'When does he need his nappy changing?'

'When he was asleep he was so cute' said Sophia

Olivia - 'I like it when he smiled'

Henry - 'babies are the cutest!'

It seemed fitting that a new arrival was introduced in our home corner too - we welcomed 'Poppy Rose' and all took it in turns to care for her using what we had learnt. She is a very good baby although we do need to stock up on nappies for next week!

   We  also read the story of 'Owl Babies' which has always been a Reception favourite. We explored different media to make representations of owls and combined different materials to make nests for the owlets.

On Thursday, Reception also took part in our annual 'Welly walk' and did a whopping 15 laps of the EY's building! Lots of money raised for school funds! Thank you for your support.

Week 5 ( W/C 4th October)


This week the children have really enjoyed reading the story of 'Stickman' and using the natural materials to make their own. The children were shown ways to assemble and join the sticks to make them stay together. We had some very artistic creations! The children shared their home learning on tapestry and talked about their own families. Some of the family trees created at home were phenomenal!

Children have worked on the core skills of blending and segmenting in phonics - please watch this space for details of our very popular reading and phonics meeting next half term term. Children have been sorting objects according to sounds and playing lots of 'eye spy' with the newly learnt sounds.

Babies has been a very popular topic this week and so we have already planned lots of activities for next week around this. We hope to have a baby come to visit!

Week 4 w/c 4th October 2021

Another fun week of learning here in Reception! It is always such a hive of activity and this week our activities have ranged from making model planes and experimenting to see how far they can fly, making a dinosaur enclosure, making bead jewellery and talking about our families. The children have developed their interest in the natural environment as we have started to look at seasonal change. The children did really well with their home learning and our Autumnal interest table looks very inviting! This week the children have also enjoyed looking for ladybirds and building ladybird habitats and exploring the nature garden. We were excited to see if the birds ate the food we put out for them last week. We talked about  why birds needed nests and made some of our own. 

    This week the children have continued with short phonics sessions where they learnt to say a sound for the letters 't' and 'i'. We have talked about blending sounds together for reading simple words.  In maths we learnt the word 'odd' and found the 'odd one out'. We have also sorted objects and thought of our own sorting criteria. Here are some of the children's comments from their learning this week:

'I have been practising my tricky words!' - Carver

'We read Simon's Sock. We made the pairs of socks!' - Ollie

' I liked sharing my reading books' ( M)





Week 3 W/C 27th September


This week the children have loved reading the story of ‘Kipper’s Birthday’ and celebrating Mrs Hollingshead’s birthday too! The children wrapped Kipper presents, made cards and used the dough to make cakes. We talked about how old the children were and how they celebrated their birthdays.

In our talk time sessions we talk about how we are ‘the same’ or ‘different’ to our friends. We looked at ourselves in the mirror and drew pictures of our family.

From worms to spiders this week! Many children really enjoyed problem solving with the water – How to get Incy Wincy down the spout! We also made bird feeders in the nature garden - what a busy week!

Week 2 13/09/21


This week it has been wonderful to get to know the children and find about their interests. We have explored different areas of the class and have talked about where we have enjoyed playing! A number of interests were discovered! We hunted for worms, made a wormery and then ended the week with a mini beast hunt! We also loved making a drive thru Macdonalds outside - we did some great emergent mark making thinking of our menus. We also worked on a growth mindset approach and talked about having a 'can do' attitude. This linked with a mini project on 'The Dot' book. We 'made a mark and saw where it took us'. Instead of saying ' I can't draw' we just 'had a go!'  Our imaginations were in full flow as we produced a 'rainbow black hole' (Carver) 'a skipping rope for a dinosaur' (Zoe) and a family of dot people ( Jaxon).


 Reception Class Blog 2021-22


Week 1 6/09/21


Welcome to all our new and returning families! It was wonderful to see how well the children embraced their new classroom and were eager to explore lots of familiar and new activities! This week the children have transitioned to their new class/school by having shorter sessions. Lunchtimes caused the biggest excitement by far; each child sampled the lovely school lunches and met lunchtime staff. It was so lovely to see the chatter around the tables as they made new friends.

  In class 'Silly Sally' helped the children learn the routines and as a group we talked about what class rules we should have. Our favourite activities this week have been dough disco, the newly revamped home corner, the climbing area and the nature garden. The children have already come up with lots of ideas for future learning - watch this space!

'We come to school to learn new things' said Carver.

'I didn't think my new class would be so fun!' said Henry.

Reception New Starters

We are so looking forward to welcoming you all for your 'stay and play' visits next week. We have lots of fun things planned for you! Take a look at these photographs so you know what to expect.

See you soon!