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Hello and welcome to our Reception blog page!

Please read our newsletter below to find out what will be happening in reception this term.

Each week we will be writing about the exciting things we are learning in Reception.

Summer 2 Week 2


After reading a story about a sunken ship, Reception decided to make some boats of their own. They researched different types of boats on the internet and thought about the different materials they could use. They tested them out in the water tray and were encouraged to use the words, 'I think it will float/sink because..'

   In maths they learnt how to use the part-whole model to share into equal groups.  We were very impressed with some of the children's independent learning; reading word problems  and using the playdough to share different amounts. 

'I've learnt how to use this (part whole model) to work out how to share into groups'( Seth)

'I've made a boat in the floats in the water!' ( Max)

'At first it did not float. It was too heavy, so I made it lighter' ( Oliver)


Summer 2 week 1


This week we enjoyed a sensory experience going under the sea. We felt the sand in our fingers, enjoyed feeling the water beads and looking at an array of pebbles and shells! We talked about the different sea creatures and talked about which creature was our favourite. We used our senses to talk about what we could see, hear and smell. We then wrote some super sentences about our experiences!

The home learning was really popular this week, with several children telling us they had really enjoyed researching sea creatures.  In maths this week we learnt a new word. I wonder if the children can tell you what it was? Have a look at our maths work  and you might even guess!

'I loved doing home learning this week; - Jacob

'My favourite is the tiger Shark' - Rowan

'The sand is just like at the beach. You can built with it and it feels soft' - Gracie.


Summer  1 week 6 

This week we were encouraged to be pattern sniffers, estimators and problem solvers as part of Whole School Maths Week! We chose a marvellous book – The Flum Flum Tree by Julia Donaldson to frame our learning.

We talked about the patterns on Jack's patchwork quilt, made patchwork pictures and enjoyed problem solving with treasure. On Tuesday the cheeky monkey from the Island of Blowyernose stole our balloons from the patchwork sack. He tied them out of our reach and we have no idea how many were missing! We loved developing our estimating skills  by talking about what different amounts might look like. We used all our knowledge about numbers and shape space and measure, to help us make 'clever guesses!'

The children also enjoyed thinking about what they would take with them on their own adventures that might help them solve problems along the way. Making maps to find the missing treasure was also a big hit this week!

Summer 2 Week 5 W/c 17th May

This week we met Pirate Long Black Bill who asked if we could help him look after his treasure. We counted 20 golden coins. Unfortunately, throughout the week we watched the security cameras to find that cunning Pirate Hook Hand had crept into our class and stolen some of the treasure!

   It was an exhausting week as we had to hatch a plan to catch Hook Hand. We made maps and wrote wanted posters to help us locate him. In Maths we were challenged to work out how much money he had stolen and how we would explain this to Long Black Bill.

  We also wrote letters to Long Black Bill to say sorry we had not kept a close eye on the treasure! We didn't find Hook Hand by Friday and so who knows what chaos might have happened in class this weekend!

Elisia  - 'It was so much fun. Hood Hand took the money and I'm writing to get it back!'

Lottie, ' We need to write to Long Black Bill and say 'sorry for not protecting it better'.

Casey Leigh - 'He stole 2 treasures, we have only got 18 now!'


Summer 1 Week 4 w/c 10th May


This week we were on a quest to make a dragon after reading, 'There is no dragon in this story!' We developed our designing and making skills learning how to use tools for joining such as a treasury tag and a split pin. We made dragons, shields, wands and masks to support our storytelling. We revisited how to use scissors for cutting and learnt how to cut in zig, zag motion. The children have really enjoyed using the small world castle and characters this week and this has really helped develop their imagination.

In maths our focus was on making addition stories using the words 'first', 'then' and 'now'. It was great to link all learning together and use the characters from stories we have read.


Summer 1 Week 3 W/C 4th May


This week we have had great fun innovating our key text, ‘The Princess and Pea’

We thought about who the key character was and then changed it! We also changed the thing that was hidden between the mattresses. We have written our own little stories and tried to use key story vocabulary. It was amazing to hear the children’s super ideas!   We have been working really hard to use visual prompts to support writing.

 The ‘Mystery Reader’ was a great success. We had lots of parents willing to support. They told some great stories for the children to enjoy at bedtime!  

This week we have also been thinking about the wonderful world we live in. The children listened to the Creation Story and learnt how Christians believe that God made the world in seven days.  Elisia said he ‘must rest on Sunday because he needed his strength back!’ We used our super phonics to write some prayers of thanks.

Summer 1 Week 2 W/C 26th April


An exciting start to the week with a new story chest arriving in Reception! We were given clues about the text of the week. Can you see what it is?  We used actions for key words to retell the story and used a big sheet of paper to draw a story map. We also wrote questions to the princess in the story. We were rewarded with a surprise visit from the princess herself! We were able to ask her our questions and find out what it felt like to be so beautiful!

    We have really enjoyed making little story books this week and have thought about how stories are structured. This week we put out a plea on tapestry for some mystery parent/grandparent readers - we have already had lots of replies and can't wait to share the stories with the class!

Here are some comments about this week in Reception:

'I have learnt about teen numbers, like 10 and 6, that is 16!'  ( Emma)

'I LOVE that story of the 'Princess and the Pea'. I liked acting it out (Penny)

'I just love it here. I play with all my friends' ( Casey)

Summer 1 Week 1 ( w/c 19th April)


Welcome back everyone! We hope you had a good Easter. It was great to see the pictures on tapestry of your egg hunts and reading challenges over the holidays!

This week in Reception we welcomed a new girl into our class and talked about ways to make her feel welcome.  We have reminded ourselves about how to be a good friend and talked about ways to actively show this.

  In maths we have been exploring teen numbers and have learnt how to represent them using  numicon. We have really enjoyed designing and making maths games outside. Some children made their own twenty frames to record their scores in running races! 

Here is what the children said,

'I had a great holiday, but I like being back at school!' ( R,W)

'I miss my mummy a bit, but I like it at school with my friends' ( Joseph)

'We learnt teen numbers and made a teen queen hat!' ( Casey)

Spring 2 Week 6 


Well a short but great week this week celebrating all things Easter! We have enjoyed making our own Easter cards in the workshop. We have also had lots of opportunity to apply our pattern skills to decoration eggs in the dough and maths area. We had a fun egg hunt on Wednesday morning too! 

In maths we read the book '5 Little Easter Bunnies'. We used this book to help us practise finding 1 more and 1 less. 

Outside in the glorious sunshine we have been hunting for signs of Spring and recording them on our clipboards. 


Have a great Easter break and we will see you all on 19th April. 

Remember after the Easter holidays all children must come to school ready in their PE kits. 

Keep checking Tapestry for a Easter Reading Challenge and to see some of our displays from this half term. 

Spring 2 Week 5 ( w/c 22nd March)


This week in Reception we have been looking at pattern. We have made patterns with our bodies, voice and using objects.  The children absolutely loved making repeating pattern collars for the animals in our pet shop. They were the  most colourful collars we have ever seen! We have explored number patterns and what happens when we count in 2's! 


In preparation for Easter we have learnt the Easter story and have been encouraging the children to retell it using the small world resources. We have talked about the different beliefs people have and how at Easter some people will remember the events of Good Friday and Palm Sunday and will think about how Jesus died on the cross.  The children have loved making an Easter garden and have thought about why each part is significant.


Please see details of our Easter egg decorating competition on Tapestry - closing date is noon on Tuesday!


Here is what the children said:

'I have enjoyed playing in the workshop making a cat collar.'  Manvir

'I made an Easter card on my own. I made a cross too to remember about Jesus.' ( Heidi)

'I have done so much this week and I can read now!' ( Casey)

Spring 2 Week 4 ( W/C 15th March)


The pet shop has been a huge hit this week and the children have really enjoyed taking on the role of customer and shop keeper. We have looked at how to pay for items with an introduction to money and have compared the price of 2 items saying 'how much more' it is. Some children even learnt to count in 2's using 2p coins. 


We have also worked really hard on our blending and segmenting skills and on applying these to our independent reading and writing.


Best joke competition, nose and spoon race and laughter yoga were just some of the activities the children took part in on Friday for Comic Relief.  We decided that we should start the day every day with 2 minutes laughter - a great way to release the happy hormones!

Spring 2 Week 4 ( w/c 8th March) 


Wow! What a week, we are so glad we could welcome the whole class back. This week we have really focused on settling the children back in and supporting them with continuing to develop their friendships and remembering the rules and routines. The children have done really well. This week we have continued our learning on the story 'Chicken Licken'. Using T4W strategies we have changed a part of the story. The children have also enjoyed making their own stories using a story map. In maths we have been exploring bonds to 10. We have been using tens frames to support our learning. Through our pet topic we have been sharing our pets or pets we wished we had and completed a bar chart to show the most popular pet. 


w/c 14th December 


A whole term completed! How did that happen? We are so proud of all of the Reception children and the way they are developing their growth mindset.  This week we have thought about our attitudes to learning and all the new skills we have learnt. 'We try new things!' said Emily when I asked her what we had learnt since September. 'We don't give up!' said Charlotte, and 'we have worked out problems with our friends!' said Manvir.


It has been an action packed week with a visit from the virtual Santa, a Christmas party, a pantomime and a Christmas lunch! The children have also enjoyed using the home corner to role-play a visit from Santa on Christmas eve and have enjoyed talking about Candy the Elf. Making reindeers from craft materials was also a highlight!


Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and some well deserved family time.


The Reception Staff

w/c 7th December ( week 6)


Definately the highlight of our week was the Nativity performance where we showcased our acting and singing abilities! We were so proud of all the children and it was lovely to read all your comments on tapestry. We also recorded another little surprise this week - watch this space!   We have been busy making christmas cards and decorations and finishing our enterprise crafts.


We thought about christmas wishes and things we hoped we might have/achieve. The children applied their phonics knowledge when writing lists to santa and enjoyed looking in the toy catalogues. Lottie said, 'I want to make my mum happy at Christmas' and Joseph said.  'I want a big hug and kiss from my mum'.  This week we also talked about some of our achievements and reviewed the children's targets. Isla said ' A target is something you work on to get better at!'


Have a lovely weekend all.



w/c 30th November ( Week 5)


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Reception! There has been more than just a dusting of glitter! A festive week of decorating the tree, making nativity props and seasonal crafting!  The children have really enjoyed learning to vote for their favourite christmas story to read at the end of the day, as well as sharing their own stories by the christmas tree. The toy catalogues have promoted lots of chatter and sharing of ideas! They have loved seeing themselves on our 'caught on camera' display! We love to promote reading!

    The children have also enjoyed writing letters to santa using their phonics and we have been astounded by their progress.  This week we also started our craft for Enterprise Week - splatter art  pots!  Please place your order through the school office.

A few comments from the class:

'We have learnt about trying' ( Rose)

'The splatter paint was really fun!' ( Isla)

'We have learnt the sounds 'h' and 'b'.  I even wrote these in my letter!'           (Joseph)


w/c 23rd November ( week 4)

Our 'super segmenters' and 'sound detectives' have done some amazing learning in phonics this week and have impressed us with their concentration and focus. 

We are always encouraging the children to have confidence exploring mark making and to practice the letters we are learning. This week they have written shopping lists in the home corner, made their own story maps and have written thank you cards.

  In maths we have been working on problem solving and trying new ways to solve things. This is part of our growth mindset approach. The children have been supported to make shapes using a variety of materials and to think about how they could make them bigger or smaller. They are getting really good at describing the shape without saying its name! We have a new challenge board in class to promote independent learning. This week the children had to make a shape picture using any resources in class. They did a great job!

 w/c 16th November (week 3)

An inspiring week in Reception again this week! We are so proud of all your amazing achievements. How lovely to give out lots of 'Can do Koala' certificates as well as our special Westroyd Learner certificates. We reviewed the children's social targets this week and it was wonderful to see so many children have achieved them!

'I know how to solve problems now!' (IW)

'I have so many friends that I say, 'Can I play with you?' (Elisia)

'I know to share my ideas more' (Felix)

 Diwali has been our focus celebration and we have learnt so much about the world around us. Misha talked to us about how she celebrated Diwali at home and showed us the most stunning pictures. We learnt all about the Festival of Light, made Rangoli patterns in lots of different ways and made Diva lamps from playdough and jewels. We finished the week with a Diwali party with lots of dancing. We have rhythm in Reception!

  Next week we will talk about Thanksgiving which will feed in nicely to our continued focus on the growth mindset approach.

  Take a look at some of the photographs from this week!

w/c 9th November ( week 2)


This week was the absolute best for home learning! Your videos retelling the story of The Little Red Hen were absolutely amazing and we cannot believe how quickly the children  have been able to orally retell the story! Next week we will innovate the text. We will think of a new character or something new for the hen to make.  Baking bread and eating it was definate highlight to the week! 


We taught the children about the significance of Remembrance Day and why we wear poppies. The children took part in many activities to support their understanding. On Friday we enjoyed the challenge of doing 4 or 5 things to help others in 4 or 5 hours! We raised lots of money for Children in Need whilst learning how to build relationships with those in our immediate vicinity.


Take a look at our helping pictures!

w/c 2nd November  (week 1)


A wonderful week in Reception again this week - we really do enjoy lots of wonderful activities! This week we have made magic wands, developed our cutting skills and made super sparklers, built a bonfire and enjoyed experimenting with printing techniques on a large scale in the outdoor area.


We have also thought about similarities and differences between ourselves and others and we thought about why were were special. This is part of our focus for Black History Week.


The children have been super segmenters and have been practicing using their arm to segment words into sounds. They have written some wonderful shopping lists! We hope the home learning pack we sent home this week helps you to support them at home too.


Here are a few things the children said this week:

'We learnt that Bonfire Night is because some people tried to blow up the houses in London, King James. It didn't happen though. We celebrate!' ( Seth)

'I can do my reading now!' (Gracie)

'I like doing the firework dancing' ( Rose)


w/c 19th October ( week 7)


This week we have showcased our talents on tapestry and the children have loved sharing the little videos you have uploaded. It is always great when the children see that connection between home and school and when they are able to share their interests and talents with class mates! 


The potion making in the outdoor kitchen has been a big hit this week with many of the children citing it as 'the best thing this week!' It is amazing how much learning comes from some jugs and water! They have explored capacity, used their imaginations in thinking of what might go in their potions and have used their phonics to write down their recipes.


We have enjoyed deepening our understanding of the number 2 and engaging in mathematical mark making.


Some of the children's comments this week:


'The potions were the best!' ( Lucas and Max)

'I liked reading the witches book" ( Elisia)

'I can do the rhyming words and put them in the cauldron!' ( Seth)

w/c 12th October  ( week 6)


A wonderful week of learning in Reception. We have enjoyed lots of planned learning aswell as lots of spontaneous learning too. These are the best weeks in Reception!

 We wrote birthday cards to Kipper and were absolutely thrilled to recieve personalised responses! We are busy learning our phonemes  in phonics and are starting to be able to hear and write sounds. We are focusing on the core skill of blending sounds for reading and we are all trying so hard. In maths we have focused on the number 1. This is not as simple as it sounds! We have looked at 'one more' and 'one less' and talked about where 1 should go on a number line. Reasoning and explanation is the key to our mathematical success! Ask the children why we have a circle on our maths working wall!

 The children really enjoyed using all the outdoor construction to make a pirate ship. Ship ahoy me hearties! This led to making telescopes and maps! All great for our fine motor and early writing skills. I wonder where our learning will go next week........

Some quotes from the children

' I learnt a new word, I' ( Elizabeth)

'I've been learning to share!' ( Oliver)

'The outside games like sharks were the best!' (Jacob)

w/c 5th October  (week 5)


Amazing home learning from the Reception class this week! We loved looking at their Autumnal finds on Tapestry and talking about the ways they sorted and categorized them.  The children have embraced their phonics sessions and are busy learning to blend the sounds in words. We are sure the children will have come home talking in 'robot talk' and wanting to play eye spy!

   'Stickman' by Julia Donaldson has been a  favourite  read this week. The children have been eager to make their own stickman family using natural materials and have loved using the new workshop  resources. We have enjoyed learning about the children's families and listening to them share their likes and dislikes.

    Some more children received certificates for 'having a go' and keeping on trying this week. We are really hoping to develop this growth mindset approach in our young learners - mistakes are how we learn!

    Some comments from the class this week:

'I've liked reading Stickman' ( Felix)

'I liked Kippers Birthday (story) when he ate all the cake!'

'I've made new friends!' ( Manvir)

w/c 28th September ( week 4)


We have LOVED seeing the children's home learning this week showing you 'having a go' and staying focused on tasks and challenges. We had no idea we had so many talented children; from bike riding, trying new foods, learning photography, to playing tunes on the keyboard. You have amazed us! More children were rewarded with certificates for persevering when challenges occured and not giving up.


The children have taken part in focused teaching sessions in phonics and maths and have been expected to follow our active listening rules. They have been introduced to the key skills of blending and segmenting something you will hear a lot more about! Don't forget to look on Tapestry for how you can support at home.


We have also loved watching the children explore their own areas of interest inside and outside and we have experienced some wonderful learning opportunities. We have made leaf cakes in the outdoor kitchen, drawn and painted pictures of ourselves, learnt how to use the smart board and created a drive thru ice cream shop!

w/c 21st September  ( week 3)


 This week we have been thinking about our learning ‘attitude’. We read a book called about an elephant called Ellie who kept on trying to the very end! She tried different ways and in the end she had success!

We have talked about ‘not giving up’ and always ‘having a go’.  The children have shown this learning attitude in their play and it has been lovely to hear them use the words, ‘ I can do it!’ and ‘just have a go!’. The children were very excited to receive some certificates. We also read ‘The Dot’ and ‘had a go’ with our mark making too! Well done to all the children this week as it was their first full week in school. Some tired faces by Friday, but all in all a great week!

Some quotes from the children: 

'You just keep[ on trying to do a puzzle!' ( Lucas)

'I can do it now!' ( Charlotte)

' There's so much to do, I can try a bit of it all!' (Lottie)



w/c 14th September ( week 2)

Happy smiling children in Reception this week! Lovely to see how quickly they are all settling in. This week the children have been learning all about their new classroom and exploring all the areas of learning. Painting and the home corner have been firm favourites this week.

  We have read a wonderful book called 'The Colour Monster' and have talked about different emotions and how our bodies feel. We made 'calm jars', painted colour monsters, experimented with colour in the paint and have enjoyed  lots of climbing and scrambling outside.

Here are a few quotes from the children:

'My best bit was having lunch at school!' (Oliver)

'I love eating my snack and making pictures!' (Elisia)

'Choosing my library book was the best' (Elizabeth) 

w/c 7th September ( week 1)


A very big warm welcome to all of the children who started with us this week! It was lovely to see some familiar faces and welcome back some we had not seen for a long while.


The 'stay and play' visits went really well and the only tears were those when it was time to go home! Some of the children's comments from this week:


'I don't want to go yet. I haven't done all my playing!' (Emma)

'I've got a new friend. He's Jacob' ( Charlotte)

' The home corner is great!' ( Grayson)


Each Friday we will update you here with some of the children's favourite learning from the week.  Watch this space!


Reception New Starters

We are so looking forward to welcoming you all for your 'stay and play' visits next week. We have lots of fun things planned for you! Take a look at these photographs so you know what to expect.

See you soon!