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School Facilities

Westroyd Primary School & Nursery was converted from an Infant School to a Primary School in September 2015.  Extensive building work took place across both sites. Our Early Years site has two indoor classrooms for both Nursery and Reception, plus a community room which is used to hold our Parent and Toddler Groups. In addition to this we have an outdoor classroom which provides us with  additional space. Westroyd provides a well -resourced, vibrant learning environment for children to thrive in throughout their primary years.



School Library

We have a dedicated space for our lovely school library.  All classes visit the library regularly to choose from a good quality range of books. Children are able to take the books home.  We encourage all the children to read for pleasure as there is nothing better than losing yourself in a book!

IT Suite and mobile technology


We have an IT suite that has new PCs for whole class computing lessons.  In addition to this, we have some mobile technology which comprises of laptops and iPads, which are used to support children’s learning within the classroom.

Group Room


We have a dedicated group room this is used for working with small groups of children or children on a 1-1 basis. This room also holds a kitchen area for children to cook in.  All year groups are able to use the kitchen for their cooking curriculum.  We also run cooking clubs, so children have the chance to practice their cooking skills.

Nursery and Reception classrooms


Our Nursery and Reception classrooms are together on an independent site. They are located just across the road from main school the space has been adapted over the years to best meet the needs of the children. We also have a community room within the same building which is used for various things including a mother and toddler group. Both the Nursery and Reception classrooms are set up with areas of provision (construction, small world, role play, literacy, maths, phonics, creative, IT, sand and water) for the children to explore and investigate during learning times.  Toilets are within the classrooms so children can access them independently throughout the day.  Both classrooms have direct access to the outdoor area so when in free flow, the children can decide whether to learn inside or outside. 

Year 1 - Year 6 classrooms


These classroom are set within the main school building. All the classrooms are bright and have attractive learning spaces with good quality furniture.  Every classroom has their own sink and facilities for children to be able to have a drink. All rooms have an interactive smartboard which is used to deliver engaging lessons.   

School Playgrounds


Our school has secure grounds including astroturf areas, exercise areas, sensory garden, planting areas and three separate playgrounds. 

One is the dedicated space for Nursery and Reception which is on the Early Years site. The KS1 playground is located near the Year one class room and library and KS2 playground which is next to Year 5 and Year 6 Classrooms. Both these classes have easy access into the playground.   This playground also has some exercise equipment to encourage physical activity.