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Westroyd in the Community!


We have 'Learning Mentors' in school, these are supportive nurturing practitioners who support children with their learning and development. We have learning mentors in school who deliver a lot of the interventions to support emotional, mental and social development of pupils. These sessions are delivered both 1:1 and in small groups depending on the needs of the child.

Every lunchtime the learning mentors hold a lunchtime club. The focus of the club is to provide emotional support, help with social development and allow children to build up skills or confidence to join their peers in the playground. Some children attend the club regularly where as others just drop in every now and again. 


There are also some children who find lunchtimes in the playground difficult for a number of reasons.  Some children need to build confidence, others need to learn how to play co-operatively and to develop their social skills, others just want to focus on a particular activity.


The Cooking Club is a fun club for children in all Year groups. It enables children to think for themselves, come up with new ideas, learn new skills and improve on their culinary skills. The children have lots of opportunities to work co-operatively with adults and other children, in a small group and go out within the community to deliver and share their goods.


Westroyd Cooking Club Baking for Farsley Live at Home


Westroyd Cooking Club received the following comments after visiting Farsley Live at Home in October.


Ms Harris from Farsley Live at Home - "The children from your school came yesterday and gave us some soup. The soup was lovely and thank you to the ladies who brought it".



Gaynor Barker - "Our Friendship Food Project is far more than the delicious homemade soup, made by the pupils of Westroyd School. For our members it's more about giving, sharing and seeing their lovely smiley faces. Your pupils brighten up our day and leave behind lots of happy older members".



Joanne Wareham Manager Farsley Live at Home - " Farsley Live at Home really appreciate the children of Westroyd School making soup for our members. Great intergenerational team work! Thanks so much"


Children from Year 1 and Year 2 hand made and personally delivered soup to members of Farsley Live at Home and residents of Claremont.

This week in Cooking Club the Year 2 children made homemade soup and hand delivered it to members of the Live at Home Scheme. It was much appreciated by the members and the children had fun too!