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Who's Who

Meet our friendly Westroyd team

 Meet the Senior Leadership Team


                         Head Teacher & DSL - Mrs Joanne Ponton

                         DHT, SENCo & DSL  -   Mrs Dawn Winkley
                         KS1 Phase Leader  -    Miss Sophie Maybank

                         KS2 Phase Leader   -   Mr Matthew Dawson

                         Business Manager  -    Mrs Michelle Atkinson (Thursday only)

Meet the Teaching & Support Staff


Early Years & Foundation Stage                                                                  Nursery Class Teacher - Mrs Amanda Galinsky.            

Reception Teacher/DSL  -   Mrs Gabby Hollingshead

Reception Teacher   -   Mrs Nicola Edwards

Nursery Nurse - Mrs Vicky Fairclough.                                                           Learning Support Assistant - Mrs Sarah Hart

Learning Support Assistant - Mrs Julie Chadwick

Learning Support Assistant - Mrs Lisa Agate

Learning Support Assistant - Mrs Magdalena Lee

Learning Mentor - Mrs Pam Hemsley


Key Stage 1

KS1 Lead & Year 2 Teacher - Miss Sophie Maybank/Miss Lucy Harps   

Year 1 Teacher - Miss Sally Lindsay
Learning Support Assistant - Ms Rachel Burden

Learning Support Assistant - Mrs Carol Jones

Learning Support Assistant - Miss Georgea Palmer

Learning Support Assistant - Mrs Emma Brown

Pastoral Lead/DSL - Miss Priya Rayit


Key Stage 2

KS2 Lead & Year 6 Teacher - Mr Matthew Dawson                                     Year 5 Teacher - Mr George Fawcett          
Year 4 Teacher - Miss Helen Wager

Year 3 Teacher - Miss Lucy Goodall 

Teacher Online - Mrs Monique Martin

Learning Support Assistant - Ms Gemma McGinnity

Learning Support Assistant - Mrs Lisa Agate

Learning Support Assistant - Mrs Julia O’Connor

Learning Support Assistant - Ms Claire Jackson

Learning Support Assistant - Miss Charlotte Abram

Learning Support Assistant - Mr Miguel Molina-Perez


Meet the Office Team

Business Manager - Mrs Michelle Atkinson (Thursdays only)

Early Years Manager - Mrs Pam Hemsley

Administrator - Mrs Karen Holmes-Rawson

Administrator - Mrs Fleur Hodgson


Meet the Lunchtime Team

Lunchtime Supervisor - Mrs Julie Chadwick

Lunchtime Supervisor - Mrs Denise Downing (Maternity leave)

Lunchtime Assistant - Mrs Claire Henson

Lunchtime Assistant - Mrs Elizabeth Battensby 

Lunchtime Assistant - Mrs Anna Pinder

Lunchtime Assistant - Mrs Connie Ford (Maternity leave)
Lunchtime Assistant - Mrs Claire Jackson
Lunchtime Assistant - Mrs Julia O’Connor

Lunchtime Assistant - Miss Charlotte Abram

Lunchtime Assistant - Miss  Leanne Wright

Lunchtime Assistant - Mrs Karen Bryant



Meet the Kitchen Team              

Head Chef - Mrs Rhona Hannah                                                             Kitchen Assistant - Miss Shelly Rowlan

Kitchen Assistant - Mrs Andrea Cooper

Kitchen Assistant - Mrs Lindsay Rutherford


Meet the Site Superintendent
Site Superintendent - Mr Peter Coates


Meet the Wraparound Club Team

Play Leader - Miss Siobhan Watson (am & pm)

Play Leader - Mrs Sarah Hart (afternoons - Nursery)

Play Worker - Mrs Kirstie Sim

Play Worker - Mrs Anna Pinder           

Play Worker - Miss Chloe Robinson
Play Worker - Mrs Yvonne Metcalfe

Play Worker - Mrs Rachel McAtear

Play Worker - Mrs Julia O'Connor

Play Worker - Mrs Mia Thompson (afternoons  nursery)