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Year 1



Welcome to the Year 1 blog!


Each week we will be keeping you up to date with all the exciting and fun things that we have done in school. In addition to this please read our newsletter to find out what will be happening in Year 1 this term.


Week 2


Our topic for this half term is Africa. In our geography lessons we have enjoyed learning about Kenya which we know is a country in Africa. We have learnt that is is hot in Kenya because is sits close to the equator. We used this knowledge to help the safari rangers know what to pack for when they travel to Kenya. 


This week was our last gymnastics lesson which we are a bit sad about. However we are super excited to start a dance unit next week still with Mrs Lilly! We are going to be doing some African dancing. 



Summer 2


Week 1


This week we began reading a new book called Too Much Talk. We have listened to the story but not looked at the pictures yet. Instead we decided to visualise what we thought the main character looked like. We have all drawn pictures for what we think the farmer looks like and we have written sentences to describe him. In Maths we have been learning about position and direction. We have worked hard to try learn our left and right and also use language to describe what direction we are travelling in. We enjoyed playing twister on our 100 square in the playground. 

Week 6


This week we got to celebrate Maths Day! We have been really excited about celebrating maths day as we knew it was going to be full of interesting challenges. Today we learnt some of the skills that we use in everyday maths. We learnt to be estimators. This was one of our favourite challenges as we had to guess how many sweets were in the jar. We can't wait to find out who the winner was. We also learnt to be pattern sniffers and explored ways to represent the number 12 with counters. We then became problem solvers and use cuisenaire rods to try to make a train that was the same length. We have had so much fun. We have uploaded some photo's below. 


Week 5 


This week we have enjoyed learning how to measure capacity. We are lucky to have had some good weather again this week so luckily managed to take our water tray outside to explore some of the new key vocabulary we have learnt. We have loved using containers of all different shapes and sizes. 


We began our tapestry designs last week and this week we continued them. It is a long process and we have learnt that weaving is quite tricky but we are being really resilient to try and complete our own products. 


We have continued to enjoy playing in our garden centre role play area. 


Week 4


We have continued learning about our Farsley topic. This week we began looking at maps of our playground of Farlsey. We enjoyed trying to follow our maps to find the names of the streets that had been placed in different areas of the playground. We have even begin drawing and building our own representations of Farlsey in the construction area and with chalk outside. 


Mr Coates has kindly cleaned out and repaired the planters in our playground for us. This week we planted seeds in the planter and hope to see some flowers beginning to sprout up soon. 

Week 3


This week we wanted to share our PE learning with you. We are really enjoying having our gymnastics lessons with Mrs Lilly. We have learnt about different gymnastics shapes and rolls. This week we began learning about different balances and different jumps. At the start of our gymnastics lessons we found it very difficult to stand still and hold our shapes but we are improving every week. We have even learnt how to safely move mats and apparatus around the hall. 



Week 2


In maths we have begun learning about length and height. This week we have enjoyed using our practical skills in maths to compare the lengths and heights of different objects and people! Our biggest challenge was to try line the whole class up in height order. We worked out who the tallest and smallest people in our class are. 


We are learning about Farsley this half term and have been learning about using compass directions. We have enjoyed using the compasses outside to help direct ourselves and each other. 


Summer 1


Week 1


We are continuing to learn about plants this half term in science so began our half term by planting out our beans and also planting some sunflower seeds. We are really enjoying learning about plants and can't wait to see our sunflowers starting to grow. In class we have set up a garden centre role play. We are enjoying exploring the different gardening tools that we can find in garden centres. 


Week 5


This week we have been super excited to continue learning about plants, The Great Fire of London and the world! 


We were really excited to see that over the weekend our bean plants had grown so much taller and started to grow leaves. We also learnt about deciduous and evergreen trees this week. We are looking forward to seeing some of the leaves begin to grow on the trees as we enter Spring. 


In English we worked on information booklets about The Great Fire of London. We loved using the laptops to create these booklets and worked so independently! Next week we will be writing our own journey stories which have been inspired by the book Vlad and the Great Fire of London. 


In Geography we have learnt about where we live. We have also learnt about the countries in the UK and this week the names of the 7 continents. We enjoyed listening to the 7 continents song. If you would like to listen at home you can find it at this link: 



**Please check Seesaw for the home learning that was set on Tuesday. 

Week 4


This week we have enjoyed our whole class reading books. We read the story A Day at the Fire Station. We have enjoyed listening to all the paint disasters that happen. We are very excited that some of our plants have begun growing. We can't wait to see what will happen as the shoots get bigger and the leaves begin to grow. 


The highlight of our week this week has been our comic relief challenges. We managed to complete 122 laps of the astroturf with for our 'red nose' and spoon challenge. It was tricky to balance the balls on the spoons but we were very resilient and carried on to get our 4 or 5 laps each! Thank you for all you donations to comic relief! 


Next week the children will be set a home learning challenge as we usually do (we have had a short break following a lot of home learning!). This will be set on Tuesday and needs to be completed and uploaded to Seesaw by the following Monday. 

Spring 2


Week 3


Wow! What a week! We have been looking forward to this week for such a long time. All the children have loved being reunited with their friends. We have worked hard to adapt to the new routine again and had loads of fun!


This week our highlights have been playing in our Pudding Lane Bakery. All children have enjoyed getting into character and pretending to bake delicious treats for their customers. We have planted lots of seeds that will help us with our learning over the next few weeks we are excited to see what will happen to them. Also we have learnt lots about London to help us with our Great Fire of London topic. 


** Please note that PE is now on Fridays. Please come to school wearing PE kit next Friday. 


** We have removed every child's book in preparation for 1:1 reading next week and will ensure every child has an appropriate reading book by Friday next week. In the meantime please see Seesaw for a list of great reading resources that can be used for free at home during this week. 


Week 6


This week we really enjoyed our chance to visit the Westroyd Art Gallery. We loved seeing our own pictures and also our siblings work. 


We also enjoyed filming our part for this years Westroyd Nativity. We were really good listeners and very resilient while having to be outside in the cold. 


This week we had lots of new challenges and areas in class. We have really enjoyed challenging ourselves in the areas of provision. 



Week 4


This week we have all enjoyed having turns to tell stories using our puppet theatre. We also enjoyed watching them. We have worked hard in areas to make lots of puppets for the puppet show area. 


This week in art we have learnt about Pablo Picasso. His work is abstract. This means his pictures do not look like real things. It is like drawing a portrait but with straight lines only. We will be making our own Pablo Picasso style portraits for our art gallery. 

Week 3


This week we have been really busy continuing our learning in Maths and English. In Maths we have been learning about addition. We have enjoyed using counters to help us develop our understanding. Lots of us are feeling really confident in solving addition calculations now.


In English we have been learning some of the key skills for writing sentences. We have learnt to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. We are enjoying checking sentences and deciding whether they are good or bad sentences. Have a look at our sorting pictures below. 

Week 2


We have had a really busy week this week. At the start of the week we learnt about Remembrance Day. We learnt about why it is important to remember. The children were busy creating poppy artwork in the style of Georgia O'Keeffe in the areas and making a poppy wreath for our new display in school. We showed our respect at 11am on Wednesday by staying silent and thinking about the soldiers that have lost their lives protecting our country and others. 


At the end of the week we celebrated Children in Need with our 'act your age' challenge. We voted for our challenge and decided we would run 5 or 6 laps around the playground. This was a tricky challenge but everyone took it on and despite a few trips and falls all children completed their laps! Great resilience Year 1!


Autumn 2

Week 1


This week we have celebrated black history week in school. We learnt about the reasons why we celebrate Black History. The children we shocked to find out that some people do not treat others fairly in our world. We enjoyed reading 'The Crayon Box That Talked'- Lilly noticed that the crayons only liked themselves but they are all pretty in different ways. We decided to celebrate black athletes for the work they have done and for the medals they have won. We enjoyed making medals to celebrate them. 



Week 6


This week we have written our own parts of our focus text 'The Enormous Turnip'. Over the past 5 weeks we have practised: saying our sentences, using phonics for spelling and using finger spaces. I have been blown away by the effort that the children have put into their stories. We will be displaying our stories on the wall in the classroom to celebrate our successes.


In our DT work we have built our own fruit sculptures. We learnt to peel and chop the fruit correctly and used cocktail sticks to secure our sculptures. We were very happy with the final result although our favourite part was eating them! 


Week 5


This week we have been learning about writing sentences. We have learnt that we need to say our sentence before we write it. We have created our own sentences using pictures. In our Science learning we tested our sense of touch. We thought of words to describe different textures. Together as a team we tried to find objects that were soft, hard, fluffy, rough and bendy. This was harder than we thought it might be but we had lots of fun. 


In Maths we have been comparing objects and numbers from the smallest to the greatest. We know that the greatest number is the biggest one or the most. We know the smallest number has the least. 


In PE we are working really hard to get outside despite the rain. This week we practised some fitness skills. You could have a go at home. We learnt squats, star jumps and jogging on the spot. 


Week 4


Again we had a different start to our week with everyone learning at home. Well done if you challenged yourself to complete your home learning lessons. When we returned to school we quickly got back into our routine. We have enjoyed finding one more and one  less than numbers. We enjoyed challenging ourselves in the areas to try to do this independently. 


We have also enjoyed testing our sense of hearing. We had lots of fun playing sound bingo. We learnt that our ears can hear lots of things and if we listen carefully we can usually work out what objects are making different sounds. 


*Thank you to those of you who are reading at least three times a week at home. New books will be given each Friday. Please ensure you have read three times before the following Friday. 


Week 3


This week we have really enjoyed getting stuck into our focus text- The Enormous Turnip. We have worked really hard to retell the story verbally. We enjoyed using the puppets in our small world to retell the story. We have begun recapping our phase 3 phonics that the children learnt in Reception. It has been a good refresher for many of the children. They have worked hard to recognise the sounds we have been learning by playing games in our outdoor area. 


This week ended slightly different to how we expected. Well done to all the children who continued their learning at home this week. I was really impressed by how some of the children felt so confident in representing numbers in many ways. 

Week 2


This week we have enjoyed exploring the classroom some more. We feel pretty confident using the areas and we are also improving our tidying up!


This week we launched our growth mindset. We have learnt that our brain can get stronger if we challenge it. We learnt about being resilient and about what we could do to help us if we get stuck. We enjoyed listening to the story 'The Dot' and joining in with the actions in the song that matches. 


Please note: Homework/ home learning is set every Tuesday. It is set on Seesaw and children who have permission to use this app have their password in the front of their reading diaries. Home learning is due to be completed by the following Monday as we can then share our learning in class. 


Year 1 2020/21


Week 1


Wow! What a fantastic first week back we have had. The children have all been very resilient coming into a new class for the first time and have begun learning the new routines and rules for Year 1. We have loved using the areas of provision inside and outside. We have also had a special visit from the dog skeleton from the Funnybones story. He has asked us to complete challenges to earn him some dog bones. We are hoping he will come and collect them over the weekend while we are at home! 


Our newsletter will be coming home next week which will give you more information about what we are learning this half term. Our PE slot is on a Tuesday and children will wear their PE clothes to school that day and will not change in school. There will also be another letter which will request your permission for us to use Seesaw for our home learning and in school (similar to Tapestry)- there will be no home learning until this has been set up. 

Questons to support your child when reading.