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Welcome to the Year 1 blog!


Each week we will be keeping you up to date with all the exciting and fun things that we have done in school. In addition to this please read our newsletter to find out what will be happening in Year 1 this term.


Year 1 Memories

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School Closure Support


During school's closure I will be uploading activities daily onto Seesaw. Every child has a log in now and most children have a book which they can write in if necessary. In addition to Seesaw I will be posting a weekly overview of the planned activities on here. This will be posted every Monday. Resources for the activities can be found on Seesaw. Please contact school if you are struggling to access them. 


As a school we have created a suggested timetable to support children during the time they are learning at home which is uploaded at the top of this page. I have also uploaded some resources to help fitness and mindfulness. Please consider using these to support the children during this change of routine. I have also uploaded a document with some web links to assist you with home learning. 

W/C 25/05/20 Holiday's reading challenge

Home Learning Overview WC 23.03.20

Week 4


This week we have been busy completing our houses and learning some more about place value of numbers to 50. In Maths we have mostly worked on comparing numbers by using language more or less. We worked out the rule that the more tens a number has the greater it will be. We also found out that it doesn't matter how many ones there are unless there are no tens or if the number has the same number of tens in it. This was really tricky. 


Our houses are now finished and we shall be taking them home today. We worked incredibly hard to follow our plans carefully. We had to think about the shapes and colours that we had planned to use. 


I would like to thank all the parents for your patience this week during the uncertainty surrounding school closures. I am sad to be saying goodbye to all the children and families but really look forward to seeing your home learning on Seesaw. I will be posting learning every week day so please keep checking regularly. 



Week 3


This week we have completed our poems about our coach journey. We worked in groups to write them and practice saying them out loud. We have also begun designing and making our 3D replica houses from The Great Fire of London. After using the laptops to plan them, we painted the boxes and now we just need to add the details. 


Friday was extra exciting because we completed our sports relief challenges. Thank you to everyone who sponsored us to run or walk a mile. We had a fantastic time doing it and loved the challenge. See some pictures below. 




Week 2


This week we were very excited to celebrate World Book Day. It was exciting to bring in our decorated potatoes but so far we do not know who has won. Also we got to dress up as a book character and we had a special visit from the librarians. They will also be coming to see us next week and they will bring us some books from the library because Farsley library is closed at the moment. We also got to choose a book each from the book swap. 


In History this week we looked at what London was like in 1666 and we made our own maps. On our maps we labelled the river Thames, Pudding Lane and Thomas Farrier's Bakery which is where the fire started. 

Spring 2


Week 1


This week we have started our new topic 'Fire'. We have begun our history work on The Great Fire of London. We know that they had no engines in 1666 and that was a problem because it was hard to get to the fire in time to put it out. 


We have set up our role play area as a bakery on Pudding Lane. We are enjoying acting out being bakers using the play dough to create lots of cake designs. 


We have talked lots about reading this week. Please remember that children should be reading to an adult at least 3 times a week at home and reading diaries need to be signed by the adult or older sibling that has listened to them. Children who read 3 times a week will be rewarded. 


Week 6


This week was the last week of our transport topic. We enjoyed using our science work to complete our own vehicles which have convertible roofs. First we taped up our boxes inside out. Then we painted them a colour of our choice. Next we connected the wheels. Finally we added our roof. Some of us realised that what we planned to use for our roof was not suitable and we had to make some last minute changes to our plans. 


We have put the pictures of our history display to show all the work we have done this half term. 



Week 5


This week we danced for the last time! We completed our dance routine and it has been filmed for us to watch in school. This week we also finished writing our recounts. We will be sending them home next week so look in book bags to see yours. 


We have learnt lots about chronological ordering. We have ordered pictures of cars from the oldest to the newest.


We used the Beebots and programmed them to move a route. 


In DT we have planned our convertible cars and we are looking forward to constructing them next week. 


Remember to come to our topic celebration on Thursday next week to see our faith work. 


Week 4


Since the beginning of the year we have been working on improving our strength and our fitness. We have learnt exercises that can improve our core strength. We have learnt; star jumps, squats, speed bounces, plank and high knees. We found this really tricky and had to be very resilient. We have improved so much and have wowed Mr Tiffany with our exercises. See some pictures of our PE session below. Our other PE session this half term is dance and we are really enjoying this too!


Well done to everyone who worked on Mathletics last week! Please keep using Mathletics. Year 1 got the most certificates this week in celebration assembly! 


Week 3


We have been working on our counting skills this week in Year 1. Children in Year 1 have to learn how to count in multiples of 2, 5 and 10. They also have to learn to count in 1's forwards and backwards to 100. This is what we have been working on. We love using Jack Hartmann's videos on Youtube to move and count. You could practise these some more at home. We have learnt more about transport and have started to discuss which modes of transport were invented first. It was very fun looking at the timeline and then jumping along it. We found it amazing that boats were invented such a long time ago!


Week 2


This week was very exciting because we started our new topic. Our new topic is transport! We loved our hook to this topic which was a trip to Bradford Industrial Museum. We learnt lots of interesting things about how transport has changed and we had the opportunity to look at old vehicles including cars and trains. Back in school we are learning how to write a recount about our trip and we will be sending them home when they are finished for you to read more about our day. 



Spring 1


Week 1


This week we celebrated Faith Week where we learnt about Buddhism. We have enjoyed finding out about Buddha and some of the things that Buddhists do to be part of their religion. We had a visitor come to school to teach us some more about Buddhism and we had a chance to look at different objects linked to Buddhism. Then we learnt a Buddhism story which we retold with actions. 


Our favourite thing this week has been meditating.



Week 6


This week we completed our own versions of Rumpelstiltskin. We had to make sure we used capital letters for proper nouns as well as for the start of sentences. We are going to upload some of them for you to read them.


We had to practice for our nativity this week and although it was tricky we all have managed to learn our lines and the words to the songs. Thank you to all the adults that came to watch us and supported us. We loved showing you our performance. 

Week 5


This week we visited the park again for our second chance to look at the weather and the plants. We have already learnt so much and could remember lots about plants. We looked at evergreen and deciduous plants to see what happened to them through the winter. We noticed that we felt colder and the grass was muddy because it has been raining so much. We all had a chance to take some photos of the trees, plants and the weather. 

Week 4


We have completed our Christmas art this week. Our angels are made using different fabrics because we are experimenting using different materials to create different textures. We are going to keep practicing this skill to finally make our art work for the art gallery. Make sure you come to our open session for your chance to see our great art work!


In Maths we have been learning number bonds for numbers up to 10. Working systematically we know we can find all the ways to add two numbers together to make a whole number.


In PE we are building our strength and stamina by completing circuits once a week. We find it tricky but we are getting fitter and stronger every week. Ask us to show you some of our exercises. 

Week 3


This week we have learnt about primary colours. We know the primary colours are red, blue and yellow. We know we use these to make other colours that are called secondary colours. We had a go at mixing paint to make these different colours. 

In English we made stick puppets of the characters and we are retelling the story. We have used Talk for Writing to learn the story. 

In Maths we are learning to add numbers together. We know that two numbers can be put together to make a whole number. 

Week 2


This week we began our new topic which is called 'Once upon a time'. We started thinking about traditional tales again. We have tried to create our own stories by thinking about the three parts in a story. We have loved setting up the puppet theatre and we are using this to tell our stories as well. We have had a look at our new text which is Rumpelstiltskin.


We have begun a new science topic which is materials. We have started to sort objects by the materials they are made from. 

Autumn 2


Week 1


This week was Black History week. We have learnt about Black athletes and celebrated their successes. We have written some fact files about 4 of them. We learnt about equality which means everyone deserves to be treated equally. We drew portraits of the athletes we chose. We had Moving Words come to school and help us learn about black history. We learnt a poem about Nelson Mandela and performed it to the school.


In PE we have started gymnastics. We learnt how to do a pencil jump, twist jump, tuck jump and a star jump. We also learnt some rolls. They were a log roll, an egg roll and a teddy bear roll. 


Look at some of our fact files below. 


Also please remember to read at home at least 3 times a week and sign the reading diary. 







Week 7


This week we wrote our stories of the Enormous Turnip. It took a long time to become authors but we were very resilient and determined to finish our stories. We started our Design and Technology learning where we found out where fruit and vegetables come from. 


In Maths we have been using language greater and fewer to describe groups of objects and numbers. We were challenged to make a number greater or fewer than a two digit number. Look at some of our pictures below. 


Week 6


This week we thought more about teen numbers. We have used the Base 10 to find out how many tens and ones are in each number between 11-20. All of those numbers have one ten and some ones. 


We started History where we learnt that History is something that happened in the past and we talked about the changes we have already experienced. We know that we can find out about the past from peoples memories. 


Week 5


This week was very exciting. We got to visit the park and complete our sponsored welly walk! At the park we learnt about the seasons. We noticed that the leaves are starting to fall off the trees. We learnt that some plants and trees are evergreens which means they will never die. Grass is an evergreen plant. We looked at all the trees and the different colours we could see. We loved having a go in play park after our science work.


The welly walk was fun because we got ticks for walking around the little and big playground until the bell rang. We wore our wellies which was great because it was raining!


Week 4


This week we have begun a new timetable for the playground. On every day we have decided to do different games on the AstroTurf and the playground. We have loved using the Parachute twice a week. Also we have really enjoyed using the hurdles on the race track to test out or hurdling skills. On the AstroTurf we have enjoyed playing tennis and our skills are improving. The dancing has also been popular. Another addition that we have enjoyed was Duck, Duck, Goose. 


In class we have been learning about what a sentence is. We now know that a sentence is made up of words and it needs a full stop at the end. Our words need to tell the reader about one thing happening. 


We have chatted about reading and we know we need to read at least 4 times a week at home. Please remember to sign the reading diary if you listen to your child read. 





Week 3


This week we have enjoyed working in the areas completing our challenges. We have loved creating our own stories in the writing area and finding one more and one less in the maths area. We have done lots of learning outside this week. We particularly enjoyed using the number bean bags to make number lines. Miss Lindsay has been trying her hardest to trick us when we find one more or one less but we haven't been tricked YET!


The start of our week was exciting celebrating Dot Day. It was really fun thinking about things we wanted to get better at this year. Our targets are on our best writing display. 


Here are some pictures of our science work this week where we labelled each others body parts. 


Week 2


This week we went to Farsley Old Street to look at shops. We saw a lot of hairdressers. We saw the butchers and lots of other kinds of shops. We didn't know that there was a shop called a launderette but now we know it is where you can get your clothes washed. 


Also it was very exciting that the characters from Funnybones came to visit us. The dog skeleton asked us to do some challenges to earn him some dog bone treats. Some of us worked really hard to get lots of treats for the dog. 


Autumn 1

Week 1


This week we have made our doctors role play area. We started by looking through the role play box to find what we would need. We helped write the labels and key words we needed for the doctors area. We have enjoyed using all the different tools and equipment that a doctor might use. 


We have spent lots of time playing in the different areas and learning how to use the classroom equipment. Next week will be our local geography study week. Please remember to complete your home learning. 


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