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Year 3


Welcome to Year 3 


Each week we will be keeping you up to date with all the exciting and fun things that we have done in school. In addition to this please read our newsletter to find out what will be happening in Year 3 this term.

Summer 2 - Week 3


We finished our topic of time in maths and our teachers were so impressed with how much we had learnt as we did so well in our post assessment. 


We were sad to finish The Firework Maker's Daughter book this week but we really enjoyed the story and were glad there was a happy ending. We've been working hard on answering questions in preparation for our assessments next week. 


Some of us went to the Big Sing event this week at Pudsey Civic Hall. It was so much fun and great to meet other children from different schools and much better than listening to Miss Martin's terrible singing. 

Summer 2 - Week 2 


We started our new topic in Science this week - Plants. We began by looking at the different parts of the plants and talked about their functions. We then went outside to have a look at our Westroyd Garden to see if we could spot these different parts on real plants. We really enjoyed looking at all the different types of plants and get wait to start our investigations. 


In Geography this week, we looked at how mountains are formed. We used our knowledge of tectonic plates to help with this and researched where these different types of mountains could be found. Our favourite type was a Dome Mountain as they look like giant bubbles in the ground! 


We started our new English unit - Writing a journey story. We worked as a class to make our very own mythical map full of different places our characters can visit when we write our final story. 

Summer 2 - Week 1


We've certainly had a very busy first week back! We have started our new topic of time in maths and a brand new project in computing where we are going to create a trailer for our favourite book! We're so excited to get started with this and can't wait to see the finished product. 


We have finally finished our firework instructions and published these this week. We worked so hard making sure we included fronted adverbials, adverbs , imperative verbs and all while making sure we used the correct features of instructions. They look fantastic and very professional! Miss Martin even said they were our best pieces of writing yet. 


PE was fun this week as we learnt how to 'dodge' in netball and even took part in a 3 v 3 game. 

Summer 1 - Week 6


We had a fantastic week this week learning all about the Queen ready for the Jubilee! We started by learning all about her and her family tree. We then made bunting and decorations for our classroom window which included corgis and crowns! 


The whole school was learning about the Queen through the decades and our class had the 70s! We learnt that she celebrated her Silver Jubilee in 77 and Princess Anne was married in this decade. We also learnt lots of cool and groovy dance moves, along with the top charting music and TV programmes and films such as Star Wars and Jaws. 


We then created amazing collages of the Queen that pictures of her in the 70s and other popular culture. These turned out really well, check them out below! 


Our favourite part of the week was sharing everything we had learnt in the assembly and of course the school picnic. 

Summer 1 - Week 5 



We had the best week ever this week as we went to Herd Farm! We had a try at so many different activities such as an assault course, nightline, moonwalk and even a zipwire! Miss Martin and Mrs Winkley were extremely impressed with how brave and resilient we all were. It was the best day ever! 


We've worked hard on our equivalent fractions this week which can sometimes be a little tricky but we used the resources in the classroom to help us. 


In science, we looked at soil formations and made our very own chocolate soil to show the different layers. It was delicious! 


In writing, we have looked at using fronted adverbials and used these in a paragraph all about our amazing trip to Herd Farm. 

Summer 1 - Week 3


Although it's been a short week this week, we've had a very busy one! 


In science, we learnt all about fossils and how they are formed which was very interesting. 


In Geography, we continued to learn more about Earthquakes. This time, we looked at tectonic plates and found where Earthquakes happen around the world. We then researched some Earthquake proof buildings and designed our own. 


We had an explosive Thursday morning as we walked into a Firework Workshop! We made our very own firework mixtures using ingredients such as "Dragon eggs" and "Phoenix tears". We then designed what our firework would look like and came up with a name. We had so much fun and thankfully there were no accidental explosions! 


In English, we have started our new text genre looking at instructions. We can't wait to eventually write our instructions telling people how to make our fantastic fireworks! 

Summer 1 - Week 2 


What another busy week we've had! We have completed our first fractions unit where we learnt how to find halves, quarters and thirds. We looked at equivalent fractions and how to count in fractions. 


In English, we finished our Roman Road Explanations and published these to include pictures and a glossary. They look very professional and we will be putting these on our Roman display outside our classroom to show everyone our hard work. 


We were geologists this week as we learnt about the properties of different rocks. We made careful observations and investigated whether the rocks were durable, permeable or impermeable, hard or soft and had a high density or low density. We then used our findings to group the rocks into different categories. 


Geography was fun this week as we learnt all about Earthquakes! We labelled a cross-section of an earthquake, learnt about the different ways in which we measure earthquakes and we even practiced what we would do if an earthquake was to happen. Miss Martin blew her whistle and got under the table with our arms tucked over our head and tucked in as tightly as we could.  

Summer 1 - Week 1


We kick started our rand new topic "How Extreme is Earth?" this week by making some awesome volcano collages. We learnt about the different types of volcanoes and made each one in our groups using different materials. We then learnt about the Earth's structure and created our own cross sections to show the different layers using LEGO. 


In English, we have been working through our Hot Write which is an explanation on a Roman Road. We have been making sure we include all of the skills that we've learnt and can't wait to get them finished so we can publish them. 


In Maths, we have started our new topic of fractions. We have been Mathmagicians with our halves and quarters! Next week we will move onto looking at thirds. 


Science was interesting this week as we learnt about the 3 different types of rocks. We had the chance to handle these rocks and grouped them into the correct groups by looking at their properties. 

Spring 2 - Week 4


The history museum was fantastic! We were so proud that everyone saw our work on display. We couldn't wait for our parents to see everything we'd learnt about the Romans! 

In Spanish, we learnt how to say the different types of weather which was great as the sunshine made us feel like we were in Spain this week. 

In English, we have learnt all about adverbs and the different types. We used them in our own sentences and then applied them in a paragraph that described how we made our edible Roman roads from last week. 

Maths has been a little tricky this week as we learnt how to convert measurements (cm, mm and m). We then used this knowledge to help us solve addition and subtraction problems with measuring. 

Spring 2 - Week 2


Bella - In Spanish we learnt days of the week. 


Sophie - In History we learnt about how the Romans made the roads we use today. 


Rose - We practiced different Roman army formations with our shields. We practiced marching and attacking. The shields really helped to protect us! 


Eliza - We opened our own shops in class so that we could practice using money and giving the correct amount of change. 


Harry - In maths we've been making our own tally charts and pictograms. It was fun asking people what they liked to put on our charts. 


Annie - We have been reading some more of The Leopard in the Golden Cage book. We can't wait to see what happens next. 

Spring 2 - Week 1


What a fantastic first week back we've had in year 3! 

We have really enjoyed exploring lots of different books and authors. W

We started the week by looking at the author Abi Elphinstone. We made mythical lands and creatures and really enjoyed using our imaginations. 

We created our own monster bookmarks to have in class. 

We read the book "Until I met Dudley" which is a hilarious book about how a little girl thinks different things work such as a fire breathing dragon in a toaster. We came up with our own crazy ideas about how everyday objects work. 

We even interviewed a tiger! We then created own interviews with different animals based on the book "Interview with a Tiger" which was great fun to do and we showed these to the class. There were some very funny interviews! 


In English, we learnt about adverbs and using descriptive language. We wrote a wanted poster to describe Boudica and we have planned our story ready to start writing next week. 


We have finished learning about money in maths and next week we are going to open our very own Year 3 shops in class to practice using money in real life. 

Spring 1 - Week 6


In English we have been looking at good examples of stories. We picked out the Year 3 skills that we could see and plotted the structure on a 'Story Mountain'. 

We have moved on to learn about 'Money' in Maths. We started the unit by working out amounts using pounds and pence, coins and notes. 


Mr Perez taught us lots of Spanish commands, including 'Levantados' - which means stand up and 'Sentados' - which means sit down. 


In RE we looked at the different rest days that different religions have and what people do on these rest days. 


Julius Ceaser was part of our History this week.

Did you know - the month of July was named after Julius Ceaser


We continued to learn about the magnetic force in Science, exploring the North and South poles of a magnet and discovering how they attract and repel each other. 


Spring 1 - Week 5 


Rose - "Boudica came to visit us! We asked her lots of questions. She was bossy, fierce and held a spear."


Lacie - "In science, we tested different magnets to see how strong they were by using paperclips to see how many they could hold. We recorded what we found onto a bar chart."


Harry - "In maths we have been learning how to multiply and divide."


Connie - "In maths we looked at remainders when we divided. They were tricky!"


Emily - "In English, we made our own special object. Joe has a special object in the story we are reading that transported him to the Roman times so we made our own to take us back in time too."


Elise - "In computing we learnt what was in a computer and made our own mini computers out of paper."


Eliza - "In dance, we have learnt some different Roman movements that we can make to different beats."

Spring 1 - Week 4


What a chaotic week we've had! You wouldn't believe this but the Year 4s invaded our classroom! They stole our belongings, trashed our room and even made some of us their slaves. We decided to group together and rebel. We fought back for what is ours and took back our classroom. Thankfully no one was hurt and peace was restored. We now just keep one eye on the door just incase....


We used what this felt like to help us with our debate in class for history.  

We held a 'tribe debate' to decide what we should do if the Romans attempt to invade our Celtic tribe. Attack or surrender? After a wonderful debate full of fantastic ideas and concerns we conducted a tribe vote where the decision to attack came out on top!


In English this week, we finished our diary and published our work on tea stained paper to make it seem as though it was a diary from the Roman times. We started our new topic which is to write a story. Miss Martin showed us the start of a clip called 'Dum Spiro' about a very silly Roman soldier. We had to guess what happened when she paused the video. We all had some great ideas but no one guessed what the actual story was! 


Maths has been tricky this week as we have been learning to multiply and divide. We have been using the column method to multiply and the partitioning method to divide. We've learnt how important it is to know our times tables to make our working out much quicker. More time on TTR is most definitely needed! 


Science was fun this week as we got to use magnets to find out which materials are magnetic and non-magnetic. To our surprise we found out that only some metals are magnetic such as steel and iron. 

Spring 1 - Week 2


We've had a very exciting week this week as we've stared our new topic ROMANS. 

We made our very own mosaics which took a very long time and it was very messy but we had so much fun making them. They look amazing in our classroom. 

We then learnt about the Chronology of the Romans and were they fit on our history timeline. We looked at atlases and maps to see how many countries they conquered and even pretended to be Roman spies to see what Britain looked like and if we would want to invade there. 

We had our first dance lesson of this half on Wednesday. We learnt about different beats and used the words fly, spider and ladybird to help us with the different beats.

In science, we have started our new topic 'Forces and Magnets'. We learnt about the forces push and pull. We worked in pairs to create freeze frames to show different activities that use push and pull. It was fun guessing what everyones freeze frames were. Can you get them all correct?

Spring 1 - Week 1

Happy New Year everyone! 


We had a really exciting first week back as it was Faith week. Our question was "What symbols are used in Christianity, Buddhism, Island and Sikhism and what do they mean?" We had lots of fun learning all about the different symbols and we were really good at remembering what they all meant. We created a class video to show everything we had learnt! We hope you enjoy it. 


We had our first lesson with Leeds Rhinos this week. We had lots of fun playing different games such as Chicken Run and Tidy Garden. We can't wait to start our new topic of football! 


We started looking at our new text "The Leopard in the Golden Cage", we're excited to see what happens in the story! We are learning how to write a diary. 

Autumn 2 - Week 7


We had an awesome party day with lots of treats and fun games! Santa also came to our class and gave us a brand new box of LEGO! We can't wait to play with it. We really enjoyed our Carol singing on Monday. 


In science, we completed a shadow investigation where we investigated what happened to shadows when we changed the distance of the light source. 


In PSHE, we learnt about bullying. We learnt about being a bystander and what we should do if we see bullying. We also learnt how to deal with bullying and who to speak to. We learnt about the different types: cyber, social, verbal and physical. 


Merry Christmas everyone!

Autumn 2 - Week 6


We made calendars for 2022. We used the art technique of pointilism to help use create our seasonal tree. We used cotton buds and paints to create the different dots to represent the different colours of the tree throughout the year. 

In English, we have been writing our own ending to Orion and the Dark. 

We completed our Stonehenge art for the art gallery this week. We worked really hard on our shading for Stonehenge and were so proud of our final pieces. 

We have enjoyed practicing singing the Christmas carols ready for our performance on Monday. 

Science this week was really fun. We had to help Miss Martin find the best material for curtains her baby's room to block the sun out. We shone a torch at lots of different materials. We learnt which materials were opaque, translucent and transparent. The materials that were opaque were the best options as they created the darkest shadow. 

Autumn 2 - Week 5


This week we went on a fantastic trip to the Media Museum in Bradford! We had so much fun looking at all of the different galleries but our favourite was the Wonderlab where we did lots of different experiments about light. 


Cameron - "We went on a trip to the media museum to learn all about light."


Amelia - "On the trip we saw a giant sun!"


Annie - "We went through a mirror maze and people were bumping into the mirrors. 


Theo - "In maths we have been looking at multiplication and we use arrays to help us."


Eliza - "In RE we learnt a Jewish dance."


Annie - "When we did our Jewish dancing, we learnt how to do the Hora."

Autumn 2 - Week 4


Poppy - "We did an outline for art of Stonehenge". 


Annie - "We had to practice shading in Stonehenge using different techniques as a practice. Next week we will draw one for art gallery."


Cameron - "In maths we started a new unit of multiplication and division. We have made different arrays and the multiplication symbol."


Jamie - "In PE we have been doing our fitness circuits and seeing if we beat our own scores."


Bailey - "We learnt how to say different things in a pencil case in Spanish."


Zac - "In history we have been learning about Iron Age Hillforts. They were often built on a hill to stop enemies from attacking." 


Eliza - "In PSHE we learnt about bulling and the difference between being rude, mean or bullying. Bullying is when you keep being rude or mean to someone over and over again and on purpose."


We started our new book "Orion and the Dark". We had lots of fun working in pairs to create a story map. 


Autumn 2 - Week 3


In art this week, we learnt about the artist Georges Seurat. We looked at how he used dots to create his artwork. We then looked at how he added shadows. We tested different types of pencils and learned how to create different shading techniques. 


We finished writing our setting description in English this week. We wrote a setting description about a Stone Age village. We used thought about our senses and used expanded noun phrases and similes to help us write some fantastic descriptions. 


We created our very own fitness circuits in PE this week. 

It was Maths day on Monday, and we created our own obstacle courses in groups. It was so much fun! We drew our plan including key words. We then gave our course to another group for them to try and make. We then gave feedback to the other groups.  


In PSHE, we looked at the story The Rainbow Fish. We spoke about how the fish were unkind. We thought about how this made us feel and spoke about what we could do if someone was being unkind to us, or if we saw someone being unkind to someone else. 

Autumn 2 - Week 2


We learnt about hunters and gatherers from the stone age in history. There wasn't much food for them to gather in winter because all of the animals hibernate and the berries start to die. This meant they had to gather food ready for the winter. 


One of our favourite activities this week was cave painting in art! We looked at lots of different examples of cave painting from the Stone Age that have been found across Europe. We choose our favourite image and then went into a 'cave' in our classroom, where we had to draw on the roof of the cave. We only used colours that the Neanderthals would have used. It was very tricky to draw on the 'rocks' as it was so bumpy. It was also hard to look up and draw. 


We looked at a book called 'Peace Lily' for remembrance day which was all about a nurse in WW1. We then learnt about a famous nurse called Edith Cavell. She was famous for secretly hiding soldiers and looking after all soldiers no matter which side they fought for in the war. We made our very own poppy wreath by making origami poppies. It was tricky at first but the wreath looked fantastic when we finished. We presented this in assembly. 


In English, we have been learning how to write expanded noun phrases and similes. We used these to help us write a setting description based on our book 'The Stone Age Boy'.



Autumn 2 - Week 1

We've had such an exciting first week back in year 3! Miss Martin told us that we received a letter explaining that an archaeological dig had taken place in the playground during the holidays but the artefacts had been left behind. We were asked to bring them back to class and see if we could identify what the artefacts were, who might have used them, what they were made from, what they were used for and what they might tell us about life at that time.


This week was Black History Week. We learnt all about Rosa Parks and Ruby Bridges. We learnt how Rosa Park's small statement made such a big change. We created a story wheel all about her and then looked at the segregation laws that they had in America at the time. We couldn't believe that the laws were real and had a really good talk about how these laws made us feel. 


We have been looking at different leaders in RE and we have been researching modern day leaders such as Greta Thunberg and Marcus Rashford. We worked in pairs to carry out our research and presented what we found out to the rest of the class. 

Autumn 1 - Week 7


We've had a very busy week to end a fantastic first half term! 


In reading, we finished our story "The Iron Man" by Ted Hughes. We wrote a book report to summarise what we had read and we wrote about our favourite parts of the story. 


In English, we wrote a letter to Ted Hughes using all the skills we have learnt in English such as conjunctions and apostrophes. We asked him some questions, told him our favourite part of the story and told him about our own robots that we designed. 


Computing was really interesting this week as we learnt about fake emails! We used new vocabulary such as "phishing" and "scams". We looked at different emails and used our knowledge to decide if they were real or fake. 


We had so much fun practising for our Harvest assembly and we are all so proud at how well we did as our hard work paid off. We loved sharing with the school what we had learnt about Harvest. 

Autumn 1 - Week 6

We had a very exciting afternoon as we made our very own healthy sandwiches that we  deigned in DT last week. We learnt how to spread and chop safely. We also learnt the importance of hygiene when cooking. Our favourite part was eating our sandwiches they were delicious! 


We started to learn our numbers in Spanish this week. We can now count to 10.

This week in English, we have learnt how to use apostrophes for contraction and possession and we also learnt about different conjunctions. We pretended we were the family in the Iron man on the picnic and wrote a paragraph using all these new skills.


In Gymnastics, we use the apparatus to create different balances with our bodies. We had to think about the shapes we could make and how to transition between the different balances.    


We had such a great time on our welly walk this week although we were very tired after walking so many laps of the park. 


Autumn 1 Week 5


In science this week, we learnt about the 3 different functions of the skeleton. 

In DT, we started our new project where we have to design, create and evaluate a healthy sandwich. We had lots of fun on Friday because we tasted lots of different ingredients to decide what we would like to use in our healthy sandwich next week. 


This week in Spanish, we looked at the Spanish vowels to help use learn new words. We also looked at a Spanish book that someone very kindly brought in from home. 


We have begun to look at adding 2-digit and 3-digit numbers in maths this week using lots of different methods to help us. We really like to use the Base 10 to help us when we are exchanging. 


We had to piece together a mixed up letter this week in English and then work with our learning partners to label the different features. 

Autumn 1 Week 4

This week we finished our non-chronological report all about us. We published our work and we are going to create a class book using the reports we have written.


We had another fantastic Spanish lesson this week where we revised greetings. We remembered lots and try and speak Spanish as much as possible during the rest of the week, especially when we answer the register.


We had fun in gymnastics playing the bean game. We then put together a routine using rolls and ribbons.


We have started our DT topic this week, by looking at healthy eating plate and learning about the different types of nutrition. 

Autumn 1 Week 3

This week we have been reading more of the Iron Man and we are really enjoying the book. 


We had our first Spanish lesson this week which we absolutely loved. We learnt about greetings and all had a try and speaking to each other. 


In science, we learnt about vertebrates and invertebrates and what these mean. 


In English we planned our non-chronological report, ready to write all about us. 


We had fun in maths learning about greater than, less than and equal to. We moved around the classroom to stand next to the comparison symbol that we would need to use. 


We had some great discussions about growth mindset in PSHE. We are going to try really hard this year not to give up when our work is tricky!

Autumn 1 Week 2

This week, we had our first gymnastics class in year 3. We made lots of different shapes with our bodies. 


In computing, we learnt how to send emails Gmail.


We had fun on Wednesday which was Dot Day! We made our very own class collage using dots and we did some 'Dot Buddy' art work, where we made our own dots which we cut in half to trade with our friends to make brand new dots. 


In English, we've looked at using commas in a list. We did some Kung-Fu punctuation to help us remember where the commas, final 'and' and full stop goes in a sentence. 


We are continuing our very important maths work learning all about place value. We have been using Base 10 and place value charts to help us with this. 

Autumn 1 Week 1

We have had a fantastic start in Year 3! We started the week by sharing our memory boxes, it was very interesting to learn about everyone. We made a start with our reading by looking at the cover of  Iron Man and we discussed which cover was our favourite.


In English, we have started to look at non-chronological reports. We looked at a WAGOLL and explored the different features.


Maths has been fun this week as we were able to use lots of different resources to help us with our place value.


We had great fun making some Pom Pom Pets but had to be very quiet while we made them as they don't like noise. We also made our very own family tree and we loved talking about our families with our friends in class. 


We have also enjoyed exploring the KS2 playground! The exercise equipment is our favourite.

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