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Welcome to Year 3 


Please read our termly newsletter below to find out what will be happening in Year 3 this term.

A fond farewell - letter from Mr Tiffany and Miss Goodall

End of Year Film!

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Thank you for a great year - Miss Goodall and Mr Tiffany

Kevin MacLeod ~ Mountain Emperor
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End of sports week

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Half term home learning

Summer 1 Week 2 - 4th-10th May

Summer - Week 1 - 27th-3rd May

Easter Holidays

Hi Year 3.

During the Easter holidays we will not be setting new tasks on SeeSaw.

However, we have set some holiday tasks for you to complete. Take a look at the photo in the documents section below for details.

You will have 3 weeks to complete the research task, so please plan and carry out the project carefully, don't rush.

Myself or Mr Tiffany will only be checking Seesaw once a week over the holidays so you won't be hearing from us as often, but we will keep in touch.

We hope you all have a great Easter break.

Week 2 - Science task 

Our next Science topic is called ‘Rocks and Fossils’. When we start a new topic, we often complete a pre-assessment, sharing what you already know. I would like you to create a pre-assessment poster about rocks and fossils.


Please DO NOT RESEARCH any new facts. I just want to find out what you already know. You could include bullet point facts, pictures, labels, headings and explanation sentences. If you have some coloured pencils at home, you could colour it in too. I look forward to finding out what knowledge you already have on this topic.

Week 2 - Reading task 1 - Please read the habitats information and answer the questions in your book.

Week 2 - French. Please match the French words to the English meaning. Then write the French week in order. Thank you.

Week 2 - English This week focuses on instruction writing using the planning grid that's been attached then turning them into a full set of instructions.

Week 1 - Timetable of activities

Week 1 - English  This week's work is to continue developing our knowledge of subordinating conjunctions and expanded noun phrases. Work your way though both then writ e a non-fiction paragraph that includes both.

Science task - Week 1. Read the story below called 'Maggie from Magnetti', I have attached the picture as well. Then have a look at the opinions of the 4 characters. What do you think Maggie should do? Do you agree with any of the characters? Why? Do you disagree with any of the characters? Why? Use your scientific knowledge and vocabulary to complete this activity. Miss Goodall

Reading task 1 - Week 1. I will be setting you three Reading tasks this week. It is important that you complete them in the correct order, so here is your first task.

Spring 2 Week 3

Our Sport relief challenge this week was to run a mile, which was 20 laps of the course set out on the playground. You can see this in the pictures below and thank you for all the people that sponsored us. 


We have finished working on measurement of length and the new concept of perimeter which we can now measure and calculate using our knowledge of place value and calculation strategies. 


Our green screen work means we can now use a range of backgrounds to take photographs of us like we are under the sea or in Paris!


For anyone that missed our assembly, it was a great success and showed a massive increase in confidence from before Christmas. 

Spring 2 Week 2

World Book Day has been a great chance for the children to share their favourite books with the rest of the class. We also did some short tasks to create a new book character and plot that the children would like to read about!


In maths, we have nearly finished our measurement unit of work and have carried on working on the conversions from mm, cm and m - this is a tricky concept! Next week, on to perimeter!


Our fitness has improved dramatically from September as we took part in a grueling 45 minute session that involved running, jumping, core exercises and being active as much as possible for as long as possible.

Spring 2 Week 1

What a good first week back!


Maths - we began our work on measurement of length and perimeter. We also learned about the relationship between mm and cm (10mm = 1cm) and (100cm = 1m). 


English - We're going to be producing adverts and we are working towards making an advert using Fishbourne Palace and we will be recording it on a green screen using the app Veescope Live.


History - What did the Romans do for us?

This was our first week on studying how the Romans changed Britain. We learned about Roman roads 

by conducting an enquiry and using evidence in our answers.


PE - Fitness and Gymnastics

There were some sore bodies in Year 3 today because of our new fitness focus about core strength. We also began working with a gymnastics coach on a Tuesday afternoon.


Spring 1 Week 3 - The Romans have landed and are here to conquer!


This week has been great! The children have worked so hard in every lesson and made some fabulous progress. 


In English, we focused on expressing a character's thoughts and emotions and applied it into longer paragraphs ready to write next week. We also used are interpreting schools to understand some historical sources written nearly 2000 years ago!


The highlight of the week was our Roman day which spread over Thursday and Friday. The children learned about the Iron Age tribes by watching this video then creating their own and deciding which buildings would need to be inside it and why.


At the end of the day, they learned about a group of people who were conquering their way across Europe through Gaul and Germania - The Romans! The Romans asked for a meeting with each of the tribal chiefs and gave them a simple offer: 
JOIN US or FIGHT. The class went home to consider their choice and came back this morning with their reasons too. 


By using the historical concept of cause and consequence, the children learned that every action in the past (and now) has consequences that can be good or bad. Most of those that chose to fight were sadly killed or taken as slaves and lost their lands. Those that cooperated were fine (mostly) and learned how our local Celtic Queen, Cartimandua, successfully cooperated with the Romans for 20 years and was protected by them when she was attacked.


Boudicca and her tribe tried to cooperate but, sadly, were betrayed by Rome and eventually after her rebellion was defeated, she died in battle. In the photos below, you can see us exploring the differing tactics of the Romans and the Celts.


Next week, how did the Romans change Britain? 

Roman Day

Spring 1 Week 1

8 x tables

comparing statements 


English Focus is now on diary writing which will be based around our next book called the Leopard in the Golden Cage. A fantastic text set in the period of Roman Britain involving a boy travelling back through time and adventures taking place. 


In RE, we have learned lots of Buddhism as part of faith week. We had a workshop all about Buddhism, compared it to Christianity which we learned about before Christmas. In Art, we painted a lotus flower because it is a symbol of Buddhism. You can see some of the photos from this underneath!


We did lots of meditation, which helps us focus our mind on the 'now' and relax. We used Flow State by Above and Beyond and got lost in the beautiful animations. 


PE is now on a Thursday and will be a session on games with Sam from the Leeds Rhinos focusing on attacking and defending skills in a wide range of games, and then a further fitness session continuing to develop our fitness and strength. 

Autumn 2 Week 7

What an action packed final week of term. The children have taken part in the carol concert at St John's Church - they sang beautifully! 


Our Stone Age topic has been finished by making pots in the style of prehistoric periods. They have been taken home ready to display in pride of place. 


The art gallery looked brilliant and the Arcimboldo pieces were snapped up by parents so thank you for your continued support. 

Aut 2 Week 6
Art - We've been making silhouette calendars of Stonehenge which was started in the Mesolithic and continued in the Neolithic. We ripped black paper to make the standing stones and then used shades of colour to make the setting sun background.


Singing - carols ready for the Christmas concert next Tuesday morning at church. Our favourites are: Mary's Boy Child, Go tell it on the mountain and We Three Kings. The children need to keep learning them to make sure it sounds amazing in Church (I'm currently being charmed by their singing). 


History has been focusing on the difference between our modern homes and the neolithic homes found at Skara Brae in Orkney. We were surprised because the houses were under the ground and you had to enter and walk to the right because there was something in the way. Entrances were tiny to stop the cold wind coming in. 

Aut 2 Week 5 

We have focused on the four times table this week and how we can use the facts we know to help us multiply and divide. It's really important that children continue to master these facts to ensure they can answer questions fluently without having to calculate each time. Make sure children are making use of Mathletics and TTRS. 


Our English skills continue to develop by using a range of prepositions and descriptive tools to really engage our reader with our writing. These include expanded noun phrases and similes as a particular focus. It's really important to continue embedding this into writing to continue to build up our writer's toolkit. 


What's the difference between the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic?

In our history, we focused on how tools and homes changed through the Stone Age. We then used this key knowledge to explore how wider life changed using the historical concept of continuity and change and whether it improved or not.   


Aut 2 Week 4

Our big trip took place this week when we went to the Media Museum in Bradford. The children learned all about how light impacts our lives by taking part in a workshop called LIGHT IT UP! and explored the brilliant Wonderlab - see the photos underneath! 


In maths, we have learned all about dividing by 4 by grouping into 4's or making 4 equal groups. We did this practically with pasta and pieces of card. 


Our English was focused on our trip. We sequenced events chronologically and then wrote it up using different prepositions of place and time.


We began our Stone Age to Iron Age topic by making cave art with Mrs Winkley on Monday then learning about how history is broken into periods and we focused on the Palaeolithic which is the earliest period of human history. We learned that they used flint tools and what their houses would have looked like. 


Bradford Media Museum Trip

Autumn 2 Week 3

What a week in year 3! The children have completed their learning about addition and subtraction in maths and written alternative endings to Orion and the Dark in English.


We are really focusing on applying number facts into problem solving and reasoning at the moment and there is definite progress in this which is great. We are now really pushing the children to make sure they have a good level of recall for the 2, 5, 10 and 3 x tables so keep practising! 


In science, we've investigated shadows and tried to find out how to make them bigger and smaller to ensure we can show how they are created and function. 


Our PE fitness focus on strength is all about developing the children's core strength and control which will help them in ever aspect of life (even when just sitting on a chair). In gymnastics, we have also continued to work on rolling and jumping to show control and coordination whilst doing it. 


Next week, we are going on our fabulous trip to the Media Museum in Bradford to apply our learning even further. 


Autumn 2 Week 2

Another great week in Year 3. We've done lots of great work and the children have really worked hard to apply their ever growing list of skills. 


In English, we've read the story of Orion and the Dark which is all about a boy and his fears. The children have mapped out the story and thought about different ways in which Dark (a character) can help Orion overcome his fears. Our next step is to think about other fears Orion could have and how Dark can help him overcome them. 


In maths, we have finished our work on addition and subtraction and are now going to be moving on to multiplication and division.


In science, we have looked at how light interacts with different types of material and classified them as transparent, translucent or opaque by going on a learning walk around the school ground.

Autumn 2 Week 1

A great first week back! We've learned about the story of Rosa Parks and how she refused to give her seat to a white passenger on a bus led to an enormous protest. Eventually, this changed the law in the USA to make it more equal and end segregation. We had a great workshop on Wednesday afternoon and then used those skills in some more drama throughout the week. This video was also really useful!


We have written some non-fiction pieces about what happened and tried to include a good range of our writing skills. 


Maths has been focused around addition and subtraction so keep working on those number bonds and the facts they help us derive. 

Autumn 1 Week 8



In Maths, we've carried on learning how to add using formal column addition including exchanging (sometimes known as borrowing and carrying) . We've got a little bit stuck on when to exchange and where to mark it but we are definitely getting there. Please carry on working on number facts and times tables to improve recall time. 


English - writing an informal letter to the iron man 

We have written informal letters to the Iron Man advising him about what to do with the Spaec Bat Angel Dragon. The children applied lots of their SPaG skills especially using expanded noun phrases and apostrophes. 



We have finished our work on the human body by learning about the different types of joint in the human body and muscles. We showed our understanding in our brilliant class assembly on Thursday morning. 



Our PE block on striking and fielding games finished with a great game of clockwork rounders. The children's throwing, catching and striking have improved over the course of the holiday. We also brought out some of our maths problem solving skills and took part in a task called crossing the lava river where children had to communicate and cooperate to use equipment to help them cross a river of lava in progressively harder challenges. 

PE problem solving (lava crossings) and clockwork rounders 


Black History Week

PE Problem Solving

Autumn 1 Week 7

Hasn't it been a long half-term but the great work from Year 3 keeps coming! This week the children have completed their art work based on Arcimboldo with Mrs Winkley and produced some fabulous work using coloured pencils, chalk or oil pastels. 


Here are some examples:



In PE, we continued working on our striking and fielding skills by first throwing and catching to each other progressing from two handed catches to one. Then, we applied that into a game of clockwork rounders which featured four batters at once scoring points for hitting balls that were caught.


In English, we're about ready to start writing our letters to the Iron Man advising him on what to do next in the story. We also worked on using apostrophes correctly to show possession and for a contracted word.


E.G. The Iron Man's huge fingers drooped by his side as he didn't know where to go.


We've started looking more closely at formal methods of addition and subtraction in this week and are definitely getting better at identifying when we need to exchange. 


Autumn 1 - Week 6

It's been all hands on deck this week in Year 3! We've completed our DT topic on healthy pizzas and evaluated how well we managed to complete our design. The children also learned about food hygiene and the reason it's so important to work hygienically with food. 



In art, we developed our line drawing skills by completing observational drawings of fruit and vegetables then focusing in on how we can develop our skills using the story of Austin's butterfly which the children had learned about in Key Stage 1. The children really focused on drawing what they could see and accurately representing the textures of the different fruits and vegetables. 


We continue to work on our calculation skills in maths with a focus on applying our number bond facts into full calculations. We'll be continuing with this moving towards formal methods for addition and subtraction. 





Autumn 1 Week 5 

This week has been really exciting and not just because of the

wonderful welly walk on Friday morning.





This week, we've started working on addition and subtraction and begun to look at how our knowledge of number bonds can help us when adding tens, hundreds and even more! It's really important that we continue to practice these to improve our fluency!



We've started our new unit of work on letter writing with the cold task and wrote some brilliant expanded noun phrases to describe the Iron Man and begun to think about how our vocabulary choices can make the character seem very different. More letter writing next week!



Our pizza designs are pretty much complete and next week we are going to make our designs before taking them home to cook. We also started our art topic looking at Arcimboldo, who created paintings where people were shown to be made out of fruit and vegetables. 



Autumn 1 Week 4

What a busy week we've had in Year 3! We continued applying our scientific knowledge about skeletons into English lessons and are nearly ready to write our non-chronological reports. We have made sure to use our English skills accurately including conjunctions and some adjectives. 


In maths, we've finished off our work on place value and can now confidently work with hundreds, tens and ones including some rather tricky problems to reason with and solve.


Our topic work on food and nutrition is approaching the exciting phase and next week, we're going to be designing our healthy pizzas ready to make the week after. We have focused on learning about the different food groups and why our body needs a balanced diet. 

Autumn 1 - Week 3

In English, our current focus is non-fiction writing related to our topic on the human body and, in particular, skeletons. This week Miss Goodall taught us all about the three types of skeleton, which are an endoskeleton, exoskeleton and hydrostatic. This writing below is a great example of what we love to see from a year 3 writer. We were also looking to apply our conjunction skills by using coordinating and subordinating conjunctions properly. 





Our Maths work on place value has continued and we've working on using place value charts to help us understand what each digit in a number is worth. Then, looked at placing numbers on number lines to think about intervals - we have to read the scales carefully! There was definitely a real improvement in our problem solving this Friday and the beginnings of some great explanations.  



We continue to work on word processing using Microsoft word and even introduced the new typing challenge using the website 10 fast fingers which will help improve our typing speed and publishing skills. 

Autumn 1 - Week 2


Our SPaG focus this week has been on two different groups of conjunction, which are coordinating and subordinating. A coordinating conjunction links two main clauses together (and, but, so, or are the main ones here) and subordinating conjunctions add a subordinate clause to explain the main clause (because and if).


We also wrote a letter about out Farsley focus week to the council about an amenity we'd like to add to the town.  

This video and page should help understand how they work. 


Our Place value work is still focused around hundreds tens and ones and being able to read the numbers accurately. We are definitely getting better at this and have begun to improve our ability to answer some tricky reasoning problems where we have to explain our thinking clearly. 


Topic (Geography)

This week, we've been carrying on learning about Farsley and, in particular, the local amenities. We identified what was already there on our walk and then thought about and tried to explain what we'd like to add to the town to make it even better! 


We applied our understanding of conjunctions to make our reasoning even better. 


Autumn 1 Week 1

Welcome back everyone! We've worked really hard this week and done lots of learning already. 



We have begun working on our understanding of place value for hundreds tens and ones. On Friday we have started to focus on reasoning and problem solving to help us understand how to apply our arithmetic skills.



We have done lots of SPaG focused activities this week recapping on accurate punctuation and then focusing on how to improve our work by adding a range of conjunctions, adjectives and adverbs.



We began our design and technology learning on nutrition by designing healthy pizzas and comparing them with our favourites. 


Miss Goodall took two groups of children out to learn about the geography of our local area of Farsley and collect some fieldwork data. 





Mrs Ponton reminded us of the schools rules during assembly and we focused some discussion on being mindful of others which will help us be the best members of the class that we can.  

Questions to support Reading