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Please read our half termly newsletter below to find out what will be happening in Year 4.

Year 4 Termly Newsletters

Autumn 1

Week 6


This week in English we have been learning about newspaper reports. We became news reporters to practise using the language needed for our own reports. We then began writing our own report about the wolf suing the Three Little Pigs over injuries to his bottom!! 


In RE this week we learned about Ra, the Egyptian Sun God, as part of our work on light. We learnt that his qualities were life, creation and the power of the sun. People worshiped him as a very important God and they built temples with no roofs so that the light could shine down on them and represent Ra.


In Maths, we have been rounding to the nearest 1000 and ordering numbers. We were working in a logical way to help us order numbers. We also now know what ascending and descending means.


In PE, we had a game of rounders. We were working on our fielding and batting skills. We were a lot better this week and the Romans and Tudors won the match!


In computing, we began to create our quizzes. We are adding sound, colours, effects and scores. We can't wait for you to play them.


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Week 5


The start of our week was very exciting as we had a visit from Chris Mould - illustrator of the Iron Man book. He showed us his drawing techniques and some of us came up to the front to draw with him. He also signed our books and inspired us to draw.


In Maths this week, we have been comparing numbers and played a game called Nice or Nasty. We had to roll a dice and the person who made the highest number won. We also learned about 1000 less and 1000 more and found we had to be really good at place value.


In English, we have been learning about newspaper reports. We read a report about Goldilocks being on trial for breaking and entering. We have been looking at the different features and now know that some features of a newspaper report are: title, third person, quotes, 5 w's and a headline. We also learned about speech punctuation and we interviewed Baby bear. We continued to read our book and discovered that one character loves to gossip!


In DT we were designing our chocolate which we will be making shortly. We had to decided on the type of chocolate, the ingredients and the shape. We can't wait to make them! We also thought about names and went round to get the views of others before we made our final decision.


This morning we did our annual Welly Walk. This year it was in the school playgrounds as the park was too muddy. We loved doing our laps and really hope we raise lots of money for our school pantomime.

Week 4


In English this week, we wrote our piece of writing about The Great Chocoplot. We all became Gariboldi Chocolati to describe meeting Jelly for the first time. We had to include the feelings of both characters and remember to write in the first person. We also had to write in the past tense.


In Maths this week we were working on partitioning 4 digit numbers. We had to split numbers up in different ways and put them back together. We also played a game called Talk it Solve it where we had to work out the correct number following the clues. We then worked with our partner to choose new numbers and guess each others.


In Science, we were learning about solids, liquids and gases. We learnt that some solids can act like liquids including sugar, bicarbonate of soda and flour.


In computing we carried on learning about Scratch. We were learning to debug quizzes. Debugging is when you check your work for problems and correct them. 


 On Thursday, after school, some of us went to a cross country running competition. We had to run one kilometre in the rain! It was really muddy but we persevered and we loved it!



Week 3


On Monday, it was Dot Day. We were each given a dot to see what we could make it into. We had a huge range of ideas such as elf on the shelf, a face, musical notes, Godzilla and bubbles in the water. We also learned that if we make mistakes, our brain grows and we can become more intelligent.


On Tuesday, we had our wow day! We did chocolate tasting and tried 4 different types of chocolate. The very dark chocolate came out as the least liked chocolate. Take a look at the pictures below. We also read a poem about chocolate and each had a chocolate button that we had to hold in our hand. At the end of the poem, we opened our hands and found a very sticky mess! It was still tasty though!


In English, we began our new class book - The Great Chocoplot. We think it is brilliant and can't wait to read more! On Friday, we acted out a part of the book and took on the roles of the two main characters ready for our writing next week. 


In Computing, we began to learn about Scratch! We were learning how to code so that we could move a character and make him meow. We absolutely love Scratch and think it's the best thing ever! We will continue next week.  

Week 2


This week, we were learning about Farsley in a special Geography week. We have been looking at land use and on Tuesday morning, we went for a walk to see how land was used in Farsley. We had to follow a route on a map to get to different places. It was hard to use the map but we persevered. We found schools, retail, leisure, housing and parks. 


In Maths, we started doing the number bond challenges again. We are really excited about the higher levels we can get to in Year 4. We also learned about rounding to 10 and 100.


We had a challenge in English called the 5 sentence challenge. We had to write 5 sentences about a picture called Grandad's Workshop. This might sound easy but it was not as each sentence had rules we had to follow! At the end of the work, we peer marked each other's work which we found tricky but we enjoyed doing it.


One of the most exciting things that happened this week was Brass! We met our new teacher, Mr Roberts, and had a go at all the different instruments before we chose the one we wanted to learn. We had the choice of French horn, tuba, baritone or cornet. We are really excited about next week's lesson.

Week 1


What a great first week - we've done so much already!


In Maths we have been learning about Roman numerals. We know all the letters which represent numbers and can combine them to make many new numbers.


In English, we wrote a short piece of writing and then worked on the skills of editing and improving our work.


We held our Year 4 class council this week. First, we learned about democracy and the parliament in the UK. Each candidate then wrote a manifesto and presented it to the class before we each voted for the people we thought would do the best job. Well done to Maisie and Giacomo who will represent our class this year.