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Please read our half termly newsletter below to find out what will be happening in Year 4.

Autumn 2


Week 7


What an amazing final week we have had!


On Monday, we watched a pantomime and had sweets and popcorn.


On Tuesday, we made bath bombs for our Christmas Fair Enterprise and finished off our calendars too. We also did some more work on designing our websites in computing and completed our sculpture evaluations in Art.


In Maths, we worked on multiplying and dividing by 1 and 0 and in Science we added to our mind map to show what we had learned about sound.


On Thursday, we all enjoyed our Christmas dinner in the hall.


On Friday, we all wore our Christmas jumpers and played party games outside. We had a delivery of presents from Santa which was very exciting. In the afternoon, we watched The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe which we absolutely loved!

Week 6


It's been a busy week in Year 4 this week. We have been doing some tests and really shown how good we are in Maths and reading. We have also been working hard on finishing our sculptures for the Art gallery.


In English, we wrote up our persuasive letter in best ready to deliver to Mrs. Ponton. We have shown just how good we are at writing by using persuasive language, formal language and persuasive devices such as rhetorical questions and emotive language. Fingers crossed we persuade Mrs. Ponton to buy us some more playground equipment!


On Wednesday, we made some more sculptures but this time we used recycled materials. It was tricky to make them look human like instead of robots but we persevered and are proud of the end products.


On Friday morning, we visited the art gallery in the hall. We loved seeing all our sculptures set out and also seeing all the amazing art work done by other classes.


Finally, On Friday afternoon in RE, we learned about Christingles and what they represent. In groups, we made some Christingles and lit them at the end of the day.

Week 5


We have had a great week preparing the classroom for Christmas this week. We made paper lights, hand print wreaths and paper chains. Take a look at the pictures below of how we decorated the classroom.


On Wednesday, we had an art day. We made our Christmas cards and decorations and also prepared our sculptures for painting. We were really excited to see them mounted on a stand which Mr. Coates had kindly done for us. They will be unveiled to you all next week and we are sure you'll be impressed.


On Thursday morning, we had our annual Christmas tree assembly (socially distanced of course!) We all had the opportunity to place a bauble on the tree before we had a class photo beside it.


In Maths, we have been learning about multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100. We know it is more than just a trick of adding on or taking off a zero!


In English, we have now planned out our letters and will be writing these up next week ready to deliver to Mrs. Ponton.


Finally, in Science we did an investigation about how sound changes at different distances. We learned that sounds get quieter as the distance increases due to the vibrations becoming smaller as they move away from the sound source.


Week 4


This week in Maths, we finished our unit on perimeter. We learned how to draw shapes of a given perimeter and how to find the perimeter of rectilinear shapes. Next week, we will start our unit on multiplication and division.


In English, we continued working on persuasion. We learned about formal and informal language and when we should it.


In Science, we learned about pitch. We used a variety of instruments to discover how and why the pitch of each of them changed. It was a very noisy lesson but we all learned a lot about pitch and volume.


The highlight of the week was on Wednesday when we created our Giacometti style statues. It was a difficult process but we are really proud of how well they have worked. We will continue to work on them over the next few weeks ready for the art exhibition.

Week 3


This week in Maths, we have been learning about perimeter. We learned that perimeter is the length around the outside of a shape. First, we used a grid to calculate perimeter before moving on to using our knowledge of shapes and equal sides to find the perimeter.


In English, we have been looking at persuasive language and using it to persuade people to come around to our way of thinking. We even managed to persuade Miss Wager to give us 5 minutes extra playtime on Friday!


In PE, we have continued learning hockey. We played some small team games and tried out different positions (centre, attacker, defender and goal keeper) to see which we were best at. We had some great games and loved playing against each other.


In art, we designed some ideas for our sculptures. These are inspired by Giacometti and we can't wait to create them next week.


In Science, we learned that sound is made by vibrations. We investigated this by using our throats, tuning forks and drums with rice on them. Take a look at the photos below to see us hard at work.

Week 2


In English, we have started our new unit on persuasive letters. We will be working on writing a persuasive letter to Mrs Ponton about new playground equipment to improve playtimes. We have already had a look in catalogues to see what we would like but were quite shocked at how much things can cost.


In Maths, we have begun our new unit on length and perimeter. We have been working on converting between metres and centimetres so far.


We have continued to learn hockey skills in our PE lessons. This week, we even got to play a short game using positions such as attackers, defenders and goal keepers.


In Art, we researched some of the work by Giacometti and Moore. We chose sculptures we liked and recorded these. These will help us with our designs next week.


On Friday, it was Children in Need. Each class chose a challenge which we had to do to match our age. We chose to do hockey for 9 minutes or drawing for 9 minutes. We had great fun!

Week 1


This week, we have been learning about Black History. We learned about Ruby Bridges, who was the first black child to attend an all white school in New Orleans, USA. We discovered that on her first day, people protested and nearly all the white children were removed that day. We also learned about the civil rights movement. We were shocked at how people could treat others differently just because of the colour of their skin.


In English, we wrote our newspaper report about the chocopocalypse. We planned out our introduction and main paragraphs before producing our final piece which included all the skills we have been learning. We will be publishing them next week and sharing them on Google for you all to see.


In Maths, we have been working on column subtraction. We definitely found this trickier than column addition. We perserved though and can now subtract when there is more than one exchange.


In PE, we began to learn hockey skills. This week we worked on how to hold a hockey stick correctly and how to perform a push pass.



Autumn 1

Week 7


What a busy half term we have had!


This week, we have carried on learning about addition in Maths. We are now really confident using column addition with multiple exchanges. We are also pretty good at solving missing number calculations and are enjoying the challenge they provide.


In English, we have continued to learn about newspaper reports. We now know that they contain both direct speech and reported speech. We have been using both these skills in our writing this week and have also been working on fronted adverbials.


On Wednesday morning, we had our annual Welly Walk. It was lovely to get out of school for a bit and we enjoyed walking around the park. We were very well behaved and Miss Wager was very proud of us! We managed to do 184 laps of the track as a class.


In PSHE, we continued learning about autism. We did an activity where we had to talk to our partner about our journey to school. To find out how this activity might be done by someone with autism, we each had a card telling us what we should do. Some of us had to cover our ears, walk away in the middle of the conversation or not look at the person talking. It made the conversations difficult but we are now more aware of how people with autism might behave.


In computing, we were uploading our favourite pieces of work and photographs of our learning onto SeeSaw for our parents to see. We hope you like them!

Week 6


It's been another busy but fun week in Year 4!


On Monday, we had Mr Tiffany teaching us. We had a great day and loved seeing him again. During the afternoon, we designed posters to advertise the chocolate we have been designing.


On Tuesday, it was chocolate making! We loved melting the chocolate, adding ingredients and choosing different moulds to create the perfect chocolate. We tasted the chocolates later in the day and evaluated them. On the whole, they were very successful. During the day, we also made the wrappers we would use to wrap our chocolate in. Keep an eye out on SeeSaw next week as we upload our learning for you to see.


In Maths, we have begun our new unit on Addition and Subtraction. This week we have been working on column addition with and without exchanging.


In English, we have been learning about newspaper reports. We now know the key features this genre should have and have been working on quotes and using speech punctuation correctly.


In Science, we carried out an experiment to see if gases had weight. We had a cup of fizzy drink, which we weighed at the start and then stirred it until the bubbles had gone. We then weighed the cup again and discovered that the weight had gone down. This meant gas must have weight.

Week 5


On Tuesday, we finished our hot write. We were very proud of our hard work and we even impressed lots of teachers around school. When we finished the hot write, we proof read it and improved it.


In Maths, we learned to round to 1000 as well as 10 and 100. We then went on to learn about negative numbers. Negative numbers are below zero and the closer they get to zero, the greater the number is.


On Friday, we learnt about invisible disabilities. We then focused on Autism. We learned that people with autism can have sensory overload and that they don't always understand why people are doing certain things. We then had an activity that gave us the chance to experience what it might be like to have autism. We had to complete a really hard Maths task whilst there was very loud music on and the teachers were knocking our chairs, banging and fiddling with objects. We found it very difficult to complete the task!


In DT, we finished designing our wrappers for our chocolate creations. We are very excited because next week will be CHOCOLATE DAY!!

Hot Write

Week 4


In PE this week, we learned how to do a three man weave in handball. It was tricky to remember who to pass to and where to go after, but we showed great resilience. We also upped our running time to 4 minutes. A lot of us struggled but we know its important to increase our stamina.


In English, we planned out our writing and did the first part of our hot write. We were quite excited to write about the meeting between Garibaldi and Jelly. We all wanted to show off our use of subordinating conjunctions and adverbs of time. Some of us even got our pen license just before the hot write which made us even more excited!


In Maths, we continued place value and worked on number lines. We learned that number lines had increments that may or may not be shown and that we needed to work out what the increments were before we could place numbers correctly.


Finally, in French, we were learning the names of pets. Some of them are a bit tricky but we enjoyed putting on a French accent to say them.

Week 3


In PE, we continued to learn Handball and we even had time to play a short match. The key skill we were learning this week was to jump and shoot.


In DT, we were designing packaging for the chocolates we are going to make. We thought of different names we could have and then designed fonts. We also had to choose which chocolate we wanted to use and ingredients for what would go inside.


In English, we have been learning about different conjunctions. These are useful because they link ideas together. We learned about using subordination conjunctions to make complex sentences too. We now know a way to remember the subordinating conjunctions - I SAW A WABUB! We used our knowledge of conjunctions to create complex sentences about the meeting between Garibaldi and Jelly in The Great Chocoplot.


In Computing, we learned about how to save our work using Google Drive. We also learned how to create Google Docs. We have all managed to log in to SeeSaw using our Google emails ready for our homework next week.

Showing Particles of Solids, Liquids and Gases in Science

Week 2


This week, we had a Growth Mindset week. We each now have a card which helps us to have a growth mindset when we are feeling like we are in the pit. We learned that when we make mistakes this actually makes our brains grow! During the week, we also had brain break cards which we enjoyed using. We now know it is important to have a go, try our hardest and remember we might not be able to do it yet.


In English, we have continued to read The Great Chocoplot. We did some drama where we took on the role of two of the main characters - Gariboldi Chocolati and Jelly. This meant we knew what they were feeling like and it will help us with our writing.                                   


In Maths, we learned about Roman Numerals. We now know how to make lots of different numbers using the Roman numerals. Why don't you test us at home?


In PE, we learned about a new sport - Handball. We know that you can't travel more than three steps before you must dribble or pass the ball. You also cannot use your feet. We are looking forward to learning more about this sport in the coming weeks.          

Week 1


What a fantastic first week we have had in Year Four! We have been amazed at how well the children have settled in to the new routines and very impressed with the quality of work produced so far.


Over the week, we have done a number of different team building games. We had to save Fred the worm, answer some tricky ‘would you rather‘ questions and played the ‘best game’ where we had to decide who would be the best at a certain talent. We had lots of fun and worked really well with each other to achieve the end goal.


We worked on a mini art project where we had to copy a photograph of our face. We then cut up the photograph and the drawing of our faces and stuck them back down on paper in a special way to create a 3-D effect. We loved the outcome and they are now on display in the classroom.


On Friday, it was chocolate day! We played a game of guess the chocolate bar, started our new English text The Great Chocoplot and finally we got to taste some chocolate! It was a great way to end our first week and start a brilliant topic.


Note: PE will be on a Tuesday afternoon. It will be outdoors so please ensure children are wearing suitable PE clothing that day.


Could parents also ensure that all jumpers and coats have the children’s names labelled.

September 2020 - as Year 5!