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Please read our half termly newsletter below to find out what will be happening in Year 4.

Spring 1

Week 3


In English, we have been researching information to write a non-chronological report. Each of us are finding out about a different aspect of this civilisation. The Nile was important to Egypt for lots of aspects of life, they wrote in hieroglyphics and left incredible monuments behind like the pyramids and sphinx... just some of the things we have found out so far!  


We have been using and applying our knowledge of multiplication facts across this week. We multiplied three single digit numbers and spent time on TTR soundcheck to make sure we know all the facts. Then, it even came in useful for our area lessons where we continued to work on finding the area of various shapes. Finally, we learned the importance of working systematically to ensure we can identify patterns of how shapes were changing. 

In History, we learned about another ancient civilisation – The Shang Dynasty. We discovered some of their achievements were weapons, armour and arrows and that they used the Yellow River for Drinking and farming along.  

Finally, in Music we sung the hoedown which is a song that made you want to dance. We compared it to a song about Martin Luther King that we had listened to previously. We are getting much better at understanding how music is structured. We could recognise what 4:4 timing meant and bpm told us the tempo of the pieces.   

Week 2


At the start of the week, we finished off our learning about Faith Week. We recorded videos and finished posters. We then published them onto SeeSaw for people to see.


This week in English, we have been researching Ancient Egypt and their way of life. We each chose a specific topic to research for our non-chronological reports.


In Maths we have learnt more about the area of shapes including how to find area by either counting squares or using multiplication facts.


Our new PE unit is on hockey. We began by focusing on how to hold the stick correctly and move with it. Then, we started learning about the core skills of hockey: dribbling and shielding the ball if someone was trying to take it from us. This was made more of a challenge when we played a game trying look after the ball when Mr Tiffany was trying to take it from us!

Week 1


This week has been Faith Week in School.


We have learned about several religions and the stories they tell which have a message behind them. From Christianity, we learned the story of the poor widow and Jesus and Zacchaeus which involved a greedy man. Greed isn't good and it is better to share things. The other stories were from Sikhism and Buddhism and they had a similar theme. Finally, we have begun to share our learning from Faith Week in various ways using writing, iMovie and ChatterPix. We will be sharing these on SeeSaw when they are complete.


We started something new in PE as well! Focusing on having a strong core which will help with everything. Mr Tiffany introduced us to planking, bear crawls and then we played games where we tried to keep a ball on our back while planking or a cone while bear crawling.


Autumn 2

Week 7


We have had a fantastic final week before the Christmas break.


On Monday, we took part in the Key Stage 2 Carol Singing in the playground. We loved singing as a group again and in front of an audience. It certainly made us feel ready for Christmas.


We worked on creating our Christmas cards and calendars this week and loved doing different Christmas crafts.


On Thursday, we learned all about Christingles and made some. We lit them in the classroom and turned off all the lights - it was magical.


On Friday, it was party day. We had lots of fun in the hall playing party games and had a visit from a very special visitor - SANTA!! In the afternoon, we watched The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe as we had been reading it during our reading lessons.

Week 6


This week, we have been putting the final touches on our sculptures for the art gallery. We are really proud of them - aren't they amazing?!


In English, we have been writing our biographies on our chosen artists. We have been working hard on making sure we have well organised paragraphs that are ordered well and linked.


In PE, we have been improving our netball skills and have learned how to turn clockwise and anti-clockwise.


Finally, we have really enjoyed practising our Christmas carols ready for the carol singing on Monday afternoon.

Week 5


This week we have been very arty in Year 4! We have worked on creating our sculptures for next week's art gallery. On Wednesday we began by making a skeleton of our sculpture using pipe cleaners and tin foil. Then, on Thursday, we put mod roc around the tin foil to create our sculpture. Finally, on Friday, we sealed the mod roc with watered down glue before we painted them using bronze, copper or silver paint to make them look like they were sculpted out of metal.


In Maths, we have been working on learning our times tables. To help us with this, we played two new games - the grid game and beat Siri. We will continue learning our times tables over the next few weeks.


On Thursday afternoon, it was our famous Westroyd Bauble assembly. Each of us got to hang a bauble on the Christmas tree whilst we also sang and listened to carols.


In English, we organised our notes into paragraphs ready for us to write up our biographies so you can read them at next week's art gallery.

Week 4


This week in Art, we have been learning about the works of Alberto Giacometti, Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth. They all made very different types of sculptures. We used the work of Giacometti to inspire us to design our own sculpture designs on paper. Next week, we will begin to create our sculptures out of pipe cleaners, tin foil and Mod roc.


In English, we have started our next text type which is biographies. A biography is the true story of someone's life. We learned about the features of this type of text before moving on to research about the lives of Giacometti, Moore and Hepworth so we can write a biography for you all to see in the upcoming art gallery.


On Monday in Maths, we continued to learn about perimeter of shapes. To find the perimeter you need to measure each side of a shape and add them together. We have also been learning about how to multiply and divide by 1 and 0.


In whole class reading, we read another chapter of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. Edmund has finally been through the wardrobe and has just met The Snow Queen!


Week 3


This week in Maths, we have moved on to a new unit on multiplication and division. We have been learning how to multiply numbers by 10 and 100 as well as to divide numbers by 10. Although we know there is a trick with the 0's, we have made sure we understand that the numbers are actually moving left or right on a place value grid.


In English, we have been working on standard English. We know we need to select was or were correctly to make sure our writing is accurately written.


In Science, we began a new unit on sound. We used tuning forks, drums with rice and our own throats to discover that sound is made by vibrations. We also looked at a range of different instruments to investigate how the pitch of each can be changed.


Finally, in whole class reading we have begun a new book - The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. We have enjoyed it so far.

Week 2


In Whole Class Reading this week, we read a story called Daisy and the Unknown Warrior. We had this book because it was Remembrance Day on Thursday and it helped us to learn some facts about why and who we remember on this day.


In Maths, we finished learning about subtraction and we are actually feeling pretty confidence about it. We can now subtract 4 digit numbers with more than one exchange.


In Music, we started to playing the recorders to Mamma Mia. We really enjoyed it but we did find it difficult. Not everyone got to play the recorder, some children played the 'G' instruments instead.


On Wednesday morning, we walked down to Sunny Bank Mills Gallery for a drawing workshop. We had a mission to draw something in the art gallery based on clues. We also looked at different pieces of art work and answered questions. We loved our visit and would like to go back.


In English, we have finished writing our explanation texts on our crazy contraptions and published these.


Sunny Bank Mills Gallery

Week 1


In Spanish, we learned the numbers to 10. It was quite easy for most of us but it's a lot of new words to remember.


In Maths, we have been learning how to do column subtraction with one exchange. This was a little challenging at first but we were soon becoming more confident.


During our English lessons we have been learning how to use causal conjunctions so we can include them in our explanation texts. We found this quite straightforward and have begun to use them in our writing.


For our Black History Work, we have been learning all about the Bristol Bus Boycott. This was about the Bristol Bus Company not allowing Black people to work on their buses because of the colour of their skin. Lots of people stopped using the buses so they decided to change their minds and anyone could then work on the buses. 


Finally, in our spelling work we have been learning about four prefixes - in, im, il and ir.

Autumn 1

Week 7


What a fantastic week to finish our first half term in Year 4!


On Tuesday, we had chocolate day. We loved melting the chocolate and creating our own chocolates, with a variety of ingredients being used. We evaluated our chocolates by tasting them and we are pleased to report that they were delicious! We also created our wrappers from our designs and they look amazing.


On Wednesday, we completed our Science unit on Solids, Liquids and Gases. We looked at how water can change between the three states through melting, freezing, evaporation and condensation. We also learned about the water cycle and created our own water cycles in  bag which you can see on our windows.


It was our Harvest Assembly on Thursday. We had all learned our lines and performed well to Years 4 & 5. It was also great to sing in the hall again.

Week 6


In Geography, we have learned about cacao trees and where they come from in the world. We know they grow really well in wet but sunny places such as Africa, South America and North America.


In English, we have started learning about explanation texts. We received a letter from Wallace and Gromit asking us to design some inventions for Wallace to make. We need to make sure we have clear explanations so he knows how they work!


In Maths, we have been learning about column addition. We are all very confident with this and can add 2 4-digit numbers without any exchanges. Next week, it will get harder as we will have to do lots of exchanging!


In DT, things are getting exciting! We had to create our chocolate design by choosing the chocolate and ingredients we want to use. Then we had to think of a name and design a logo before we created our final design for a wrapper. Next week, we get to make our chocolate!

Week 5


On Monday in Spanish, we were revising the greetings by playing a game. 


In Science, we did an investigation with fizzy drinks. We needed to investigate which drink was the fizziest because that meant it had the most carbon dioxide. We discovered that Ginger beer was the fizziest and we learned that gases weigh.


In English, we finished our hot write and then did some proof reading before we published our work. We will be sharing these with Year 5 next week for them to give us feedback.


In Music, we were listening to Mamma Mia and learning about the different beats and instruments used. We also learned how Abba came up with their name.


In Maths, we finished our place value unit and learned about how to round numbers to 1000. Next week, we will be moving on to addition and subtraction.


In DT, we investigated different chocolate wrappers and analysed them to discover what made them interesting for people who wanted to buy them. We know that the colours, font and ingredients are important on a package. 

Week 4


On Tuesday afternoon, we had a very special lesson! It was CHOCOLATE TASTING! We had to fill in a grid to describe the appearance, smell, texture and taste of milk, white, dark and very dark chocolate. We really enjoyed doing this!


In NNS, we have been learning how to spell some homophones. We have been working on peace, piece, main, mane, fair and fare.


In RE, we learning about the story of Rama and Sita and why Diwali is celebrated. We used puppets to retell the story.


In English, we began our hot write about the meeting between Garibaldi and Jelly. We have been working on adding in our skills of subordinating conjunctions and other conjunctions. We will finish these next week and share them on SeeSaw.


We have continued to read The Great Chocoplot and have reached the end of Chapter 5. We have been deciding if the chocopocalypse is real or not. Most of us think it is real based on what we have read so far.

Week 3


In Maths, we have continued to learn about place value. This week we learned about negative numbers and four digit numbers. 


On Monday we did our first Spanish lesson which we really enjoyed. We learned to say hello, good morning, goodbye and how are you as well as the names of some buildings.


In whole class reading, we read another poem called My Nan's Chocolate Cake. It was similar to Michael Rosen's Chocolate Cake but this poem rhymed. We loved reading more about chocolate!


In English this week, we learned about subordinating conjunctions and we watched some videos to help us remember them. We can use 'I saw a Wabub' to help us remember the conjunctions.


In RE, we learned about Guru Hargobind and how he was sent to jail by the Emperor. When they said he could go, he wouldn't until the other people could go too. The Emperor said yes but only the people that can hold on to your robe. 


In gymnastics we were learning our rolls. We worked on our egg and log rolls before moving on to a shoulder roll. Take a look at the videos below!

Gymnastics 1.mp4

Still image for this video

Gymnastics 2.mp4

Still image for this video

Week 2


In Maths this week, we have been learning about rounding to 10 and 100. We learned that if the number is 5 or higher you round up and if it is less than 5 you round down. We also learned about Roman numerals. We used lollipop sticks to make different numerals.


In whole class reading we have been looking at the poem Chocolate Cake by Michael Rosen. It was funny and we worked on asking different questions about the text.


In English, we carried on reading The Great Chocoplot. We focused on Jelly and Garibaldi Chocolati. We even got to act out a part of the book which we really enjoyed.


In Computing, we learned about Google Classroom. We loved chatting to each other and we also have our first homework to complete and hand in on Google Classroom this week.


Finally, we learned all about how we are all different and special in our own ways. We learned about a condition called autism and how it can make people act differently. We learned that we should still be helpful and kind to everyone.

Week 1


Our first week in Year 4 was amazing!!


On the first day, we did a Hot Seat Sheet. We had to write our most embarrassing moment, our favourite ice cream and lots of other random facts.


In English, we did a cold write which was a recount about our summer holiday. We all tried really hard.


In Maths, we did a special figure me out sheet and a pre assessment.


In Art, we worked on a special portrait which we will finish next week.


We were also very excited to have an assembly back in the hall with Year 3!


Please remember that PE is on a Wednesday and Friday - come to school in your PE kit!