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Please read our half termly newsletter below to find out what will be happening in Year 4.

Summer 2

Week 6


This week has been enterprise week. In Year 4, we have been making pencil toppers to sell at the summer fair. We have worked hard to create interesting designs and to promote our product in school. Take a look at the photos below.


We have been working on statistics in Maths. We have been working on interpreting data from pictograms, tables and bar charts. We are moving on to line graphs next week.


It was our last street dance session this week. We have loved learning the dance and can't wait to show you some of our moves next week!

Week 5


In English, we have continued our book - The Man Who Walked Between the Towers. We are amazed at what Philippe Petite achieved! We had a go at being eyewitnesses and wrote a short report about what we had seen whilst stood on the streets of New York witnessing this remarkable event.


In Computing, we have finished our memories movies. We added music to the final product and learned how to split the sound so we could hear the videos we had included. We can't wait for you to see them at the open session next week.


It was moving up day on Thursday and we had a great day with Mr Dawson. It's hard to believe we've almost finished Year 4! We opened up our time capsule and read back the letters we had written to ourselves on moving up day last year. We were shocked to see how much we had changed - some of us had better handwriting and punctuation, some of us had changed our favourite colours or games and we had all had changes in our friendship groups as we have had new children join us.

Week 4


It's been a busy week this week!


On Wednesday, we went to Pudsey Civic Hall to perform with our brass instruments in a concert with other schools. Our performances were amazing and we really showed how much progress we have made this year. We hope you can all join us at school in a few weeks when we show off our musical skills in a special assembly.


On Friday it was sports day. We went over to Hainsworth park and took part in a range of activities including races, throwing, jumping and catching activities. It was a glorious day and we really enjoyed ourselves.


In Art and DT, we have been working on our Yorkshire scenery. We have already painted a typical Yorkshire scene and we are now creating a loom and so we can weave a masterpiece! Make sure you come along to the open session in a couple of weeks to see them.

Week 3


In English, we have begun to read a new book called The Man who Walked between the Towers. We researched the twin towers on the internet and discovered how high they were, how long they took to build and what happened to them. We know they will be a crucial part of the story as we continue to read.


In Science, we continued working on classification keys. We made our own keys, which were then tested by other children. We soon spotted our mistakes and improved them. 


On Friday, we took part in Junior Warrior at Bramham Park. The weather was lovely and we got well and truly muddy! It was a great experience and we all persevered to get to the end.

Week 2


We have continued learning about money in Maths this week. We worked on adding and subtracting amounts using column addition and subtraction. We also had some difficult problem solving puzzles to solve which we worked really hard on and improved our perseverance skills.


In English, we finished our sporting commentaries. Again, we worked really hard on these and edited and improved them when writing them up on the laptops.


In Science, we learned about classification keys. We discovered animals can be grouped in many different ways and learnt about the 5 main groupings. We then made our classification keys, which we found tricky at first, and practised using them on each other.


In Computing, we worked on Windows Movie Maker. We are making a photo movie of our memories in Year 4. They'll be shown in our open session in a few weeks.

Week 1


In English, we have been learning about sporting commentary. We have all chosen a sport and found an interesting video clip to write about. We have been thinking about how we can show the strength of character, atmosphere and tension. Our plans are now ready and we will be writing our commentary next week.


In Maths, we have started work on money. We have been looking at pounds and pence, comparing amounts and solving problems.


Our new Science topic is living organisms and their habitats. We have been looking at similarities and differences and how we can group living things in a variety of ways.


In PE, we have begun our athletics work. This week we have been working on our running, throwing and jumping skills. We also took part in a street dance session with Leeds Rhinos. We will be doing this every week to build up a number of different routines.

Summer 1

Week 6


This week we have finished our writing from the video Marshmallow. The writing produced has been incredible! We are going to display it all in the classroom so everyone can see what we are capable of. Below is a little video Miss Wager sneakily took of us working - she was amazed at how motivated and quiet we all were!


In PE, we finished our Mission Impossible dance sequences - have a look at some of the videos below to see our amazing formations and cannons.


On Friday it was Science Day. We were set a challenge of making a bulb light without wires. We explored lots of different objects and soon managed to make the bulbs light up. We all knew to choose metal after our work on conductors a few weeks ago.


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Week 5


It's been another busy week!


In English, we have continued to write about the video Marshmallow. We have been looking at writing detailed action sequences which add tension. The writing has been amazing and we have been going to lots of different teachers in school to show it off.


In Maths, we have been comparing and ordering decimals. At first, we found it a bit tricky to compare decimals that only had a tenth with those that had a tenth and hundredth but we now feel much more confident.


In PE, we have continued our Mission Impossible dance sequences. We learned about cannons and formations and have been working as small groups to develop these in our sequences.


In Science, we learned about switches and why they are important in electrical circuits. We made our own switches and knew these needed to be metal to conduct electricity. We also got to work with buzzers and motors.


Next week is Westroyd Bake Off. We have watched some of the Junior Bake Off episodes this week to inspire us. Enjoy your baking this weekend!

Week 4


In English this week we have been looking at extending sentences effectively. We have worked on using prepositions, adjectives and relative clauses to make our work really detailed. We used our descriptive skills to write some excellent settings descriptions.


In Science, we have continued to learn about electricity. This week we investigated conductors and insulators. We built circuits and then put different materials in to see if they still allowed the bulb to light or not. We discovered that metal is a conductor and the other materials were insulators.


In PE, we have moved onto Mission Impossible as our music. We have been learning a sequence of moves which we will continue to develop in the coming weeks.


We continued our work on Yorkshire by looking at OS maps. We learned what different symbols were and studied small sections of a map of Harrogate. We really enjoy looking at maps.

Week 3


In English this week we have been looking at performance poetry. We began by looking at some performances by Michael Rosen. We loved his use of expression, sound effects, actions and body language. We then went on to create our own verse for the poem 'Gran, can you rap? We looked closely at the structure and rhyme before composing our own verse which we will perform next week.


In Science, we were looking at complete and incomplete circuits. We began by selecting our own equipment and creating a circuit to make the bulbs light up. We then predicted whether different pictures of circuits would work or not before we tested them.


In PE we have been working on our James Bond Dance sequences. We learned how to do a slide roll and incorporated that into our routines. We gave feedback to each other and then improved them before our final performances.




Still image for this video


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Week 2


In English this week we have been learning about Kennings. We wrote our own kennings about different animals and thought hard about how to improve the vocabulary we used and tried to include alliteration.


In Maths, we have been learning about decimals. We looked at how a whole number can be broken down into smaller parts called tenths and hundredths. We are feeling quite confident about this new learning and are looking forward to learning more new skills.


We have begun to learn about Publisher in our Computing lessons. We will be developing our skills so we can produce a comic strip in the coming weeks.


We have also started our topic on Yorkshire. We learnt that Yorkshire is a county split into 4 smaller counties and found these on a map. We enjoyed looking at the maps to spot different places we knew about and some we didn't.

Week 1


What an amazing first week back we have had!


On Tuesday, we had our Easter Service at St. John's Church. All the children learned their lines and did a great job retelling the Easter Story.


The highlight of the week though was our residential trip to Herd Farm. We had an amazing two days of activities and all the children challenged themselves and worked so well as a team. It was great to see the resilience and determination each and every child showed at various points and the support and encouragement they showed towards each other was amazing. Take a look at some of the photos below and on the gallery page to see what we got up to.

Spring 2

Week 5


We have had a great final week to the term learning all about the religion of Islam for Faith Week.


We have really enjoyed finding out more about the beliefs and practices of Islam. On Wednesday, we took part in an assembly and workshop which helped us learn about the Hajj. We acted out gathering around the Ka'ba and walking around it seven times. Some of us also got to try on some traditional clothing.


We also learned about Ramadan and the festival of Eid. We couldn't believe that people had to spend so many days fasting!


Another big event for Year 4 this week was our class assembly. We thought hard about what we wanted to show and the theme our assembly was going to have. We hope you enjoyed watching it.


Finally, it was the Westroyd Museum on Friday afternoon. All our work from the ancient Egyptian topic was on display and we were really proud of how good our death masks looked. 

Week 4


We have been working hard on painting our death masks this week. We have had to take our time and really concentrate on making the lines straight and accurate. 


In English, we have finished our unit on persuasive writing. We carried out our hot task and were amazed at how much better our persuasive writing now is. 


In Maths, we have carried on learning about fractions. We were looking at subtracting fractions from a whole. Fraction bars really helped us with this.


On Friday we visited the mosque in Bradford. We had a really informative session and have already learned lots in preparation for Faith week next week.

Week 3


We have continued learning about fractions this week in Maths. We were looking at adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominators. We found bar models a really useful way of doing this so we didn't get tricked into adding the denominators too!


In English, we have been working on writing persuasive letters. We wrote one to Mrs. Ponton, who was very impressed with our vocabulary and formal tone. We have also been writing individual letters about different topics. We are now experts in persuasion so watch out parents!


We have begun to design and paint our Egyptian death masks this week. We researched the designs and colours used and why they were worn before designing our own mask. Come along to the Westroyd Museum next week to see the finished products!



Week 2


We have had a great week this week - a trip to Leeds Museum, World Book Day and making death masks!


In Art, we used modroc to create a face for our Egyptian death mask. We learned how to apply the modroc and build up smooth layers to create a good base for painting. We will research how death masks were decorated and plan our own before painting them next week.


On Wednesday, we took a trip into Leeds to visit the museum. Whilst there, we took part in a workshop to find out about Mummification. We visited the mummy in the ancient worlds gallery and learned about his life and how he was preserved for the afterlife. We then had a go at mummifying a doll and learned about the removal of organs and how they were stored.


Thursday was World Book Day. Everyone looked fantastic in their costumes (see the picture below). We spent the day doing book related activities such as a scavenger hunt, book taboo, an emoji quiz as well as reading more of our class text.


In English we have been learning about persuasive writing. We have been looking at the language used to persuade and have been having a go at putting forward our own persuasive arguments.


We have continued learning about fractions in Maths. We were looking at fractions greater than one. We learned about improper fractions and mixed numbers and will continue learning more about fractions next week.

Week 1


It's been a great first week back.


In Maths, we have begun to learn more about fraction. We looked at making fractions from different objects around the classroom before looking at equivalent fractions. We really enjoyed creating our rainbow fractions to show equivalent fractions for different amounts.


In English, we began to read our new book, Secrets of a Sun King. We are already intrigued by the feet left on the rug and the mysterious parcel that has arrived. 


We have continued to learn about ancient Egypt in our History lessons and this week we learned all about the Gods. We discovered that there were a many Gods and the creation story was very strange.


In Science, we continued to learn about the digestive system. We learned about what each organ does and created a large model of the digestive system complete with labels about the functions.



Spring 1

Week 6


This week we finished our non-chronological reports and they look amazing! We will be putting all the pages together to make a book for display in class after the holiday.


We had our final session with Leeds Rhinos this week. We had a lot of fun preparing and sharing our games with the class as part of the leadership module. 


We will be continuing our learning on ancient Egypt after the holiday. We will start to read Secrets of a Sun King by Emma Carroll in English and learn about fractions in Maths. Have a great break!



Week 5


We have had a great time this week. As Year 6 were on residential, Years 3, 4 and 5 joined together for a very special project. We became board game designers! We started off the week playing a variety of games to see which elements we liked and which weren't so good. We then went on to designing and creating a prototype of our own game, took feedback and then improved our design. Finally, we created our games and spent some time playing - we loved it!


In Maths, we began learning about area. We used cubes to find out how many squares covered different objects. See the pictures below. 


We also rehearsed and performed our plays which we had written a few weeks earlier. We went to Years 1, 2 and 3 and they were very impressed and entertained! 

Week 4


In English this week, we recorded notes for our non-chronological reports and planned the layout. We thought hard about how to set the information out clearly for the reader and that we had all the key features included.


In Science, we started to learn about the teeth. We learned about the different types of teeth and the roles they each had. We then went on to find out what they were made from. We all thought they were bone but discovered this was wrong!


In Computing, we carried on learning about animation. We used a program called Pivot Animator which was like making a flick book but much simpler and more effective on the computer.


We have continued our PE lessons with Leeds Rhinos and it was the turn of the Egyptian team to come up with a new game for us to learn. They used bench ball for the structure but with lots of new twists! 

Week 3


This week in Science, we were recapping our learning on the digestive system. We tried placing the different organs correctly on an outline of a body before using sources of information to see if we were right and corrected our errors. We also watched an episode of the Magic School Bus which really helped us to learn the different organs.


In English, we completed our play script work before moving on to non-chronological reports. We looked at a variety of reports to find the key features and the different layouts authors used. We will continue working on this next week and complete our own non-chronological reports on ancient Egypt.


In Maths, we have been learning formal methods of multiplication and division. We found it tough at first but persevered and now feel very grown up using these methods.

Week 2


In English this week, we have been learning about play scripts. We began by looking at the features of play scripts and using them to act out short plays. We have now moved onto preparing our own version of Beauty and The Beast as a play. We thought about the key elements we could alter and have begun to plan out the dialogue and action.


The theme for our English work came about due to the pantomime we had in on Thursday afternoon. We all gathered in the hall to watch a fantastic, and very funny, version of Beauty and The Beast. We absolutely loved it!


In our History work, we have been looking at what life was like in ancient Egypt. We set about research different facts to share with our group. We discovered lots of peculiar facts such as children didn't wear any clothes and that both men and women wore make up!


In Maths, we have been learning about factors and used factor bugs to help us find and record factors of different numbers. We found out that numbers with only two factors were called Prime numbers and some of us began to research perfect numbers.


Week 1


It's been a great first week back with plenty of fun and enthusiasm for learning.


In English, we have been learning about subordinating conjunctions. We used the acronym I saw a Wabub! to help us remember the most common subordinating conjunctions. 


In Maths, we have continued to learn our times tables. This week, we have been working on our 11 and 12 x tables.


On Wednesday, we had our Wow day to introduce our new topic of ancient Egypt. We learned about when in history the ancient Egyptians lived and what was happening in other parts of the world at the same time. We also looked at where Egypt is and had a go at writing in hieroglyphics. 


On Friday morning, we had another skipping workshop. It was amazing to see how much progress we have made. We are really looking forward to the competition!

Autumn 2

Week 7


Our final week has been a busy one. On Tuesday evening, we had our Carol Concert at St.John's Church. We had all learned our lines and sang beautifully, it was a great night!


On Thursday, we had a visit from Santa! We loved the new games he brought for us. It was then party time in the afternoon. It was a very noisy time but a lot of fun was had.


A very Merry Christmas from all of us in Year 4, enjoy two weeks of fun and rest.

Week 6


In Science this week, we explored pitch. We looked at three different instruments - xylophone, violin and recorder - to see how we could change the pitch. We learned that the longer the xylophone bars, the lower the pitch was; the thicker the violin strings, the lower the pitch was and the more holes you covered on the recorder, the lower the pitch was.


We have been rehearsing for our Christmas carol concert this week and things have really come together. We hope you can join us on Tuesday 18th at 6pm to hear our amazing singing.

Week 5


We started the week off with our annual Christmas tree assembly. We all gathered in the hall and were each given a bauble to hang on the tree. The whole school sang carols as each class went up to hang their bauble. It certainly put us all in the mood for Christmas!


In English, we have now begun to write our own version of The Pied Piper. We have been taking our time planning out paragraphs and writing and editing our work before we write our final draft.


In Maths, we have continued to learn our multiplication and division facts. We are now much faster and love playing different games to help our learning.


This week we have also begun to get ready for our Carol Concert. We have been given our parts and know which songs we will be singing. We have been working hard in our brass lessons to learn a few tunes to dazzle you all with too.


Finally, we have been using our Science skills to make our craft for the Christmas Fair. We hope you can join us on Monday to buy some of our amazing bath bombs.

Week 4


On Tuesday this week, we had a skipping workshop to prepare us for a skipping competition being held early next year. Lots of found it quite tough but we showed excellent resilience and perseverance. We worked on double beat skipping, crossing the rope, using the long rope and partner skipping. We will continue to practice hard to get better.


In English, we finished reading the Pied Piper and are now beginning to think of ways we can adapt the story and create our own versions.


In Maths, we have continued to work on learning multiplication and division facts. We worked on making links and connections this week and hopefully we will find learning our tables a little easier now.


On Friday we had Christmas Art day. We worked on creating our piece of the nativity scene for the hall as well as helping to decorate the classroom.

Week 3


In English this week, we have continued to look at our class text - The Pied Piper. We did some role play of a conversation between The Pied Piper and the Mayor before writing this using the correct rules of speech. We also learned about the power of three - using three expanded noun phrases in a sentence to emphasise the point we are trying to make.


In Maths, we have moved onto multiplication and division. We have looked at what happens to a number when it is multiplied by 10 or 100.


In art, we carried on looking at art by Pablo Picasso. We have had a go at creating portraits in the style of cubism - they were very weird and wonderful!

Week 2


This week we started our new topic of artists. We looked at some of the art by Pablo Picasso and created some of our own work in his style. We began by learning how to draw faces with the key features in the correct positions and proportions. We drew two self portraits and coloured them using oil or soft pastels. We then cut up the pictures and re-arranged them to make a very abstract self portrait.


In Maths, we have been learning about perimeter. We have been carrying out investigations with different equipment to find the perimeter of different shapes and working hard on our reasoning and problem solving skills.


We have started our new Science topic on sound this week. We learned that sound is made by vibrations. We felt our throats whilst we talked and could feel the vibrations. We also put rice on drums and watched what happened when we banged them. When we did it gently, the rice didn't move much and the noise was quiet. When we did it harder, the rice moved a lot and the noise was louder.


Finally, we started our gymnastics lessons with Mr Tiffany. We learned how to get out and put away the apparatus safely and challenged ourselves to jump from some high blocks! 

Week 1


This week has been centenary week in school. In Year 4, we have been learning about the lives of men and women during WWI.


On Tuesday we went down to the war memorial in Farsley. Mr Tiffany told us about the lives of some of the men who fought and died and even showed us the streets they lived on. We all chose a name and then researched them using the Commonwealth Graves website. It really brought it home to us that people from the village we live in fought and died for us.


We have also done research about what life was like in the trenches. We learned about the Christmas truce and wrote letters home from the trenches detailing this remarkable event.


During the week we made poppies to add to our whole school 'waterfall of poppies' and produced artwork by creating a sunset background and making silhouettes of soldiers to place onto the background.


We have loved learning about WWI.

Picture 1

Autumn 1

Week 8


This week we celebrated Black History Month by learning about Ruby Bridges. We found out about her eventful first day at school and were all very shocked and horrified by the experiences she endured just to go to school.


On Tuesday, we took part in a workshop delivered by Moving Words. We learned songs and performed poems about Ruby Bridges, Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King. We learned more about the Civil Rights Movement in America and what segregation meant.


In Maths, we moved onto column subtraction. We worked on exchanging and, after some work with equipment, we finally got the hang of it.


In Science, we learned about the states of water. We carried out investigations looking at how water can be changed into a solid, liquid and gas and recorded what we found out. We then made our own 'water cycles in a bag' and put them on the window. We will continue to observe what happens over the coming weeks.


After the holiday, we will have a focus week on the centenary of the end of the First World War before we move onto our new topic of artists. We will be studying Pablo Picasso and Georges Seurat. Enjoy your holiday!

Week 7


A busy but very fun week was had in Year 4 this week. 


On Thursday, we had our class assembly. We had been working hard in the run up to the assembly to decide what we wanted to show, who was showing what and how we could make it entertaining. The assembly itself was a great success with our writing, art, computing, Maths, PE and music skills all being shown. 


Thursday carried on being a great day as it was chocolate day! We had been planning our chocolate bars and packaging for a few weeks and the day to make them had finally come! We used our Science knowledge to melt the chocolate at a high temperature to turn it into a liquid and then put our melted chocolate and fillings into the moulds. We also created our packaging using a range of materials. The best part was evaluating our product to see if it was effective - we all thought they were!



Week 6


In Maths this week, we have moved onto addition and subtraction. We have been learning about adding 4 digit numbers using column addition. We started by using place value counters before moving onto using numbers. We began to exchange numbers and have been really confident using this method.


In English, we have been thinking about ideas for our diary entry. We went into the hall and used a roll of paper to add ideas to different questions. We loved reading all the ideas and then adding even more! Our hot task next week will be amazing!


In Science, we looked at melting chocolate. We used three different temperatures of water to see which one melted the chocolate the quickest. We concluded that the higher the temperature, the quicker the chocolate melted.


We have continued working on our quizzes in Scratch and this week learned how to add sounds and backgrounds. Our final quizzes will be really snazzy!

Week 5


In Maths this week we have been learning about negative numbers. We learned that numbers can go below zero and we had a go at making our own number lines outside to show this. Next week, we are moving on to addition and subtraction.


In English, we have been learning about diary writing. We have been looking at the features and having a go at writing sentences using a range of good starters. Next week, we will continue to prepare sentences and paragraphs ready for our hot writing.


This week in Computing we were learning about all the changes we can make to the sprites. We created algorithms that made the sprites flash, change colour and size. This will help to make our final quizzes even better!


On Thursday it was Poetry Day. In Year 4 we looked at the poem Daffodils by William Wordsworth. We went on to create our own group poems about Autumn. We also did some leaf artwork using sketching pencils and painted the other half of a leaf. Have a look at the video below of us working happily on our writing and art whilst singing along to The Greatest Showman!


Still image for this video

Week 4


It's been another busy week in Year 4.


In English we have continued to read our book 'The Great Chocoplot'. This week, we came across a very strange disease - 'Lotta-chocolitis'! We decided to write our own descriptions of the disease including how it is caught, what the symptoms are and how to cure it. We certainly used a lot of imagination and it's definitely a disease you wouldn't want to catch!


In DT we began to design our chocolate product. We thought about the ingredients we wanted to use and then began to think about our target consumers and the name we should give our product. Watch this space for more information about how our designs are coming along.


It was experiment time in Science this week and we had a lot of fun finding out if gases have weight. We carried out an investigation using fizzy drinks. First, we weighed the drink before shaking them up until they went flat. We then weighed them again to see if there was a difference. We discovered that the cloudy lemonade was the fizziest as it lost 10g between the first measurement and the last.


Finally, it was the Welly Walk on Friday afternoon and the sun was shining for us. We had a lot of fun and managed quite a few laps. 

Week 3


This week in English, we have been learning about newspaper reports. We have looked at the key features and revised speech punctuation so we can include a quote when we write our own report. We planned out our report on the chocopocalypse and will be writing it next week.


In maths, we have continued our work on place value. We have been working on 4 digit numbers and understanding the value of each digit. We looked at how numbers can be represented in different ways and how they can be partitioned.


In computing, we have been working on Scratch and we love it! This week we have been debugging files and have begun to create our own quizzes.


Brass was great fun as we were able to play our instruments for most of the session. Take a look at the photographs below to see us in action.


Our new spelling program - Challenge 250, has been introduced this week and the children have brought home the first 50 words for the Bronze Award. We will begin the tests next week and are hopeful that we will quickly whizz through the Bronze words.

Week 2


In English this week we have been working on editing and improving our writing. Earlier in the week, we wrote about an event from our new class book ‘The Great Chocoplot’. We then used editing stations to help us focus on different parts of our writing we could improve. During Dot Day on Friday, we started working on peer assessing each other’s writing. We used a feedback sandwich to give a positive comment, improvement and then a final positive comment.


Wednesday was a particularly exciting day as we began our brass lessons. We looked at the three instruments we could play - baritone, cornet or French horn and tried each one before we made our final decision. It was a great experience playing the instruments but it made our lips feel very strange afterwards! 


We selected our our school council representatives this week. We began by reading our manifestos out and then choosing the candidates we thought would do the best job by placing a cross on the ballot paper. Finally, we posted the papers in the ballot box before the votes were counted. Our representatives are really excited about the first meeting!

Week 1


What a busy first week we have had.


On Wednesday, we had a Wow day to start our topic of chocolate. We looked at the nutritional values of our favourite chocolate bars and how long it would take to burn off the energy doing various activities. Obviously, we had to eat some chocolate, so we did a taste test! We tasted four different types of chocolate: white, milk, dark and very dark. Take a look at the photographs below to see what we thought of the different tastes.


In Maths, we began to learn about Roman numerals. We discovered that there are seven symbols which are used to make up all Roman numerals. We then created Roman numerals using lollipop sticks to show different numbers.


We began to think about who our next school council representatives will be. We learned about the UK parliament and how our democracy works. We then moved onto creating our own manifestos which we will share next week before casting our votes.