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Have a look through the files for this week's updates and learning.

Year 5/6 & Mr D

September 2020 - As a Year 6!

Files for Week 5

Files for Summer 2 Week 4 - 29/06/2020

Files for Summer 2 Week 2 - W/B 08.06.20

Files for Summer Week 2 - 04.05.20

Files for Summer Week 1 - 27.04.20

Easter Learning - 06.04.20

Week Beginning 23rd March


Hi Year 5/6,


To make matters easier, I have put most of our weekly working ideas and links onto one document called 'Week 1 Work - 23.03.20'. All the linked (blue) words will take you to a part of the PDF document or will take you to the necessary internet website. Try it out and let me know if this is easier than just reading the blog.


I hope you are all well and enjoying life at home and thank you so much for your work today. I have loved seeing the pictures and videos - keep them coming please.


Click the file Week 1 work - 23.03.20


Mr D



Spring 2 Week 2


This week, we have been looking at the Normandy D-Day Landings. The skills we have focused on have been figurative language, different sentence structures and speech.There is a great video called 'Beyond Enemy Lines'.

In Maths, we have been dividing and multiplying decimals which is always fun. Ameera says, "You always have to line up the decimal points. It is so important." Sehar thinks it is easier than it sounds. Great job 5/6.


For World Book Day, we have designed and written our own E-Books - we have almost finished, ready for printing next week. "The books were quite challenging to write as ideas were hard to come by but in the end we came up with some great stories." (Harry S-T) 

Some of our books we were even able to get pictures in - Caitlin has some awesome pictures for her very hungry snail.

Spuddy is coming home with Reece P and the prizes for super behaviour go to Olivia B and Lucky!

See you next week and make sure you have an update for me about your reading!! Have a splendid weekend.

Spring 2 Week 1 (part 2)

Still image for this video

Spring 2 Week 1 (part 1)

Still image for this video
Here are Jenna and Maya updating us on the weekly events

Spring 1 Week 5


This week has been much different as we have had to look after a Jelly Baby for the week.

Reece Poyser - My jelly baby has become a movie star in an animation but once this had finished, he still tasted very nice.


Ameera - My Jelly Baby (called Ashley) came to many clothing stores with us and I made her a very comfortable bed.


Mia D - I accidentally left my Jelly Baby at Wrap-A-Round because I was so excited to go home. Oops.


Here is Caitlin's chilling in the Mazda:





We have produced a range of movies about the jelly babies and some cracking photos have been put on SeeSaw for all of us to see.


We have written diary entries from the point of view of Felix who is having a really tough time in the story. He is trying to find his parents and there are Nazis everywhere. Also he now is looking after an annoying six year old called Zelda who he saved from a burning house.


Have a great half-term everyone and look out for Year 6 residential photos in the gallery section

Spring 1 Week 4


Our main TSN was lemon, honey and ginger tea. Here are some photos of us prepping and then tasting the tea.


Spring 1 Week 4....v3

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

Spring 1 Week 4

Still image for this video
Here are Alex and Xavier delivering 3 videos about what we have been doing this week.

Spring 1 Week 3


Good afternoon all! First of all, we can say that we are all really proud of each other this week as we have shown so much care and resilience amongst ourselves.


So in English this week we have been finishing our letters from the war. We have attached a photo of Reece Poyser's work which is brilliant! See below for his emotional letter!


Maths - fractions are still haunting us but we are being resilient and working really hard to understand them. Great job Jake this week as our mathmagician and for being another teacher in the class. Mr Dawson and Mrs Beecroft have loved this.


We have also been learning about World War II and mainly why the war started in 1939. We have been pretending to be the different countries and then looking at the main reasons why Britain declared war on Germany in 1939. We have attached Harry's timeline.


I hope you all have a great weekend. Spuddy is coming home with...............................Mia C and Spuddy Jr is coming home with the one and only Jayden.

Doing the right thing Eclairs go to Callum and Caitlin! Boom!


Sneak Peek

Still image for this video
Ameera showing off her skills yesterday

Spring 1 Week 3


Apologies for the lack of a vlog so far this term. Last week's turned into an upside down disaster again.

This week we will have full updates of what we have been doing and hopefully some PE videos! Exciting times!

Autumn 2 Week 4

Still image for this video
Here are Olivia D and Ameera with their summary of the week.

Autumn 2 Week 3 Part 2

Still image for this video
Reece and Oliver about TSN!

Autumn 2 Week 3 Part 1

Still image for this video
Here are Oliver and Reece P reporting on another awesome week at Westroyd

Autumn 2 Week 2

Still image for this video
Aryaan and Jayden reporting on our week!

Autumn 2 Week 1 Vlog

Still image for this video
Harry and Lucas giving part of a description of our week! Unfortunately, not all the video made it!! Also, it has appeared upside down! We will rectify this next week....

Week 8


No Vlog this week unfortunately but they will be back after half-term.


Firstly, have a superb half-term everybody and well done for working so hard in this first half-term of the year. It goes without saying that we have all been really proud of each other's work so long may this continue.


We have had a great week and now we have a board showing off everything we have studied to do with Earth and Space this half-term.


Have an amazing week off.


The first week back, we will be looking at multiplication and division in more detail in case you want to do some Mathletics pre-learning on there. Column multiplication and short division!!

Week 7 Vlog Part 2

Still image for this video

Week 7 Vlog Part 1

Still image for this video
Here is what happened in our week courtesy of Tyler, Lucky and Callum

Week 6 Vlog

Still image for this video
Here are Olivia and Sehar telling you all about our week at Westroyd

Week 4


Well this week was awesome because we finally had the Welly Walk....oh no we didn't - why does it always rain? Apparently it is because Jenna's angry. Ruby thinks this is true, but we are pretty sure it's actually linked to the Water Cycle. Hopefully we can actually do the Welly Walk next week.

Maths - we are finally finished (just about) with Number and this means we can move on to the four operations - Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division! How exciting!

English - we are really excited to share some of our narrative pieces with you - they are really good and now that we are using subordination, figurative language and fronted adverbials, we realise how great our work is.


Tyler reporting:

science- in science we have been working on how the moon orbits the earth and how it moves (orbits) the moon is only visible from one side because it rotates at a synchronised speed.


Lola reporting:

Baby spuddy is going home with....................Rhys have a good weekend as well as the eclairs go with...........Ruby and Callum have a good weekend team.


Harry reporting:

Also,this week we have had try something new. As you can see we had crackers with different types of houmous. The different types of houmous were avocado and lemon and coriander. We all loved it. 

Week 3


Year 5/6 have had another excellent week. 


In Maths we have continued our Place Value work by looking at number lines and comparing numbers.


In English we have written our cold write and it was a narrative about Mars. We have been focusing on several skills such as relative clauses, prepositions and fronted adverbials. Jake has also loved learning more about Expanded Noun Phrases. This is something that determines the noun (JW).

We had our first Try Something New and we had apricot. Olivia D thought it was really nice and even though Mia D had loads of it, she thought it was horrible! We have been nice and won't put up some of the photos.



Next week is a busy one as we have Welly Walk and McMillan Coffee morning. Spuddy is coming home with ....................................LUCAS!!



Week 2


We have had a great week in Year 5/6, because we have been out to do a traffic survey in Farsley today. The whole class went to Frances Street, Old Road and Bradford Road to complete the survey. We found out that some points are far busier than others, particularly on Bradford Road. In this area, there is a huge roundabout, which leads to Owlcotes Shopping Centre, Bradford and to Horsforth.

We also just used a relative clause in a sentence - we are smart! Here is a picture of us on our journey.


Also this week, some of us in Maths have had a go at a really hard Blow Your Mind and even a harder extension. Some of us spent 25 minutes on one of these questions and even worse than that, one of us was sweating from thinking so hard! 


This weekend, after a great week with Olivia last week, Spuddy is coming home with...............................................Jayden!! Well done young man.

Also, a big shout out for super behaviour to Ruby & Isabella. Reece Poyser too - great job!


I hope the sun stays out and you have all have a superb weekend.


Ciao for now!

Week 1


We have had a superb opening week and it is great to see everybody back after the summer holidays.

Space is a great topic and we have already learned about how the planets travel around thew Solar System, which is called travelling in an orbit. Whilst you might think the planets are close together, they are thousands of kilometres apart. We have also ;learned about how long it takes for each planet to go around the sun. For Earth to go around the sun it takes 365 days, but for Mercury it only takes 88 days. For Neptune it takes 165 Earth years!!

In English, we have been watching a clip from a film about Mars and we are looking at diary entries about a man who is currently lost on this planet. Poor him, but we have been using some really great vocabulary to try and imagine how he is feeling.


This week, Spuddy is coming home with.................................OLIVIA B!!! Also, congrats to Jayden and Mika for their superb behaviour this week!!


I hope you all have a great weekend!!


Year 5/6.