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Year 5/6 Star Wars Posters

Summer 2 Week 7


Well 7 weeks down and 2 days to go for the pupils of Year 5/6. So what have been the best parts of the past couple of weeks.


To begin with, we have been rehearsing really hard for the show and we had our dress rehearsal on Wednesday. This was really good fun and whilst it didn't all go perfectly, we enjoyed it. We can't be putting any photos of this on though as we don't want to spoil it ahead of the big performance on Monday!


Last week was a really fun week as we had Enterprise Week where we bought over 1000 beads and made bracelets to sell to the school. We made a profit!! Not only a profit but a whopping £36.50. Go team 5/6. We came second in the school competition too!


This week has been a beast though. The Year 5 and 6s have loved bikeability - "It was my first time of riding a bike and I feel like people should do this more often." (Reece P). Also,

"When you are able to ride a bike you can do this for hours. It's great fun." (Sehar). This shows just how worthwhile this has been.

We have also had our Wake Up Shake Up performance in school. We came 2nd with 29/30 points and our performance about #ThatPower. The Year 1s were unbelievably good though so we don't mind losing to them.


Finally, the Year 6s went for a surprise Pizza Party to Pizza Express this afternoon. What an awesome experience it was and we ate plenty of pizza and ice cream. We even made our own and they were even better than Mrs Ponton's.



I hope you all have a smashing weekend....oh and Spuddy is coming home with............Sehar!!! Congratulations Sehar and look after him please!

Summer 2 Week 4


So we are making up for a couple of weeks as we were at Junior Warrior last week. We had an amazing time at Junior Warrior last week and safe to say some of us still haven't got rid of the smell of mud quite yet. Here is a photo of us after the race:


In class, we have started performing our Summer Show which is a surprise. It is also, according to Harry, "Funneh!" I believe this means funny.

We have finished our writing pieces about Junior Warrior and we are now turning this into a persuasive leaflet on the laptops. They are very colourful. In Maths, we have been planning Mr Dawson's honeymoon. Apparently Mr Dawson can "go diving with his honey." Aren't I lucky to go Scuba Diving in Bali and The Maldives. heart


Congratulations to the four Rhubarb and Custard winners - Lola, Maddison, Harrison and Reece P have been pulled out of a hat for their superb behaviour.


This week Spuddy is coming home with................................Reece P!! Lucky him!!


Have a great weekend in the sun guys - please remember to use plenty of Sun Cream laugh

Summer 2 Week 2


This week we have been learning about measurement and today we have looked at miles and kilometres which was quite difficult. Reece used his timestables well!


Harry has thoroughly enjoyed up-levelling our debate about pets and these are now a superb read. In fact, they are so good that we have typed them up on the brand new laptops (They are called Stone books, not made of stone!). We will soon be displaying these in class. We have also used the new stonebooks for our coding lessons. We have been making our own games and also making helicopters fly around the screen (or spiral around in Lola's case). Some people have also had a go at debugging. 


Yesterday, two representatives from NSPCC joined us and taught us about the mascot called buddy and about how children can stay safe along with what is right and what is wrong.


This week Spuddy is having an extended sleepover with Rhys W but he will be back from his sunbathing on Monday. However, we were able to hand out two rhubarb and custards for super behaviour (and to Harry for winning the problem of the week). The two superbly behaved pupils are........Daisy and Harrison this week. Well done!


Have a great weekend everyone!!

Summer 2 Week 1


After our awesome SCIENCE day at the end of last half-term, we launched the final parts of our bottle rockets in the playground (see below for a photo). Congratulations to Sehar, Aryaan, Bareerah and Neal for the longest flight of their bottles. It was a lot of fun. Olivia, Layla, Reece and Neal were the proud winners of the Marble Run!!


Later on in the week, we were using measure in Maths and we wanted to find out how many pupils could lie down across the classroom. We found out it was 7 plus Spuddy! Again, look below for a photo.


Spuddy fortunately made it back from Benidorm with Jacob and is going home on Monday instead this week......................with.....................................Rhys Walker!! I hope you all had a great weekend and please remember your coats this week!! It is going to rain until Thursday!


Summer 1 Week 5


Well congratulations to the Year 6s who have completed their SATs. Here are a couple of photos of us celebrating - eating crisps and watching Finding Nemo.


The Year 5s have been producing some awesome presentations about Ancient Greek Myths this week. They have learnt all about Perseus, Theseus, The Minotaur, Eurydice, Orpheus, Scylla, Andromeda and many more.


We have also had a visitor today in class who is now best friends with Spuddy - we have our very own Rambo Spuddy!!


This weekend, Spuddy is coming home wiwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttttttttttthhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....................................MARLY!!


Have a smashing weekend and you can look forward to our Class Assembly on Thursday.


Summer 1 Week 4


Welcome back to Westroyd News Pah Pah Pah (Reece Poyser)!


Well finally it isn't raining so we have been able to get outside this afternoon for plenty of PE. We have done sprinting starters and played many games of "Shark Attack". Harry, Xavier and Daisy were the champions of the final game.

We have been finishing our writing about Alma (some of these are outstanding) and for the past couple of days we have been working in pairs to produce a masterpiece about The Lighthouse. Here is a photo of Reece and Sehar's work:



Superb work from the both of you - you make a great team and you really showed plenty of resilience and ambition with this piece.


Spuddy is in for a super weekend with Carolina!!!


See you all on Monday!


Year 5/6


Summer 1 Week 3


This week we have been learning about angles in Maths:


Here are some facts:

1) Angles on a straight line add up to 180° (Xavier)

2) A full turn is 360° (Bareerah)

3) You could find the answer to a missing angle by adding the given angles and taking this away from 180° or 360° (Reece).

Harry has loved this and is sad that we aren't doing any more work on angles.


In English, we have been writing stories about Alma, who is a young girl who lives in a snowy, cold town. It is quite a creepy story as you will realise when you read the stories.


Here is a photo of our try something new this week. Almost all of us really liked it, although the sauce was a bit spicy.

This week, Spuddy has returned and he is going home with......................................................................................JESSICA!!


Summer 1 Week 2


After our awesome trip to Herd Farm for the Year Fives, and a quite manic Easter, we are finally into a normal week! A five day week.


This past couple of weeks, we have been focusing on narrative and in particular a video called Alma - I would say it's a bit of a horror but we have loved writing about it and we should have some completed versions ready to upload at the end of Week 3.


Maths has been focusing on angles and we have been about acute, obtuse and reflex angles in particular, now with a focus on straight lines and angles in a triangle. Here are some photos of us spending time measuring angles on the floor!!


We think we look good. 

Spuddy will finally be coming home again with someone next week so look out for that and for the awesome pieces of writing which will be shared.


YAY, the sun's out!

Spring 2 Week 4


Well it has been a pretty busy week. We have learnt even more about Wonder and when we acted it out, we realised just how mean children can be to their supposed 'friends'. All Auggie wanted was to be ordinary.


Congratulations to Reece and Balanja as our stars of the week. Today, we had a brilliant visit to the mosque where we learnt even more about Islam. Our guide was amazing and we all learnt a huge amount about Hajj and the daily prayers. Mr Dawson learnt a lot too.


Our rhubarb and custard winners were JAKE!!! At last dude - great job this week. And to Carolina....


Spuddy is coming home with Daisy for a rather exciting weekend. See you all on Monday!

Spring 2 Week 3


This week in English, we have continued to read Wonder and write some diaries about Auggie's exciting Grand Tour of his new school. We have met Julian, who is a bully on the outside but actually seems to be kind-hearted on the inside. We have been writing diaries from Julian's point of view and these are amazing. 


Here is a sneak peek of Harry's (Julian's) diary:



We have also been carrying out some really exciting Science experiments about Light. Here are a couple more photos looking at shadows and the colour of light.



Spuddy is coming home with Xavier and great work to Marly and Jacob for winning the rhubarb and custards.


Have a great weekend everyone!

Spring 2 Week 2


And a very good afternoon to everyone.

This week, we have celebrated World Book Day, but over two days. Today has been great as not only have we tried something new (Naan Breads), we also had some hot chocolate to go with our reading time. We have rebranded ourselves as Starbooks!!! Get it?? Yes, it's 'cringy' apparently (according to Rhys).


In anticipation of Naan



Yum - here is our huge carry kettle worth of hot chocolate. 


This weekend, Spuddy is coming home with..........................Harry!! 


Have a great weekend everyone.

Spring 2 Week 1


Welcome back after a brilliant half-term as we have all seen through the wonderful learning logs!


In Maths this week, we have been mixing our operations with fractions including multiplying and adding.

We have introduced 'Wonder' as our class text this week and we have been learning about a boy called August and his lifestyle. He has something called Treacher Collins Syndrome which affects his appearance. It has been fascinating.


Today, we tried something new. We tried a healthier version of crisps called Baked Pea & Baked Lentil Snacks. For the first time ever, we all loved them, although our personal favourite was probably the barbecue flavour. Sweet Chilli and Lemon, along with Soy were also different flavours that we enjoyed.


This weekend, Spuddy is coming home with.............................................Layla - have a splendid time Spud-a-lud!


Have a super weekend team

Spring 1 Week 5


What a magnificent week - Robin Wood was incredible so thank you to the four people who made it so great!


For the rest of the class, we have made some awesome board games about different parts of the curriculum which had to be educational! We will be playing these next week!


There is no Spuddy this weekend unfortunately, but he will be back in time for next week.

I hope you all have a great weekend and that the films tonight are belters!


Mr D and Year 5/6

Spring 1 Week 4


This week we have started to add and subtract fractions - adding was easier than subtracting according to Balanja!


In addition to this, in English we wrote a story about a mirror - was it magical? Was it evil? Neal's was apparently evil. Marly's mirror was definitely magical.


We have also finished our posters about adaptation. This is when an animal becomes more suited to their environments or habitat. For example, a deer has developed antlers over time in order to fight other male deer to win over a female deer. Thanks Marly. If it adapts over a long period of time, this can be called evolution.


This weekend, Spuddy is coming home with the one and only.................drum roll.................................Daisy Meadows.


Have a great weekend team and for the four of you coming to Robin Wood, remember your warm clothes!!

Spring 1 Week 3


Throughout this week, in Science, we have been learning about animals and how they adapt to their environment. An example of this is a camel who has evolved and grown very long eyelashes to stop sand getting into its eyes. It is now suitable for its desert environment (thanks Marly).

A Vaquita, which is a tiny dolphin, has a curve on its back to help it swim faster (good job Reece).


In English, we have been writing a balanced argument about whether children should be allowed pets or not. We have remain neutral and not been biased in our views, but that's because all children in Year 5/6 would clean up after their pet - according to Neal anyway.


In Maths, we have focused on fractions, including equivalent fractions, improper fractions, mixed numbers and how we can order these!! It's tough in Year 5/6. We then tried something new, which was a flatbread with some dip from Morocco, which is in the north of Africa.


Spuddy is coming home with....................................SARAH!!! WooHoo!!


Have a great weekend team

Spring Week 1


Happy New Year and welcome back after the Christmas holidays.


This week we have started a new topic which is linking the Stone Age to the Iron Age. This will only last for two weeks before we start Early Islamic Civilisations. 

Everyone was very happy (no thrilled!!) to start Fractions this week. We have been learning about equivalent fractions and how to simplify. There are plenty of questions on Mathletics about these if you would like some practise.


Today, we also tried something new as per usual on a Friday and this week it was a hot drink with lemon and honey in it. Here are some of the thoughts:

"Not good" (Carolina)

"Delicious and soothing" (Jess)

"It was alright but the bottom part tasted like heaven" (Harry)

"Horrible and bitter" (Daisy)

"Relaxing and soothing" (Rhys W)


There was clearly a mixture of opinions.


Spuddy had a lovely Christmas with Rhys, but this week he is going home with...............................OLIVIA!!


Have a great weekend!

Autumn 2 Week 7


MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY! Have a superb 2 weeks off and I look forward to hearing all of your Christmas stories when we get back in January.

Autumn 2 Week 6


And before you know it, there are only four days of school left until we break up for Christmas!!

This week, we have been practising for our performance on Tuesday (it is coming along really well).

In Maths, we have done our post assessments on perimeter, area and volume, which has proven how much we have learnt.

One of our favourite moments of the week was finishing off our snowmen and then being able to buy them. We have also got TT Rockstars back!! We love it.


Spuddy is going home wiiiiitttthhhhhh................LAYLA!! Lucky you, and I hope you all have a great weekend.

Autumn 2 Week 5


Goodness me, what a week this has been!

First of all, may I say congratulations to our two stars of the week - great job to Carolina and Bareerah!


Secondly, our art work and craft for the Christmas Fayre are just about finished. We didn't want to leave them in school and wanted to take them home this weekend, but alas we cannot. We have seen huge progress in our Pointillism art and these will look so great once we have them mounted and cut out.


We have just about finished our poems too. The Viewer has been creepy but as Harry said, "the amount we have inferred about this book in just 4 pages is just ridiculous." Well said young man! I wonder what surprises it has in store for us next week!


Spuddy is going on a treat weekend with Jake this week and lucky Daisy and Carolina managed to win a Rhubarb and Custard for their positive behaviour.


Have a superb weekend everyone - see you Monday


Year 5/6

Autumn 2 Week 3


Let's work in reverse. Today, we have a new boy who has started in our class. His name is Rhys and he is very welcome! He has joined Xavier and Reece's group for art and their project on Surrealism.


In Maths, we have been using Cuisenaire Rods to help us with Area & Perimeter, which has been a great help. How many shapes could we make with an area of 16cm²? I think we made 4 (without crazy shapes).


With our English, we have continued with our writing about The Piano video. Here is a short extract from Reece's book: "Suddenly, a memory flooded back to the old man in the way of his brother. As the old man did command, his brother was ready to attack. At the speed of light, a golden bullet hit its destination (his brother). John held his brother in his arms and his face turned from happiness to a tear."


As per usual on Fridays we tried something new. This week we tried a piece of Papaya and Mango. Olivia thought that the papaya was disgusting as it was quite soggy. On the other hand, she liked the Mango because it was sweet and soft.


Have a great weekend everyone and I hope the sun comes out for once.


Spuddy is going home with............................................CAROLINA!!


Autumn 2 Week 2


This week in Year 5/6, we had our class assembly about 'The Digestive System' and 'Centenary Week'. 

Also, we have been learning about various artists from around Europe, such as Doug Hyde, Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso. On the whole, we voted for Salvador Dali as our favourite. Picasso was close behind.


In Maths, we have finished looking at division, which means that we are now moving on to looking at Area & Perimeter. 

In English, we have looked at the amazing short video called 'The Piano' and writing a recount of what happened in different stages. We have then learnt all about personification, which is giving human qualities to something which isn't alive.


This weekend, Spuddy is coming home with .................................Marly!! She is very excited about this. Have fun!


Autumn 2 Week 1


Welcome back after half-term everybody. Well this has been a magnificent first week back and I am really proud of all the work we carried out as part of Centenary Week. The learning was just incredible and some of the letters you have produced metaphorically blew me away. Well done Year 5/6.

The 'Try Something New' was green!! It was a green smoothie and once we got over the fact it wasn't going to harm us, it actually went down quite well. It even had something called Baobab in it, which we learned was from the other side of the world and was a fruit which grows on trees.

Spuddy is coming home with Jess for the weekend too!

On an even more exciting note, we almost all made it into qualifying for the Rhubarb and Custard this week.

Keep stopping by to see the more exciting goings on in Year 5/6



Science Fayre

Science Fayre 1
Science Fayre 2
Science Fayre 3

Here are the pictures of 'try something new'. It's safe to say that it didn't go down quite as well as last time!!

Week 8


In Balanja's words, "It has been an awesome week!" We were very lucky today as we were able to share the Halloween cake, which was very tasty indeed. There was even some left over for Mrs Ponton and Miss Wager.


We have had a very busy week as we had the Science Fayre, where we displayed our learning of the digestive system, the heart and the circulatory system (This is Xavier's favourite word).

We also learned a huge amount in Black History Week and in particular about Martin Luther King - there are more photos to be shared about this soon.


Have a superb half-term and for the whole week Spuddy is fortunate enough to be spending his time with..............................Xavier!! He deserves this after working hard this week.

Our newspaper articles so far!!

Our newspaper articles so far!! 1
Our newspaper articles so far!! 2
Our newspaper articles so far!! 3

Week 7


In Science this week, we have had a really exciting time investigating a sheep heart. We noticed there were many different parts and in Daisy's words "if you stick your finger in the Aorta, you can see it come out somewhere else in the heart." We have learnt that this had come out of a different valve or artery in the heart. As part of the investigation, we cut open the heart to study the different sections, such as the left and right atria and the left and right ventricles. There is a not so delightful picture below.


Also, we have almost finished our newspaper articles about Cameron and his Pig Heart transplant. Some of these pieces of work are excellent and we will be displaying them in school before too long.


Have a great weekend everyone. Spuddy is coming home with....................Balanja!!!! She just jumped up and down in a very excited way!

Week 5


Yesterday was World Poetry Day and we really enjoyed learning and performing our version of 'The Jabberwocky' by Lewis Carroll. The Jabberwock, a dragon with fiery eyes, is trying to hurt the local people until it is defeated by a local knight. We created some performance poetry, which unfortunately we can't upload yet.


We have also been mastering our addition and subtraction skills - let's practise some more on Mathletics this weekend.


Next week, we will be learning about Column Multiplication and Short Division - if you want to practise some of these over the weekend, then this would be awesome!


SPUDDY IS COMING HOME WITH......................................Aryaan!! Have a great weekend all

Some of our awesome Maths work

Some of our awesome Maths work 1
Some of our awesome Maths work 2
Some of our awesome Maths work 3

Week 4


This week, well today, we have completed the Welly Walk, which was great as the sun came out. Thank-you to all the helpers from Year 5/6 who worked with children from the Early Years - good job Harrison, Sarah, Daisy, Jess, Layla and Bareerah!


In English this week, we finally finished our diaries, which have turned out really well. We are now approaching Cameron's operation - but remember this is a secret, we can't tell anyone!!

Next week, we are going to be learning about newspaper reports. 


For our Maths week, we have looked at different ways of answering a problem, which Jake has described as "really fun and interesting". Here is a photo of us at work.


This week, we have learnt about unhealthy foods and their adverts. There are very few adverts about healthy foods. Next week, we are finishing our work on alternate Red Bull adverts. It turns out they don't really give you wings! Hopefully, we will have some videos for the blog next week.


See you next week, oh and I wonder who Spuddy is coming home with???


Week 3


This week we have been learning about Roman Numerals, which in Reece's words are "really complicated". The most difficult part was remembering that XL is completely different to LX. One is 40 and the other is 60.


The reason for the photo below, was that we have reached the stage where Cameron is about to meet Trudy (the pig whose heart he is going to get). We have written some diary entries about that, although we think his Mum is hiding something - what could this be??


In Science, we have been studying what happens to our pulse rate when we are resting compared to when we have just done some star jumps or press-ups. The reason our BPM increases is because our heart needs to pump more oxygenated blood around the body.


One piece of amazing news, is that we voted for our school councillors, who are................................LAYLA and REECE - congratulations guys! Another exciting piece of information is our Spelling Challenge 250 campaign.....who will be furthest along the wall this time next week? 


CHALLENGE AT HOME - Can you work out why some of these words are highlighted in yellow? What are they called?

Reece posing/dabbing as Cameron

Reece posing/dabbing as Cameron 1

Last week's Dot Day photo

Last week's Dot Day photo 1


Week 2


This week we have been learning about the differences between a subordinate and a main clause. A main clause makes sense by itself, whereas a subordinate clause doesn't. For example:


As the spider was in Bareerah's handbag, she gently put it down so no harm was done.


Here we can see that the yellow clause is a subordinate and the green one is the main clause.


Today (Friday), we have loved celebrating Dot Day. We decorated our own dot and then took it in turns to anonymously write lovely, positive comments about the other people in our class including Mr Dawson and Mrs Robinson. We are looking forward to bringing these home next week (Monday).

Finally, Pig Heart Boy is getting more and more exciting, due to the fact Cameron might now be getting a pig heart to replace his infected one.

Week 1

Welcome back. It has been such a great first week back seeing all of our class again. We started off with a WOW day learning about the digestive system and the journey our food goes on....

Why don't you ask us about the different part of the system?

Picture 1