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Welcome to the Year 6 blog!


Each week we will be keeping you up to date with all the exciting and fun things that we have done in school. In addition to this please read our newsletter to find out what will be happening in Year 6 this term.



Spring 1 Week 4 - 28.01.22


In maths this week we learnt how to times decimals. For example 0.2x4=0.8. Also in maths we learnt about how to turn fractions into decimals.


In P.E we have been learning how to dribble in basket ball. Afterwards we had a match and scored some hoops.


In English we have been finishing our hot write about World War 2. It is a third person narrative. We found it exciting and interesting to do.


For Spanish this week we learnt the different weathers.


We have also learnt about what life was like for children in Tudor times, boy are we glad we have the school life we have today!


Next week we can't wait to read more of our current poem, The Highwayman.


Have a great weekend.


Year 6


Spring 1 Week 3 - 21.01.22


This week in maths we have been learning about decimals. Noah has enjoyed learning about decimals to 2dp and 3dp such as 2.56 or 5.563 (3dp).


In our English lessons, we have been writing about WW2 and the beach invasions.

Here is some of Layton's, which has some personification in it: 


The wind roared into the eyes of Chalky White as the ship battled the ocean. Chalky-White stationed himself in the middle of his comrades. Terror filled the air and panic ran through his veins as the ship approached the blood-stained shores of Normandy.


However, it has been in our history lessons where we have learned about a really vile punishment - The Black Death. Bacteria travelled across Europe on rats and then led to the infection of people. They suffered with: diarrhoea, high fevers, swelling buboes, vomiting and unfortunately a slow and painful death!


I hope this is a jolly read ahead of your weekends!


Year 6

Spring Week 1 - 07.01.21


We have had a superb week in Year 6 this week highlighted by our Faith Week learning. Not only have we looked at one religion, we have actually looked at three and the different beliefs, values, worship and festivals a Year 6 might experience in each of these religions.

We have:

  • Tried new food
  • Had our own mini Festival of Colour
  • Talked about our own fasting and whether we could go without food or water during daylight hours
  • Discussed elements of communion and using our own "bread and wine" understood the meaning of this.


Oh and we have started on our new writing as well looking at some D-day style landings and beginning to develop our own piece of narrative. Fortunately (for some), our fractions block is coming to and end! Boohoo!


Have a great weekend,


Year 6 

Autumn 2 Week 5


In year 6 this week, we have done:


 In Spanish, this week, we have learned how spainish people prounounce different animals. These are including a  Cat=Gata,Dog=perro, Fish=pez and many more! We did amazing! We can't wait for another lesson with Mr.Perez! 


In Maths, we have enjoyed doing equivlent fractions and mixed numbers. Although it was hard we can't wait to learn more. Next week we are learning on how to times and divide fractions! 


English this week has been tricky, lets just say that direct speech isn't as easy as we thought! "Direct speech is very difficult but it's worth the fun" Alex exclaimed." 


Wow! The progress in Art this week is immaculate, our Frida Karlo masterpieces are nearly finished. We are all so proud of ourself and our work. We had to be the full ASPIRE poster this week, and every single one of us has been a superstar! 


Autumn 2 Week 4 - 26.11.21



In Spanish we have played a game where children had to pick an item and a colour. The other children had to say it in a sentence. 



In RE we thought about own 5 codes of living - e.g Making time to listen to others, being respectful, honesty, being inclusive and considering others feelings.



In Maths we are doing fractions. Let's just say that we found it very challenging but it's good to keep being resilient


Even though we are tired from Robin Wood we still persevered through the lessons. 



Autumn 2 Week 1 - 05.11.21


For Black History Week we have created a timeline from 1780 to 2021 informing us about all the key steps to stopping racism through the years. (Tristan)

For example, Abraham Lincoln abolished slavery from 1862 (Henry)


In art, we have started to learn about Frida Kahlo and Salvador Dali. These artists are very different but surprisingly their style of art features surrealism (Ruby)


We learnt colours in Spanish. Rojo, Azul, Naranja (Maisie)


In Maths, we have learnt about cube numbers, square numbers and multiples. Ask me about them (Bella)


We have also started our hot write about Jamie Drake's diary. He is having a tough time of it. (Noah)

Autumn 1 Week 6 - 15.10.21



This week in DT, we have been designing and making our own Luna Rovers. First, we designed the layout and analysed the key features. Then, we started to make the base and added on the wheels. This was made by wood and dowel. We used hand saws and hot glue guns.



In English we have been writing a diary entry from the perspective of Jamie Drake, the main character of our class book.



In R.E we have continued looking at special journies and pilgrimages. This week we looked at Christian pilgrimage sites. It was interesting to see there are so many special places in the world for Christians to visit.


Try something new

Mr Dawson very kindly bought us some different flavoured crackers to try. A healthy snack alternative! Rosmary was the most popular, followed by garlic and then salt and pepper. Thanks Mr. D!



Autumn 1 Week 5 - 08/10/21


In maths we have been looking at word problems which we have had to read carefully because the might trick us! 


In PE we played capture the flag. We had to come up with a strategy in order to win. It ended in a draw. 


For DT we identified and analysed different parts of different Luna Rovers in preperation for creating our own over the next two weeks.


We finally figured out who the woman in our class story and it was a shock - the woman who held Jamie hostage was actually holding a telescope and wearing a pink cardigan. Maybe she isn't so bad after all!


Have a great weekend,


Bella and Imogen (and the rest of Year 6)

Autumn 1 Week 4 - 01.10.21


This week we have started making our sun models in Science. We are showing how the earth spins around the sun, as well as the moon spinning around us. We are using paper and split pins to do this.


In Maths we have been adding and subtracting with 4 digits using the column method. 


We have have continued with our hot writes about creating our own planets and these will be displayed in our classroom.


In R.E we have been learning about special religious journies, and this week we looked at the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

Autumn 1 Week 3 - 24/09/2021

" In P.E we were practising sprinting and were seeing who could do the funniest movement. Some people were crawling, some were rolling and some were running on their knees!" -Ella


"In our reading lesson we drew pictures of the characters from our book 'The Jamie Drake Equation' to analyse their personalities." -Summer


"In English we created our own planets and started planning for our hot write next week." - Noah


"We started rounding numbers up in Maths into the thousands" - Tristan


"Today we tried some mango because we like to keep trying new things every couple of weeks. I didn't like it but most of the class did." - Bella


Autumn 1 Week 2 - 17/09/2021


This week year six have enjoyed starting their gymnastics lessons where they have been experimenting with moving their bodies into different shapes. They then created their own shape routines with a partner to share.

The children have also really enjoyed their second Spanish lesson where they learnt how to introduce themselves in Spanish.

For Dot day this year the children spoke about their dreams and how they can be eventually achieved.

In Science the children learnt how the universe was created, by gravity pulling rocks together to create the solar system.

For Maths the children had fun with problem solving involving numbers. 


Year 6!


Autumn Term Week 1 - 10/09/2021


Welcome back to Westroyd after a great summer. This week's blog features quotes from the new, fantastic year 6:


"I loved Spanish because I really like learning new languages and it is easier to learn things when you are young rather than when you are older." (Mathew)


"I loved the art when we did the rockets. On Wednesday, we used chalk pastels and wax crayons to create a space-based piece linked to the work of Peter Thorne." (TB)


"I enjoyed when we watched the video and then created our own planet. We were inspired by Pandora from the Avatar movie." (AH)


"I enjoyed doing PE and Dodgeball because I enjoy throwing balls at my classmates." (IW)


As you can see, we have had a very interesting first week back and it has been great to meet Mr Perez, our new teacher all the way from Tenerife.