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Welcome to the Year 5 blog!


Each week we will be keeping you up to date with all the exciting and fun things that we have done in school. In addition to this please read our newsletter to find out what will be happening in Year 5 this term.


Autumn 2


Week 7


Year 5 have been so excited for Christmas all week and have really concentrated their efforts into making our final week a good one. Despite it being nearly Christmas, we have still been busy learning and have started our new unit of learning in Maths on Area and Perimeter. On Tuesday, we used our knowledge of perimeter to crack the code to find out our topic for the new year- Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. We have also done a lot of Science this week as we finished our unit of learning about Light. We have used prisms to refract light and make rainbows; discovered why we see things the colour they are and also conducted an experiment to see why the size of shadows changes.


We have also been extremely busy finishing our Christmas crafts. We would like to thank everyone who purchased them to raise money for the school and I am really proud of the year 5s for the hard work that went into making them and selling them. Year 5 came together for their Christmas Dinner on Thursday and it was great to see a table full of smiles and laughter. Finally, today was our Christmas party day we have had a super time full of quizzes, games, sharing gifts and finally ending of a relaxing Christmas film. It was also great to see so many amazing and whacky Christmas jumpers!


Year 5 fully deserved to have a brilliant party day with how hard they have worked this year and for how they have come through the adversity that has been thrown our way this year: they have been a credit to the school and themselves. I hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing Christmas time with their families and I look for to seeing you all in the new year.


Merry Christmas,


Mr Fawcett


Week 6


With the final week fast approaching, I am really pleased to say that year 5 have not dropped their standards in terms of effort and attitude in what has been a really challenging week. We have had to do a range of tests including 3 maths papers, a reading test and a SPAG test. This is without mentioning the fact we have to finish off our art for the virtual gallery, publish our Alma writing and make our Christmas Crafts!


Our tests have gone really well and every single person gave it their absolute best which is all we can ask. I am pleased to say lots of people achieved really good marks and showed off their fantastic progress. We also had a special visit from Mr Dawson to congratulate us on the work in our writing books. He said that he and Miss Maybank were absolutely blown away with the standard of our writing, especially over the past few weeks when we have been doing Alma, and that we should be really proud of ourselves. Mrs Ponton has also read our final pieces and selected five children to receive writing awards for their outstanding work. She said that she was terrified while reading them- which is exactly what we were looking for!


On Friday morning, we had a walk around the school art gallery and I have to say year 5’s L.S Lowry art and David Hockney calendars looked absolutely fantastic amongst all the other great art from over year groups. We loved seeing our artwork on display and we hope you do to on our virtual gallery. Don’t forget you can also buy your child’s work for £5 to raise money for the school. We have also been busy making our Christmas crafts, which are decorations for the tree, these are available for £1 on the school website.


Next week, we have lots of Christmas fun to look forward to so have a super weekend with a well-deserved rest!

Mr Fawcett

Week 5

Well Art Week certainly has lived up to its name in Year 5 this week. We have been working so hard towards finishing our final L.S Lowry pieces and we are very nearly there ready for the gallery next week. This week, we have really refined our painting skills by practising on photocopied pieces: the development of these skills from first try to final try has been nothing short of amazing. Each and every member of year 5 has put in has been amazing and I just know our final pieces will look fantastic once they are in a frame. We have also made our Christmas decorations for the hall, which all look brilliant in the hall amongst all the art from the whole school. Are classroom is now fully decorated as well meaning we are all well into the Christmas spirit.

We haven’t just been doing art. In English, we have drafted and written our Alma Hot Write which is a narrative that creates suspense. This is the longest piece of writing we have done so far in Year 5 and every single person should be really proud of their effort and achievement. We are going to share them on Seesaw in an extra special way but we will leave that till next week when they are completed…

In maths, we have now finished our unit on multiplication and division. Lots of us are really confident in our ability to find multiples and factors now as well as knowing what happens when we multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1000. We have also continued reading Malamander. Every chapter we read at the minute seems to leave us on a cliffhanger. It certainly is a book that is difficult to put down!

 Next week, we have got the virtual art gallery and Christmas craft making to look forward to, in what is going to be another busy week!

Have a super weekend,

Mr Fawcett

Week 4


This week in English, we have begun writing our final pieces for our Narrative about Alma. Every single member of year 5 has worked really hard in English over the past few weeks: we are including lots of brilliant suspense and description within our writing effortlessly now and I can’t wait to read them once we have finished. In reading, we have made excellent progress through Malamander this week. At the minute, the suspense is really starting to build and we have talked about how the author has done this in order for us to use it in our own Alma writing.


I maths, we have started our new unit on multiplication and division. This week, we have learned about multiples, factors and prime numbers. Lots of children have impressed me with their ability to find factors of a number and then apply their knowledge of factors to prime numbers. It has also been great to see so many people working on Timestables Rockstars: keep it up year 5!


In Science we explored refraction and conducted an investigation to see what happens to an arrow when you hold it behind a beaker of water and move backwards- if you don’t know, ask your child to show you at home! We have also been working really hard towards our L.S Lowry pieces of art for the school gallery. This week, we have practised adding paint and experimenting with different colours to use on our final piece. We have some extremely talented artists but more importantly everyone is giving it their best on what is a challenging piece of art! We will continue to work on these over the next couple of weeks.


Have a great weekend,


Mr Fawcett



Week 3


This week in Year 5, we have continued to produce some absolutely fantastic pieces of writing based on the Literacy Shed Video: Alma (see slideshow.) We have worked really hard on improving our use of expanded-noun phrases, sentence openers and ways to build suspense and now this is really beginning to show in our writing. I can’t wait to see how our final pieces will turn out next week. In Maths we have now finished our unit of work on Statistics after learning about a range of different tables this week. We will be moving onto Multiplication and Division next week. In reading, we have taken a deeper look at the song ‘Fix You’ by Coldplay. I have been really impressed with our inference making and thoughtful discussions about meaning within the song.

We had a fantastic Science lesson on Wednesday afternoon. We tested out our periscopes with huge success! (see slideshow) We played a game of Guess Who in which someone would crouch behind drawers at the back and use their periscope to describe what actions people were doing in the classroom. Year 5 were amazed that we could actually see over solid objects and had lots of fun exploring this. It also lead to some fantastic discussion and understanding about reflection and how it works.

We have started to work towards our artwork for the gallery, which is fast approaching, by making a first sketch of the picture 'Fever Van' by L.S Lowry. This picture is going to be one of our focus pieces. Year 5 worked really hard on sketching using perspective which can be a really tricky skill and for a first go I was really impressed with the work we have produced. Next week we will be adding to our sketches with paint and ink. 


Have a super weekend, 


Mr Fawcett 

Week 2

It feels like I say this every week but wow this week has been busy. We have started our new Art topic looking at L.S Lowry and John Atkinson Grimshaw. We have started this learning by comparing the two artists and having a go at some sketching. In writing, we have started a new sequence based on the video 'Alma'. The reaction the first time we watched it was priceless and the room was left buzzing with excitement; it has already produced some outstanding writing as well! 


To mark Remembrance day, we analysed and performed the famous poem 'In Flanders Fields' by John McCrae. This produced some brilliant discussion on what life must have been like for the soldiers and really brought home why they should be remembered. In the afternoon, we produced some absolutely amazing artwork based on the artist Jacqueline Hurley- some of which are included in the slideshow below. 


To top it all off, Friday was Children in Need day in school- we had lots of Year 5s arriving in spotty outfits and PJs! This year, our class challenge was incorporated into our PE unit- Tennis. We set ourselves the challenge of doing a combined 1000 tennis keepy ups in 5 minutes. Each child had 2 and half minutes to keep the ball up before passing it onto their partner. The attitude towards the challenge was unbelievable and we absolutely smashed our class total. We recorded 2,187 keepy ups- that's an average of 73 per child! All this without mentioning we made periscopes on Friday afternoon and will be testing them out next week! 


And breathe... 


Mr Fawcett   



This week has been Black History Week in school and in Year 5 we have learned all about the Windrush Generation. This has included creating factfiles about The Caribbean, making posters from 1948 encouraging them to come to Britain (see below), comparing their experiences in our Reading lessons as well as showing off our knowledge with some drama to teach others about the Windrush on Friday afternoon. This has also included lots of positive and mature discussion about discrimination and racism especially around how things have changed in Britain since 1948. 


We have also published our Newspaper reports this week. After so much hard work has gone into them, Year 5 should be really pleased with the outcome because they look and are absolutely fantastic! Statistics is our new unit of learning in maths; we have looked at many different types of tables, charts and graphs this week and also created our own pictograms. We have also begun a new topic in Science: Light. This week, we have investigated how light travels and explored how it cannot bend. 


Overall, it has been a really positive start to the new half-term and everyone has worked extremely hard this week. I hope we are ready to smash the TTR challenge next week! 


Have a brilliant weekend, 


Mr Fawcett 

Week 7


It has been an extremely busy end to the half-term in Year 5 this week and I can certainly say everyone deserves a well-earned rest over the next week. The highlight of the week was certainly Wednesday with the Welly-Walk in the morning and our heart dissection in the afternoon. All Year 5s had a brilliant attitude towards the Welly Walk and this was reflected with our 271 laps in total- that’s just over 9 per child. For half an hours work, I’d say that’s pretty impressive! Dissecting a heart is currently my favourite thing we have done in Year 5; I was so proud to see the vast majority of us getting stuck in and having a go with smiles on our faces. The usual year 5 enthusiasm was buzzing around the classroom. In groups of 5 or 6, we cut the heart open to try and spot the 4 chambers of the heart that we have learned about in our science lessons and label them with cocktail sticks. It was brilliant to hear the knowledge demonstrated by so many people in the class as they talked about what they could see. It was a fantastic way to round off what has been a superb topic to start the year. Photos of both activities are attached below.


Year 5 have also worked incredibly hard on their Skellig newspaper reports this week. I thoroughly enjoyed reading them yesterday evening and they will look absolutely super when we publish them when we get back to school. In maths, we have completed our unit on addition and subtraction and will be moving onto statistics when we get back.

Have an absolutely brilliant half-term Year 5; you really deserve it for your start to the new school year. See you all in November!


Mr Fawcett

Welly-Walk and Heart Dissection

Week 6


Year 5 have worked exceptionally hard this week as we approach a busy end to Autumn 1. I have been extremely impressed with our work in maths as we have tackled the potentially difficult task of column subtraction, including exchanges, with both determination and lots of success. In English, we have continued to work on our Newspaper Reports. This week, we have focused on the skills of speech and subordinate clauses which we have absolutely nailed! There are some examples of our writing using these skills in the slideshow below. We also had a lot of fun creating Newspaper headlines this morning for some wacky pictures. In Reading, we have focused on making inferences from pictures and videos- I have been really impressed with the thinking skills on display!


We are approaching the end of our topic on the human body and circulatory system and this week we did something a little bit different and had a debate. Our debate was: who was the most important scientist out of Edward Jenner and Alexander Fleming? Edward Jenner won (see below) but there were lots of brilliant points raised by both sides. We had our final PE lesson of the half term today and it was absolutely brilliant to see the progress we have made with our rounders skills over the last 6 weeks. We have had some really exciting and close games in which our fielding practice had certainly payed off. 


Lastly, I have witnessed many instances of amazing friendship and kindness within the class this week: giving out lots of stars and team points in the process. Well done Year 5. Have a super weekend!



Week 5


I can’t believe it’s the end of week 5 already; where has the time gone? I’m really proud of the hard work and attitude of everyone is showing on a daily basis, it certainly makes my job easier to have such an enthusiastic and determined class!

We have focused on column addition in maths. We have been building on our knowledge of Year 4 addition and really nailing our exchanging which is fab! In English, we have started our new piece of writing which reports on a dramatic twist to the Skellig story. We conducted interviews of Michael and his Dad in the classroom on Tuesday morning with some super role play and reporting. We certainly have a lot of talented actors in the class!

In our topic we have looked in depth at the heart’s four chambers and blood vessels. This prepares us nicely for our heart dissection next week! I was amazed to see the work in the year 5 sketch books on Thursday afternoon. When I returned to the classroom, I genuinely asked Mrs Winkley if the open books were printed out sheets but they turned out to be our drawings (see for yourself below.) I think I might need some drawing lessons from you guys!

Keep up the good work Year 5 and have a super weekend!




Week 4


I can’t believe we are at the end of week 4 already! Where has the time gone since the start of the year? It has been another busy week in Year 5 in which we have had a focus on recording and retrieving from Malamander and non-fiction texts. We have also finished and published our first pieces of writing in Year 5! We have written a spooky narrative based on Michael’s first venture into the garage in Skellig. I’m so impressed with how hard everyone has worked throughout this writing sequence and that is reflected in their published pieces. Well done Year 5.


We have also reached the end of our unit on Place Value and will be moving onto Addition and Subtraction next week. Our wow lesson of the week was definitely in Science, in which we made our own blood using honey loops, corn flakes, marshmallows, salt and food colouring (guys you will have to explain this one to your parents!) I would also like to say an absolutely massive well done to the vast majority of people who took the time to produce some outstanding heart homework- the enthusiasm towards our topic is amazing.


You have certainly all earned a well-deserved rest this weekend!

Week 3


It has been another week of hard work from the Year 5s who have continued their great start to the new school year. This week, we have continued to read both Skellig and Malamander as we carry on delving deeper into the mysteries of both stories. We have also completed our first big write about Michael going into the garage for the first time. Everyone has really impressed me with their keenness and creativity in our writing lessons and I’m really looking forward to reading them all.  

We are very nearly at the end of our place value unit in maths. This week, we have looked at comparing and ordering numbers up to 1,000,000 and sequencing. I’m absolutely loving the enthusiasm during our Science lessons at the minute as we continue to look in greater depth at the circulatory system. On Wednesday, we learned about the flow of blood around the body and the jobs of each part of the circulatory system (see below.) I have already received some fantastic research about the heart for homework with people really showing off their knowledge. It was brilliant to receive some via G-Suite, which we have learned how to use in Computing! This leads us on nicely to making our own blood next week…

Have a brilliant weekend Year 5.


Year 5 Weekly blog

Week 2


I would just like start to off by saying how proud I am of the Year 5s on their return to school and say a big thank you for helping me to settle into Westroyd so quickly!

In English this week, we have looked at a WAGOLL for our spooky narrative and created some fabulous fronted adverbial sentences- which I'm sure will look super in our writing about Michael going into the garage! We have also started to read Malamander alongside Skellig. I have been really impressed with our discussions about the start of Malamander and the predictions and inferences made by all. 
In Maths, we have had a big focus on rounding this week. It was fantastic to hear some brilliant reasoning this morning when problem solving as well as our recall of the steps to success! We had really fun morning on Wednesday combining our fitness lesson with our science topic to see how our heart rate changes before and after exercise, which brought up some very interesting results!
The Year 5s really enjoyed their Growth Mindset day on Thursday with Mrs Winkley. They have produced some amazing work on how the brain works (see below.) It was also brilliant to hear so many of them using the strategies they had learned about on Friday and supporting each other through our Hit the Button maths challenge.
Have a fab weekend everyone!