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Welcome to the Year 6 blog!


Each week we will be keeping you up to date with all the exciting and fun things that we have done in school. In addition to this please read our newsletter to find out what will be happening in Year 6 this term.



18th June 2021


We have returned to the blog. Apologies for the lack of information for the past two weeks.

We have been completing our non-chronological reports in recent weeks and these are now finished and look superb. Look below for how smart they are.


A few weeks ago, we had some beautiful baby caterpillars delivered and over the last month they have evolved through a process called Metamorphosis which means where an animal goes through a significant physical change in their life. This week, on Thursday, Mr Fawcett (the evil genius) released our newly bloomed butterflies into the wild WITHOUT TELLING YEAR 6!! CRIES OF TEARS ON THE GROUND from Maya.


Have a superb weekend and have a cup of tea reading through Tyler and Mia D's amazing writing.



21st May 2021


Well, we only have one week left until half-term but we are working away like eager beavers.


Congratulations to our two class superstars this week. Master Callum Perkis and Miss Ruby Wade for some outstanding contributions to our curriculum this week. Bravo, take a bow, have a pat on the back, let's hear a round of applause. Also, we all hope that Alex has a super birthday. Joyeux Anniversaire!


Several of us have planted some tasty trees in the playground - look out for some cranberries, gooseberries, rhubarb and "some spiky things" that are actually called gold raspberries.


We have completed our Maths topic of area, perimeter and volume and we have all been mightily impressed with our learning. Next week - it's Maths day. Prepare yourself for pattern sniffing, problem solving, estimating.....and chocolate!


Year 6!!

14th May 2021


We have finally finished our letters home from the juvenile detention centre we have been sent to. Poor Stanley! Poor us - I sure hope we don't get bitten by any yellow spotted lizards. Look out for some of our work on SeeSaw.


One of the most exciting parts of our week has been PE where we learnt an awesome new game called 'Capture The Flag'. The aim is to get the enemy's flag and bring it back to your own base.


The KS2 playground is under construction and we have started planting the new plants and hedges. Here is a photo of Tyler and Lucas planting our new hedge:


Have a great weekend. Maybe Lucas will find more treasure digging than we have whilst reading Holes!!

7th May 2021


It has only been a four day week but what do we have to report about?


One of our main key skills has been about 'engaging the reader'. This is where you can referencing old times or memories that a reader can understand. It can then be used to visualise a setting or context that someone is writing from. Jenna did an amazing piece of writing and is our star of the week!


In Maths, we are now studying perimeter and area "but not volume yet" said Ademide. He is very excited about volume - 3 dimensions!! WOO!!



In our weekly plant update: some of these are now flowering which means our cuttings are healthy despite some of the weather. Others though are still growing.

Have a great weekend!

30th April 2021


This week, our favourite moments have been taking clippings from a hebe shrub and planting some potatoes. From the potatoes we have already noticed some tubers growing and eventually we hope this will create a new, identical potato plant.

We also took some clippings from the shrub and planted them in a pot with some compost and water. We then watered these in:



In maths we have finally finished angles and we finished this with a great lesson on measuring and drawing our own angles. In English, the fun with Holes is only just beginning:

We met Armpit who threw Stanley on the floor and he reminded us of a potential bully. Is this how he is going to turn out? Why is he called Armpit?


Maybe we will find out next week.


Toodle Pip,


Year 6 legends 

23rd April 2021


Welcome back folks to our weekly blog after the Easter holidays.


Firstly, we started our new book called Holes. It is far more exciting then just a bunch of holes. It is about a Year 6 boy called Stanley Yelnats (Stanley spelt backwards) IV who was in the wrong place at the wrong time and blames his dirty-rotten-no-good-pig-stealing-great-great-grandfather. He is sent to Camp Green Lake (a juvenile detention centre) which is a funny name as there is no green and no lake (Camp Dry Desert).


In our delightful (!) maths lessons, we have been learning more about angles in a triangle and other angles.

- "In a triangle there are 180°" (Ademide)

- Around the whole point there are 360° (Caitlin)

- Angles on a straight line add up to 180° (Lucky)

- Vertically opposite angles are equal (Ameera)


Also this week, we had an Internet Legend Assembly with Google and we were learning about how to stay safe on the internet. Have a look at our photo below of Mia D and Maya loving our assembly:


Have a great weekend everyone!


Year 6 clan

26th March 2021


Welcome to our first blog since 2020. Year 6 are back!


We have had a really good week ahead of our 3 days next week before Easter.

In Maths, we have been learning about angles and how to use a protractor. Did you know: angles on a straight line add up to 180°? We have also been measuring angles on the floor. Can you spot our class train?




In Science, we have dissected some daffodils to see the internal parts of the flower. Alongside this we learnt about pollination and fertilisation. This leads to the creation of a new seed. Next week, we are going to be looking at growing our own new plants from Geranium trimmings.


Have a lovely weekend everybody!

Autumn 2 Week 6


Good afternoon everybody. There are only 14 days until Christmas!!!!!!!! 14 DAYS. MIA D IS SUPER EXCITED!


This week we have been doing LS.Lowry. Here are some of our finished pieces included Lucas and Lucky's pieces - here it is. 



We have finally finished our hot writes. We have published Annie's and here it is:



Next is Science where we have been learning about refraction this is where light bends through a liquid because it travels slower through different densities. We used many objects including scissors and straws.

See you later for the FINAL week until the Christmas break including our Christmas party day with quizzes-these are hard. WOO!


Have a great weekend,


Lucas & Lucky

Autumn 2 Week 5


Good evening from Year 6,


We have had a superb week in Year 6 and seeing as it’s December, we have spent plenty of time decorating the classroom this week (with special thanks to Maya and Mrs Jackson). There has also been a particularly naughty elf who has been moving his way around the classroom once we have gone home.


In Maths we have been moving on with our fractions work. Not only have we been adding fractions, not only have we been subtracting fractions, we have also been multiplying fractions which means that we are pretty much in love (?) with fractions right now. Maybe not quite that much but we are loving it and Mr D is seriously impressed with how well we have picked this up. BRAVO!


Our stories are just about complete and some of them have had me on the edge of my chair with the tension. Here is some of Mika’s to read. I am really looking forward to putting these on SeeSaw next week once we have added the final touches.


Finally, our art work is nearly done and these are going to look amazing once they are framed. Even better though is the photo of us putting the baubles on the Christmas Tree in the hall.


Wait for next week when we are going to be singing again!! Away in a Manger will never have sounded so beautiful particulaly with our angelic voices.



Have a great weekend everyone,


Year 6!!


Autumn 2 Week 4


Mika: This week, we have been learning many things. In English, we have learned about adding verb openers into our writing. This is the list of different sentence openers we used: Walking merrily, Peering down, Looking closely and Running quickly. It is our Hot Write next week so look out for some of these openers.


Our Maths has been a really good battle this week as we have spent more time looking at fractions, particularly adding and subtracting fractions. It's like marmite. Some love it, some hate it.


What we have really enjoyed though is our art work. We have built up from basic sketching, to adding perspective and depth, to now adding paint to our masterpieces. Here is Lucas' and we are all really proud of his:


Have a lovely weekend everyone!!

Autumn 2 Week 3


First of all, I would like to tip my hat to Year 6 who have shown incredible levels of determination, maturity and focus over the past couple of weeks. Your work on Black History and Remembrance has been excellent so bravo! Well done Year 6.


This week, we have been adding some real quality to our narrative writing. In progressing with ALMA, we have been looking at using figurative language, such as metaphors, personification and hyperboles to add description that will engage the reader. Here are Oliver and Mika's examples. Great work boys:



In Maths, we have been focusing on fractions. At first, we admitted that these could be potentially tricky but now with our resilient heads on, we have become far more positive and Tyler has shown this all week. Well done! Next week, look out for some incredible art. We will be looking at perspective and depth and Mr Dawson might even learn a thing or two!!


Autumn 2 Week 1


Welcome back after half-term and we have had an inspiring week back focusing on Black History Month and in particular the Black Lives Matter campaign. We have studied a range of influential people who have helped with the Black Lives Matter campaign over many years: Nelson Mandela, Diane Abbott, Rosa Parks, Colin Kaepernick and several more.


Here are some photos of the posters we have created. There are also some brilliant videos as part of the presentation which will be on the website after the weekend.



We have also started our narrative writing about Alma - you can ask about this at home. Leonie's writing was 'siick' or 'epic' as the Year 6s like to say. Mr Dawson says it was tremendous.

We hope you have a lovely weekend and we also hope you enjoyed Bonfire Night (or Firework Day as some of us called it).


Have a great weekend,


Mr D, Mrs J and Year 6

Week 7 - Welly Walk and Heart Dissecting

Year 6 weekly blog with Annie and Lucky


Week 6 - 15.10.20


This week in maths we have been learning about multiplication and division. Year 6 have shown great resilience when solving problems on the sheets.


In English we have been using emotive language to give expression of how Cameron’s dad is feeling to the reader. Some words we used are perplexed, elated and apoplectic. We also have started to publish our letters up in neat can’t wait to see them when they are finished!


Next up, we have science! We have been labeling the different chambers of the heart. These are the left atrium, the right atrium, the left ventricle and the right ventricle. One of these amazing examples come from... Annie !


We also have been finishing our red blood cell journeys. Lucky has put this on to SeeSaw for all of us to see.

Finally, in reading we have been learning about vocabulary in Cogheart and have started summarising what has happened in the book. Some of the tricky vocabulary are scudding, portrice and commuter. Try finding what they mean someday.


Another splendid week at Westroyd Primary School. See you all on Monday for more fantastic maths and super science!

Week 5 - 09.10.20


Welcome to this week’s blog with Alex and Tyler this week in year six…



This week in English we have been writing a diary from the point of view from Cameron's dad from the Pig heart boy (the book we're reading) meanwhile in our diaries we have been focusing on EMOTIVE LANGUAGE Here is an amazing example by our fellow classmate Tyler.




This week in maths we learnt about long multiplication and to always remember that when multiplying by the tens column, we need to use a zero as a placeholder. We also recapped four digit column addition and subtraction.



We are building nicely towards our heart ‘surgery’ at the end of the half-term. We have been learning all about different parts of the heart still and soon, yes soon, we will be exploring a real animal’s heart!


Thanks for reading,


Alex & Tyler


Week 4 - 02.10.2020


So, in English this week we have been learning about the features of a diary. We have started writing some entries from Cameron's point of view about his pig heart transplant. This is called Xenotransplantation (good luck spelling that!!)


We have also been reading from the perspective of Cameron's Dad.


In Science, we have had a whale of a time making our own blood using: Cheerios as red blood cells; marshmallows as white blood cells; cornflakes as platelets; salt as the hormones and nutrients; yellow food colouring as plasma; and finally red food colouring for the blood.


The now famous Mia Cowgill is showing us just how awesome it looked.



We hope that you have an awesome weekend and we are looking forward to more Scientific adventures and beautiful photos next week.


Signing off,


Mr D, Mrs J and Year 6!!

Week 3 - 25.09.2020


Good afternoon to all our lovely readers. We have had a great week at Westroyd including learning more hockey skills (careful Callum); reading more about the amazing Cogheart (uhoh Malkin); writing letters about medical conditions (Winter's Syndrome); and learning about negative temperatures around the world (Brrrrrr).


Firstly here is a photo of some of our negative number work:



Here is a review from Mika & Ademide: In our English lessons we have been learning about subordinate clauses and parenthesis. We have also learned that we should never ever comma splice (putting a comma in the wrong place). We wrote letters using the skills we learned about, we are experts at writing now. We are very impressed with Mika’s work because he has used all the skills and has produced a large amount of work. Mika is very modest!


An eency-weency little something added from Jenna, Ruby and Maya

In reading, we have been reading the book called Cogheart. Here is the book if you don't know what it looks like. Look on the internet!!

In this book  we have come across a girl called Lily (who is the main character) that has been locked up in a cold dark shed by Mrs McKraken (who we call Karen)  for punching a girl named Alice. She did this because they were being mean. Meanwhile, Lily’s dad -John- had sent Malkin (a mechanimal) to send a letter to Lily. He sent him because he was driving a blimp and it crash landed. Malkin was chased by Silver-Eyed Men that were chasing him.

On the other side, we have just met Robert, who is Lily’s friend and he saw Malkin running chased by the Silver-Eyed Men. The men asked him where he was and Robert sent them the opposite direction.


In our maths lesson we have been rounding numbers using the TT trick, which stands for Tyler’s Trick.But at the start of the week we continued to do number lines and everyone had great fun.


We hope you all have a smashing, superb, Kraken weekend!


The Year 6 clan!



Week 2 - 18.09.2020


This week in Year 6, we have been learning about parenthesis and comma splicing (yucky!) in our writing. We were very impressed with Caitlin's parenthesis about her swimming pool and dirty leaves. Well done Miss Lockwood.


In our maths lessons, we have continued working on place value on numbers to ten million!! That's a lot of money. Number lines are tricky but using our Growth Mindset techniques we have stayed resilient and positive about this.


We have started a new book called Cogheart and the lead character is called Lily who is in a boarding school for girls. She has been caught 'reading' by her teacher The Kraken (or the Karen as we call her) and she has been put in the coal bunker which unpleasantly has a dismembered arm in it! How disgusting.


See you all Monday for more Science and learning about the heart. Have a 'Kraken' weekend!!