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Hello and welcome to our Reception blog page!

Please read our newsletter below to find out what will be happening in reception this term.

Each week we will be writing about the exciting things we are learning in Reception.


Receptions Termly Newsletters

Autumn 2

Week 1

This week we started our 'Celebrations' topic off by looking at Bonfire Night.  We watched videos of Bonfire night and used words like crash, bang, zoom, wizz to describe the fireworks.  We also wrote a class poem using our senses all about Bonfire Night.  We have also enjoyed learning about Poppy Day.  We talked about why we celebrate Poppy Day and why poppies are special on this day. In the painting area we enjoyed making some poppy artwork and some of our artwork have gone up to main school to be displayed.  In Maths we have enjoyed reading a book called 'Bear Counts' and we have been learning how to draw and write 5 in different ways.


Week 8

This week we have been celebrating 'Black History Week' in Reception and we focused on the similarities and differences that we have with each other and other people.  We all went up to main school and took part in a special workshop and enjoyed singing a song about Elmer.  We also enjoyed reading the story of Handa's Surprise and we made a class story map to help us to re tell the story.  Some of us even made our own story maps.  One of our favourite parts of the week was when we tasted some of the different fruits from the Handa's surprise story.  Also this week we have been busy producing lots of lovely artwork and some of us even have our artwork displayed on the 'Black History' display up at main school.


Week 7

This week in Reception we had a 'Talent Show'!  At the beginning of the week we talked about what a talent was and shared all the talents we have.  Then we had time to practise our talents ready for the show on Friday.  We even drew pictures of us doing our talents and writing about our talents in our writing books.  On Friday we were all very brave and confident and shared our talents in our class 'Talent Show' and even Nursery came to watch us!  In Maths this week we have been looking at number 5 and we used Numicon and multi link cubes to try to make 5 in different ways.


Week 6

At the beginning of the week we enjoyed our first trip to St Johns church, where we celebrated Harvest.  We enjoyed watching all the other children's performances and also enjoyed singing our Harvest song to everyone.  This week in Maths we have been looking at number 4.  We have been using Numicon to find different ways of making four.  For example we found out that 2 and 2 makes 4 and 4 and 1 more makes 4.  In English we read 'The Owl Babies' and had to help the three baby owls to find their mum.  We all did lots of mark making to show the owl babies where there mum might have gone.  In our topic sessions we loved measuring our feet using multi link cubes and talking about who had the biggest and smallest feet.


Week 5

We have been thinking about our families this week.  We drew the members of our family and even had a go at labeling them.  In Maths we have been focusing on number 3!  On Thursday this week it was national Poetry day and celebrated this in school.  We read the 'Room on the Broom' by Julia Donaldson and looked at the rhyming words in the book.  We also had lots of fun making spells in the water and on the tuff spot and enjoyed playing with glittery, magical playdough.  This week we have also started practising our song for Harvest festival and are excited to perform it in church next week.


Week 4

In Maths this week we have been focusing on number 2.  We have been practising counting 2 objects and even trying to write number 2 correctly.  In English we have been reading 'The Dot' and thinking about the characters in the story and how they might be feeling.  We have also been thinking about our bodies and trying to label different parts of our body.  During our phonics lessons we have been practising blending some of the sounds that we have learnt to help us to read words.


Week 3

We started our week by thinking about our favourite things and then had a go at drawing and writing them in our Writing books.  This week in Maths we have started off by learning about number 1.  We did lots of practising on writing number 1 correctly.  In Topic we have been thinking about our body.  We made a body outline using the large and small construction.  We had to count carefully to make sure we had 5 fingers on each hand.  In Phonics we have been learning the sounds s, a, t and p.  We have all done very well with reading the sounds and have even had a go at reading some words with the sounds in.


Week 2

We have all had a lovely first full week in Reception.  We have enjoyed playing in all the different areas in the classroom and are loving exploring outside.  Thank you to everyone who returned the 'All about me stars' because we have enjoyed sharing all the things we like and they are on our topic display for everyone to see.  On Friday we did our first PE session and did very well getting dressed and undressed into our PE clothes.  It was also 'Dot Day' on Friday so we enjoyed listening to the story The Dot and also learning the song.  We also talked about what things we find tricky and how we can get better at things.


Autumn 1

Week 1

What a fantastic start we have all had in Reception this week.  We have all been very brave leaving our grown ups and have enjoyed playing with our new friends.  We have listened to some stories about starting school and our favourite one was 'First Day at Bug School'.  We have also talked about our class rules and how we can stay safe and happy at school.  We are excited for our first full week next week!