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Hello and welcome to our Reception blog page!

Please read our newsletter below to find out what will be happening in reception this term.

Each week we will be writing about the exciting things we are learning in Reception.


Receptions Termly Newsletters

Week 3 

This week we have been learning about birthdays as part of our celebration topic. We started the week by talking about birthdays and how each of us celebrate them. 

We looked at images of card shops to see what kind of things they sold and then started making items to sell in our own card shop. The children made cards by drawing a picture on the front of the card and then wrote who they were to and from. 

In maths we have been looking at adding one more to a group. To do this we made cakes in the playdough area and then added candles to our cakes. The children were excited to wear their new chefs hats! 

On Friday we celebrated children in need. All the children made a fantastic effort by dressing up as super heroes or wearing something spotty. During the day we made Pudsey bear puppets, decorated buns for the cake sale and painted Pudsey bear faces. In the afternoon we also walked up to the main school for a children in need assembly. 


Week 2

This week we have been learning about the celebration Bonfire night. We discussed bonfire night and the reasons why we celebrate it. In the role play area this week we built a bonfire and pretended to toast marshmallows whilst singing bonfire night songs. 

The children have really enjoyed painting firework pictures with tubes and have been using the workshop area to make rockets. 

This week we have also introduced our rainbow challenge board. Each week we are giving the children three different challenges to complete. For each challenge your child completes they will receive a coloured lolly pop stick. Once all challenges are complete and they have made their rainbow they will receive a sticker!

In Maths this week we have been learning about patterns and how to create and recreate  patterns using actions and colours. First we looked at action patterns, for example clap, tap shoulders, clap and tap shoulders. Next we used the coloured bears to finish a simple repeating pattern for example red, blue, red and blue. At home you could support your child by asking them to make patterns in different ways, for example by looking at patterns using size or shape.  

In the reading area this week we have also introduced a new tricky word reading game. The children have been taking turns to roll a dice and then read the tricky word their counter lands on. 

In literacy over the next few weeks we will be learning about the story 'Kippers Birthday'. This week the children retold the story by making their own story maps.



Week 1- Autumn 2 2017


Children have had a great week back after their break. We have had a focus this week called 'Black History Week'. Children have been learning about Mo Farah and Kari Miller. We spent time looking into who Mo Farah was and watching him race during the London Olympics in 2012. Children were so interested in him and wanted to practise their racing skills too. We set up a race track and asked children to sign in and they had to see how many laps they could run in 2 minutes. They then recorded their scores using tally marks. Children were also interested in the fact that Mo Farah won lots of medals including four  gold medals! We enhanced the workshop area and children were able to make their own medals using a variety of equipment. 

We also looked into who Kari Miller was and discussed that she was a paralympian. Children were interested in what she could do even though she didn't have her own legs. Kari was famous for 'sitting volleyball' and the children got to practise sitting volleyball during P.E this week and found it very tricky!

This week we have also been exploring 2-D shapes (flat shapes for example, triangle, pentagon) and have been discussing their properties and seeing whether we could find any shapes in our environment.

In Phonics we have been learning the sounds 'h,b,f,l' and children have been making and writing simple words with these sounds for example, hat, bat, fat and leg. It is important that children practise these sounds at home and start to put these words into sentences, orally to start with and then written down. We have been reading the story of Handa's Hen and unpicking who the main character was and talking about were the book was set. Children also had a go at predicting what might happen next and talking about how each character was feeling.




Week 7-


This week children had a visitor from a 'real' nurse called Dr Lowry. He taught the children how to put a bandage on and how to make a sling using their jumpers. Children enjoyed accessing the toy medical kit in the home corner to practise some of these skills. During literacy we continued to say and write simple sentences using a sentence opener. Children had to talk about what they wanted to be when they were older and had to use the sentence stem 'I want to be a ...' when talking to their learning partners. Children then recorded their ideas in their literacy books. This week children learnt the phonic sounds 'ck    e   u   r' and had a go at reading simple words with these sounds in and putting the words into sentences, for example 'My dog has a red collar'. In maths this week children have been thinking about money. They have been trying to buy objects that cost less than 5p using pennies. Photographs of this work are in their maths books. 


Week 6-


Children have really enjoyed this week, especially after the builder visited us on Monday! He inspired us all! Children were really interested in finding out how bricks and concrete were made. They particularly enjoyed making their own pretend walls in the sand area using sand and water to make the cement. We have also been building walls in the building area and have added sounds to the bricks to help us make simple words. This week we have been learning the phonic sounds 'g  o  c  k'. Children have been trying to read simple words with these sounds in, for example 'got, egg, cat, kit'. We have been encouraging children to put these words into full sentences. During our literacy time we have been watching the story of 'Whistleless' and having a go at re ordering the story and using 'Talk for Writing' strategies to help us with this. Children have also been encouraged to talk in full sentences as well as starting to write sentences too. In Number we have been looking at what the number 4 and number 5 actually mean. Children have been picking a number and finding that amount of objects. As an extra skill they had to take a photograph of the number and objects they found to add to their number books.


Week 5-


Children are been enjoying continuing to learn about People Who Help Us. We have been exploring what a paramedic does and how they help people. Children have been finding out about dentists and discussing why dentists have very important jobs. 

Children have been learning the sounds 'i, m, n , d' this week. We have been trying to sort pictures that begin with these sounds and also trying to write simple cvc words with these sounds in including the sounds from last week too, for example  'mat,  nap, dip'.

In maths we have been learning about what '1' and '2' actually mean and what those numbers actually look like, for example 'I have 1 pen, 1 dice, 1 teddy' It is important that children don't just recognise the number digit but they know what it really represents. Children have also been learning how to count objects to 4 and then 10 if they are able too.

In literacy children have been thinking about what they can't do...yet! We have created a display of what we can't do yet and have talked to children about the importance of not giving up and not saying you can't do something. It is important for children to be resilient and motivated to improve on skills they find tricky.


Week 4-


Children have been enjoying finding out about people who help us at school and have been interviewing the office staff to find out what their job is and how they help us. We have been reading our special book 'The Dot' and thinking about what an art gallery is. Some children said they had been to an art gallery before and explained that they displayed lots of different types of  art work, some of which they might like but some pieces that maybe are not as aesthetically pleasing to them. Children had a must do activity in which they had to draw a picture of their family and have a go at writing key names, with a family word mat to support them. During the end of the session each partner had to look at each others pictures and say 'I like it because...'  They were all very positive about each others work. We have been been counting forwards and backwards from 0-20 and children have enjoyed singing backwards to a song on you tube that is very fast and fun. Children have also been practising forming an 'o' this week as it follows on from the 'c' learnt last week. All children are enjoying reading their books with an adult and we ask if book bags can be in every day in case its your child's turn to read. It would be great if parents could comment on how their child's done while reading. We do appreciate that most children have a book without words but we feel this is important as most children are not fully confident with the first few sets of phonics sounds. 


Week 1-3-


Children have settled in well into Reception. They are getting used to the rules and routines in Reception and are making lots of new friends. We have been thinking about our new topic of 'People who help us' and we have been researching what jobs are important. Children have been focusing on 'Police officers' and 'Fire fighters' so far as well as looking at who helps us at home. All children had a go at doing a job at home to help someone in their family. They loved doing this and said their parents were very happy that they had helped out. We have been re-capping on Phase 1 phonics to ensure children can listen well and can hear sounds at the beginning and end of words. Children have been allocated a random learning partner. The idea behind this is that they help each other to learn and progress during lessons. Children are really enjoying sitting with their partners and supporting each other on the carpet. We have been focusing on forming letters correctly and we practise particular letters every week ensuring we start at the right point and go the correct way round. 

Questions to support your child when reading.