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Welcome to Year 3 


Please read our termly newsletter below to find out what will be happening in Year 3 this term.

Year 3 Termly Newsletters

Autumn 2 Week 2

Our topic this half term included learning about the Stone Age. On Tuesday we started off our topic with a Wow Day. We recreated cave art using charcoals, pastels and chalks in the morning. In the afternoon we recreated an archaeological dig. We had to search for coins, rocks, tiles and cutlery in the dirt then we recorded what we found.  

We have started our new topic in Science, this is LIGHT. WE went on a hunt around school trying to find different light sources. In Maths we have been learning to round and then estimate the answers to calculations. We have also been playing Flamingo Bingo to help us practice our times tables. 

Friday was Children in Need Day, we got to dress up however we wanted and we all went a bit spotty. 


Autumn 2 Week 1

This week was centenary week. We learnt all about World War 1 and Remembrance Day. We started off by learning about soldiers on the front line, then we pretended that we were soldiers and we wrote postcards to our families and friends back home. We worked on a whole class piece of art, this on display in the corridor near Year 5/6. We created the silhouette of a soldier on Flanders Field surrounded by poppies. Our home learning this week was to research World War 1, we then shared this research, teaching each other all about the war. In our reading lessons we read a book called 'Where the Poppies now Grow' and we answered lots of retrieval questions.  

Autumn 1 Week 7

This week in Year 3 we have been preparing for our class assembly. We hope you can all come and watch us. 

We have learnt how to say goodbye in lots of different ways in French. 

In Swimming this week we were using lanes and practicing to swim lengths. 

We have started Whole Class Reading lessons where we have learnt how to retrieve information using our magnifying glasses.  

In Maths we have been spotting patterns in calculations, adding and subtracting hundreds and adding and subtracting multiples of ten using Archie the robot. 

In English we have redrafted our stories and used laptops and computers to type them up.  




Autumn 1 Week 6

In Maths this week we have been learning column addition. This is a tricky method to grasp but we have perfecting the layout and have even begun to exchange numbers in the different columns. 

In English we have completed our annotations of our story plan, boxed up the key events and we have completed our first draft of the story.

In RE we have been looking at the use of dance and drama in certain faiths and how these are used to express beliefs. We have practiced performing a range of different religious dances and even made up some of our own. During PE lessons we are continuing to learn skills that are used when defending and attacking. This week we focused on 'marking' the opposing players and 'dodging'.



Exchanging in Maths

Exchanging in Maths 1
Exchanging in Maths 2

Autumn 1 Week 5

On Thursday it was National Poetry Day. We celebrated poetry all day in school. In Year 3 we looked at the poem 'The Sound Collector' by Roger McGough. We became sound collectors and searched the school for different sounds. What a noisy place our school is. We shared our idea and then constructed our own sound poems. In the afternoon we illustrated our poems with art work using oil pastels and onomatopoeia. 

We have also been getting ready for our harvest service. We hope you can all come and join us at the church on Tuesday. If you can help us walk down to the church then we are setting off at 9 am. 

Well done to everyone who has practiced getting changed as part of their home learning. Swimming was lots of fun this week and we got to spend longer in the pool as we were so speedy at getting changed.  

Poetry Day

Autumn 1 Week 4

As part of our topic work this week we have continued to learn about the human skeleton. We have learnt the 3 functions of the skeleton: to support, to protect and to assist movement. In PE we have continued to practice defending and attacking skills, including dribbling with different parts of our body.  We have finished our Maths unit on place value by working out how many tens there are altogether in 3 digit numbers. Next week we will move on to addition and subtraction.

In English we have reached the end of our text 'Orion and the Dark'. This week we have identified the key parts of the plot, created a story map to help us retell the story and also annotated the map with adverbs and time adverbials. 

Thank you to every one who came and joined us on the Welly Walk. 

Autumn 1 Week 3

We have been learning all about expanded noun phrases this week in English. We have been creating sentences that contain a noun, adjective, preposition, powerful verb and finally an adverb. We also learnt that we can reorder these words to create a more interesting sentence. In Maths we have been comparing objects and numbers and then ordering numbers. We are also working on our explaining and reasoning skills.

As part of our Science work this week we had a full size skeleton in class. We learnt the scientific names for some bones, including the cranium, the vertebral column and the phalanges. Unfortunately we couldn't go swimming this week so instead we visited the school library,  started our PSHE topic on Drugs and we also continued our French work. We have learnt that in France people say "Hello" in so many different ways depending on who they are speaking to.

We are looking forwards to starting the new Challenge 250 spelling program next week.  




Autumn 1 - Week 2

We have continued our work on speech marks this week. We used pasta shapes to help us remember where to place the punctuation. In English we have read some more of our text 'Orion and the Dark'. We have focused on the thoughts and emotions of characters throughout the book and we have discussed some of the illustrator's choices in the book. 

In Maths we have been looking at hundreds, tens and ones and have been representing these numbers in different ways, we have also practiced using a number line up to 1000, finding missing numbers and plotting numbers along this line.

We have started to learn French in Year 3!!! We have begun by looking at where France is, how and why people travel there and we have also learnt some popular greeting words. 

Friday was a very exciting day!! First of all we celebrated Dot Day. We made origami penguins and Growth Mindset bookmarks. We then went Swimming!!

As it was only our first week, we learnt the rules and routines of the pool and we showed the swimming teachers what we can do in the pool. Next week our lessons will begin. 

We would also like to introduce our new class councillors, Matthew and Paige. 


Picture 1

Autumn 1 - Week 1

Welcome to the Year 3 blog!!

In English this week we have been learning all about dialogue and we have been using speech bubbles, we will move on and look at how to use speech marks. 

In Maths we have been representing numbers in different ways and partitioning them into hundreds, tens and ones.

As part of our topic on the human body we have learnt about endoskeletons, exoskeletons and hydrostatic skeletons.   

We also spent a day looking at healthy and unhealthy snacks, we even got the chance to try some new snacks. We also looked at how much sugar is in the foods we eat.

What a busy week!!


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