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Welcome to Year 3 


Please read our termly newsletter below to find out what will be happening in Year 3 this term.

Year 3 Termly Newsletters

Autumn 1 - Week 2

We have continued our work on speech marks this week. We used pasta shapes to help us remember where to place the punctuation. In English we have read some more of our text 'Orion and the Dark'. We have focused on the thoughts and emotions of characters throughout the book and we have discussed some of the illustrator's choices in the book. 

In Maths we have been looking at hundreds, tens and ones and have been representing these numbers in different ways, we have also practiced using a number line up to 1000, finding missing numbers and plotting numbers along this line.

We have started to learn French in Year 3!!! We have begun by looking at where France is, how and why people travel there and we have also learnt some popular greeting words. 

Friday was a very exciting day!! First of all we celebrated Dot Day. We made origami penguins and Growth Mindset bookmarks. We then went Swimming!!

As it was only our first week, we learnt the rules and routines of the pool and we showed the swimming teachers what we can do in the pool. Next week our lessons will begin. 


Autumn 1 - Week 1

Welcome to the Year 3 blog!!

In English this week we have been learning all about dialogue and we have been using speech bubbles, we will move on and look at how to use speech marks. 

In Maths we have been representing numbers in different ways and partitioning them into hundreds, tens and ones.

As part of our topic on the human body we have learnt about endoskeletons, exoskeletons and hydrostatic skeletons.   

We also spent a day looking at healthy and unhealthy snacks, we even got the chance to try some new snacks. We also looked at how much sugar is in the foods we eat.

What a busy week!!


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