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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3 


Please read our termly newsletter below to find out what will be happening in Year 3 this term.

Week 3


Year 3 have had a very fun week this week. We multiplied in maths. In particular we did our 3, 4 and 8 times tables. We skip counted, we added repeatedly and counted on or back using multiplication sentences we knew.


We wrote a conversation between Brigg and the shopkeeper using direct speech. We also described what the world would be like without plants or flowers. How awful it would be!


We learned about mountains - how they were made, the structure of mountains and where different mountain ranges could be found. We learned about the water cycle which told us how clouds were made, why it rains and how the water returns to the sea.


In science, we started an investigation using plants to find out what helps a plant grow well. We put plant in the dark, one in the cold, one without water and one in a light, warm place with water. We predicted that the one with everything would grow the best, the one in the dark would grow a little, the one in the cold might grow more slowly, and the one without water might not grow at all.


We raised money for Children in Need on Friday by dressing up in spots or superhero costumes for a £1 and we competed to see who had the best costume. Some of us entered the art competition, and we decorated buns for the bake sale at the end of the day. We raised £500 overall. Well done to everyone involved! 

Week 2


This week we began learning about our topic. When the children arrived in school Monday morning, they found they were not able to enter the classroom as something unusual had happened! We were able to explore our classroom and the children worked out that our topic was Rivers and Mountains. We came up with a huge list of questions to help us with our learning, and we wasted no time in starting to find the answers. We discovered how mountains were made and where they were in the world. We also started looking at the structure of plants in science.


In English, we started reading 'The Flower' and talked about the main character Brigg and how he felt at the start of the story. We also looked at the pictures of the city to help us come up with some ambitious vocabulary in preparation for a setting description. The children came up with some lovely choices such as gloomy and miserable.


In PE, we had our second session with Mr Lawson from Leeds Rhinos, and we practised passing rugby balls to each other amongst other activities. The children really enjoyed themselves. 


In maths, we began looking at how information can be presented in different ways. We examined bar graphs, tally charts, tables and pictograms. We were able to create them in our books and we could answer questions about them. We also started learning our eight times tables in preparation for the next couple of weeks where will be learning more about multiplication and moving on to division.


On Friday, we visited Farsley Library, where we heard stories from the librarian that related to our topic, and picked a book of our own to take back and read in school.

Making freedom quilts and acting out the arrest of Rosa Parks

Wade in the Water

Still image for this video
We performed 'Wade in the Water' a song that was used to signal to fleeing slaves that they needed to hide.

Autumn 2 Week 1


This week we have been celebrating Black History month. We began the week by learning all about the history of slavery in America and the civil rights movement that followed. In particular, we focused on Rosa Parks and her arrest for not following the rules that were unfair to black people. We acted out the bus scene (see photos) and wrote newspaper reports to describe the event. 


We also looked at the struggle of the slaves in America to escape to freedom. We learned about the Underground Railroad, a group of people who were dedicated to helping slaves escape to the North where they would be safe. They use symbols and coded messages to help slaves, rumour has it they even sewed these on quilts and left them hanging in obvious places for slaves to see. We learned a spiritual called 'Wade in the Water' which was used to signal to fleeing slaves to cross into water and hide so the people hunting them with dogs would not find them (see video). 


In maths we recapped units of length and how to measure accurately in mm. We used our knowledge to work out the perimeter of different polygons. In English, we wrote diary entries in the character of slaves arriving in America, and as a passenger on the bus who witnessed the arrest of Rosa. The children have really enjoyed learning all about this, apologies if they spend the weekend singing 'Wade in the Water'!

Week 7


This week we have had a very creative week!

In English we have planned and written our own version of the Incredible Book Eating Boy. We edited and evaluated our work using our own success criteria to make sure it was the best piece of writing we could create. I have had a lovely time looking at these!


In maths, we have continued looking at subtraction, and I will be sending some optional work home over the holidays for those children that would like an extra holiday challenge! 


We have created our nutritious snacks and tasted them to make sure they were equally delicious as they were nutritious, and we created models of our arm muscles to demonstrate how they contract and relax. We also sketched our hands to see if we could discern the muscles and bones in our bodies and they affect the appearance of our hands. 


We have also been busy preparing for our class assembly on Thursday, and ensuring all our work is completed and corrected ready for the topic celebration on Thursday afternoon. The children are very excited to share their work!

Arthropods: Blue Crab Molting

A blue crab struggles as its sheds its exoskeleton, leaving itself vulnerable with its new soft shell.

Week 6


Another busy week here in Year 3!

In English we looked at the last few things in our story toolkit - adverbial phrases, prepositional phrases, use of language and using 'showing not telling' sentences to convey what characters thought or felt. This was really tricky, but we came up with some fantastic sentences, so I am really looking forward to reading our stories next week!


In maths we moved on to looking at subtraction using the column method. As the sums got trickier we needed to use the equipment to regroup our numbers. We were very resilient, however we all felt we needed some more practice on this to get even better, so that is the focus for next week's lessons.


In Topic/Science we recapped nutrition as it was a little while since we had gone over it, and started to look at how our skeletons compared with other animals. We discovered that there were skeletons with a backbone called vertebrates, and those without called invertebrates. The invertebrates were split into exoskeletons and hydrostatic skeletons. We enjoyed watching a video of a blue crab shedding its skeleton and discussing the pros and cons of this. (see the link above if you'd like to watch it). 


Week 5


What a busy week it has been! We have had lots to cram into four days, but we have managed it. In English, we learned about Harvest Festivals around the world and carried on looking at Henry and discussing the end of the story in preparation to begin writing our own version of the story next week. We focused heavily on how to edit and improve our work using those things from our writing toolkit to help us.


In maths we began looking at addition of three digit numbers both mentally and using the column method. As the week went on our sums got trickier meaning we had to regroup some of our ones or tens to solve them. 


In topic, we began looking at the human skeleton and the scientific names of our bones, as well as editing our recipes for our nutritious snacks to ensure we were ready to cook next week. 


On Thursday we had our Harvest celebration where we told the congregation how countries all over the world celebrating their harvests, the children read beautifully and were most informative! Well done to all those involved!

Week 4


This week we have been busy learning about the digestive system to help us understand what Henry might have been going through in our Incredible Book Eating Boy text. The children have created an explanation text to accompany our work using conjunctions and technical vocabulary. 

In maths we have been comparing three digit numbers and ordering them in ascending or descending order. This was the final part of our place value unit, so next week we will be moving on to addition and subtraction!

In topic we have been using the computers and books to research what foods we could use to create a healthy snack. We have begun to design our snacks that we will then be making and trying! 

In RE we have been learning about art as a way of representing or celebrating faith, and in PSHE we have discussed the drug tobacco and the effects of smoking.

On Thursday it was Poetry day, and the children spent most of the day going to different classes and doing different activities based on aspects of poetry. As part of the day, Miss Sowerby ran a competition between the classes of who could do the best class performance of a poem learned by heart. Year 3 were the clear winners and their entry can be seen below. Finally, Friday brought our Welly Walk! Thankfully, the weather was sunny by the afternoon so we didn't get too muddy! The children did really well and enjoyed themselves in the process.

Please Mrs Butler by Allan Ahlberg

Still image for this video
This is our class performance of Please Mrs Butler that the children had learned by heart in 40 minutes!

Week 3


We have continued to look at ‘The Incredible Book Eating Boy’, in particular we have looked at using direct speech in our writing, and we have begun trying to use fronted adverbials to make our sentence starters more interesting varied.

In maths, we have practiced our loopy loops times tables – 2,3, 5,10s. In lessons we have been exploring numbers to 1000. In particular, we have partitioned them in different ways and practiced counting in 1s, 10s, 50s and 100s.

In science we have created food chains, and discussed what foods we need to create a healthy, balanced diet. In RE we have learned about the different names for Allah, which represent the different aspects of his personality. In music we have begun singing a song and learning about the musical vocabulary used to describe music, such as tempo, pitch and dynamics. In French we learned how to say hello and have learned our French numbers for the register.

Week 2


This week we began getting into our daily routines. We set up our reading activities for the morning as well as practicing our handwriting and spellings. In maths we began looking at numbers to 1000! We looked at the place value of each of the parts of our numbers as well as estimating how big or small those numbers were. We started doing our daily loopy loops in 2s, 5s and 10s. Loopy loops are a times tables dance to help us learn and remember our times tables. Next week we will be adding the next one!


In English we began looking at a new story - The Incredible Book Eating Boy. We talked about the main character Henry and what he was like. We also started to learn about using direct speech in our writing and using adverbs to help us describe how someone does or says something.


We continued learning about different foods, and compared what we ate to what other animals ate, and learned some words to describe the relationships animals had to food. We began our swimming lessons this week, which everyone was very excited about! 


Finally Friday came, which was our Dot Day - a celebration of The Dot, by Peter H. Reynolds. For this we created our own version of the start of The Incredible Book Eating Boy, using what we had learned in English to help us. We then showed that we could be as resilient as Vashti  by improving our work until it was the best we could achieve. The children all did really well with this and it was lovely to see how enthusiastic the children were! 

Week 1


Welcome to year 3!


What a busy week we had to start our year! We got to know each other more and welcomed our new class member. We went over some of the things we had learned in Year 2 so we were ready for the more challenging work in year 3, and created a time capsule so we could measure how far we will have gone over the year. We started our new topic of the human body. Our first job was to help Brian the skeleton, who had had an accident in the hall. We worked hard to find his body parts and put him back together, and discussed different food groups that might help Brian stay strong and healthy so it wouldn't happen again!