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Welcome to the Year 1 blog!


Each week we will be keeping you up to date with all the exciting and fun things that we have done in school. In addition to this please read our newsletter to find out what will be happening in Year 1 this term.


Year 1 Termly Newsletters

Week 3 


In English this week we have been learning about nouns and adjectives. We know that a noun is the name of a person, place or thing. We have practiced using adjectives to describe the Bog Baby. He has a spiky tail, googly eyes and tiny,blue wings. 

In phonics we have been recapping on the tricky words: he, she, we, me, be, my. We had our first spelling test on Friday in Year 1!!! 

In Maths this week we have been counting forwards and backwards and we have been finding one more than and one less than. We have used number tracks to help us.

As part of our Topic and Science work, we have been looking at baby pictures to see how people change s they get older. We have also investigated the question: 'Is my foot the same size as my hand?' We discovered that most people's hand span is shorter than the length of their feet.  



Autumn 1

Week 2


We have started some exciting work this week based on 'The Bog Baby' story. We have made predictions about what type of creature a bog baby could be, we have shared our opinions on events in the story and we went on a bog baby hunt. One of the children told me "I've seen a bog baby outside, it was camouflaging itself." 


In Maths this week we have been sorting and grouping objects in different ways, deciding on our own criteria for our groups. We have also been representing numbers in different ways. We represented the number 6 by writing the number, writing the word, finding the correct Numicon tile, putting 6 objects in a line, showing it on a ten frame and drawing a doodle of 6 pictures.


In RE this week we have learnt about books that are special to people and we have discussed the books that are special to us. We have continued to practice our programming skills in Computing and we have started working in our new handwriting books every day.


Friday was Dot Day! The whole school listened to the story of 'The Dot' and watched the Austin's butterfly video. This shows how a piece of work can be discussed and improved time and time again therefore promoting a growth mindset. We replicated this in class by creating the bog baby using pastels, discussing what improvements we could make, then re-doing the task and comparing the outcomes. We will put some of these up in class for you to see.



Autumn 1 

Week 1


What a busy start to Year 1 we have had! It has been great to see all of our friends again and spend some time in our new classroom. 


In Maths this week we have been counting groups of objects, recognising and writing numbers 0 to 20, adding 2 small numbers together and putting numbers up to 20 into the correct order.

In English we have been writing our names and practicing our letter formation. We have also written a recount describing the different things that we did in the holidays. We have also practiced our reading in groups and individually. 


As part of our new topic 'Me and My Body' we have labelled the parts of the body that we already know and we have started talking about our 5 senses. In Computing we have been using the white board to program interactive creatures, using algorithms. 

































































































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