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Welcome to the Year 1 blog!


Each week we will be keeping you up to date with all the exciting and fun things that we have done in school. In addition to this please read our newsletter to find out what will be happening in Year 1 this term.


Summer 2

Week 6


We had lots of fun tasting different fruits this week. We have been reading the story 'Handa's Surprise' and we wanted to decide which fruit we would like to share with our friends. We tasted orange, banana, grapes and pineapple. We used adjectives to describe the taste, smell, look and feel of the fruit. We then completed a tally chart to find out which fruit was our favourite. Orange was the winner!


Using the fruit from the story, we also completed another piece of artwork for our art gallery. This time we did some observational sketches. We used special sketching pencils and remembered to use gentle strokes and pressure. We had to remember to keep looking up at the fruit basket to recall what we were sketching. We also understood that our view of the basket will be different to others depending on where they were sitting. 


In Maths we have been looking at 3D shapes. We had to name the shapes, compare them to 2D shapes and describe their properties. We hunted for 3D shapes around the classroom and used the construction area to build 3D models. 


In Geography we were comparing traditional African homes with houses in the local area. We looked at the materials that were used to build them, as well as comparing size and shapes. We came across some houses called Ndebele huts that we particularly liked. They were bright and colourful with lots of symmetrical patterns. We then decided to make our own versions of the huts as our final piece of art work!


Week 5


In English we have been writing invitations to our Art Gallery Open Session. We wanted to invite all our friends and family so they can take a look at all our fabulous art work. We had to remember the key features such as date, time, location as well as some information about the event. In Handwrtiting we have been working very hard on joining letters together. We have learnt lots of new joins and we are trying to apply these to other writing in every lesson. 


In Maths we have been comparing weight using grams and kilograms. We found out there are 1000 grams in a kilogram. We sorted items into those that would be measured in grams and those that would be measured in kilograms. We discovered it is much easier to measure heavy items in kilograms and smaller items in grams.


We have been looking at African jewellery and were inspired by the colours and patterns of African necklaces. We used poster paint and paper plates to recreate our own. We used thin brushes to carefully add details such as dots and zig zags in very bright colours. We can't wait to show you them next week.


We have been busy preparing for Sports Morning next week. We created an obstacle course in the playground using lots of different equipment. We had lots of fun practising our moves, trying hard to balance and travel safely. 




Week 4


What a great Be Healthy Week we have had! We have had lots of fun and learnt lots of new skills and information. We started the week finding out about internet safety and why keeping safe online is important. We designed top tips to help others stay safe too. We completed workshops on healthy food, personal hygiene and road safety. 

Tuesday morning started with some Rugby training with coaches from Leeds Rhinos. We had lots of fun and learnt how to pass the ball.

We researched healthy foods and designed our own healthy lunch box. We had to make sure the lunch box had a range of food types and was balanced. We also had a special Flex Dance workshop. The coaches helped us design a new routine. We then performed this to the rest of the school.

On Wednesday we started the morning with some hoola-hooping! Some of us were so resilient, we couldn't hoola-hoop before but we kept trying until we could do it! 

We made healthy snacks to take to our picnic; we made banana flapjack and it was delicious! Unfortunately the rain meant we couldn't take our picnic to the park but we enjoyed having it in the school hall instead. 

Thursday was a very busy day. We had a gymnast in school to teach us a gymnastics lesson. We really enjoyed exploring the different equipment and climbing it safely.

We spent the rest of the day studying road safety. We found out the speed limit around school and considered whether this was too fast. We designed posters to remind people to slow down. We also had another visitor to talk us through some more road safety information.


On Friday we had chance to explore our mental health and well being. We discussed what it felt like to have lots of different emotions and how to stay calm. We created a 'mind in a bottle' using coloured water and glitter. When the bottle was shaken the bottle became mixed up, a bit like our thoughts. We watched the glitter calm down and settle to remind us to take a breath and stay calm. We really enjoyed our Wake Up Shake Up competition in the afternoon, we hope you did too. What a busy week!


Week 3

We are working very hard to prepare for our art gallery at the end of the term. We had a special visitor in school this week to help us with our art work; a real life artist! We were inspired by the artist Henry Rousso and his jungle themed paintings. We used water colours to recreate our own. We considered the varying shades of green in the trees and the bright jungle flowers. We included some of our favourite animals too. We can't wait to show you at the art gallery open session. 


We have been performing poetry this week in English. We used the poems from the story 'Rumble in the Jungle'. In small groups we had to recite our poems; remembering to use expression, emotion and movement. We then performed our poems to the rest of the class. We studied the poems for adjectives, verbs and alliteration. 


In Geography we have been comparing life in Africa to life in Farsley. We found out information about Tanzania and were surprised at how different it was! We noticed the houses looked different and the weather looked much warmer. People wore bare feet and even children were going to work! We used the information we found out to write postcards as if we were sending them home to our families.


In Maths we began studying and comparing weight. We used mathematical language such as heavy and light. We compared items from around the classroom by using the balance scales. We noticed that heavy items made the scales go down. We looked for items that were equal weights and that balanced the scales. 




Week 2


We have all become researchers and authors this week and have written our own non fiction book! We were so excited about the animals we saw at Yorkshire Wildlife Park that we wanted to find out more information. We used non fiction books and the internet to research interesting facts. We used a thought shower to write our ideas and then put these into sentences. We created chapters for our non fiction book and designed a front cover too. We hope people enjoy reading it!





In Maths we have been using coins to make different amounts. We enjoyed solving problems using money and adding together different amounts. Some of us even challenged ourselves to add over £1. 


In PE we have been practising throwing, catching, rolling and chasing the ball. We became squirrels in the woods on the hunt for nuts! We had to think of other animals to come and help and thought about the way our bodies were moving to represent the animal. 


Week 1

Welcome back! We hope everyone had a great half term break.


We had a great time at Yorkshire Wildlife Park on Wednesday. The trip was planned to launch our new topic 'Africa'. We got to see lots of different animals from all the over the world but we were particularly excited to visit the 'Into Africa' section of the park. We saw lions, rhinos, giraffes, leopards and many other animals. We were also very impressed with the polar bears and tigers! Everyone's behaviour was outstanding and luckily we managed to avoid the rain!






In English we used Time Adverbs to write a recount of our trip. We had to draw a story map and include Time Adverbs such as 'first', 'then', 'next', 'sometime later' and 'finally'. Then were put our story map into sentences and wrote our recount. Time adverbs helped to put our writing in chronological order and to use different sentence starters. 


In Maths we have been finding out about Money. We looked at all the different coins and wrote riddles to describe them. Mrs Dockerty had to guess which coins we were describing. 


We have created our first piece of art work for the art gallery at the end of the term. We created African sunsets using water colours. Then we added silhouettes of animals and trees by drawing these on black paper and adding them too our painting. We will be completing lots more artwork over the next few weeks.


On Monday we visited Farsley Library. We listened to stories set in Africa and chose new library books to bring back to school. What a busy week we've had!


Summer 1

Week 6


This week we have been busy planning for our Teddy Bears' Picnic. On Monday we wrote invitations for our Teddy Bears. We had to include names, date, time, location and details. We also wrote shopping lists for Mrs Dockerty, descriptions of our teddies and drew pictures of some games we would like to play or how the picnic will look. On Friday we had so much fun at the picnic!







In Maths we have been recapping on odd and even numbers. Using sorting hoops we had to decide whether numbers were odd or even. We were able to do this with one digit and two digit numbers. 


We also finished our history projects. We compared lots of different toys from the past with modern version such as robots, dolls, teddies and doll's house. We used non fiction books to research and wrote up our findings. We have also spent some time practising our handwriting, in particular ascending and descending letters. 


Have a great half term break!


Week 5


This week we have been writing stories about our toys. We used Toy Story as the basis of our story. We had to write about a toy from home that came to life and faced a problem just like Woody. We wrote the beginning, buildup, problem, resolution and ending. We then made corrections to our writing with a purple pen.


In Maths we have continued to recap the four operations. This week we have focused on addition and subtraction. We had to solve word problems; we used words such as 'altogether' or 'left' as clue as to whether or not they were an addition or subtraction calculation.


In Science we have been testing out toy cars. We wanted to find out the best material for racing toy cars. We tested the classroom carpet, the wooden school hall, the concrete playground and the grass area. We measured how far the car traveled on each material and recorded our findings in a table. We had to ensure it was a fair test by using the same ramp and car each time. 




We have now began a research project in History. We are using the internet and non fiction books to research toys from the past. We are answering questions and creating booklets. We will be finishing these next week.


Don't forget, next Friday we will be having a Teddy Bear's Picnic and we can bring our favourite teddy, doll or action figure to join us. We are also holding an open session on Thursday afternoon if you would like to come and have a look at the learning we have completed this half term. 


Week 4


This week in Maths we have been recapping the four different operations; addition, subtraction, multiplication and subtraction. We used these operations to solve different problems. Some of us were able to replace numbers with shapes to make the problems even trickier! We have also been working hard practising for our number bond challenge. Thank you for all your help with practising at home too. 


In English we have been planning our own stories based on Toy Story. We had to imagine a toy at home coming to life. We wrote character and setting descriptions using adjectives. We also used a story board to plan the beginning, build up, problem, resolution and ending of our story. We will be writing our stories next week.


In Science we designed our own bath toys. We had to choose an appropriate material, size and theme for a bath toy and explain our reasoning. We decided it had to be waterproof, small and water themed. 


In phonics we are now doing lots of recapping of previously learned sounds. We had to design our own alien with an igh name that could only eat igh sounding words. We will be doing lots more recapping ahead of the phonics screening next month. 


Week 3


In English we began our learning about Toy Story. We each had to choose a character and write a 'Who Am I?' riddle about that character. We had to use descriptive clues that helped the others to guess who our character was. We used lots of adjectives and the clues became more clear as the poem went on. 


In Maths we have been continuing finding out about place value. We had to complete missing number problems. We used information such as one more and one less and used our counting skills. We then had to make up our own problems for Mrs Dockerty to solve. 


We completed an experiment in Science. We wanted to find out the best material to make a bath toy. We tested plastic, rubber, wood, metal, fabric, sponge and paper. We left the materials in the water tray whilst we wrote up our predictions. We used scientific vocabulary such as 'waterproof', 'float' and 'sink' to describe each materials. We will write up our findings next week.



In phonics we have been looking at word endings. These are called suffixes. We read and wrote lots of words containing 'ed' and 'ing'. We discovered how adding these endings can change the root word; e.g. hop becomes hopping. 


In PE we have been having lots of fun practising our throwing and catching skills. We tried throwing and catching from sitting and standing. We found it much harder the greater the distance from our partner. We had to remember to keep our eyes on the ball and hold our hands ready to catch. 



Week 2


What a busy week we have had this week!

On Tuesday we had a really exciting day, we went to the Abbey House Museum in Kirkstall. We had a brilliant time looking at lots of different toys both old and new. We tried on costumes, played with games from the past and explored a Victorian street. The whole class was buzzing with excitement and the museum commented on how knowledgeable and well behaved we all were.






On Wednesday we received a letter from Abbey House Museum to say thank you. We decided to write letters back! We had to use all the correct features such as writing the address, date, dear, information and from. We used sentence starters such as 'Thank you for...', 'My favourite thing was...' 'I really liked...'.


In Maths we have started our new number bond challenge. We are given 11 number bond questions to answer in 30 seconds. We will answer as many as we can in the time. Any that we can not answer, we will take home to practise ready for the next challenge. Number bond challenges will take place every Friday afternoon. Once we complete number bonds to 10 we will move on to number bonds to 20. Please help us practise at home as much as possible. 


In Science we went on a material hunt. We were given a different material type. We had to find and example of this material around school and explain why it had been used. Ella M found glasses and explained they had to be see through so people can see. Harry explained the computer chair was made of fabric so that it was soft and comfortable. 



Week 1


Welcome back! We hope you all had a lovely half term holiday. It has been great to hear all the exciting things you have been doing.


In Phonics we have been learning about alternative sounds such as ce, ci and cy make a s sound, ge and dge make a j sound. We applied this to our reading and writing. We will be doing more of these next week.


In Maths we are studying place value and we are now looking at numbers beyond 20 to 100. We were given a 100 square grid that was all mixed up! Like a jigsaw, we had to piece together the grid until it was in the correct order. Then we had to find different numbers and state how many tens and how many ones they each had.


In English we have been very bossy! That's because we have began to use imperative verbs. These are verbs that tell other people to complete an action such as 'get', 'put' and 'stop'. We used our bossy voices to practise saying these in a sentence. We then applied imperative verbs to writing instructions. We discussed our favourite toys and games at home. We had to write instructions to help our friends play. We used key features of instructions such as title, a list of equipment, a picture, numbering the steps and imperative verbs.


We began our new Science topic; Materials. This week were have been describing different materials depending on their properties. We used words such as soft, rough, smooth, stretchy and sharp. 


Spring 2

Week 6


This week has been Faith Week in school. We have been learning all about Judaism! On Monday we learnt about lots of different Jewish artefacts such as  the Tallit, the Torah and the Kiddush cups. We then sketched and designed our own Kiddush cups. We gently sketched the design and then used water colours to decorate them.



On Tuesday we found out lots of information about Hanukkah; the Jewish festival of light. We used non-fiction books and information found online to research facts about the festival. Then we wrote up our findings.



On Wednesday we had a special visitor. She came to tell us all about the Synagogue and traditional Jewish items. We were able to ask her questions to gather more information.



In Maths we have been learning about fractions of shape and number. We were all able to find halves and quarters. We know that halves are 2 equal parts and quarters are 4 equal parts. 

On Friday we held our Easter Celebration at St John's Church. We sang songs, read poetry and retold a story. We had to use our loud and clear voices as well as remember all the words and actions. 


Week 5


In English we have been learning how to ask questions and use question marks. We remembered to use a capital letter, question words such as when, who, where, why and what and finish with a question mark instead of a full stop.

In Maths we have been learning to divide by sharing out equally. We drew pictorial representations and used these to solve a problem.

In Science we have been studying different kinds of trees. We found out about Evergreen and Deciduous trees. We went to the playgrounds and looked for examples of each. Luckily there were lots to see!




We have also been observing how well our bean plants are growing. They are getting really big! We are looking forward to planting them outdoors next half term. 

On Wednesday, some members of our class went to the Wake Up Shake Up competition at Leeds West Academy. We showed our routine to a number of different schools. Everyone performed really well!

We had lots of fun supporting Comic Relief this week. On Thursday we decorated buns and biscuits to sell at the bun sale. On Friday we all came to school looking very red and funny! We had a joke-a-thon to see who had the funniest joke. Congratulations to our winners Alex, Ella M and Hollie!  


Week 4


In English this week we have been learning all about verbs, adjectives and nouns and discovered the meaning of each. We explored different poems and had to find examples of each. We then used verbs, adjectives and nouns to write our own poems. This week we were writing number bank poems and Mrs Dockerty was so impressed with all our writing! Again, we will be sharing these with you at our Easter Celebration.

In Maths we have been continuing our study of multiplying. This week were adding together equal rows; known as arrays. First of all we used counters and then drew pictorial representations.

In Science we have been labeling plants. We had to find the petals, stem, leaves and roots. We discussed the purpose of each of these and how they help the plant to stay alive.

We loved showing you all our learning during our class assembly. Thank you to everyone that was able to attend, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

We had an amazing day on Friday during the school Science Day. We took part in 5 different experiments throughout the day. We did lots of predicting and discussing our findings. We loved going inside the space dome and watching the mints and coke explosion!




Week 3


This week in Maths we have started learning about multiplication. We started the week by doubling numbers. Then we moved on to adding together equal groups to find the total. 




In English we have all become poets and have written our own acrostic poems. We used Spring topic words such as Easter, flowers and chicks and used each letters as the start of a new line. We learnt all about nouns and adjectives and had to remember to use these in our poems.

We can't wait to share some of these with you at our Easter Celebration. 

In PE we have been very busy designing our own dance. We are entering a Wake Up Shake Up competition and have designed a great dance to 'Best Song Ever' by One Direction. We had to think of aerobic type moves and stay in time with the music. Some of us even practised at home!

In History we have been looking at varying pictures of Farsley through the years. We had to used the pictures to look for clues and then put them in order from oldest to most recent. We looked at things such as the roads, the vehicles, street lights and the buildings to see what had changed. 


Week 2


We started the week with 'Heritage Day'. Throughout the day we looked at lots of heritage buildings both local and far away. We spoke about why these were important and if there were any that we think we could get rid off. We ended up with a debate about whether old or new buildings were more important. During the afternoon we looked at maps of Farlsey. We found significant buildings on the map and stuck on pictures of these. Some of us were able to find our own houses too!


Frankie used the magnifying glass to help find different locations on the map.


We had such a fun day on Thursday during World Book Day. What amazing outfits we all had! We talked about the character we had decided to come as as why we had chosen them. Throughout the day we made puppets of our characters using lollipop sticks and different materials. We also painted pictures from our favourite books. We wrote character profiles included facts such as looks, age and whether or not we would like to be their friend. 




Week 1


Welcome back!


We started the week launching our new topic 'Farsley Now and Then'. We had to show what we already know about Farsley. Some of us decided to paint familiar buildings such as the church, the school or our homes. Others decided to use the various construction equipment to show our current knowledge. We found it really helpful to use the facts we had learned when completing our home learning. 


Archie built his house. When he removed the roof he had also build the rooms inside too!


Jarvis used the Lego to build Farsley Town Street.


In Maths we have been learning how to measure. We used mathematical language such as shortest and tallest and ordered items by size. We used a ruler to measure. We had to remember to make sure the ruler was straight, start at 0 and read the number the line finished on. We also remembered to write cm after the measurement to represent centimetre.



In English we are retelling the story of Little Red Riding Hood. This week we used Talk For Writing techniques such as drawing story maps and creating actions to retell the story. We used purple pens to make corrections and improve poor sentences. Soon we will be using these to edit our own writing. 


In Art and DT we went into the playground! We used different materials such as wood and metal to make markings with a crayon. We will be using this technique when we recreate buildings from around the Farsley area. Thank you for all the boxes and bottles you have sent in so far!


Spring 1

Week 6


This week we have been continuing to learn about the Great Fire of London. In English we have written our own diary entries, imagining what it was like to wake up in London in September 1666. We used descriptions of our senses and how we were feeling. We have all now been given our own spelling bookmarks with spellings we need to learn. We enjoyed using these to help us.


In topic lessons we have been learning about fire safety. We learnt how to stay safe in the case of a fire and what we would do in an emergency. We have also all become bakers this week and had lots of fun on Thursday during our bread day! Earlier in the week we discovered the ingredients we would need to make bread. We have also been writing instructions to help others to make bread too. We had to remember bossy verbs and clear simple sentences. Then on Thursday we all had a go at mixing, kneading and shaping the dough. We were surprised to see how much the yeast made the dough grow and we were so pleased with the results!





What a busy half term we have had! Have a great holiday!


Week 5


We have continued to learn about place value this week. We have been counting objects up to 40. We tried out different ways of counting such as grouping into 2s, 5s and 10s, moving objects or crossing out pictures of objects. We found that some children found it tricky to write 2 digit numbers so we practised this too.


In English and History we have been learning about Samuel Pepys. He is famous for writing a diary during the Great Fire of London. We imagined what it would be like in London during the fire. We discussed our different senses; what we thought we would be able to hear, see, smell, feel and taste during the fire. We watched videos to help us to imagine. We also became actors and actresses and used some drama techniques such as freeze frames and thought tracking. We imagined waking up to find the fire was spreading and imagined how we would feel. 




In PE we became tightrope walkers! We practised balancing and walking carefully along a straight line. Then we tried this on a beam. We had to remember to use flat feet, arms out and head forward. 


In art we created some amazing Great Fire of London pictures. We painted using red, yellow and orange. We then created a black silhouette of the houses, cutting out windows and doorways. 


Week 4


This week we have continued our Emergency topic and began learning about the Great Fire of London. We will be studying this for the next couple of weeks. We all had lots of interesting facts to share. We also used non fiction books and the internet to find out more information. We wrote descriptions about images of the fire using adjectives. We created a time line by ordering key events that took place at the time. We also had lots of fun using our new role play are; a fire station.


In Maths we have been learning about place value up to the number 40. We had to find how many tens and ones each number had. We found it helpful to use tens and ones columns as well as using Base 10. We applied this to a reasoning activity to help explain our understanding.



We had a great day on Thursday. We spent the morning at Farlsey Celtic taking part in a sports competition against the Year Ones from Farsley Farfield and Springbank. We were so well behaved, had a really good go at some challenging activities and had lots of fun! Thank you so much for all the help with walking to and from Farsley Celtic.





Week 3



We had our very own emergency in class this week. On Thursday we arrived at school to find out that Burglar Bill had been in our classroom and taken Flora, as well as our snack tin, smiley face board and a police costume. The children were great detectives! They looked for and followed clues and thought of lots of ways to get Flora back including missing posters and setting traps to catch the burglar. 





We had a great idea that we should put this in a newspaper to tell others what had happened. So in English lessons we looked at the features of a newspaper such a headline, reporter and article. Then we had a go at writing our own. We included all the facts by thinking about who, what, where and when. 


We were very relieved to find Flora and the other missing objects with a letter of apology from Burglar Bill on Friday afternoon!


In Maths we have continued learning to tell the time. We learnt about the hour, minute and second hands. Most of us can now tell the time to half past the hour. We compared lengths of times and used this to try and solve a problem.


In phonics we have been blending split digraph words. This week we focused on the i_e and o_e sounds. 


In Science we have began studying about different animal groups. This week we found out information about mammals and amphibians. We learnt facts such as mammals are warm blooded animals with fur and amphibians are cold blood animals with moist skin. 


Week 2


In Maths this week we have been learning about time. We practised a song to help us remember the days of the week and months of the year. We discussed which months belonged to which season. We used the songs to help us put the days in the correct order. We told the time to the hour which really impressed Mrs Dockerty. Next week we will be telling the time to half past.


In English we have began looking at the story of Burglar Bill in relation to our Emergency topic. We improved sentences by adding adjectives and then wrote WANTED posters to describe Burglar Bill.


We now have our police station in the classroom. We have been making police badges, writing police reports and using the walkie talkies to contact each other.




In Phonics we have started to learn the split digraphs a-e and e-e. We noticed how this made a long vowel sound. We are now trying to remember these in our reading and spelling.


Week 1

Welcome back! We have had a great first week back at school. 


On Thursday we had a very exciting day. We watched the pantomime Cinderella! It was very funny and made us all laugh. We talked about our favourite parts back in the classroom.


Continuing with our study of Cinderella, in English we have been using lots of Talk For Writing techniques. We completed role on the walls to describe the characters feelings, personality and looks. We came up with lots of great adjectives. We drew story maps to represent the story and came up with actions to help us to remember it. We then had a go at writing our own Cinderella stories, trying to use adjectives to describe.


In Maths we have been using 2D shapes to make a castle for Cinderella and the prince to live in. We talked about the properties of the shapes and why they were a good choice for building a castle. We were really good at naming and labeling all 2D shapes. 


To launch our Emergency topic we have been very busy creating our new enhancement area. We have decided we would like our own police station and have been busy decorating it all week. We can't wait to use it next week. 


Autumn 2

Week 7

We have had a very festive week this week! In RE we learnt all about the nativity story. We had to reorder pictures and match the sentences to what was happening. 


In English we have been busy writing acrostic poems. This is when a word runs down the side of the page and each letter becomes the first letter of each line. We thought of some many different Christmas topic words and put these into sentences!


In Maths we have been focusing on addition of two one digit numbers. We learnt that numbers can be in any order when adding together and the answer is always the biggest number. We used these facts to complete a target board problem.


We had so much fun on Friday. After our celebration assembly we had our class Christmas party! We played lots of party games and won lots of prizes. We then came back to the classroom for some party snacks. Not much later we had a very special visitor, Santa!! He brought us some presents for our classroom. We can't wait to play with them next half term.




We wish you all a very merry Christmas. Enjoy the break and we will see you in the New Year. 


Week 6

We have enjoyed a very successful week and loved showing everyone our fantastic Christmas performance. We started the week on Monday with a dress rehearsal in front of the rest of the school. We were able to sing loudly and speak clearly and confidently. This helped us to feel more confident about performing in front of our friends and families on Thursday. We had a really great time! We hope that you enjoyed it too. Thank you for all your support with learning lines and providing costumes.


In English we have been using Talk for Writing techniques to rewrite the story of 'One Snowy Night' by Nick Butterworth. We began by creating a story map and with actions to help us to recall the original story. We then made change to the story map by editing the pictures. We wrote the story as a class during a shared write. We came up with a new version of the story about a character who lived in a large castle and a unicorn who came to visit.  Following this we wrote our own individual version of the story and made our own changes. We tried really hard to remember to use capital letters, full stops and adjectives. 


We have now started 'Magic Maths'. This is a short, fast paced activity to help us to improve our fluency with number. We complete this every afternoon. We are currently focusing on counting skills and knowing one more or one less than any given number from 0-20.


Week 5

This week we have been so busy practising our Christmas performance. We are working really hard to project our voices and say our lines clearly and confidently. We have also been making props and practising how to sing loudly. We can't wait to show your our performance. 


We were very excited on Thursday as our classroom had been decorated ready for Christmas and we had the arrival of an elf called Elfis! We can't wait to see where he is each day. On Friday he was trying to eat our snack.


In Maths we have been recapping on everything that we have learnt to far in Year 1. We have been doing lots of adding and subtracting and using this to solve a problem and reason our ideas. 


On Friday we had a very festive day. It was our special bauble assembly and we were able to decorate the Christmas tree. Some of us also really enjoyed the Christmas fair. We had made bookmarks to sell by using finger prints to make different Christmas pictures.


Week 4

We have continued our study of Nick Butterworth this week by writing book reviews of our favourite book by the author. We looked at a WAGOLL (what a good one looks like) and shared our ideas with our learning partners. We had to explain our opinion and used the word 'because' to do so. We explained our favourite part of the story, the characters that we liked the best and gave the story a rating out of 5. 


In Maths we have been learning more about the place value of teen numbers. We have also been looking at these numbers in word form. We matched numerals with the word in a fun bingo game. We also made our own game of snap with our learning partners. We had to include the number word, the numeral and a picture representation. We had fun playing snap afterwards!





We have continued our study of the different seasons by discussing the ways in which tree change. We were able to name key changes such as leaves falling, buds forming, fruits growing and trees having no leaves. 

In art we looked at a famous painting by Claude Monet called 'The Pond with Ducks in Autumn’. We created our own version of the artwork using watercolour paints. 

This week we have been busy rehearsing for our Christmas performance of 'Hey Ewe'. Thank you for all the costumes we have received already. Please can any others be sent in as soon as possible. We can't wait to show you our performance on Thursday 8th December at 9.15am! We are currently working hard to remember our lines and project our voices in the hall. 


Week 3

In English this week we have been describing Percy the Park Keeper. In our skills lesson we learnt all about adjectives, a word that describes a person or a thing. We thought of lots of adjectives to describe Percy and put these into a Role on the Wall. We had to think about Percy's feelings, personality and looks. On Wednesday, the adjectives helped us to write a character description. 


We have been studying the place value of teen numbers this week. We found out that the 1 in a teen number is actually a 10 and we discussed the value of ten. We made lots of teen numbers using Numicon and remembered to select the ten plate instead of a one.

We also took our Maths into the playground this week. We created a huge number line using the skipping rope and placed the numbers from 0-20 in the correct order. This helped us with our counting both forwards and backwards.


In PE we have continued to learn lots of gymnastics. This week we have focused on different styles of jumps. We practised tuck jumps, star jumps and pencil jumps. We had to remember to jump up in the air, look forward and land on our feet with control.


We had a great day on Friday for Children in Need. We all came to school looking very spotty! We were busy decorating buns and biscuits ready for our bake sale in the afternoon.



Week 2

We had a very exciting day on Monday. To help launch our new topic of Nick Butterworth, we had some visitors in school to take us on a story telling adventure. We had to use our imaginations to think of imaginary worlds and to meet lots of different characters along our way. We played some different games and interviewed some famous characters. 

In English we have really enjoyed finding out more information about Nick Butterworth. We researched the author and wrote facts about him, remembering to use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.

We have loved all the new Nick Butterworth stories in the reading corner too! 

In Maths we have been studying 2D shapes. We named and labelled lots of different shapes and then used a Venn Diagram to sort and classify them. We have also been busy making different pictures out of shapes as part of our new challenge cards.

In Science we have been learning about seasons and the weather. So it was great timing to have so much snow on Wednesday! We loved investigating how the snow felt and how it melted in the sun.

We also had to name all the 4 seasons and used adjectives to describe what the weather was like in that season. We then painted a picture to represent our favourite season and wrote key words around it.

We have began singing practise and have been working hard to remember all the songs for our Christmas performance. We will be bring our parts home next week!


Week 1

This week has been Black History Week at Westroyd and we have been busy learning all about the life of Mary Seacole. First of all we researched her life using the internet and videos. We created a fact file of information about her. Then we noted all the key events in Mary Seacole's life and used these to create a human timeline.


We used the timeline to plan and write a biography of Mary Seacole's life. We used a storyboard to draw pictures of each key date. We labelled the pictures with notes to help us remember what happened in each section. We then wrote her biography by writing sentences to match each picture. We had to remember to follow the story board in the correct order. 


In Art we sketched portraits of Mary Seacole. We used special sketching pencils to do different stroke variations. We had to look closely at pictures of Mary Seacole to ensure we included the details of her face.


We have been doing gymnastics in PE. This week we practised moving in different directions using different pathways. We had to be small and large animals and think about the ways they move. We also worked on our balances using different points of contact each time.


We've had a great first week back at school!


Autumn 1

Week 7

We have had a great week discovering lots of information about the history of Westroyd. We found out that Mrs Roper used to go to school here so we thought of lots of questions and interviewed her to find out the answers. We have been studying lots of old photographs looking at different members of staff and how they had changed. We used out noticing skills and ordered the pictures from the oldest to the newest.

We had lots of fun making our fruit salad ready for the Topic Celebration session. We wrote the instructions using bossy verbs in case we forgot what to do next. We washed our hands and the fruit. Then we carefully chopped the fruit and added it to the mixing bowl. We stirred the fruit salad and then served it into our own cups and kept it in the fridge. 

On Friday we had a special visitor who came to teach a dance lesson. We had a great time learning a new routine and putting together some new moves to perform in front of the rest of the school.

What a great first half term we have had in Year 1. Have a great half term break!

Week 6

We continued our Talk For Writing techniques and innovated the Funny Bones story. We edited our story maps, changing the characters and settings. We then had a go at writing this story independently. We remembered to follow the story map so that we knew the correct order. We tried hard to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. 

This week in Maths we have been learning how to subtract a one digit number. We used numicon to help us. We had to find the correct numicon piece and cover up the amount we wanted to take away. Some of us even challenged ourselves to subtract using a number line.

In Art and Design we planned and designed a healthy snack. We have decided to make a fruit salad and have written a list of all the fruits we would like to include. We can't wait to make it next week! We also made our own skeleton pictures. We had to select the correct size art straws to make the shape of bones. We even included the hip and rib bones. We used chalk to draw the faces. 

In RE we have been learning all about Harvest Festival and the things that we are thankful for. We really enjoyed watching year 2's performance of the Enormous Turnip and learning the Harvest Festival songs. 


Week 5

This week in English we used Talk For Writing techniques to make up actions and draw a story map for the story 'Funny Bones'. We did this as a class, then had a go at making our own. Some people innovated the story by adding different characters and settings. This will help us with our story writing next week.

In Maths we have continued with adding to 10. We found number bonds using Numicon. We also added together any two one digit numbers. The Numicon really helped us with this. Some of us were also able to count on using a number line. 

In Science we have been discussing how to keep our bodies healthy. We talked about the importance of exercise and a healthy diet. We looked at the food pyramid to see which food we should be eating the most. We then sorted out different foods into the correct category to make a healthy food plate. 

We have continued using consonant clusters in Phonics. We have been segmenting and blending words with the pl, fl, dr and tr sounds. We are now trying hard to apply this to our spellings.

We had a great time showing off our learning in our class assembly. We worked really hard to practise our lines and say them in a loud and clear voice. Thank you all for coming to watch, we hope you enjoyed it!


Week 4

In Maths this week we have moved on to addition and subtraction. We have been finding lots of different ways of making 10 using our number bonds. We have also been looking for patterns to help us find all possible calculations when the answer is always 10.


We have enjoyed studying the 'Funny Bones' story by Janet and Allen Alhberg. We discussed what makes a sentence. We already had lots of ideas such as capital letters to start, finger spaces and finishing with a full stop. But we also learnt that a sentence must include someone or something being or doing. We sorted out real sentences from non sentences by using these clues to help us. We were really good at this! We then wrote our own sentences to describe pictures from the story, using the success criteria above. 



In addition to learning the story, we have been learning the Funny Bones song and dance. We have created actions to help use to remember the song. We would really like to show you this during our class assembly next week so if possible please can we practise this at home.


In PE this week we all became pirates! We practised moving like a pirate would; looking for treasure, scrubbing the deck and walking the plank. We practised balancing on one leg and had lots of fun playing Pop Up Pirates in which we had to balance equipment on each other whilst standing on one leg. It was very tricky!



We have also been enthusiastic artists this week. We looked at portraits by Picasso and had a go at making our own using his style. We drew our facial features on to various shapes, colours and sizes and stuck these together to make our own portrait.  


Week 3

This week we have been busy finding out about each others families. In English, we started the week listening to the story 'Peepo' and listed all the people who lived in Baby's house. We then wrote sentences about who lives in our own house and drew pictures to match. We discuss the importance of using capital letters when writing names. Later in the week we made our own family trees. We have to carefully draw a large tree to fit everyone in. We then drew pictures and labelled different members of our family ready to add to the tree. 


In Maths we have continued learning about Place Value. We filled in the missing gaps on a number line, counting carefully to make sure we wrote the correct number. We also used Numicon to find numbers that were one more, one less or equal to numbers up to 20. 

We also really enjoyed completig a bead activity. We have to count the beads, make patterns with them and carefully thread them on to the string. 




We have continued our Bodies topic in Science. We discuss the ways in which we change as we grow older and created a life cycle. This started from being a baby all the way to being an OAP! We had to put each stage in the correct order and we discussed how our bodies changed as we got older. It was very interesting to hear everybody's ideas!



In Phonics we have began to learn consonant clusters, focusing on nd, nt, gr and br. This is when two or more consonants are put together to make one sound. Some of these sound will appear in this week's spellings. 


Week 2

What a great week we have had!

In English we have been drawing pictures of ourselves and labeling our different features using adjectives. We listened to the story 'I Will Never Ever Eat A Tomato' by Lauren Child and we wrote about all the different things that we like and dislike. 


We have been continuing our understanding of place value in Maths. We have been stating what is one more or one less than numbers between 0 and 10. We have also been trying hard to write our numbers in the correct direction and write the number words to match the numerals. 


In phonic we have been recapping on the sounds we learnt last year before moving on to anything new. This week we have received our spelling books. We have spellings to learn that all link to our new topic. We will have a spelling test every Friday morning. Please remember to practise your spellings at home.


During Science we began to learn about the different body parts. We draw a life size picture and all had to write on to picture lots of different parts on the body that we knew. We have been reading lots of non fiction books to help us find out more information.


We had a great 'Dot Day' on Thursday. This was an international celebration of the book 'The Dot'. We completed lots of activities that helped us to have a growth mindset. We learnt the Dot Song with actions to help us to remember it. We all wrote a 'trying dot' in which we wrote about things we would like to try or things that we would like to get better in year 1. There were lots of interesting ideas!



Week 1

Welcome back! We have had a great first week back at school with all our friends. We have enjoyed getting to know our new classroom and had lots of fun discovering all the new activities. The art area and construction site have been very popular!


In English we have been practising forming our letters. We have written simple sentences about all the exciting things that we did during the school holidays. We tried hard to remember to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. We have been using the phonics sounds that we learnt last year and have practised blending these to help us read.


During Maths we have been count forwards from 0 - 20 and backwards from 20 - 0. We used actions to help us count, we really enjoyed counting to frog jumps! We made our own number lines by carefully writing the numbers 0 - 20.


We had our first PE lesson outdoors, during which we worked as a team to complete different relay races. We found walking whilst balancing a bean bag on our head a bit of a challenge.


We have begun our new topic 'Me and My Body' and next week we will be finding out about all the things that make us special.




Thank you for reading our blog.






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