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Welcome to the Year 1 blog!


Each week we will be keeping you up to date with all the exciting and fun things that we have done in school. In addition to this please read our newsletter to find out what will be happening in Year 1 this term.


Year 1 Termly Newsletters

Autumn 2

Week 1

This week we have been learning about the Centenary. We have learnt about what the animals did in the war. We have learnt also about the soldiers in WW1. We learnt that horses, dogs and pigeon had jobs in the war. We made some posters to encourage animals to help in the army. We enjoyed reading our class text this week which was called 'Flo of the Somme'.

We continued our work on addition in maths. Please keep working on this at home. Lots of us have bought poppies at the office to show that we are remembering. 


We have also loved sewing poppies for our special display. See our photos below. 

Week 8


This week we celebrated Black History Week. It has been great to learn about Mary Seacole. We know she was a very kind lady who didn't take no for an answer. On Tuesday we were very lucky to have moving words to come in to teach us a poem and dance about Mary Seacole. It helped us remember many facts and inspired some of us to create our own songs. 


We would also like to thank the parents who came to our topic open session on Thursday after school to see all of our learning. 

Week 7


We have learnt all about Carl Warner and the art work he produced. He is an artist and a photographer. He creates foodscapes. We have really enjoyed watching the behind the scenes videos to see how he creates his marvelous landscapes. It is so funny that he uses fruit and vegetables to be people. We will be designing our own food models next week so come back then to see our wonderful creations!

Week 6


We have been very lucky this half term to have Mr Lawson come from Leeds Rhinos to teach us PE. We have been developing our throwing skills. This week we really impressed Miss Lindsay with our throwing and catching. We have become so good at throwing we know a range of different throws. One of our favourites is our overhead throw where we make a cactus before throwing. Ask us to show you at home. 

Week 5


This week we have enjoyed poetry day. We enjoyed listening to stories by Dr Seuss.  We learnt all about rhyming words. We made our own silly poems using rhyming words and we shared them in assembly. 


We have our harvest celebration at the church next week on Tuesday at 9:30. Please practice our stone soup poem and we hope to see you all there.

Week 4


This week we have enjoyed more sensory experiments. We loved sharing our learning logs about our sensory experiences. Inn class we completed a taste test. We now know the tastes are called bitter, sweet, salty and sour. We pulled very funny aces when we tasted the sour lemon.


We have also been learning lots about fewer and greatest. We enjoy using the objects in the classroom to compare. 

Week 3


We have been learning more about the bog baby. We did some writing to describe the bog baby. We have been experimenting with our senses. We experimented with our sense of smell. We smelt lots of different pots and tried to guess what they were. We really liked it. 


We have learnt to sing and dance 'dem bones'. If you would like to try at home please follow this link.  


We were so happy this week because we won the mathletics competition! We have got the most points in our class. We get to keep the trophy all week!


We would like to remind you that our challenge 250 starts next week. Our first bronze spelling check will be on Friday. 



Week 2


What an exciting week we have had in year 1! We started our week off with our Wow day! We enjoyed drawing around and labeling our friends body parts and also we played lots of sensory games. Our favourite was pirate keys where we had to guess who had stolen they keys by listening very carefully. We have begun reading our focus text this week which is bog baby and we are looking forward to finding out more about bog baby next week. 


Friday was also very exciting as we celebrated dot day. We have learnt lots about how we can give and receive feedback that can help us improve our learning. We made lots of dotty artwork as well but most importantly we talked about how we know we might not be able to do something now but if we keep trying and get some help we will be more successful! 


Week 1


This week we have been settling into our new classroom. We are very excited to be up in the main school building now. We have talked lots about how we want our classroom to look and what rules we are going to have to keep us happy and safe. We have really enjoyed building our doctors role play area and using the construction shelf to build houses. 


We have learnt that our topic will be 'Me and My Body' so we are ready to learn lots about ourselves and how our bodies work. 


These are some pictures of our first week in year 1!

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