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Each week we will post an overview of what has happened in Nursery!




Nursery Class Newsletters 2021 - 2022

Spring 2

Week 5 (w.c 28th March 2022)


Easter is nearly here! This week we’ve had such fun in Nursery, reading a lovely story with some very familiar phrases… “We’re going on an Egg Hunt.” We also loved going on a very special egg hunt of our own which helped us to develop our observational, counting and sorting skills, with lots of different eggs to collect and sort.


Outdoors we’ve also loved ‘Bunny Hop’ obstacle course! We loved getting our bodies moving, putting our gross motor skills and coordination to work, thinking about how we can move like the Easter bunny around his special trail! Our counting skills were needed too, to count our hops and jumps!


We also loved putting our artistic skills to great use and getting busy using our fine motor control to create some lovely Easter themed crafts.


… and of course, Easter wouldn’t be Easter without our famous Egg Competition! What a lovely week 😊


Happy Easter everyone!


Spring 2

Week 4 (w.c 21st March 2022)


This week as part of our history week in school we have been focusing on developing our Understanding of the World around us; Making sense of our own life-story and family history by talking about what we see, comparing similarities and differences and beginning to link these to changes over time.


We’ve really enjoyed looking at pictures of our own birthday parties from when we were babies to now, identifying how we have grown and changed over time.


We have also been looking at our own modern home environments and comparing these to home environments in the past, using a lovely rhyming story book called Peepo by Janet and Allan Ahlberg. A story set in the 1940’s which looks at what a baby can see as they look around their own family home.


Over the week, we have really enjoyed comparing some of the rooms in the story, to what our houses and rooms look like now. We have been using our observational skills to describe what we can and also thinking about what is the same and different to rooms in our house today. We have also enjoyed beginning to develop some understanding of why things might be different now to how things were in the past.

Spring 2

Week 3 (w.c 14th March 2022)


This week we’ve been so excited to read and listen to one of Eric Carle’s most famous titles, The Very Hungry Caterpillar!


We have been so busy this week, from exploring and describing the various patterns of caterpillars and butterflies and having a go at making our own, sequencing and retelling the story with rhymes and actions, to discovering different sized Caterpillars which we needed to measure to find out exactly which part of the story they came from! We also had a big job on our hands auditing just exactly how much of each type of food that Very Hungry Caterpillar ate before he didn’t feel too well at all! 😉


We have also absolutely loved exploring caterpillars in real life, observing them in their natural environment and watching them grow and change and learning about their whole lifecycle – we were very keen to record our learning too in lots of different ways.

By the end of the week the caterpillars were hanging upside down… the children were so excited to see them at this stage…


Dilshan said:

“They’ve got a good strength and a good grip!”

We asked what that means… Dilshan replied; “It means they’re strong and they hold on.”

“Look they’re whipping around!”  We wondered what it meant when they were whipping around?

Dilshan replied “It means they’re getting themselves wrapped up!”

Jake added; “Yeah into their own cocoon!”

Naimh “and they be a butterfly when they come out!”


I wonder what they will look like by next week?


… finally, we also enjoyed celebrating Comic Relief in class on Friday. We had so much fun dressing up in something funny and telling our favourite jokes in class too! 😊

Spring 2

Week 2 (w.c 7th March 2022)


It’s been all about ‘New Life’ and growing in Nursery this week. We loved Eric Carle’s book ‘The Tiny Seed’ last week and it prompted lots of interest in how plants grow! After being so ‘egg’cited monitoring the eggs and watching the chicks hatch last week, we have really enjoyed making observations and comparisons about how different things grow and what they might need.


During our carpet time sessions we have loved exploring the life cycle of plants through using our bodies, special songs, exploring real life images, searching for plants and reading our special stories Jasper's Beanstalk, A seed in Need and revisiting The Tiny seed.


Jasper was so excited that his bean finally began to grow that he forgot to measure it as it grew! It’s a good job we were on hand with our super maths skills to help!


Some of the children were also keen to take up the challenge of recording what happens to Jasper’s Bean and ‘the tiny seed' during independent activity time and came up with some great, independent mark making to express their ideas 😊 and have been developing some fantastic new vocabulary too when explaining their work.


… and of course, we’ve also enjoyed spending lots of time outside in this lovely Spring Sunshine, spotting signs of new life and even planting our own seeds too.


Spring 2

Week 1 (w.c 28th Feb 2022)


What a fantastic and exciting start back to the new half term we’ve had! We have been celebrating all the amazing things about books this week and taking part in lots of school wide activities, including the big book swap, dressing as our favourite character and our famous potato competition – what amazing entries we had from Nursery! We also had a special character visit us from Truman Books to share some special stories with us.


In Nursery we have loved sharing our tapestry home learning about getting caught reading! We enjoyed using our Communication and Language skills to explain where and how we like to read and who we like to read to. During our carpet times this week, we loved talking about who are favourite Authors and Characters are and we wondered how we might be able to show some of our friends who are favourite book characters are during free flow activity time. Eloise suggested, ‘We could draw them and then they'll know!’


Focusing on the famous Author Eric Carle this week and exploring some of his wonderful stories during our Booktalk sessions was also a firm favourite this week. Titles we read and talked about included; Papa Please Get the Moon for Me, Friends and The Bad-Tempered Ladybird.


Our story voting Station was very popular this week. We needed all of our developing communication, maths and literacy skills to help us show the votes we made about which book to read each day during our ‘Book Talk’ time each day and explain this to the rest of the class.


… and of course, World Book day itself was such fun! Dressing up as our favourite book characters and making sure we did our class fashion show too!


Finally, as if we haven’t had enough ‘egg’citment this week… we got a very special delivery in Early Years… Chick Eggs! We have been monitoring and talking about these everyday and some of our special visitors finally hatched! I wonder what the weekend and next week will bring? 😊

Spring 1

Week 7 (w.c 14th February 2022)


This week we have loved exploring all the important and precious things in life that help to make us feel happy, safe and loved … feelings, families and friends. We enjoyed reading some very special stories ‘Guess How Much I love You’ and ‘While We Can’t Hug’ and talking about who and what we love.


As well as building on our learning from last week, thinking about self-love and how we make ourselves feel happy, we have loved cooperating, playing together and lending each other lots of helping hands when we’ve needed it, to show each other we care.


We have also been practising and using lots of our lovely creative and thinking skills to show the special people in our lives that we love and care for them too … what a lovely week it's been! 😊

Spring 1

Week 6 (w.c 7th February 2022)


This week in Nursery we have been exploring and sharing our feelings as part of Children's Mental Health Week. It’s been lovely to think about both our own and others’ feelings, reasons we might feel this way… and discovering that sometimes, there is no reason at all, but most importantly, knowing what we can do, who can help us and how we can help ourselves when we feel different emotions.


We loved exploring what feelings are and how we can manage them through pictures, stories, games and activities and learnt a little about how we can process and express feelings and emotions in different ways.


We loved reading stories such as ‘The colour Monster’ and revisiting ‘Giraffe’s Can’t Dance’ during book talk and class carpet times to help us with our feelings and emotions.


It’s been lovely ‘buddying up’ with a friend in Nursery this week too, who we can go to for help and support with our games, tasks and activities… and be another person we can go to when we are feeling sad or worried and need some help.


Our class puppets have been great at teaching us about emotions and things we can do when we are feeling different emotions, as well as how we can help others too.


It really has been such a busy and fun week with our friends getting crafty too, creating items that make us feel happy, content and calm… from our own individual happiness books, to dream catchers and our ‘high 5 hands’ which we decorated with our favourite colours or patterns, things, places or people.

Spring 1

Week 5 (w.c 31st January 2022)


What a Happy Chinese New Year it’s been this week in Nursery! We have loved learning all about the customs, celebrations and crafts people take part in to celebrate Chinese New Year. We have been fascinated following Anna’s family and learning about how they prepare and celebrate Chinese New Year, as well as hearing from some of our classmates about how they celebrate Chinese New year at home …


Eliana “I got money in a red envelope with a picture on!” She also enjoyed teaching us how to say Happy New Year in Cantonese 😊


It has been such fun bringing the celebrations to life in Nursery all week, helping us practise lots of Nursery skills at the same time. We have loved using our physical, fine motor, early writing and creative skills to make lanterns,  dragon masks, follow some Chinese writing and make our own ‘lucky money’ wallets to represent the Year of the Tiger.


We have also enjoyed lots of cooperative role play, utilising our maths and using our music and movement skills, preparing for Chinese New Year in our own Nursery Home Corner… from getting busy cleaning the house, to decorating and preparing a feast of lots of delicious food including dumplings and spring rolls. We also loved recreating the famous dragon parade outside too and of course, engaging in some fun sensory and fine motor activities with Chinese noodles! 

Spring 1

Week 4 (w.c 24th January 2022)


The children loved the Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig story last week and were keen to continue this theme. We enjoyed helping us to create a class story map for the story, as well as coming up with lots of inventive ways to help the characters in both stories we have been focusing on!


We decided that we actually needed to help the ‘Big Bad Pig!’ We realised that he wasn’t so bad after all but, the police and other people didn’t know that and were still looking for him!

During free flow the children decided to create some representations of the ‘Big GOOD Pig’ after having some great ideas about how they could do this… Jake said: “we could draw all the flowers for him, the ones he likes!”  Faith… “We can draw his smile!” when asked why would we do that… “because he’s happy now, he’s not bad, he’s good!”


We also loved continuing to explore lots of creative materials to make lots of things from the stories we have been enjoying, such as houses for the little pigs and wolves and things to keep the Big Bad Pig entertained! This has been great in helping us to develop our maths, problem solving creative and cooperative play skills, as well as our ability to begin to answer different questions related to the story.


…and of course, we have also been continuing to be really kind and helpful members of Nursery, helping our new starters to settle in and remind them of where things are, how we look after things and most importantly, help them have lots of fun in Nursery and make new friends 😊  

Spring 1

Week 3 (w.c 17th January 2022)


This week the children have continued to be firmly immersed in the land of The Three Little Pigs, using our Talk for Writing story and actions to retell the story through role play and taking on character roles. We had some strange and special visits this week from different characters too, who we enjoyed listening to and answering lots of questions they had. Characters included a little pig who had lost his brothers and Mummy Pig who was confused about where her babies had gone! She also had a phone call from the police warning her of who to look out for and assuring her that her babies were safe! What a relief! 


Mummy Pig then needed our help! During free flow some of the children couldn’t wait to get stuck in and help her, creating representations of the pesky wolf, to help the police identify and catch him and stop him from causing more mischief! Other children got firmly into character, taking on the roles of the police and decided they needed to build and set traps to try and catch the big bad wolf. These activities really helped us develop our descriptive vocabulary, questioning, observation and problem-solving skills too.


In our book talk sessions this week, we loved focusing on similarities and differences as we read our slightly twisted tale “The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig” We discovered that the ‘Big bad Pig’ wasn’t so big or bad after all!


Finally, we have also loved helping some children new to Nursery this week as they began their full-time hours with us. The children have been so kind and are doing a great good job of supporting them with all of our special Nursery routines, what a super week!

Spring 1

Week 2 (w.c 10th January 2022)


This week it’s been all about The Three Little Pigs in Nursery! We introduced the children to our special ‘Talk for Writing’ story map and actions and they loved joining in with the repeated lines or ‘refrains’ in the story. During activity time, we had lots and lots of wolves and pigs running around our classroom and in the outdoor areas, as they acted out and retell the story! It’s a good job we had some materials and props on hand for the pigs to use to build some strong houses!


The children enjoyed getting busy developing their problem solving, observational skills and descriptive vocabulary, as well as our maths measure skills, when trying to figure out the size of the wolf that left some footprints behind him and predict which direction he might have gone in and why!


As well as using our mark making and fine motor skills to retell the story this week, the children have also been coming up with lots of ideas about how to help catch the pesky wolf, so watch this space for more fun activities next week!


Alongside our activities this week, we have also begun to welcome our new January starters to Nursery! The children had such fun on their stay and play visits and we can’t wait to welcome them back next week!

Spring 1

Week 1 (w.c 4th January 2022)


What a wonderful first week back at Nursery. The children have been fantastic at settling back into all of our busy Nursery routines and we have been so excited to welcome the children back and hear all about their exciting Christmas holidays during group carpet time! This has really helped us focus on our key skills of listening, response and sentence construction, as well as taking turns to speak and listen to others.


This week we have loved taking part in whole school 'Interfaith week', celebrating and extending our knowledge and understanding of what it means to be different, from differences in what people within the community believe, to differences in appearance and activities we take part in within our own families and different cultures.


As well as hearing about some of the different Faiths children follow in our Nursery class, we have also enjoyed reading the story 'Hats of Faith'. A story that looks at how head wear is a custom in many different faiths and learning what people of different faiths wear. Alongside this, to help us reflect on the different things people in our community might believe, we loved watching some different clips from the Cbeebies series 'What's on your head?’ and then enjoyed using our creative skills and what we have learnt to choose a different ‘Hat of Faith’ to have a go at making!


Finally, we loved reading the story 'Not like the others', a super rhyming animal (and people!) story, where we enjoyed spotting and celebrating the similarities and differences between a wide variety of animals and people. It’s been a lovely and very busy week!

Autumn 2

Week 7 (w/c 13th December)


This week it’s been party time! We’ve had such a busy time preparing for our Christmas party, making hats, decorations, singing songs and creating games. Not to mention, using our developing Maths skills to do a quick stock take to check we had all the items we needed for our celebrations! 


We also had a very special delivery one night in Nursery whilst we were all sound asleep at home! Happy Harry told us that Santa had visited and left us a very special post box, some letters and envelopes so we could write some very special letters to Santa about what we would like for Christmas! We were so excited to write and post them!


When party day arrived, we loved showing off our party clothes in a special fashion show! We really enjoyed playing lots of party games and showing off our dance moves when playing musical statues and Christmas Corners. We definitely worked up and appetite for our party food!


… and the most exciting thing of all, because we have been such super stars in Nursery, we had a very special visit from Santa! What an exciting time we’ve had!

Autumn 2

Week 6 (w/c 6th December)


What a week we’ve had! This week it’s been all about Christmas!

We’ve had such fun decorating our classroom for the big day continuing to develop our creative and fine motor skills with lots of Christmas and winter crafts …. Of course, involving quite a lot more glitter and sparkle! 


In our Book Talk sessions this week, the children chose ‘Snowball’ from our selection of Winter themed stories. They loved watching his adventures as he rolled away getting bigger and bigger, picking up lots of friends along the way! The children were so keen to continue the story afterwards, drawing some additional pages to show what happened next.


… and our most exciting highlight of all this week… performing our Nativity to retell the Christmas story. We just loved wearing our costumes and sharing the songs with our special grown-ups! Very proud smiles and a few happy tears all round! What an amazing job you did Nursery, we are so very proud of you all fantastic!

Autumn 2

Week 5 (w/c 29th November)


We’ve been so excited this week in Nursery as we continue to focus on the magic of winter and that special celebration that happens in Winter, Christmas!


In our Book Talk sessions this week, we loved looking at a special poem about a Snowman and also watching a very special snowman’s adventures… and it even snowed outside for real! It’s a good job the rhyming poem helped us learn about the features of snowmen as we couldn’t wait to explore the snow and build one of our own!


As part of Art Week, we also enjoyed continuing to develop our creative and fine motor skills with some lovely winter crafts associated with some of the stories and poems we have been reading…we can’t wait for you to see them in our Winter art Gallery next week.


We have also been learning more about the Christmas Story through a lovely retelling and have been having lots of fun listening to and learning some seasonal songs, in preparation for our special Nativity performance next week!


And the most exciting thing of all this week… decorating our classroom for Christmas and starting the Christmas count-down with our own class advent calendar, we can’t wait to fill up Santa’s beard!

Autumn 2

Week 4 (w/c 22nd November)


It turned a little more sparkly and colder in Nursery this week as we started to look at some signs that Winter is coming and leading on from our focus on Birthdays, we identified a special birthday celebration that’s coming up within the Winter season! This led us to read and discuss the main characters and events in the Christmas story. We also loved re-telling the story using sequencing pictures and through role play, as well as beginning to sing some seasonal songs too!


Our classroom and provision areas have taken on some Winter sparkle as we had lots of fun developing our creative, fine motor and problem-solving skills, creating some lovely Winter crafts in the workshop, such as glittering snowflakes, inspired by our special story of the week.


During our carpet time Book Talk sessions, we chose to read and discuss Sam’s Snowflake, a lovely story featuring some Winter magic and lots about how people celebrate Christmas too! We’re so excited for the next few weeks!


Autumn 2

Week 3 (w/c 15th November)


It’s been a busy week in Nursery this week! To start our week, Happy Harry had a special mission for us... he wanted us to help him make up some party games for his Birthday party!


He loves obstacle courses and asked us if we could use his special pictures to design some obstacle courses for us and our friends. Whilst designing and creating the obstacle courses we had designed in our groups, we worked hard to listen to one another and followed our design plan instructions, using positional language, our observational skills to spot different colours, objects and patterns, and our counting to help us. We had lots of fun trying out the courses and I think Happy Harry was very pleased with us! :)


We have also really enjoyed reading Julia Donaldson’s Postman Bear. It gave us lots of ideas for what we needed to include when designing and making Happy Harry’s party. During focus activity time and in provision, we loved getting busy wrapping presents, making cakes and create lists and invitations ready to host Happy Harry’s big day and lots of other fun parties too! During his big day, we loved playing pass the parcel to help him unwrap the presents we had made and wrapped for him!


We also had a fun-packed day on Friday for Children in Need! As well as reading a special Pudsey bear story, telling us how Pudsey help raise money, we talked about how all children should feel happy and safe and that’s why we raise money and awareness. The children said “Pudsey likes to make all children smile!”


We enjoyed designing our own Pudsey Bears and also getting spotty with some fun finger painting!


Autumn 2

Week 2 (w/c 8th November)


What an exciting week we’ve had in Nursery! We’ve had so much fun thinking and learning about birthdays!


We loved talking about our own birthday and looking at lots of lovely pictures, reflecting on what we did to celebrate and how we’ve grown and changed. At story time, we’ve read Kipper’s Birthday and really enjoyed spotting all the things he tried to do to celebrate his own birthday. We enjoyed ‘taking our pens for a walk’ to retell parts of the story too!


Of course, no birthday celebration would be complete without a proper celebration and we’ve been busy in provision! Developing our maths and creative skills making play dough cakes with candles in for different people, creating item in workshop and developing our imaginative and mark making skills to represent celebrations and host and attend lots of parties! It’s a good job Eloise remembered to call people to invite them along! :)


On Thursday, we also talked about why we have poppies, the significance of Remembrance Day and held a silence. We also used our creative skills to create some lovely poppy representations in our workshop area. 

Autumn 2

Week 1 (w/c 1st November)


What a brilliant start to our new half term in Nursery! We have loved learning all about Bonfire Night, watching virtual firework displays and making some fantastic bonfire and firework crafts, whilst learning about pattern and shape. With the help of our friend Fireman Sam and his friends, we have also been learning lots about how we can stay safe on Bonfire Night.


We have loved using our imagination during role play, indoors and outdoors to help put out the bonfire and to make some scrumptious food to keep us warm whilst we sat around our fire and watching the lovely displays.


It’s also been a really busy week sharing our half term learning and activities with all of our friends, focusing on our whole school week learning about black history with the help of our friend Elmer the Elephant and enjoying learning all about Diwali, sharing stories and learning lots about how families celebrate this special time of year.


Autumn 1

Week 7 (w/c 18th October)


This week we have been continuing with our Bear Hunt theme. We had a lot of work to do this week helping Happy Harry. He lost The Bear Hunt book and needed our help to retell the story to him… he only had a few pictures of different parts of the story and couldn’t remember the rhymes, actions or what order the family went on a Bear Hunt! Thankfully we remembered and helped him get the sequence of the story and retell it using the key rhymes and actions we know!


Harry also remembered how brilliant we were at ‘taking our pens for a walk’ last week and thought we could help him remember and tell the story by mark making to draw key parts. We were so proud of all the different marks we made to show different parts, from the ‘long, wavy grass’ to the ‘swirling, whirling snowstorm’, managing to draw some of the parts in order too, just like in the book!


Something really strange happened too… bear paw prints inside the classroom this week! Even stranger, they looked like they were from different Bears! We loved using our early maths and measure language to talk about the paw prints and help sort, order and count them.


We have also loved exploring the environment outside, collecting more Autumn items and noticing lots about the world around us at this time of year. We’ve had so much fun in wet weather too and loved getting creative with the Autumn items we have collected, experimenting with lots of different creative materials and ways to mark make. It’s been another busy week!

Autumn 1

Week 6 (w/c 11th October)


This week, we have loved spotting signs of Autumn, showing our Autumn adventure walk items to our classmates and exploring the things on our Autumn table.


It’s also been a very exciting week in Nursery! After finding little bear in the classroom last week, the children wondered where Happy Harry and his bear friends might live, so we went on a Bear Hunt!


We loved reading the story and learning some key actions to help us remember and join in with the story, as well as experimenting with mark making, ‘taking our pens for a walk’ to help us retell parts of the story.


Whilst in the classroom we also discovered something strange… paw prints, leading outside! So off we went on a Bear Hunt of our own! The paw prints led us on a very exciting Bear Hunt, through many places, such as the long wavy grass and the deep cold river, eventually finding the Bear’s Cave! It’s a good job we got to the safety of our special outdoor house… thank goodness Basil remembered to lock the door too!


Back in the classroom after our hunt, the children were keen to use their mark making skills again to show us what they had found whilst out and about!


Autumn 1

Week 5 (w/c 4th October)


What a busy and exciting week we’ve had in school this week, using all of our ‘Super Nursery Day’ routines.


We have been brilliant using our ‘listening ears’ and ‘looking eyes’ in our small group sessions, developing our communication and language skills, taking it in turns to listen and talk about ourselves and the things we love doing at Nursery!


It’s been great fun looking at ourselves and our friends closely, and drawing our own self-portraits too, comparing similarities and differences to each other.


We have loved reading our focus story Giraffe’s Can’t Dance, a special book about Gerald the Giraffe, who can’t dance but tries really hard, never gives up and succeeds in the end.


When getting busy in activities this week, we’ve all tried to be like Gerald in Nursery… 'having a go' at new things and approaching tasks with a 'can do' attitude… saying we 'Can't do it YET!'


Autumn 1

Week 4 (w/c 28th September)     


What an exciting and busy week we’ve had in Nursery this week! We have loved continuing to explore the classroom and how to play with all of our wonderful resources, as well as settling into and becoming more independent in our Nursery routines and developing our listening skills during story times and small group sessions, with the help of Happy Harry.


Harry has been so proud of us this week for using his special pictures to keep everything tidy in Nursery. It is really helping us with our independence, language and sorting and matching skills!


This week we have also loved participating in small group carpet times to learn and share all about us! We’ve learned lots about all of our new friends in Nursery, using our special All About Me booklets. It’s really helped us to begin to develop our confidence to talk about ourselves in small groups… we especially loved talking about our favourite foods, believe it or not, broccoli is a firm favourite in Nursery! :)


Autumn 1

Week 3 (w/c 20th September)


This week we’ve had so much fun settling in, including staying for lunch! We have loved exploring and learning about our new Nursery day and routines with the help of our class Bear, Happy Harry. It has been so exciting making new friends as we have met different children at our new sessions – the children have been so kind and helpful to one another whilst playing and tidying.


We have also been gaining confidence to explore independently, both indoors and outdoors too. The children had so much fun building obstacles, exploring the instrument and movement toys and using the amazing climbing area and bike track too! There’s so much to explore and have fun with!


Happy Harry couldn’t believe how fantastic we are in our new Nursery class, he is so proud of us! We have been brilliant at remembering some of our Nursery routines and beginning to develop our independence when playing, putting our things away and finding the resources we want. Happy Harry’s pictures are really helping us, thanks Harry!


Autumn 1

Week 2 (w/c 14th September)


This week we have enjoyed staying at Nursery without our grown-ups for the first time! We have loved exploring all the areas in Nursery, making new friends and even remembering some of the Nursery routines all by ourselves!


Last week we played with lots of different things with our grown-ups in Nursery and told our Nursery teachers what we liked playing with the most…

Dinosaurs, the farm, mark making resources and play dough bun making and experimenting with tools were firm favourites! As were the ducks and fish in the water area. We were so excited when we came in this week and found some of our favourite new things, ready to explore and play with!


Our independent stay and play visits went really well and the children could not believe how quickly home time came around, leaving with a big smile and great big cheer when asked if they would like to come back next week, we can’t wait to see you all!

Autumn 1

Week 1 (w/c 6th September)

A very big warm welcome to all of the children who came to visit us this week! It was lovely to see some familiar faces back in Nursery and meet lots of new ones too!


We know how much you enjoyed exploring the new classroom and are so looking forward to your 'stay and play' visits next week.


Each week we will update you here with some of the children's activities and favourite learning from the week.  Watch this space!

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