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Please read our termly newsletter below to find out what will be happening in Nursery.

Each week we will post an overview of what has happened in Nursery!





Summer 2 Week 7

This week has been our last full week in Nursery. We took part in a whole school 'Wellness week'. We enjoyed some visitors in Nursery who came do to activities with us such as interactive story sessions and exercises. We also had our trip to Jackaboos soft play. A big thank you to all the parents who helped walk us to Jackaboos.

 In class we have also been taking part in some mindfulness activities such as breathing and calm colouring. 

We want to say a huge thank you and goodbye to all the Nursery children and their parents. We hope you have a lovely summer!

From Mrs. Hollingshead, Mrs. Cass and Mrs. Brown





Summer 2 Week 6 

This week we have taken part in the whole school 'Enterprise week'. We have worked together to make something to sell at the Summer Fair. The children have loved taking part in this group activity. We decided to make play dough! We created ingredient and method card to attach which the children helped to create. We talked about what ingredients we need and how much of each ingredient. We choose which colours we thought other children would like the best. We can't wait to find out how much money we can make when we sell them. 

This week we have also been practicing key skills such as counting and name writing. We have also been talking about moving to Reception and some children have done visits to their new class. 






Summer 2 Week 5


This week we have been learning all about bees. We have enjoyed making bees in the dough and workshop area. We have been learning about how bees collect nectar. We enjoyed a honey tasting activity. We have also enjoyed some numbers games and songs using bees. We have been practising our pencil grip this week. We have been following picture steps to help us remember how to hold the pencil correctly. We also had 'Moving up day' this week. Lots of us have started doing visits to our new schools. Such an exciting and busy time! 

Summer 2 Week 4

Another fab week in Nursery! We have been learning all about spiders! We have used some great books to support our learning. 'The very busy spider' by Eric Carle and 'Arraaaggghh Spider' by Lydia Monks. We have enjoyed learning about the number 8 in the maths area. We have been pegging on 8 legs onto a spider, making sure we count carefully. We have also been having a go at recognising the numicon and numeral 8. In the dough we have also been making spiders. 

We have been singing the nursery rhyme 'The incy wincy spider'. The children have enjoyed playing in the water area with spiders and different tubes and guttering, making the spider go down the 'spout'. 

On Wednesday Nursery had their own Sports day. The children enjoyed taking part in different activities in teams. 





Summer 2 Week 3


This week we have let the butterflies go! We all went up to our new nature area and released them. We were very still and waved them off as they flew away. We still have some other caterpillars in Nursery. The children have really enjoyed watching the caterpillars change. We have been learning all about worms this week. We have been reading the story 'Superworm' by Julia Donaldson. In the dough area we have been making worms. We have been using mathematical language to describe our worms; e.g. long, short. We have been using beads, pasta and cheerios to make worms too. This has helped us with our fine motor skills. In the water we have enjoyed getting messy with muddy water and spaghetti worms. 




Summer 2 Week 2

This week we have learnt about ladybirds. We have used two stories to support our leaning. We have listen to 'What the ladybird heard'. We wanted to find out what we could hear so we have listened for different sounds in our environment, such as cars and birds. We have also been making maps from the story. We have also been reading 'The bad tempered ladybird'. We have been talking about when we feel 'bad tempered' and what we can do to feel calmer. We have also talked about being like the 'friendly' ladybird in the story. In the dough and math's area we have been making ladybirds and adding spots to them. We have been carefully counting the spots, checking there is the same amount on each side.


We have enjoyed watching the caterpillars. We have some that are still growing and some that are in cocoons




Summer 2 Week 1


Welcome back! We hope you all had a lovely half term break. It has been lovely to talk to the children about what they have been doing. This week we have started our 'mini-beast' topic. We have been reading and learning the story of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. We have been re-telling the story and thinking about how the caterpillar changes in the story. This has helped us learn about the life cycle of a caterpillar. We have also been tasting some of the fruits the caterpillar eats in the story. We have then discussed which our favourite one is. We then made a simple block graph to show which fruits we liked the best. 

We also had some very special arrivals this week. We have some real life caterpillars! The children have been very excited to see them. We have talk about how what the caterpillars will do and how they will change. 












Summer 1 Week 6


This week we have had a lovely time this week celebrating our last week on Pirates. We had a great Pirate Party Day on Wednesday. We loved seeing you all in the your costumes. We had a great time playing games like 'Fire the cannon ball', 'Walk the plank' and 'feed the shark'. On Friday we had whole school 'Science day'. We did an experiment with different substances like oil and shaving foam we poured them down guttering to see how they traveled. 





Summer 1 Week 5 


This week we are learning all about mermaids! We have been using some lovely mermaid books to support our learning. 'The Singing Mermaid' by Julia Donaldson has helped us to listen for and understand rhyming words. We have been playing a rhyming game this week to support our listening and sound skills linked to our phonics. Perhaps you could have a go at listening for any rhyming words in your story books at home?

We have also been reading a story called 'mermaid' which has opened up some lovely conversations about how children are different. This week we have also loved playing in the mermaid sand trays. We have been practising our fine motor skills by making marks, patterns and even writing our name in the sand. Next week is our last week on our pirate topic. 

Remember we have our open session and our Pirate Day on Wednesday 22nd May. 




Summer 1 Week 4

This week we have been using two stories to support our learning. 'Pirate George' and '10 little pirates'. They have supported our learning with number this week. We have been doing lots of counting; counting pirates, pirate treasure and our fingers. 

We have also been practising our scissor skills this week as well. 

In group time we received a message in a bottle from a pirate. We have been making our own message in a bottle in the writing area.



See below for 'The Ugly Duckling' story. The highlighted words are the words we have added actions to. 


Ugly Duckling

Once upon a time on a farm there was a mummy duck. She sat on her eggs until one day…..

Tap… tap…tap..the ducklings hatched.

But one duckling looked different to all the rest.

He was big and grey. The other ducklings and animals on the farm didn’t like him.

You’re ugly’ said the other ducklings

‘You’re ugly’ said the cow

You’re ugly’ said the pig

The ugly duckling was so sad. Nobody wanted to play with him. He ran away and hid for a long time.

Then one day he was very thirsty and put his beak into the water. He saw a beautiful, white bird!

‘Wow!’ he said. ‘Who’s that?’

‘It’s you,’ said another beautiful, white bird.

‘Me? But I’m an ugly duckling.

Not any more. You’re a beautiful swan, like me. Do you want to be my friend?’

Yes,’ he smiled. All the other animals watched as the two swans flew away and he lived happily ever after.


The end.



Summer 1 Week 3 


This week we have continued our learning on Pirates. We have been reading the story 'pirates love underpants'. In the math's area we have been using coloured shapes and counters to make different patterned pirate underpants. Outside we have been using open ended resources and materials to build our own pirate role play. 




Summer 1 Week 2

We hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend. This week we have started our Pirate topic.

On Wednesday we received a letter from a pirate. We had to find the pirate treasure and look after it for him. We have been making treasure maps in the writing area. We have also been reading the story 'The pirate house'. In the story the little boy lies about pirates living in a house on the street. We have been talking about lying and telling the truth and the importance of doing the right thing. 


Summer 1 Week 1 


Welcome back! We hope you all had a lovely holiday. This week we have had a week learning about Easter. We have been talking about what different people do to celebrate Easter. For example, see their family, eat nice food like chocolate and some people go to church.

We have been doing lots of fun Easter activities, like an egg hunt. We enjoyed counting the egg in our baskets. We have also been singing songs like 'Chick chick chicken'. 

We have been making some yummy Easter buns to take home. we had to listen carefully to the instructions of how to make them. 

We also had an Easter egg competition. Well done to our winners! 

We hope you all have a lovely Easter Bank holiday weekend and we  will see you on Tuesday when we will be starting our new pirate topic!


Spring 2 Week 5

This week we have been joining in with our whole school faith week. We have been learning about Islam. We have been looking at pictures of mosques and learning that this is a special place for Muslims. We have also been learning about the celebration Eid and talking about how it is similar to the celebration of Christmas. For example they put up decorations, eat nice food and give presents. 

On Wednesday we had a visitor come in to see us. She shared a simple greeting with us and showed us some special things like a prayer mat. 



Spring 2 Week 4

This week we have been learning about pet shops. We have been reading the story 'The great pet sale' and we have been role playing pet shops in the home corner. We have been counting 1 pence pieces to buy items. We have also been reading the story 'Where's Spot?' In the book mum looks in different places for Spot. We played a game with Spot the dog. We had to say to where he was using positional language such inside, next to and on top. 



Spring 2 Week 3

This week we have been learning all about 'vets'. We have been learning what happens inside the vets. We have been watching video clips of vets in action looking after poorly animals like cats and dogs. We have also been reading the story 'Mog and the Vet'.

The children have enjoyed role playing vets in the outdoor role play area and in the home corner where we have added some props to support their play such as pet carriers, telephone, till and appointment cards. The children have loved playing in these areas. 

On Wednesday a visitor came in to show us some real rabbits. It was an amazing experience for the children. 


Spring 2 Week 2

This week we have enjoyed learning about different animals. We have made graph to show which animal is our favourite; dog was the most popular animal. We have been learning the story of 'Hairy Maclary'. We have been making story maps to help us re-tell the story as well as learning actions. We have also been playing a matching game; matching the adult animal to the baby animal. We have been talking about the different names for adult and baby animals such as 'cat' and 'kitten'. 

We have enjoyed thinking about the different ways in which animals move and have been experimenting with how to move like different animals such as 'snake' and 'butterfly'. 



Spring 2 Week 1

This week we have started our new topic 'Pets'. The children have been very excited to share their 'family talk time' sheets during group time, talking about what pets they have or what pets they would like. 

On Wednesday Nursery had a big surprise. We got 2 new fish to join our existing fish 'Sharon'. We discussed how we will look after the new fish and we also shared all our ideas for naming the new fish.  

We have been reading lots of fishy books like 'Hooray for fish' and 'The rainbow fish'.

We have been talking about what makes a good friend using the stories to help us.

We have also loved playing a fishing game and counting how many fish we have caught! 



Spring 1 Week 6

What a busy week in Nursery! This week we have celebrated 'digit day'. We had a whole school maths day. The children dressed up in math inspired outfits and we took part in lots of different maths activities based on the book 'Aliens love underpants'.  We did alien hunts, counting the aliens and matching the correct sized underpants to the right sized alien.

On Wednesday we celebrated 'Love day'. We got in the Valentines spirit and wore red or pink and we talked about who we love, who is special to us and why. 

It has been a lovely half term with lots of amazing learning! 

I'm looking forward to next half term when we learn all about pets! 



Spring 1 Week 5


This week in Nursery we have been wrapping up all our learning on space! As next week is a shorter and busy week! So this week we have been learning about rockets! In the workshop the children have been making their own rocket. We have been using mathematical language to describe the shapes we are using to construct our rockets; such as round, long, short. We have also been using shapes in the maths area to make pictures.


Next week we have Maths Day on Tuesday - Dress up something maths related!

We also have our Love Day on Wednesday - Come in pink or red! 



Spring 1 Week 4


This week the alien delivered a letter to the Nursery children. The children were all very excited and we all wrote letters back to the alien asking him lots of questions. The children were keen to know things like, what the alien was called and what he might eat. All the children did some great mark making!

On Wednesday we had a special visitor who did an interactive story session and learning with us about the story 'Whatever Next'. It was great fun! 

Outside this week we have been making alien gloop! It was a great, messy activity to get the children talking about changes. 


Parents - the alien gloop was a simple mixture of water and cornflour with some dye and glitter if you wanted to have a go! 


Spring 1 Week 3


Another fun week of learning in nursery this week! We read a book called, 'How to catch a star' and thought about ways we could reach up high to the stars! We also thought about things we would wish on a star for and talked about what we were good at.

We had some great dough disco sessions strengthening our finger muscles and developing our fine motor control. We also learnt how to catch using a bean bag. Remember, eyes looking and hands cupped ready!

  Wednesday was exciting as it saw the return of a spaceship! We drew some amazing pictures of who we thought might be inside and really used our imagination to describe a creature from out of space! 


Spring 1 Week 2


An  unidentified object landed in early years this week! A huge silver globe like structure found it's way into the playground, and on closer inspection we found slithers of a green slimy substance! The children were so enthusiastic and excitedly shared their thoughts about why it had landed and how it had got there.

'I think it is aliens, we should scare the aliens back to the sky!'  said Max

'Don't go close to it, if you get in there, he will put you in a bubble' said Bella

'It has come from the moon!' said Freddie

 We looked for clues and searched for any aliens that might be hiding! We were thrilled when the object returned later in the afternoon!

     Later in the week children did some super drawings of what they had seen and used some super language to describe it. Mrs Edwards is still not convinced though.....

     Next week we plan to learn more about space and will be reading our new space themed library books. Thank you for the imaginative reading photos that we can see on Tapestry. Please keep them coming!

 Spring 1 Week 1


Welcome back everybody! We hope you had a truly magical Christmas and created lots of family memories. We are so pleased to see that the children have come in raring to go and with lots of enthusiasm! Not a tear in sight this week!  

   'I missed my friends in nursery, but I had a nice time at home!' said Daisy.

   'I wanted to do painting outside!' said Nala.

      The children have enjoyed sharing their holiday news in circle time activities and we were pleased to hear that santa came for all of the children. This week we have started our new topic 'space' and have been thinking about what we can see when we look into the night sky. You will have received our family talk learning to do at home and we thank you for the photos already on tapestry. This week we have been looking at the work of Vincent van Gogh and making our own starry night interpretations. We have also been making the planets and are creating a wonderful learning journey board.

    In phonics we have been learning the game, ' I spy' and the children have been thinking of the starting sound in words. Try having a game at home, you may be surprised!

     We are planning a 'wow' moment in nursery next week, but it is top secret so you will all have to wait and see!


 Week 6


The children in nursery did absolutely phenomenal in their Nativity! They were brimming with confidence, and we are so so proud of them! It is hard to believe that some children have only been with us for a few months. They looked amazing on the stage in their costumes and their singing was beautiful.  This week the children have been talking about their own experiences of preparing for Christmas.....

''We eat lots of yummy food and have a big tree' ( Amelie)

'I get some presents, a dinosaur..' ( Matthew)

'Santa comes to see if you have been good' (Daisy)

The children have also been making cards and decorations and have been developing their fine motor skills using glue spreaders and scissors. Not long now until the man in red comes!



Week 5

This week we have been busy little elves helping santa to wrap all the presents in the workshop. We have been focusing on the language of size and have been supported to use the language of comparison when looking at different sized parcels. We have also been busily preparing for a Christmas party where the children had to use their problem solving skills to work out which bear needed which cup, bowl, spoon and hat! This week we also made a spectacular Nativity scene with the children designing the costumes. Come and have a look at it in nursery. Ask your child what they remember about the Christmas Story! As always, photos of the children's learning are put on tapestry for you to view and comment on!

Week 4

This week we  brought our story 'Postman Bear' to life with a very special party in honour of the main character! We wrote cards, decorated buns, made jam sandwiches and even wrapped him some presents! Postman bear telephoned us to tell us what time he would arrive so we knew how long we would have to prepare.

  The children gave him a very warm welcome and really enjoyed giving him all their cards and presents!  The party ended with lots of movement to music with the nursery children showing some fantastic rhythm! 

   Next week we will begin to think about preparing for the  celebration of christmas and all the things we must do. Ask your child, 'What do we do at Christmas time?'


Week 3

Another fun week of learning in nursery! We have been working in small groups to develop our listening and attention and have been encouraged to use the photo cards to explain what makes a good listener. We have been sharing our wonderful celebrations homework in our groups and have been talking about what and how we celebrate at home. We have had some amazing contributions on tapestry and it has been great to develop home-school links.

We have also been planning a party for Postman Bear - watch this space!


 Week 2


Another fun week of learning in Nursery! This week we explored colour and pattern when talking about Diwali, the Hindu festival of light.  We practised subitizing numbers to 5  when looking at a dice. We also used our careful counting fingers to count out food items for the  bears picnic.


We had a surprise letter from our friend Postman Bear! This led us to write letters back to him, and even make our own post box. The children are really developing their listening and attention skills in small groups. Ask them, 'show me 5!' Can they tell you what this means?





Week 1

Welcome back everybody! We hope you had a lovely half term. The children have really impressed us all with the way they have settled and are learning the rules and routines in nursery. 


This week we started to read a new story; Postman Bear. We have been talking about the main character in the story and have been attempting to retell the story in our own words. We have started to think about all the different celebrations we have and what we celebrate at home. You will have now received the 'home learning' sheet which explains a few ways to help your child develop in Communication and Language for our new topic.




Week 8


This week it is Black History Week. We are focusing on the story of 'Handa's Surprise'. Children have learnt about where Handa lived, the weather and what animals live in hot countries. We have added Masks to the reading area so that children can retell the story with their friends. Children have enjoyed tasting the fruit in the story especially the passion fruit! We have also been listening to lively African music and having a go at using instruments to create their own African music. 

Our Rhyme of the week is 'Humpty Dumpty'. Every week our aim is to learn a new Nursery rhyme as it helps with children's speech and language development.

Week 7


This week we have got the third shelf out in all areas as children were accessing these areas well and using the equipment successfully. The children have particulary enjoyed the third shelf in the water and maths areas. We have been sharing the story of 'The Three Little Pigs' and had a go at drawing some pictures to represent different elements of the story. Children enjoyed the repeating language in this story, for example 'I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house down!" and "Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin!"

Week 6-


This week we looked at the Reading and Paint area in more detail. We enjoyed learning about how to colour mix effectively using the three power paint colours. Children are becoming very independent selecting their own apron and ensuring they get their own water for their paint pot. It is amazing what colours we can make! We have had several circle time sessions in which children sit in a circle and when its their turn they talk about who is in their family. Children have really enjoyed this activity.

Week 5


This week we have been learning about our bodies. Nursery children had a go at naming different body parts. We also played 'Simon Says' to see if children had remembered certain body parts for example, wrist and shoulder. The book of the week was 'The Hungry Caterpillar' and we used this to talk about healthy and unhealthy food. Children sorted the food into different hoops and talked particular items being unhealthy but children can still eat them in moderation. 

Week 4


Children have enjoyed finding out about our topic. They have started taking home treasure boxes and finding out about what everyone likes and dislikes. They had a great try at drawing their faces and thinking about how they can hold their pencil correctly with a pincer grip. While children were drawing they were looking at their faces in the mirror to ensure they used the correct colours for their hair, eyes and lips. The portraits are on display in the Nursery cloakroom. 


Week 3


This week the children have enjoyed doing their full sessions. They have all come in so beautifully and engaged in lots of different activities. We have been ensuring children know what they can they can do in our areas of provision and how they can get the best out of the resources on offer. Children have also enjoyed playing in our new cafe outside. We have been continuing to take part in circle time activities to build childrens confidence when speaking in a small group. 


Week 2


The children have been enjoying little visits this week. They have all settled in very well and all managed to stay a session on their own. They have been exploring all the areas in the classroom and outside. We celebrated 'Dot day' on Friday in which children talked about what they 'can do' and what they 'can't do..yet!'. Children loved singing the song and copying the actions. We will be focusing on particular areas next week to ensure children know how to use the equipment to its full potential.


Week 1


The adults in Nursery have been busy doing home visits this week and have really enjoyed getting to meet everybody.