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Nursery Class 20-21

Spring 1 – Remote Learning General Resources


Remote learning, including weekly overview and daily teacher video sessions and resources, will be posted on Tapestry during each Nursery session day, so please ensure you log in to Tapestry each day. Copies of any resources to accompany the sessions will also be posted here.


General Resources

Spring 2

Week 2  (W.c 1st March)

This week, it has been wonderful to welcome all the children back to Nursery! The children have been brilliant at settling back into all our routines and have been having lots of fun with their friends!


We have been so excited to get started on our new topic all about animals and our Pets. During our group time, we shared our wonderful photographs and information about our own pets and how we look after them. We also enjoyed gathering information and to create a big bar chart to show all the different pets Nursery class have at home.


It’s been such fun reading our new class focus story ‘Chicken Licken’ and learning some special actions and pictures to retell the story. We have even been retelling to our grown-ups at home!


Finally, we were so excited this week to meet some live chicks at school, after the special delivery of eggs we received last week. We loved looking at some live action videos of them hatching into chicks! We couldn’t believe it when we got to go and see them too and watch them eating, drinking and having fun with their siblings!

W.c 22nd February – Remote Learning Resources

W.c 8th February – Remote Learning Resources

W.c 1st February – Remote Learning Resources

W.c 25th January – Remote Learning Resources

W.c 18th January – Remote Learning Resources

W.c 11th January – Remote Learning Resources


  Nursery's outdoor Nativity is now able to be viewed on the video/movie section pages. Please take a look.



Autumn 2

Week 7 (w/c 14th December)


It’s been such a busy and exciting last week at Nursery, having lots of fun in the build up to Christmas. It started with a very special treat going to the (virtual) pantomime! We even had theatre snacks too!


We had an early delivery in Nursery over the weekend… a very special post box from Santa, all ready for the children to send him some important letters with their Christmas wishes. Our post box got full very quickly and then, magically, overnight all the letters disappeared! 


Santa’s elves also popped in during the night and left us a letter with some very important jobs to do, including making some presents for Santa’s workshop. Of course we got to work straight away in our workshop, using our creative skills and working together to make toys such as robots and toy cameras.


Finally, we had so much fun celebrating Christmas with our Nursery Christmas party! Making party hats and playing lots of party games, not to mention tucking into some delicious party food! We couldn't quite believe it when we got a very special video message, from a very special person… Santa! He's been watching us at Nursery and has been so amazed at how brilliant we are in school that he sent us a very special present for us to share and use in our outdoor area... thank you Santa and Merry Christmas everyone!

Autumn 2

Week 6 (w/c 7th December)


It’s beginning to look (and sound!) a lot like Christmas in Nursery! We’ve been having such fun continuing to decorate our classroom for the big day, using our creative and fine motor skills and quite a lot more glitter and sparkle! 


Our Book Talk sessions this week have been children’s choice from our selection of Seasonal stories and Non-fiction titles in our book corner… we have thoroughly enjoyed listening to and discussing some lovely Winter and Christmas themed stories, involving some funny characters, not to mention a few sprouts!


Last but not least, we were so excited this week as we performed our special little virtual Nativity to retell the Christmas story to our special grown-ups. We loved dressing up and acting out the story, as well as singing some wonderful seasonal songs too! I’m sure some of our grown-ups will know the words by now! 

Autumn 2

Week 5 (w/c 30th November)


As part of whole school Art Week, we have really enjoyed continuing to develop our creative and fine motor skills with lots of lovely winter crafts. We have loved exploring colour, different textures and selecting different materials and joining techniques to create lots of things like stars, snowflakes and representations of winter animals.


In our Book Talk sessions this week, we loved returning to Sam’s Snowflake story, focusing on all the special preparations and crafts that Sam takes part in before Christmas and comparing this to our own experiences at home.


We have also been learning more about the Christmas Story through a lovely retelling and have been having lots of fun listening to and learning some seasonal songs, in preparation for a special performance to be shared by the power of technology next week!


... and the most exciting thing of all this week; decorating our classroom for Christmas and starting the Christmas count-down with our own class advent calendar, we can’t wait to fill up Santa’s beard!

Autumn 2

Week 4 (w/c 23rd November)


Our classroom has begun to sparkle a little this week as we started to look at some signs that Winter is coming. Leading on from our focus on Birthdays, the children identified a special birthday celebration that’s coming up within the Winter season! This led us to read and discuss the main characters and events in the Christmas story. We also loved using our outdoor stage to begin to retell the story through role play and singing some seasonal songs too!


We had lots of fun in our workshop area this week, developing our creative and fine motor skills by creating some lovely Winter crafts. We have also really enjoyed exploring winter animals in our small world area and through stories.


During our carpet time Book Talk sessions, we chose to read and discuss Sam’s Snowflake, a lovely story featuring some Winter magic and lots about how people celebrate Christmas too! We’re so excited for the next few weeks!

Autumn 2

Week 3 (w/c 16th November)


What a busy week we’ve had in Nursery this week continuing our focus on Birthday’s. We’ve been getting into full party planning mode to develop lots of key skills including sorting and counting, mark making for a purpose and continuing to develop our pencil control.


It’s been all go during focus activity time and in provision! Getting busy making and sorting party bag items, creating lists (as any good party planner does) and of course using our amazing imaginative and role play skills to host and attend lots of parties. Of course, no great birthday party would be complete without organising and playing party games too! We love Birthday celebrations!


We’ve also loved reading our key text this week, Postman Bear, following the story as he delivered some very special invitations. It was so much fun talking about the story. We were very surprised about the ending… finishing before Postman Bear’s party had begun! In provision, we thought it was a great idea to add more pages to the story. Using our knowledge, party planning and mark making skills, we came up with some great ideas for the characters and what might happen at Bear’s party!

Autumn 2

Week 2 (w/c 9th November)


What an exciting week we’ve had in Nursery! We’ve had so much fun thinking and learning about birthdays! We loved talking about our own birthday’s and looking at lots of lovely pictures, reflecting on what we did to celebrate and how we’ve grown and changed. At story time, we’ve read Kipper’s Birthday and really enjoyed spotting all the things he tried to do to celebrate his own birthday.


Of course, no birthday celebration would be complete without a proper celebration and we’ve been busy in provision! Developing our Maths and creative skills making play dough cakes with candles in for different people, creating items to fill party bags in the workshop and developing our imaginative and mark making skills to represent celebrations, create invitations and host and attend lots of parties!


On Wednesday, we also talked about why we have poppies, the significance of Remembrance Day and held a silence. We also used our creative skills to create some lovely poppy representations in our workshop area. 

Autumn 2

Week 1 (w/c 2nd November)


What a brilliant start to our new half term in Nursery! We have loved learning all about Bonfire Night, watching virtual firework displays and making some fantastic bonfire and firework crafts, whilst learning about pattern and shape. With the help of our friend Fireman Sam and his friends, have also been learning lots about how we can stay safe on Bonfire Night.


We have loved using our imagination during role play, in both our indoor and outdoor kitchen’s, to make some scrumptious food to keep us warm whilst we sat around our fire.


Our bonfire imaginations just kept going whilst outdoors, having lots of fun using the stage and our music and movement resources like pom-poms and streamers, to experiment with different ways of moving like a firework!



Autumn 1

Week 7 (w/c 19th October)


We’ve had such a fantastic week celebrating in Nursery! We have loved looking back at our learning journey and seeing how much we have enjoyed settling into Nursery, learning new things and making new friends!


We have been sharing all the new things we have been trying and persevering with both in Nursery and at home and can’t believe how much we’ve achieved! We've loved getting busy in the workshop to make our own medals to celebrate! Darcey exclaimed when showing hers to the class…a medal is for how proud you are when you do something!”


… and last but not least, we have loved our sponsored Welly Walk challenge! We couldn’t wait to get started and managed to do a whole 15 laps around our Early Years grounds! What a brilliant half term we’ve had!

Autumn 1

Week 6 (w/c 12th October)


It’s been all about our Marvellous bodies this week in Nursery! During story times we've loved reading and joining in with some rhymes in Julia Donaldson’s Wriggle and Roar book. We’ve had lots of physical fun both in our movement area and outdoors, using our bodies to balance and move in different ways 'can you slither like a snake, bounce like a kangaroo!’ We’ve also enjoyed playing lots of games with our bodies to continue developing our skills of listening and following instructions.


During group time activities, it’s been so much fun learning and matching parts of our bodies and thinking about what we do with them too, using life (child 😊) size outlines of our bodies and our lovely ‘All of Me’ poem to help us … My hands are for clapping, my arms can hug tight….


Continuing with our key story, The Bear Hunt, we’ve really enjoyed independently choosing to retell the story in the book corner using the story sack characters and props and also ‘taking our pens for a walk’ to communicate the story through gross motor movement and meaningful marks.

Autumn 1

Week 5 (w/c 5th October)


Another busy week in Nursery! The children couldn’t wait to get busy in the classroom and have really been embracing and enjoying  the routines, ‘showing 5’, super tidying up and responding to group times and story times really well. 


After discussing how we could help Gerald the Giraffe and Cara the cow have fun at Nursery during our group time, it’s been lovely to see the children enjoying cooperative play with each other, making new friends and expressing their feelings, ideas and exciting news to one another, as well as beginning to respond to the wishes and feelings of others too.


We’ve loved focusing on ‘My Special Family’, taking it in turns to listen and share our home learning, draw pictures and make things to show the people and things that are special to us.


We also had a great adventure going on a ‘Bear Hunt’, exploring parts of the story and joining in with key actions and Rhymes... we haven’t managed to catch him, yet! :)

Autumn 1

Week 4 (w/c 28th September)


What an exciting and busy week we’ve had in Nursery this week! We have loved staying at Nursery all day and becoming familiar with all the fun routines, as well as building our confidence to explore areas of provision independently and have a go at lots of new things and experiences.


We have loved sitting in our new colour groups, developing our communication and language skills, taking it in turns to listen and talk about ourselves and the things we love. We have also been learning about each other, comparing similarities and differences and drawing self-portraits and .


In story time, we have been reading about Gerald the Giraffe, a Giraffe who can’t dance but tries really hard, never gives up and succeeds in the end! We have all tried to be more like Gerald in Nursery… 'having a go' at new things and approaching tasks with a 'can do' attitude… saying we 'Can't do it YET!' and enjoying keeping on trying.

Autumn 1

Week 3 (w/c 21st September)


This week we have had so much fun settling in and learning about our new Nursery day and routines, including staying for lunch! It has been exciting making new friends as more children have joined our sessions and we have loved being kind and helpful to one another whilst playing and tidying.


We have loved choosing which activities we want to explore for ourselves, both indoors and outdoors and have really enjoyed following routines and practising our independence when playing, putting our things away and finding the resources we want.  Here are a few quotes from the children;


Betsy “I give this one to you to play with- we both can play now!”

Darcy; "How did you find your name by yourself?" 

Scarlett, "It’s my face here" (on the play dough) "It's my pink one!"

Henry “I’m trying to keep all the water in, so so it no go on the floor!” (Water tray)


Autumn 1

Week 2 (w/c 14th September)


This week we have enjoyed staying at Nursery without our grown-ups for the first time! We have loved exploring all the areas in Nursery, making new friends and even remembering some of the Nursery routines all by ourselves!


The stay and play visits went really well and the children could not believe how quickly home time came around, leaving with a big smile and great big cheer when asked if they would like to come back next week, we can’t wait to see you.

Autumn 1

Week 1 (w/c 7th September)

A very big warm welcome to all of the children who came to visit us this week! It was lovely to see some familiar faces back in Nursery and meet lots of new ones too!


We know how much you enjoyed exploring the new classroom and are so looking forward to your 'stay and play' visits next week, we can't wait!


Each week we will update you here with some of the children's activities and favourite learning from the week so watch this space!

General Guidance and Activity ideas