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School Council

Welcome to our School Council

The School Council is made up of children in all year groups from Yr 1 to Yr 6.  They meet with Mrs Ponton and talk about what is good in School and how we can make it better.  They also give ideas about fundraising and even have their own budget to buy new toys for the play areas.



School Councillors for 2021/2022 are


Year 1 Heidi & Rowan

Year 2 Reuben & Evie

Year 3 Rafer & Edith

Year 4 Poppy & Zac

Year 5 Ruby & Harry

Year 6 Alex & Aiden






The  School Council meet and talk about what their roles and responsibilities are.  It was decided that a good School Council Member;

  • Is brave and shares ideas
  • Thinks of ideas
  • Is good at remembering
  • Has a good attitude and will be a good role-model
  • Listens carefully
  • Makes the school a better place.




Last Year our School Council decided they wanted to make playtimes better.  After sharing a few different ideas they suggested that Year One and Year Two could have different playtimes on a morning.  This way there would be more space and everyone would get to play with the toys.  Some children on the School Council said that they may miss their friends in other year groups, so they suggested that on an afternoon all children should play together.


I asked our new School Council how our new playtime routines were going, they all said that they liked it and were in agreement that it was better.


Westroyd's​ Election Day May 


Big news at Westroyd this week, the School Council agreed that an election was needed to help decide on the very important question ... What colour should the new P.E Kit be?


The School council interviewed other class members, parents and staff on their views and still could not agree on a colour. It was decided that all  school children would be given the chance to vote. All children were given a ballot paper and asked to vote on their favourite colour option for the 'New P.E. Polo shirt'.


The election took place in the ICT suite with Mr Coates over seeing the proceedings. It was rumoured that the colour Yellow was the favourite to win. However after the final ballot paper was in and counting done, it was a runaway with the colour red!