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Each week we will be keeping you up to date with all the exciting and fun things that we have done in school. In addition to this please read our newsletter to find out what will be happening in Year 2 this half term.

Week 2

To help with our habitats topic we have been learning all about different mini-beasts! We went into research groups to find facts on the internet. Then we used our notes to write some amazing, independent reports. We have proudly added them to our washing line. 

In geography we looked at different types of homes and houses. We used a pictogram to record and describe our homes. 

We have continued our maths lessons learning all about measure. We used cm and m to measure different things inside, outside and in construction. Then we used the more than, less than and equal symbol to compare the measurements. 

In science we have started our plants unit. We investigated different flowers. We pulled the flowers apart to find the different parts. Then we labelled the flowers using scientific vocabulary. 

Summer 2 

Week 1

Welcome back! 

This week has been all about measure! We have recapped year one learning and compared different lengths and heights. We measure used different objects. Then we started to measure accurately with a ruler. Our areas have been filled with measuring activities! 

Our topic this half term is all about different habitat. This week we have been learning about different minibeasts and their habitats! In English we have chosen different insects to research and plan our reports. 

Week 6

Wow! What a half term we have had. It has been amazing to be back at school for a whole 6 weeks. This week we have completed our unit on fractions. We can confidently find fractions of shapes and amounts. We have also completed our unit on instructions. We had to carefully think about suffix endings and the use of verbs and adverbs. We have loved our seaside topic and we have become confident using a map and identifying and discussing human and physical language. 

Week 5

We have loved our areas this week! Everyone has been so resilient and they have thoroughly completed each seaside challenge. As a result, we are going to continue them next week. In construction we were comparing Blackpool Tower to the Eiffel Tower. We had to become architects to design and create the structures. Then we had to explain or show how to make the building stronger. In our computing area, we have created animations to show food changes or life cycles of animals under the sea. Our craft area has been the biggest hit! We have been practising a more complex running stitch to create felt shells. 

In Maths we have really enjoyed learning about fractions. We now know how to have 1/2, 1/4, 2/4 and 1/3 of shapes and amounts. 

Week 4

In maths we have moved onto our fractions unit. This week we have recognised the fractions 1/2 (one half) and 1/4 ( one quarter). Next week we will move onto thirds, three quarters and equivalent fractions. 

We have continued our seaside topic and in areas we had to try and make a floating paper boat. We had to be resilient if it let water in and make a different version. Then we planned and made independent moving pictures. in geography we looked at different seaside pictures to say what we could see. Next week we will move onto human and physical language. 

Week 3

This week in English, we have been learning about in diaries. We have looked at a WAGOLL diary, identified the features and wrote a shared diary with a partner. Today we created a plan ready for our hot write on Monday. 

This week we have completed our unit on time. We have looked at hours and days and duration. We will come back to time later in Summer 2. 

Week 2

In maths we have continued to tell the time. We have moved onto 5 minute intervals. Most people have been confident telling the time to 5 minutes PAST (eg twenty past 3) but some of us have found it tricky to move to 5 TO the hour. 

In English we have recapped noun phrases. Then we eventually retold Lila and the Secret of Rain using lots of detail. 

We enjoy our PE lessons each week. This week we have been dribbling footballs. 

In areas, we have been creating our own boats and testing if they can float. We have been improving the strength of our boats so they can carry more weight. In the writing area we have been researching and writing about animals of the sea. In construction we have been making and naming parts of the beach. 

Summer 1

Week 1

Welcome back to Summer 2! What an exciting and busy week we have had. This week we have started whole class learning every morning. Everyone has been resilient and independent.

To start our new topic we have been drawing and painting lighthouses ready for a new display! 

In geography we have been using compasses and looking at North, East, South and West. We used the directional language in areas and outside. 

In maths we have been learning to tell the time to O clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past. Next week we will be moving onto 5 minute intervals. Look out for the home learning set on Tuesday! 

In science, we have continued our materials unit. This week we looked at the properties of materials and explored the meaning of different vocabulary. Then we tested if materials stretch, twist, bend and squash.

  In our English lessons, we have started a new book called Lila and the Secret or rain. We have spent the week reading, retrieving and analysing the text ready to start practising our skills next week. 

Week 5

This week our areas have been all about castles and shape! We have loved our castle small world so that has continued in class this week. We have also been sketching pictures of castles. In Maths areas we have been making 3D shapes and creating symmetrical patterns. 

This week we wrote our report about the people that live and work in a castle. See our published writing on Seesaw! In maths we have been describing properties of 3D shapes (faces, vertices and edges).


**Egg decorating entries must be added to Seesaw by Tuesday morning.**

Week 4 

The week we have continued learning about 2D shapes and their properties. We have started researching about the role of people in a castle ready for our hot write. On Friday we celebrated Comic Relief. We did egg and spoon races and created a happy wall display in the hall. Well done to Bella, our year 2 joke winner. 

Spring 2

Week 3 

Welcome back! We are soooo excited to be back together again and what a week we have had! Everyone has settled back into class so well and we are so proud of everyone for their positive attitude this week. We have had such a busy week in areas this week. We have been reconnecting with our friends and building our social skills again. See Seesaw for all our amazing learning! We have LOVED finally creating our dragon eyes. We have used different tools to create textures in clay. We have also carried our some amazing independent writing. Everyone has created their plan for a report about the rooms of a castle. We can't wait for these to be finished and displayed in the classroom next week! 

Maths support for parents - Look at the strategies we use!

Returning back to school (March)

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Week 7

In whole class reading, we finished Little Evie in the Wild Wood. We made lots of links to The Tunnel and Little Red Riding Hood. In English we have been using subordinating conjunctions (when, if, that, becauase to extend our sentences)

Today we have the BEST Christmas party! We have lots of party food, party games, Christmas activities and we did lots of dancing outside! See the gallery for pictures! 

We are so proud of year 2 for their first term back. They have grown so much in independence and resilience. 

Have an amazing Christmas! Love the year 2 x 

Week 6

This week we started a story called Hansel and Gretel. We have been focusing on the story ready for Monday's pantomime! We used T4W to learn the story and we retold it using noun phrases and commas lists. We have enjoyed retelling the story in different ways in areas. We used puppets and animation. This week we celebrated our school artwork with a art exhibition in the hall. Don't forget to watch the video. You can buy our framed artwork for £5. 

Week 5

This week has been sooooo exciting! We have had a visit from a magical elf. The elf set us challenges and created a workshop in our classroom! We had to make lots of Christmas decorations for the classroom decorating competition. He wrote us letters and we replied. He LOVED decorating our real tree! Thank you to Miss Palmer and Palmer Plants for supplying the tree for our room! 

In PE we have continued our sending and receiving unit. We have been throwing and catching. We have applied these skills during a game similar to duck, duck, goose. 




Week 4

We have had an amazing week! This week we have completed our phonics screening check. I am so proud of everyone for their concentration, resilience and application of phonics skills. We have worked really hard to embed our year 1 phonics learning during the Autumn term!

For our art topic, we have created another piece of Kandinksy's art work by mixing our own secondary colours. Additionally, we have created our Christmas art. We have created stained glass window houses ready for the whole school art display. Pictures will go up next week! 

Our writing area has been a hit this week! We have applied our new skill of using commas to list to write about different animals. 


Week 3

This week we have been adding and subtracting multiples of ten. We started by using concrete materials, then we used written methods. Lots of us went on to doing this mentally. In English we have been using commas to list. We have used Little Red Riding Hood to help with our listing. In art, we have been using shapes to recreate a piece of Kandinksy's art work. We used coloured pencils and pastels to give colour to our art work. In areas we have been amazing Miss Maybank with independent animation, retelling stories in the puppet area and practising addition and subtraction math games. 

Week 2

In English we started our new unit. We used T4W to learn the story Little Red Riding Hood. We practise the story using a story map and action. Then we wrote the story. It was the most we have have completed in one lesson! Our stamina is really improving! Then we started our new book, 'Little Evie in the Wild Wood.' 

In our whole class reading lessons we finished the Tunnel. We made links to The Snow Queen and Frozen because the brother turned to stone! 

In Maths we have been using the number bonds to 10 to work out number bonds to 20 and 100 e.g If 2 + 8 = 10 then, 12 + 8 = 20 and 20 + 80 = 100.

This week we have completed even more art! We have produced a whole class image of Concentric Circles by Kandinsky! For remembrance, we created poppy sketches! We smashed our Children in Need challenge! We actedour page and ran 6 or 7 laps of the playground! 

Autumn 2

Week 1

Welcome back! This week we have been celebrating black history week. We have looked at similarities and differences within out class and talked about treating each other equally. 

In Maths we have started our brand new unit on addition and subtraction. We have started the unit by looking at fact families. Please look at the top of our blog to help with the strategies we use at school.

In English, we are completing our unit on instructions. We have used bonfire night as our inspiration for our hot write. In areas, we have been celebrating bonfire night by retelling the story and creating the Houses of Parliament in pastels and construction.  

We have been so excited this week because Mr Coates has improved our climbing area with a brand new climbing ladder and 'crazy falls' (as named by Oliver, Charlie, Cameron and Zac). We love it! 

Week 7

We an amazing half term we have had. I am so proud of year 2! They have come back to school with such a positive attitude and they are growing more independent each day! 

In English we have been looking at different types of sentences. We have been identifying commands and statements. We are getting ready to write our instructions! In DT we have been sewing using our running stitch! We have created bunting with a border. We can't wait to see them when they are all put together. 

In areas this week we have been applying our phonic knowledge by creating different words using crocodiles. We have absolutely loved our dinosaur writing area this week. We haven't be able to keep some people out! We have produced stories, reports and fact files. In the water area we have been recreating Antarctica. We have used scientific language to describe what we have made. In Maths we have been practising the more than > and less than < signs to help compare numbers. This is something we have found a little tricky over the last few weeks so it has been amazing to see everyone get more confident with extra practise!

Week 6

What an amazing week we have had. This week we have started to be much more independent in lessons and in areas of provision. We have been so excited to have a design technology area in class! We have practised the motion of a running stitch ready for our sewing lessons next week. 

In Maths we have been practising counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. We have used number lines and Numicon if we have found it tricky! Lots of us noticed the different patterns when completing number tracks. 


Week 5

This week in maths we have continued to learn about 2 digit numbers. We have used symbols for more than (>), less than (<) and equal to (=) to compare numbers. This has been really challenging! In English we have been using adjectives to describe. We found out an adjective gives more meaning to a noun. We have looked at different scenes and described them. In art we have applied our knowledge of primary and secondary colours to recreate Mark Rothco's art work. Look at Seesaw to see our learning! 


**This week we have a black, zip up hoodie with white pull strings left over from PE day. If you have taken the wrong hoodie home, please return it back to school next week.**


**Please ensure all jumpers have names in.**

Week 4

This week has been very busy. We have continued our learning about 2 digit numbers. We have been thinking about how many tens and ones are in a number and the different ways they can be partitioned. In English we have been thinking about word classes. We have recapped what a noun is and moved onto adjectives. We have been describing characters from the book Lost and Found. We loved our PE lesson with Mrs Ponton and we impressed her with our hand eye co-ordination!

Week 3

This week we have jumped straight into our first topic hot or cold. We had lots of different challenges this week. One was to create shades of a colour using white. In the construction area we had to make a habitat for a penguin or a inuit. We had some new areas. This week we had to sort thing into living, dead or never been alive following on from our science lesson. Then we applied our knowledge of tens and ones in a special Snakes and Ladders game. 

In English we wrote our final versions of our innovated stories and then moved on to writing about Lost and Found. In Maths we have continued to learn about numbers up to 100. 


**Don't forget to look at all our amazing learning on Seesaw.**


**Home learning is set on Seesaw on a Tuesday and is due in the following Monday.**

Week 2

This week has been another busy week. We have celebrated Dot Day and talked about what it means to have a growth and fixed mindset. We are going to create a year 2 toolkit with the different things that can help us in class. 

In the areas we have created some wonderful independent writing all about wolves and pigs. Look on Seesaw to see what we have been doing! 

In English lessons we have been innovating the story The Three Little Pigs. We have drawn a story map with our own version ready to write next week! 

In Maths we have been making and describing 2 digit numbers. 

Year 2 class 2020-2021

Week 1

Welcome back! 

What a busy first week we have had in year 2. The whole class has amazed Miss Maybank, Miss Palmer and Mrs Brown with how well they have settled back into school life. 

We have loved exploring our new classroom. We have been in all the different areas and we have loved been able to go back into the climbing area. This week we have been reading different versions of The Three Little Pigs. In whole class reading lessons we have been predicting and making links with the story The True Story of The Three Little Pigs. On an afternoon we have been working in small group to creating moving picture. Look at Seesaw to see the final product. 

This week all new passwords have been stuck in learning logs and reading diaries. Please see them for year 2 logins. 


**PE day will be on a Wednesday. PE will be outside so please make sure you dress appropriately.** 


**Please make sure all jumpers and cardigans have names in : ) **




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