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Year 2


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Each week we will be keeping you up to date with all the exciting and fun things that we have done in school. In addition to this please read our newsletter to find out what will be happening in Year 2 this half term.

Hello from Year 3

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Our favourite memories

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Year 2 photo memories

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Maths support for parents - Look at the strategies we use!

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KS1 key worker group filming

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A small group of children have independently filmed a trailer for their version of Jurasic World

Easter Project Due: 27.04.20

Week 4

This week has been much busier than usual! Most of us have accessed our learning in class and some people have accessed their learning on our new app for home, SeeSaw. All passwords have now been sent home. 

We have completed our amazing non-chronological reports making sure we included conjunctions. We have also started our unit on fractions. So far we have found out how to find halves and quarters of numbers and shapes. We completed our final product in DT and completed our dragon eyes. 


All our future learning can be found on SeeSaw and our class blog. The activities set by Miss Maybank are MUST activities and will be monitored. Westroyd strongly recommend you create your own timetable to support daily learning. Please see an example in the attachments above.  

Week 3

This week we have been very creative making our dragon eyes out of clay. We have loved using different tools to create different effects. We have completed our division unit. We have been sharing and grouping using a bar model. In English we have been researching the roles of people in a castle and writing non-chronological reports. 

Clay dragon eyes

Week 2


In reading we have finished our book Gorilla by Anthony Browne and we all really enjoyed it. After we read the book, we did a quick quiz using our retrieval skills to answer the questions. 

In Geography we have been using maps to plan our route to Skipton Castle. We read the map looking for town names, street numbers and signs with important information on them. 

Thursday was a very exiting day as the school celebrated World Book Day. We came in dressed up as our favourite book characters and the classroom was filled with superheroes, vikings, police dogs and history icons galore. We could also take part in a design a potato competition and a book swap where children could bring in books they've already read and swap for other pre-loved books. In the afternoon Matthew and Will visited us from the library but unfortunately the most valuable book they had brought with them was stolen and we all had to become detectives to help solve the crime. 

In Maths we learnt about tally charts and block graphs for the first time. We collected formation on our favourite book characters and recorded it in our maths books.

Spring 2

Week 1

Welcome back! 

This week we have started division. We shared objects and then moved onto using a bar model to help us. We have become very confident. Yesterday, we went on a material hunt. We have to decide the difference between the name of the object and what it is made out of. We started to describe properties of the materials. In English, we have been reading and analysing non-chronological reports about castles. 

Look at our amazing learning logs!

Week 6

This week we have retold the story of Traction Man using different types of sentences (statements, commands, questions and exclamations). In Maths we have been naming and describing 2D and 3D shapes. You could have extra practise by going on Mathletics over the holidays. 

Thank you to everyone that came to watch our class assembly. We loved showing you all our learning from the half term! 

Don't forget to check for our new learning log. Happy holidays! 

Week 5

This week we have completed our units on multiplication. We used our knowledge of different methods to help solve problems. We also applied our learning on TTR and Numbots. We have moved onto shape. We are naming and describing different shapes. In English we have sorted and wrote different types of sentences. We learnt about statements, exclamations, questions and commands. In whole class reading we have started Man on the Moon. We have used inference to help with tricky questions. We have learnt about the life of Charles Darwin and we order events in his life chronologically. 

Week 4

This week we have gone back to our story Traction Man. We used our whole class copies to help retell the story ready to write an alternative ending in a couple of weeks. In Maths we have been practising our multiplication. We have used arrays to help us. Our home learning this week is to practise the 2 x tables ready for a quick fire text on Monday! In Science we have transformed our tally information into a pictogram. 


**On Tuesday the lines for our class assembly will be going home. Please practise these for next week's home learning!**

Week 3

This week we started learning about multiplication in maths. We investigated, made and described equal groups. Then we used repeated addition and eventually the X symbol to create calculations. We have been applying our comma lists to write character descriptions about Greta Thunberg. We used our knowledge from history and reading lessons to help us. 

We love our weekly dance lessons with Rhinos. We have put two weeks of our lessons together to create a small routine. Watch us below!! 

**Don't forget to read at least 3 times and write comments in our reading diaries!**

Dancing with Rhinos

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Week 2

This week we have started our explorer topic. We have continued our book Traction Man and we have been using commas in different ways like the author Mini Grey. We have started our book Greta and the Giants in whole class reading. We have been asking questions about the text e.g who are the Giants? Why have the gone to Greta for help? In our history lessons, we have been learning about Greta Thunberg, David Attenborough and Charles Darwin. We ordered their lives on a timeline and discussed similarities and differences in their lives

Spring 1

Week 1

Happy new year! We hope you had a lovely Christmas. This week we have come back to faith week and we have been learning all about Buddhism. We have been meditating by thinking about our breathing and how we can use our bodies. Look out for next week's home learning when we will be continuing this at home. We used lots of different videos to find out about Buddhist temples, celebrations and Buddha. We drew the Buddha's face ready for a display. The festival we found out about is called Wesak. 

In Maths we have been recognising coins and notes, making amounts and comparing money.

We have started using commas to list.  

Week 7


In Maths we finished our addition and subtraction unit by adding 3 single digits. We used missing boxes and part part wholes to do this in different ways. In art we have been improving our colouring. This is one of our class targets. In English we wrote character descriptions about Robin Hood. They are ready to go up on display!

This week we celebrated Christmas with a party day. We did lots of dancing and had lots of party food. Thank you for everyone's contributions. We even had a special visit from Santa. He brought us some Lego construction. 

Have an amazing Christmas break! 

**PE will be on a Friday in Spring 1**

Week 6

This week we have been working hard on our performance. We have been improving speaking loud and clearly and trying to remember when we come on the stage without being told. We have been improving our fluency using Numbots. In areas, we wrote letter to Mr Dawson asking him to buy the app so we can continue this learning throughout the year! Don't forget, you can access Numbots at home by downloading the free app and using your Times Table Rockstars password to login. 

In art lessons, we have made Christmas place mats with Mrs Winkley. 

Week 5

We have continued to used noun phrases to describe a beach. We wrote a setting description for our hot task. We have been working hard on our Christmas performance. Please see below for song lyrics to practice at home. We can't wait to perform it to you next Friday!

This week M & M productions performed Robin Hood in our school hall. We loved the pantomime, it was so funny and entertaining! 


** Costumes must be on by Monday 9th December 2019**

Children of the world song lyrics

Week 4

This week we have been busy building our art skills. We have continued to make secondary colours and applied them in printing and painting. In English we have been using noun phrases to describe setting descriptions. We have been using Little Evie in the Wild Wood to help us. In Maths we been subtracting across the tens boundary. We had to swap tens for ones! 


**Lines for our Christmas performance went out tonight! Please try and learn your lines ASAP!!**


**To get on Numbots, download the free app and use the Times Tables Rockstars password to login!**

Week 3

This week we continued to add two 2 digit numbers. We started to cross the tens boundary and found out we sometimes have to swap ones for tens! We have completed our whole class reading story, The Tunnel. We were so excited to finish it! We started to compare the story to others we know. This week Mrs Winkley surprised us by combining all our art work to create one piece of art. She combined our knowledge of primary and secondary colours with hot and cold colours. See a picture below. 

This week we loved sharing everything about our topics in our class assembly. We can't believe how many people came to watch us! Thank you to everyone that came. 

Week 2

This week we started our Art topic and found out all about Kandinsky. We had a WOW afternoon where we recreated Concentric Circle as a large piece of art. We have created more art work using different shapes and colours. We have continued our typing skills by using the computers to write facts about Kandinsky. 

In Whole class reading lessons, we have been so excited to read The Tunnel. We turned our book corner into a forest just like in the story. 


** Our class assembly is on Thursday. Lines went home today. Please practice over the weekend!** 

Autumn 2

Week 1


Welcome back! We hope you've had a lovely half term. This week we have come back to Black History Week. Each class have found out about a significant person in black history. We have loved learning about Nelson Mandela. Mr Coates has been very busy over the half term and created a timeline in our classroom. We used the timelines to talk about the events in Nelson Mandela's life and when they happened. We created a human timeline of key event This helped us to start writing about his life. We used the computer to create an image of Nelson Mandela in jail and we sketched his face using different types of pencils. On Wednesday, Moving Words came to school. We learnt some performance poetry all about Nelson Mandela! 

Week 8

This week we have carried out lots of science to end our topic. We used wax crayons to colour in a penguin. Then we sprayed them with water. We found out the water isn't absorded which means the penguin's feather are waterproof! We used our learning logs to help create non-fiction posters about different animals. We worked as a pair to find out where they live, what they eat and how they are suited to their environment. We recapped our knowledge of word classes to help write Kenning poems. 

Week 7

This week we have been using the areas to explore our topic further. We have used the water tray and construction to recreate Antarctica. We used scientific vocabulary and explanations to show what we had created and why. 

We have been practising accessing Mathletics independently. We have been applying our current unit of addition and subtraction in games and quizes.

In English we have completed our unit on Instructions by writing our hot write!  

Week 6

This week we were very excited to do an experiment using Skittles! We predicted and observed what would happen when we added water to skittles. In English we have been learning about instructions. We started by reading and following instructions. Then we moved onto using imperative verbs and adverbs! We have loved creating different shades of colour in art. We can't wait to put our individual pieces of art together to make one whole class image! 

Week 5

This week we have improved the Lost and Found story by retelling it with better adjectives and powerful verbs. In Science we continued our learning about living and non-living things by creating posters about what we have found out. We recapped our knowledge of the continents and improved our knowledge by learning about the Northern and Southern hemisphere. We created balloon globes to show what we have learnt. We complete our week with a wellie walk to raise money for school. In our book bag, we have our tick sheet to show how many laps we complete! 

CHALLENGE: Can you practise logging onto Mathletics independently? 

Week 4

In Science we have been learning about living and non-living things. We identified the odd one out and discussed what it means if something is alive. We went around school to investigate if something is living or non-living. During our challenges we found out at least 5 facts about penguins. Ask us one of the facts we found out! We completed our group moving pictures of The Three Little Pigs! They move in different places. 

Week 3

This week we wrote a character description for the big bad wolf! We used sentence starters and our language pyramid to help with interesting description! Then we applied our skills independently by writing a description for the three little pigs as an independent challenge! 

In Science we discover how far a sneeze can travel! We carried out an experiment to find out the importance of covering your mouth and washing your hands! A challenge we have continued from last week was making different styles of houses in construction. We had to describe the houses we made. 

Week 2

This week we have been busy innovating the story of The 3 Little Pigs. We changed the character, setting and some events. To help us, we planned our story using a story map.

In our whole class reading lessons we have been reading The True Story of the Three Little Pigs. We have been predicting and reasoning what we think will happen. We had to decide if we believed Alexander T. Wolf. 

To end our geographical topic week, focusing on houses and homes, we followed a map around Farsley to lead us to different streets. We used a tally chart to work out how many detached, semi-detached and terraced houses there are.  


Week 1

Welcome back! What a busy first week we have had! This week we have been learning all about houses and homes for our Geography topic week! We have read and retold the story, 'The Three Little Pigs'. Next week we will innovate the story by changing the characters and the setting! We found out about lots of different types of houses and created a class tally chart and pictogram. We used this to found out the most and least popular types of houses in our class. In our construction area we have created a word study to help us understand the word, 'construction'. We became architects and designed our own houses by creating a birds eye view map. We have been investigating aeriel photos and maps and locating and labelling the places we know. 

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