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PE, Physical Activities and School Sport

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PE and sport is taught by different adults at Westroyd. Class teachers may teach their classes or work alongside specialist sports coaches to deliver high quality PE.  Mr Matthew Dawson and Mr George Fawcett are Westroyd's PE Co-ordinators who are responsible for organising PE activities and coaching within School.

Our aim at Westroyd is to encourage pupils to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle.  We hope to provide a range of activities to engage them and improve their skills. Through partnership work, we offer a range of opportunities for our pupils to enjoy healthy competition. 

We receive a Government PE and Sports Grant which supports us to deliver the PE curriculum as well as provide opportunities for pupils to become active. Please see the link below which will give you more information on the grant and our action plan which outlines key priorities and an overview of how the money is being spent.  


In 2019/2020 we added a new aspect to our PE teaching called a fitness focus. This additional time spent on PE was aimed towards children being more aware of what being fit means for them.

In Autumn 1, we focused on stamina and did this by playing a range of games and taking part in active activities for longer periods of time without needing a break.

In Autumn 2, our focus was on developing our strength. This was done by taking part in different circuits of exercises to refine our ability to control and use our muscles.

Spring term's fitness focus was about combining strength and stamina. The children took part in a range of circuits which combined being physically active for a longer period of time. These  included both cardio and strength focused sessions. 




The School Sports Gold Award is a national initiative designed to encourage schools to continue to improve the quality and quantity of physical education (PE) and school sport opportunities. It is awarded for achieving excellence in physical education in school sport.


We were delighted at Westroyd to have been awarded the School sports Award 2018/2019 for participating in a wide range of sporting competitions. This is the fourth time in a row, first time awarded was  2015/2016 then again 2016/2017, 2017/2018.